Good news !!!


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Good news !!!

  1. 2. GOOD NEWS FOR THE BROKEN HEARTED; Jesus still heals broken hearts; Luke 4:18
  2. 3. GOOD NEWS FOR THE SICK; Jesus took all your infirmities and carried you sicknesses, Matthew 8:17
  3. 4. GOOD NEWS FOR THE BLIND; Jesus still opens the eyes of the blind; Luke 4:18
  4. 5. GOOD NEWS FOR THE BRUISED AND DOWNTRODDEN; Jesus came to bring liberty to the bruised, Luke 4:18
  5. 6. GOOD NEWS FOR THE TROUBLED; God still delivers his own from all their troubles…
  6. 7. GOOD NEWS FOR THE WEAK; God is your strength and your shield, Psalm 28:7
  7. 8. GOOD NEWS FOR THE REJECTED; Christ has accepted you; Ephesians 1:6 so why care what others think of you?
  8. 9. GOOD NEWS FOR THE DISTRESSED; God still delivers the lonely and the wounded from their distresses… Psalm 107:4-6
  9. 10. GOOD NEWS FOR THOSE WHO LACK SELF ESTEEM; God created you and you are fearfully and wonderfully made, Psalm 139:14
  10. 11. GOOD NEWS FOR THE BROKEN IN HEART; God will heal your broken heart and will bind up your wounds, Psalm 147:3
  11. 12. GOOD NEWS FOR THE CHILDLESS; God has promised that ‘none shall be barren' or ‘none cast their young Deuteronomy 7:14, Exodus 23:26
  12. 13. GOOD NEWS FOR THE UNLOVED; God so loved you, he died to prove it, John 3:16
  13. 14. GOOD NEWS FOR THOSE WHOSE LIVES ARE IN A MESS; God still gives peace that is beyond any thing you can imagine… John 14:27
  14. 15. GOOD NEWS FOR THOSE WHO ARE IN MOURNING; God will turn your mourning into dancing and surround you with gladness… Psalm 30:11
  15. 16. GOOD NEWS FOR THE UNFORGIVEN; God still forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases when you ask him, Psalm 103:3
  16. 17. GOOD NEWS FOR THOSE SEEKING MERCY; Gods mercy is new every morning… Lamentations 3:23
  17. 18. GOOD NEWS FOR THE POOR; Gods highest wish is that you prosper and be in health’3 John:2
  18. 19. GOOD NEWS FOR ORPHANS AND WIDOWS; God is a husband to the widow and a father to the fatherless… Psalm 68:5
  19. 20. GOOD NEWS FOR THE ABANDONED; Jesus promises never to leave or forsake you… Ever… Hebrews 13:5
  20. 21. GOOD NEWS FOR THOSE WHO LONG FOR A REAL FRIEND; Jesus is 'a friend that sticks closer than a brother’ Psalm 18:24
  21. 22. GOOD NEWS FOR THOSE WHO FEEL LOST; Christ came to seek and to save the lost… Luke 19:10
  22. 23. GOOD NEWS FOR THOSE WHO NEED HELP; 'God is a very present help in trouble… Psalm 46:1
  23. 24. GOOD NEWS FOR THE FEARFUL; God did not give you a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind… 2 Timothy 1:7
  24. 25. GOOD NEWS FOR THOSE WHO ARE IMPRISONED BY THEIR PAST; Christ can and will open the prison door and make you free indeed, John 8:36
  25. 26. GOOD NEWS FOR THOSE WHO WEEP; Joy really does come in the morning… Psalm 30:5
  26. 27. GOOD NEWS FOR THE ELDERLY; He will not cast you aside in old age, he will not forsake you when your strength fails… Psalm 71:9
  27. 28. GOOD NEWS FOR THOSE WHO LONG TO LIVE IN SAFETY; God has promised that who ever hears him shall dwell in safety and shall be quiet from fear of evil… Psalm 1:33
  28. 29. GOOD NEWS FOR THOSE WHO LONG FOR HIS SALVATION; The Lord promises to save all those who call upon his name…Romans 10:13
  29. 30. GOOD NEWS FOR THOSE WHO HAVE BACKSLIDDEN; If you return God promises to heal your backslidings… Jeremiah 3:22
  30. 31. GOOD NEWS FOR THOSE WHO LONG FOR A FRESH START; Ask Jesus to forgive and save you and you will be born again into a new forgiven life… John 3:3
  31. 32. GOOD NEWS FOR THOSE WHO LONG TO SEE GOD; Jesus said if your pure in heart you shall see God… Matthew 5:8
  32. 33. GOOD NEWS FOR WHO FEAR DEATH; Jesus Christ is the 'resurrection and the life' so if you believe in him death is a doorway to heaven and home… John 11:25
  33. 35. A STUDIO 18 PRODUCTION David Robinson © 09