Smart Data with Google's Universal Analytics


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Take advantage of Google's new Universal Analytics platform. Learn how to track users across multiple devices, create and import new data fields and metrics, integrate with 3rd party marketing systems... you'll even learn how to track data from your office coffee machine! I'll cover how to correct and improve your Google Analytics implementation so you can make smart data analysis.

Smart Data with Google's Universal Analytics

  1. 1. @adrianvender • • #IDSD smart data with google’s universal analytics IDSD 2014
  2. 2. @adrianvender • • #IDSD part one the problem with web analytics
  3. 3. @adrianvender • • #IDSD ONE PERSON, ONE DEVICE if people just used one device, tracking users would be easy.
  4. 4. @adrianvender • • #IDSD ONE PERSON, MANY DEVICES people interact with your business using multiple devices.
  5. 5. @adrianvender • • #IDSD ONE PERSON, MANY INTERACTIONS actually, it’s a bit more complicated. online and offline interactions have to be considered.
  6. 6. @adrianvender • • #IDSD GOOGLE ANALYTICS EVOLVED A BIT multi-channel funnels shifted us away from last-click attribution. other GA improvements helped push us to smarter analysis.
  7. 7. @adrianvender • • #IDSD UNIVERSAL ANALYTICS universal analytics allows us to connect and measure users across the online and offline world. - tracking across any device - 3rd party system integrations - improved, flexible tracking code - more admin-based configurations - custom dimensions & metrics - import cost data from other ad networks
  8. 8. @adrianvender • • #IDSD “Not so fast, my friend”
  9. 9. @adrianvender • • #IDSD YOU NEED CORRECT DATA you can’t get smart data out of bad data.
  10. 10. @adrianvender • • #IDSD part two correct data is good data
  11. 11. @adrianvender • • #IDSD WASP WASP will automatically scan analytics tags, visualize script and tag info, & highlight potential problems.
  12. 12. @adrianvender • • #IDSD GOOGLE TAG MANAGER use GTM to organize your tags and mitigate data errors.
  13. 13. @adrianvender • • #IDSD CAMPAIGN (UTM) TAGGING if you want ANY form of correct multi-channel attribution, you MUST be tagging your campaign links.
  14. 14. @adrianvender • • #IDSD HOW GA ATTRIBUTION WORKS order of attribution in GA: 1. custom UTM tags 2. browser referral string 3. if neither is found, session channel marked as “direct” “direct” really just means “we don’t know!”
  15. 15. @adrianvender • • #IDSD WHAT HAPPENS WITHOUT UTM TAGGING desktop and mobile apps don’t pass referral string, and browser referrals aren’t always insightful, leading to mass confusion. - email marketing will be marked as “direct” or “mail.*” referrals. - twitter traffic either marked as “direct” or “” referrals. - banner ad referrals aren’t specific and insightful. - Bing Ads will appear as “bing/organic” * for AdWords, enable autotagging!
  16. 16. @adrianvender • • #IDSD UTM TAGGING RESOURCES check out @AnnieCushing and her guide to UTM tagging.
  17. 17. @adrianvender • • #IDSD GET A NERD other potential issues that you need a nerd to fix: - self-referral traffic - cross-domain tracking - ecommerce tracking implementation - event firing and troubleshooting - JavaScript errors
  18. 18. @adrianvender • • #IDSD part three let’s talk universal analytics
  19. 19. @adrianvender • • #IDSD TIME TO UPGRADE universal analytics is out of beta! all features available. existing GA properties can be upgraded to UA. (no data loss)
  20. 20. @adrianvender • • #IDSD SAFE TIME WINDOW FOR UPGRADING UA properties will allows hits from ga.js for at least a few years. this let’s you safely plan your code migration. classic analytics ga.js universal analytics analytics.js learn more at the “Universal Analytics Upgrade Center”
  21. 21. @adrianvender • • #IDSD CUSTOMIZE ORGANIC SEARCH SOURCES customize the list of organic search sources to clean up your referral and search reports. great list of organic search sources to add: @SeanCarlos
  22. 22. @adrianvender • • #IDSD CAMPAIGN AND SESSION TIMEOUT HANDLING use cases: - reduce the campaign timeout when a micro social-media campaign lasts only a few days - extend the session timeout when a user is placed in an online ‘waiting room’ (i.e. ticket purchases) - reduce the session timeout when you expect users to quickly read content and leave (i.e. online news portal)
  23. 23. @adrianvender • • #IDSD REFERRAL EXCLUSIONS - very important for cross-domain tracking. must exclude origin and destination domains. - also useful when you are sending traffic from Facebook Page Apps (using iframes) to your website.
  24. 24. @adrianvender • • #IDSD CUSTOM DIMENSIONS & METRICS you can configure 20 custom dimensions & 20 custom metrics! - dimensions are your ‘row’ labels - metrics are your ‘column’ labels understand the difference between hit, scope, and user scope levels: @JustinCutroni
  25. 25. @adrianvender • • #IDSD MEASUREMENT PROTOCOL new, improved measurement protocol is what enables tracking from any programmable interface. - web tracking (analytics.js) and mobile SDKs inc the measurement protocol. - simple structure allows for easy incorporation into any digital device. arduinos, kiosks, CRM, call tracking systems, coffee machines(?) 2&cid=36009a59-2a05-49e7-b826-2b884d0f935b&uid=as8rlkjs&t=pageview&dp=% 2Fhome
  26. 26. @adrianvender • • #IDSD USER ID - THE KEY TO CROSS-DEVICE TRACKING assign a unique userID to a user. it may be a unique row id in your CRM, member database, etc. *** NOT a name, email address… anything with their identity *** 2&cid=36009a59-2a05-49e7-b826-2b884d0f935b& uid=as8rlkjs&t=pageview&dp=% 2Fhome ga('create', 'UA-123456-2', { ' userId': 'as8rlkjs' }); ga('send', 'pageview'); example with analytics.js: example with measurement protocol:
  27. 27. @adrianvender • • #IDSD part four use cases
  28. 28. @adrianvender • • #IDSD DIMENSION WIDENING dimension widening is a feature that allows you to append dimensions & metrics to GA hits based on a custom data set. key extra values
  29. 29. @adrianvender • • #IDSD LOGIN-BASED USER UNIFICATION once you establish a user id for a registered user on your site, always set the GA userId for subsequent visits. user will always be identified as the same user no matter what device they login with.
  30. 30. @adrianvender • • #IDSD TRACKING ACROSS THE SALES CYCLE websites allow you to track web-based conversions, but other sales-cycle conversions occur outside of the website. use system webhooks (and the GA user id) to track when leads become sales accepted leads, opportunities, won contracts, etc.
  31. 31. @adrianvender • • #IDSD TRIAL TO SIGNUP CONVERSION TRACKING tracking a 30-day trial signup with GA is pretty easy. but what about the signup at the end of the trial? your applicationuserId 30 days later... <UA signup> <UAecomm>
  32. 32. @adrianvender • • #IDSD MARKETING AUTOMATION + CRM INTEGRATION store your userId in your CRM system. upon a change in sales cycle, use a webhook and measurement protocol to send hit. your CRMuserId new contract! <UA lead> <UAcontract>
  33. 33. @adrianvender • • #IDSD PHONE CALL TRACKING some call tracking solutions send data to GA, but often identified as a separate user and disconnected from attribution paths. sync the user id with the assigned phone number so if a call occurs, call tracking system sends user id along with GA hit. call tracking system userId <ua hits> <ua hit>
  34. 34. @adrianvender • • #IDSD IN-STORE TRACKING great example of measuring: - in-store entrances and exits - cash register transactions @JulienCoquet
  35. 35. @adrianvender • • #IDSD UNIVERSAL ANALYTICS FOR SEARCH BOTS PHP-based server side script that tracks bots in GA. @This Guy?!!
  36. 36. @adrianvender • • #IDSD TRACKING COFFEE CONSUMPTION W/ PRODUCTIVITY using arduino boards and universal analytics, LOVES DATA was able to track coffee consumption by user & tie against their productivity metrics.
  37. 37. @adrianvender • • #IDSD TRACK THE PLANET if there is a programmable interface, it can be integrated with GA.
  38. 38. @adrianvender • • #IDSD A NEW WORLD OF INSIGHTS connect the users and all of their touchpoints. gain intelligent and valuable insights. make better business decisions.
  39. 39. @adrianvender • • #IDSD thank you @adrianvender