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Lean Project Management Outline Proposal For Pmi


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Lean Project Management Outline Proposal For Pmi

  1. 1. BIO Hector A. Rodriguez is the co-founder and VP of Lead360,Inc ; a company that transforms organizations from the inside-out; Hector A. Rodriguez promoting leaner, better and faster working environments; BSIE, MOM, MPM instilling cultures of efficiency, waste elimination and value addition. Hector is an Industrial & System Engineer from the University of Florida, with a M.S. in Operations Management from I.E.S.A-Venezuela, and M.S. in Project Management from Keller School of Management, he has 15 years of experience in Design Engineering, Business Consulting, Integrated Product Design and Development, Engineering Validation, Quality & Manufacturing Engineering and Supply Value Chain. He has been part of Global Product Engineering and Management teams for General Motors in the past 10 years, and has worked side by side with many OEM suppliers; contributing to global product development in United States, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Germany and China. His multicultural and global experiences has contributed to develop expert skills in Lean Engineering, Product Development, Business Strategic Planning and Supply Management; skills that provide the best mix to integrate efficient value streams. Hector is a Value Stream Mapping Coach and Kaizen Sensei. His passion for innovation, entrepreneurship and business management will inspire your team to bring exciting improvements to your organization and evolve to leaner, better and faster stages.
  2. 2. Lean Project Management Principles Abstract Summary: Lean Project Management will take you and your team through the various steps to plan and execute projects using the current Lean and Critical Chain Project Management practices. Lean culture has impacted most methods and value streams. Project Manager need to integrate Lean concepts to their Project Planning and Execution, it is vital to eliminate waste and add value through the project implementation and completion. This one hour overview introduces the Lean Project Management principles that will aid Project Managers to perform in a leaner product life cycle.
  3. 3. Outline: Lean Project Management Principles  Eliminate Waste  Amplify Learning  Empower, Respect,  See the Whole Integrity  Decide Later, Deliver  Risk Management fast
  4. 4. Thank you ! Enjoy your journey to a leaner, better and faster way to do business | Lean Project Managers and Trainers