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Connect the Dots: Multi-Attribution Reporting Tips


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I discuss the overall importance of implementing a cross-device multi-attribution data infrastructure and reporting solutions that will uncover insights based on an various attribution models.

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Connect the Dots: Multi-Attribution Reporting Tips

  1. 1. @adrianvender#smx Connect The Dots: Multi-Attribution Reporting Tips Adrian Vender Director of Analytics Internet Marketing Inc. @adrianvender
  2. 2. @adrianvender#smx Last Click Attribution User goes to your site. Converts on that visit. Full credit goes to that source. … O RLY???
  3. 3. @adrianvender#smx Multi-Click, Multi-Device In reality, user journeys are much more complex.
  4. 4. @adrianvender#smx How do we track across devices?
  5. 5. @adrianvender#smx Cross-Device Tracking with GA With Universal Analytics, you can tie users across devices by sending a unique User ID in your UA hits. Unfortunately, not all websites can identify users via logins, social authentications, etc. userId: 4815162342 userId: 4815162342 @JustinCutroni
  6. 6. @adrianvender#smx User-ID Reports in GA When you CANsend a User ID... The reports are great! Device Overlap: Discover common device combos among your users. Device Pathing: See the order of device usage on your site. Acquisition Device: Compare revenue from originating device vs later-used devices.
  7. 7. @adrianvender#smx Cross-Device Tracking in Convertro Pretty darn good. Through a hybrid system of 1stand 3rdparty cookies, browser fingerprinting, 3rdparty data and other secret sauce, Convertrodoes somecross- device matching automatically. Though, you can match by User ID, just to be certain.
  8. 8. @adrianvender#smx How & Why to pick an Attribution Model.
  9. 9. @adrianvender#smx Last-Click Attribution in GA Reports Just say no. If you have anycross-channel, multi-touch marketing... Last Click is a lie. Last Click is used for most standard GA reports.
  10. 10. @adrianvender#smx Attribution Modeling in GA Selecting any multi- touch model may provide a significant lift of conversion credit to your marketing channels. Link your AdWords, DoubleClick (GA Premium only), or import cost data for any source to get CPA and ROAS metrics.
  11. 11. @adrianvender#smx Conversion Segments Use Conversion Segments with Attribution Models to answer questions like: “What’s the revenue influence of Paid Search as an introducer?” “How much credit does each channel get for long conversion journeys?”
  12. 12. @adrianvender#smx Choosing an Attribution Model You can select pre-defined rule-based models, or you can create custom rule-based models. With GA Premium, you can enable an algorithmic “Data-Driven” attribution model! Learn more about selecting and creating attribution models from Avinash! @Avinash
  13. 13. @adrianvender#smx ConvertroAlgorithmic Attribution Convertro’smagic is in the algorithmic attribution model, which involves a complex statistical analysis and regression learning to improve and assign conversion contribution by each channel, keyword, creative, etc.
  14. 14. @adrianvender#smx ConvertroAlgorithmic Attribution Export Convertro’sDetailed Conversion Datareports to solve some fun Big Data challenges. Convertro+ CRM = LTV contribution by source Convertro+ GA = Algorithmic product-level contribution Convertro+ Call-Tracking = Phone-order contribution Tableauis our primary tool of choice. You can also store/connect data with Google BigQuery. Visualize with Excel, Google Docs or Visualization API.
  15. 15. @adrianvender#smx Thank You Adrian Vender Adrian Vender Director of Analytics Internet Marketing Inc. @adrianvender