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Effective tools and skills in leadership


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Effective tools and skills in leadership

  1. 1. Astrid Grgurich
  2. 2. Image from Microsoft Clipart
  3. 3. Be Know Do
  4. 4. (Big Dog, Little Dog, 2010).
  5. 5.  MANAGER  Holds all the information  Is in control EMPLOYEE  No contribution to decision-making WHEN TO USE  Not often!!  When short on time  When manager holds all information
  6. 6.  MANAGER  Makes final decision EMPLOYEE  Included in decision-making process WHEN TO USE  Information is shared between manager and employees  Encourages teamwork
  7. 7.  MANAGER  Delegates tasks to employees  Responsible for decision making EMPLOYEE  Hold all the information WHEN TO USE  When manager has full trust and confidence in the capability of the employees
  8. 8. ChallengeEncourage Inspire Model the Enable way others
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