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  1. 1. Ion Education Presents ION X
  2. 2. What is ION ?
  3. 3. We make awesome short-term certification courses for the hungry minds with not much time. Each course has its unique interactive content, industry faculty and course objective of developing the various skills amongst participants. NO TEXTBOOKS – NO THEORY – HARDCORE PRACTICAL LEARNING
  4. 4. Why Ion X ?
  5. 5. Ion Education’s very own, exclusive community of entrepreneurs, mentors, students and enthusiasts. Meet-ups. Forum. Networking We believe that entrepreneurship is a process, a journey. And there is no better way to experience it by sharing it with the crazy, like minded people who share your interest.
  6. 6. Level 1: Student
  7. 7. • Free seminars Free seminars will be conducted for students on entrepreneurship. • Discount on courses Students members will get a discount on the course they register for. • Idea Screenings Basic business ideas will be judged and analyzed and on a positive inference, the membership will be upgraded to Level 2!
  8. 8. Level 2: Upcoming Entrepreneur
  9. 9. • Idea Screening Even after the upgrade, the Member can put forth his/her idea for screening to get an insight on the new improvements recently made. • Mentoring The members (on request) can have personal mentoring sessions with experts. • Idea Presentation to an expert panel The member gets to present the business idea before a panel of highly qualified experts and a capitalist investors. On account of receiving a positive feedback by the panel, the member gets promoted to Level 3!
  10. 10. Level 3: Entrepreneur
  11. 11. • Meeting with Capitalist Investors / BootStrap The member gets a chance to go forth with BootStrap, or meet up with Capitalist Investors for funding the venture. • Venture Mentoring The members (on request) can have personal mentoring sessions with experts. • Venture Assistance The members (on request) can avail assistance from ION Education for CA, Real Estate and HR support services. • Special Skill Training The member (on request) will be provided with special skill training if they need to improve a particular skill or simply learn a completely new skill.
  12. 12. Level 4: Honorary Member
  13. 13. Contact us Marketing and Business Development Team ION Education Contact No: 022-65149706 / 9820969109 Email-id: (enter new email) Website: www.ioneducation.com