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ADG S1000D Series - Benefits of Using S1000D


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View ADG's education session to learn the Benefits of Using S1000D. Topics covered include: Planning and Management / Production / Exchange / Distribution / Relationship with Computer Based Training Systems (CBT).

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ADG S1000D Series - Benefits of Using S1000D

  1. 1. Welcome to our Presentation: The Benefits of S1000D
  2. 2. What we’ll cover  Benefits of Using S1000D  Planning and Management  Production  Exchange  Distribution  Relationship With Computer Based Training Systems. Virasec Pty Ltd – Commercial In Confidence
  3. 3. Benefits of using S1000D  Based on international neutral standards.  Reduces maintenance costs for technical information.  Transforms data into configuration items.  Allows subsets of information to be generated to meet specific user needs.  Facilitates the transfer of information and electronic output between disparate systems. Virasec Pty Ltd – Commercial In Confidence
  4. 4. Benefits of using S1000D  Many different output forms can be generated from the same base data = safety of data + consistent message.  The S1000D data module concept can be applied to legacy data.  Non-proprietary = neutral delivery and management of data.  The specification incorporates the planning and management, production, exchange, distribution and use of data in electronic form for different types of output (from page oriented to IETP). Virasec Pty Ltd – Commercial In Confidence
  5. 5. S1000D Scope Planning and Management Training Concept Maintenance Concept Design Data S1000D Scope CSDB (Data modules & publications & graphical objects) Production Distribution Feedback Exchange Publication output (Paper / IETP) In-service use
  6. 6. Planning and Management  Expanding an organisation’s product reach.  Common information can be identified.  Overall time needed.  Direct contrast to other documentation standards.  Cost of maintaining the data is greatly reduced.  Specification for aerospace maintenance documentation. Virasec Pty Ltd – Commercial In Confidence
  7. 7. Production  Enhance technical information exchange.  Information re-use.  Data mining will be a benefit.  Content in different stores to be exploited.  Without data mining, content is not captured.  Documentation process can be streamlined.  Re-use content.  Re-use any common information and add in extra documents.  Reduce errors. Virasec Pty Ltd – Commercial In Confidence
  8. 8. Production  Fix errors once.  Common Source Database (CSDB).  Can be unpublished.  Roll-back to a previous revision.  Written in a structured format (i.e. SGML or XML).  Streamlined publishing process.  Focus is taken off format.  Will create and maintain accurate information.  Less redundancy and less time recreating data. Virasec Pty Ltd – Commercial In Confidence
  9. 9. Exchange  Responsive to emerging technology.  Content can be re-used for computer based training.  Simplified Technical English (STE-100)  Ambiguity will be substantially reduced.  Controlled language.  Assist other nationalities to understand procedural steps.  Most up-to-date documents are available. Virasec Pty Ltd – Commercial In Confidence
  10. 10. Exchange  Not using Simplified Technical English: Using the Nylon head mallet, strike the top of the pin with light force until 5mm of the pin protrudes from the hole.  Using Simplified Technical English: Tap the pin into position. Virasec Pty Ltd – Commercial In Confidence
  11. 11. Content without data mining Plane Ship Data Module ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ Spanner 10mm Data Module ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ Spanner 10mm No relationship between the common data in each document to present.
  12. 12. Content with data mining Plane Data Module ____________ ____________ Spanner 10mm ____________ ____________ Ship Content common to both pieces of equipment are recognised.
  13. 13. Distribution  Integration with other vendors’ systems and projects.  International interoperability.  Desirable for production of identical products.  Modularisation.  Revision control.  Each file has a clear revision number.  Multiple computer programs and staff skill sets. Virasec Pty Ltd – Commercial In Confidence
  14. 14. Relationship with CBT systems  Computer Based Training (CBT).  Deeper knowledge and understanding.  This is obtained by:  having an interactive learning environment  simulating a real world model  having the student solve a problem as the end goal. Virasec Pty Ltd – Commercial In Confidence
  15. 15. SCORM  The relationship between S1000D and SCORM has been established so that training content can be developed using the data module concepts of S1000D.  A new data module type has been added.  It captures the five different learning information types.  To provide the link to the SCORM LMS, connectivity is provided through the LOM in the new SCORM content package module. Virasec Pty Ltd – Commercial In Confidence
  16. 16. SCORM  SCORM is a perfect partner.  Maintenance information can be re-used.  A major advantage of using CBT software is:  it promotes distributed distance learning.  Key feature: testing knowledge between sections or steps.  Quickly and easily updated. Virasec Pty Ltd – Commercial In Confidence
  17. 17. Contact ADG For all general, sales or training enquiries, please contact the ADG Team directly via the following options. Email: Phone: +61 7 3832 6888 (Australia) +1 (480) 788 1210 (USA) Visit the ADG website for more product information: Contact one of ADG’s Reseller and Technology Global Partners within your region. Visit ADG Partners webpage: Virasec Pty Ltd – Commercial In Confidence