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Colleagues to Community Test Atelier 09-05-2017


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My presentation from the excellent Test Atelier in Leeds on the 9th of May. Part experience report along with a couple of test challenges. There's even a joke and a bonus joke at the end. Enjoy and I'm happy to take any feedback or questions.

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  • Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback particularly if you were there on my presenting skills. I would really like to improve so any help would be most appreciated. Also, if you would like to practice workshops or talks we can cover travel and lunch so please get in touch, my details are on the slides. Thanks.
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Colleagues to Community Test Atelier 09-05-2017

  1. 1. COLLEAGUES TO COMMUNITY Or; How to convince people that sharing is a really good thing Ady Stokes Test Atelier 9th May 2017 Start with a joke
  2. 2. A joke • Tester walks into a bar: • Orders: 1 beer • Orders: 0 beers • Orders: 9999999999 beers • Orders: 1.3 beers • Orders: 0.1 beers • Orders: NULL beers • Orders: !”£$%%^^^& beers • Orders: “” beers • Orders: akdjlfjlsd beers • Orders: a lizard • Orders: ;DROP TABLE BILL • Tries to leave without paying
  3. 3. • Background in Audit and designing Management Systems in manufacturing (early testing exposure) • ISO 9000-2000 Certification • Testing roles since 2004 in a financial environment • Who doesn’t love regulations! • In agile teams since 2009 • I don’t raise bugs, I describe behaviour • Played cricket for 38 years • Love reading and doing anything that stimulates thought • Tolerate social media • @CricketRulz Me in brief
  4. 4. Goals •Hear about our journey •Try some things we tried •Gain some ideas to take away •Be inspired to have a go or help us grow (more at the end)
  5. 5. 2015 New job, new objective! He wanted me to; Engage with testers to create a community as part of my role Instil a ‘professional’ attitude Raise base skill level Where to start? Start here  The Challenge ‘Some’ Enlightenment Thank you Chris
  6. 6. Initial thoughts •Help! • Participant driven • Who? • Structured • Prioritised Backlog • Discussions • Presentations • Lightning talks • Testing challenges / kata’s • Enabling people to learn and share • Give it a name Thank you Joel and Laura “You’ve spelt it wrong!”
  7. 7. The concept and first attempts • First session 12th January 2016 to set the scene and share the vision • First challenge to capture interest and get folks to come along • BRIBARY WORKS! • START WITH A CHALLENGE
  8. 8. Interactive session ahead CHALLENGE Here’s a hand-out Queue glamorous assistants 
  9. 9. Credit to Your challenge, what’s wrong? – 10 minutes… go!
  10. 10. The challenge results • Even though it was more of a bug/defect hunt or observation test than a true learning experience and a bit on the old side, it was a fun way to introduce the concept of test challenges • Generated high levels of participation, possibly due to the competitive nature of the challenge, even without a prize! • Had the bonus effect of generating discussions around the findings and what was and wasn’t a bug/defect and how to confirm either way • Who found more than 15? We found 24
  11. 11. We found, for those competitive ones 1. Minimise only half of line present; 2. Maximise has line at bottom not the top; 3. Red x missing part of X; 4. Google tab is in bold 5. Untitled tab has either missing open bracket or additional closed bracket 6. Untitled tab has square top edges as opposed to the Google tab which are rounded off 7. Random down arrow on right of tabs 8. History and Help have the same keyboard shortcut indicated; 9. Web does not have a link; 10. News is higher; 11. Shopping is missing an S; 12. More isn’t capitalised 13. More has an up arrow next to it instead of a down 14. Google breadcrumb has an (i) in front 15. There are two pipes between iGoogle and Search settings 16. The Google logo has the shadow missing from the second O 17. Two grabs on right scroll bar 18. Search box is missing the left end 19. Font used is inconsistent 20. Language is spelt wrong 21. Google Search, Google has extra O 22. I’m feeling button should be lucky, not unlucky 23. There are two Done at the bottom of the browser window 24. There are two down scroll arrows on the slide bar on the right Hand out with all the answers is available at the door after WHAT NEXT? BACKLOG OBVIOUSLY!
  12. 12. Creating a backlog – risk based approachUrgency Later Soon Now Scared Comfortable Relaxed Importance Account Variances Heuristics What are other teams doing? Test Result Recording Categories emerged during the session What should a PO do? Twofold purpose, share and discuss risk based approach and create backlog Shared knowledge Product knowledge Process knowledge Testing knowledge
  13. 13. Creating a backlog – risk based approachUrgency Later Soon Now Scared Comfortable Relaxed Importance Account Variances Heuristics Requirements Live IssuesWhat are other teams doing? Test Result Recording After the session most had an owner and vehicle for sharing (presentation, lightning talk, blog, discussion etc.). Automation Test Execution A/B Testing Spec by Example Legacy Code What should a PO do? Test Analysis Thought Techniques
  14. 14. Interactive session ahead
  15. 15. •A woman fired a shot at a man with her gun but the man did not die. List the possible reasons for the man not dying. • There are numerous possibilities above and this exercise should help a tester identify possible test scenarios/cases. • We have 5 minutes to identify what assumptions you would make, what questions you would ask? What information do you need? Your challenge – 5 minutes Your thoughts?
  16. 16. A few possibilities • A woman fired a shot at a man with her gun but the man did not die. List the possible reasons for the man not dying. • Variables; actors; inputs; states; influences etc… • Bad aim • None lethal hit (wound, graze etc.) • Protection (Bullet proof vest or glass, behind a wall) • Bullet was none lethal (Water, Paint, Blank) • Imaginary gun • Distance (too far away) • Already dead
  17. 17. The journey continues • Guest speakers • Test conference attendance fed back in blogs/sessions • I stole ‘Testability and Toast’  • Online TestConf (PractiTest) • Stand alone sessions • Look at other / outside influences • Maintaining momentum!!! • Summer Test Challenge – All UK sites! It’s about the journey, not the destination Thanks to Clem Pickering and Mike Grinwood You don’t get owt for nowt!
  18. 18. We need you! Sales pitch time  I mentioned Guest speakers Please get in touch if; • You have something you want to share • You have an idea you want to try • You want to practice presenting • Travel and lunch costs can be arranged  It’s about the journey, not the destination Getting things done is about attitude
  19. 19. Ayn rand “The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me.” So what about those goals then?
  20. 20. Goals – Met? •Heard about our journey •Tried some things we tried •Gained some ideas to take away •Be inspired to have a go or help us grow? PLEASE!  @cricketrulz or
  21. 21. My definition of the Testing Mindset “What could happen given every possible, practical scenario?”
  22. 22. My favourite quote “Testing is an infinite process of comparing the invisible to the ambiguous in order to avoid the unthinkable happening to the anonymous.” James Bach
  23. 23. Another joke A tester walks by a group of managers who are trying to measure a flagpole. ‘What’s the problem?’ the tester asks. ‘We can’t find a way of measuring the pole.’ says a manager. The tester walks over, pulls the pin out and lays the flag pole on the ground. ‘Now all you need is a tape measure!’ the tester smiles and walks on his way. ‘Typical bloomin tester!’ says the manager. ‘Ask for the height and they give you the length…’