Career possibilities for early childhood education


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Career possibilities for early childhood education

  1. 1. Anna Barrett
  2. 2. Associate in Early Childhood EducationThe field of Early Childhood Education is a broad field in which professionals have many opportunities for exciting careers. The following list are just a few of the career’s that are available.  Childcare administrator  Assistant child advocate  Childcare head teacher  Childcare teacher  Teacher assistant  Curriculum coordinator for childcare settings  Social worker  Head start teacher  Family childcare provider (Goodwin College,2012)
  3. 3. Childcare teacherField Description:Daycare teachers work primarily with children who are too young to start preschool, from infants to 5-year-olds. They nurture the young, impressionable minds of the future, stimulating their physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth. Education Requirement: Daycare teachers almost always need to have a high school diploma and, in most cases, a combination of college education and experience is desirable. (Early childhood eduation,2012)
  4. 4. Administrator of center-based programs Field Description: Child care center administrators/directors have the challenging job of ensuring that center-based programs offer developmentally appropriate experiences for the children, are supportive of the needs of families, and operate with sound administrative and fiscal management. Education Requirements: Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education, Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education/Child Development with coursework in child care administration, or a graduate degree in Child Care Administration (Early childhood eduation,2012)
  5. 5. Early childhood education childspecialistField Description:Provides onsite instructional support and coaching to public/private family child care providers and child care center teachers; develops partnerships with local school districts; performs related duties as assigned.Education Requirements: Any combination of education, training and experience equivalent to the possession of a bachelor’s degree in child development or a related field. Must possess or qualify for a Child Development Site Supervisor Permit. (Early childhood eduation,2012)
  6. 6. Teachers AideField Description:Assists in the classroom under the direction of the teacher, head of group or assistant to head of group. May be assigned as a one-on-one aide to a child with special needs.Education Requirements:High school diploma or substantial experience working with children under the age of 13. Some individuals take early childhood courses in high school as preparation for employment as an aide. (Early childhood eduation,2012)
  7. 7. Home day careField Description:A person who is employed by an individual family to care for their children in the familys home. Requirements: Licensing depends on the state one is living in at the time. The in-home provider may be required by the employer to have education or training in child development, or early childhood education. (Early childhood eduation,2012)
  8. 8. Short term goalsComplete my last two semesters at Ivy Tech Community CollegeI would then like to transfer to Indiana University East in Richmond or Ball State University.
  9. 9. Long term goals Work a few years at a licensed day care center, after receiving my bachelors degree.Becoming a lead teacher at a nice day care center or starting a home day care are my dream long term goals. Being the best teacher I can be to help with the develop of young children.
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