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Grant Summary- Project Kindle Fire HD


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Published in: Education
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Grant Summary- Project Kindle Fire HD

  1. 1. Project Kindle Fire! Grant Summary Created By: Diana Arcaute
  2. 2. Objective To obtain the funds necessary to purchase a Kindle Fire HD & Digital Books for student use in my classroom!2
  3. 3. Funding Source Texas Retired Teachers Foundation grants/3
  4. 4. Eligibility Applicant must be a teacher at a public school in Texas.4
  5. 5. Deadline for Submission March 7, 20135
  6. 6. Method of Submitting EMAIL: Subject line: Grant Committee FAX: 512-476-1003 Attention: Grant Committee MAIL: Texas Retired Teachers Foundation Attn: Grant Committee 313 E. 12th, St. Ste. 200 Austin, TX 787016
  7. 7. Requirements for Proposal  Campus Principal Approval Handwritten  An Essay Proposal (Maximum 150 words)  Briefly describe the demographics of your school’s student population and the socioeconomic  Condition of your school district. (Maximum 150 words)7
  8. 8. Brief Description The Texas Retired Teachers Foundations awards 15 teachers yearly with a 500 dollar grant used to improve student achievement in any academic area or campus need. In order to increase the love of reading and technology use in my classroom, it is my goal to expose students to a Kindle Fire HD and its features. With the grant money provided, I would be able to purchase a Kindle Fire and preload digital books for my students to read and use in the classroom.8
  9. 9. Student Demographics • 22 4th Grade Students • 98% Hispanic Population • 95% Economically Disadvantaged • Rural Area School9
  10. 10. Timeline Download Application and Prepare needed documents Submit Application10
  11. 11. Questions?11