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ANTZ Get to know your network - June 23rd 2020


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Adrian Ashton's slide prompts for the 7 minutes he was invited to speak for at the Antz online networking event

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ANTZ Get to know your network - June 23rd 2020

  1. 1. #NotYourTypicalConsultant (what it takes, and how you can be more of the human you want to be in your enterprises) (and most social media channels)
  2. 2. The corporate CV • Support with business/financial plans (that are recognised by banks and investors as ‘the best we’ve seen in a long time’) • The person behind other advisers in the sector • Influence national policy and legislation (‘accidentally’ changed CIC governance rules) • Developed some of the national toolkits on impact reporting • Get accountants fired through helping groups understand, and get more confident with, their bookkeeping and accounts • Learning programmes held us as exemplars by international colleges (and ‘heal’ people of dyscalculia…) • International and national awards
  3. 3. What people seem to enjoy • Always try to find someone else who’ll pay me on your behalf • Over £8,000 of pro bono last year • Only freelance consultant globally to openly publish annual impact report on themselves • Always seeking to make myself redundant • Always make sure a 6-year old can understand it • Seen as ‘Spider-man’ (for the ‘webs’ of connections, rather than spandex…) • World naked gardening / naked working day… • Maxing the amount of tax I pay, rather than trying to minimise it • People creating hashtags on twitter about me • Christmas cards sent through the post each year
  4. 4. • We don’t have to confine the way we work to other people’s rules or conform to their expectations - ‘professional’ is whatever we decide it is • We’re all just as scared and unsure as each other • Let’s treat each other more as human beings – it’s not B2C or B2B, but H2H