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2017 11 leeds tester gathering - i see no bugs!

I don't find bugs, I only describe behaviour. In this talk I'll tell you a story of how changing the conversation about bugs changed my whole approach to testing

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2017 11 leeds tester gathering - i see no bugs!

  1. 1. I see no bugs! Behaviour OVER bugs, or how solving a problem changed my whole approach to testing @cricketrulz – -
  2. 2. A word from our sponsors @cricketrulz – -
  3. 3. A quick favour – Joanne @cricketrulz – -
  4. 4. Shameless plugs The big test
  5. 5. From this story you will • Hear why I don’t find bugs, I only describe behaviour • Why I think bugs have no real intrinsic value • How changing the conversation changed my whole approach to testing @cricketrulz – -
  6. 6. Once upon a time 2005 – England win ashes New way to pay, chip and pin Jerry Springer the Opera on the BBC Dr Who revived – played by Christopher Eccleston 400th Celebration of Guy Fawkes night and… A new test manager… @cricketrulz – -
  7. 7. The hope @cricketrulz – -
  8. 8. The reality @cricketrulz – -
  9. 9. Metric madness: Tester metric: Bugs good Developer metric: Bugs bad Result: Arguments – is/is not a bug Almost instant reduction of quality / speed of delivery Disciplined for talking to a developer! Yes really!!! picture from – -
  10. 10. The rebellion As a – tester who finds an issue When – I find ‘bugs’ Then – I’ll talk about behaviour instead And – there shouldn’t be an argument, just a useful discussion AND, I still talked to developers! @cricketrulz – -
  11. 11. The new reality @cricketrulz – -
  12. 12. The realisation As an entity ‘bugs’ • have no intrinsic value, • are divisive • and a hindrance to collaboration • So, I will see no bugs. I will only describe behaviour Eureka! Bugs have no value! @cricketrulz – -
  13. 13. The reasoning, behaviour over bugs part 1 Bugs - No intrinsic value: Reports are almost always incomplete Infers someone is wrong or has done wrong Duplication of effort as a conversation or demos is needed anyway Records can be used (wrongly) by someone as a measurement @cricketrulz – -
  14. 14. The reasoning, behaviour over bugs part 2 Behaviour Intrinsic value: Describing the behaviour adds value allowing us to discuss, clarify and if necessary make some alterations or refactors Risk: Describing impacts adds value in deciding the priority Actionable Insights: alternatives adds value in contributing to the overall quality of the system @cricketrulz – -
  15. 15. Behaviour query decision tree Describe /some/ Behaviour Undesirable Desirable Address / Fix Leave (forever or address later) Shut up Ady @cricketrulz – -
  16. 16. My conclusions Once I stopped looking for ‘bugs’ a few interesting things happened which changed my whole approach to testing Describing behaviour made it about users, risks and outcomes – not about anyone being wrong Users are more important than requirements so I tested everything not just what the requirements said Risk includes everything, usability, testability, accessibility and so on Behaviour has impacts which can make the software useless to some @cricketrulz – -
  17. 17. @cricketrulz – -