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Instance level facial attributes transfer with geometry-aware flow


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yuhang ding

Published in: Technology
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Instance level facial attributes transfer with geometry-aware flow

  1. 1. Instance-level Facial Attributes Transfer with Geometry-Aware Flow
  2. 2. What:
  3. 3. How: Pipline: G: F:
  4. 4. How: G: Flow Sub-Network : Bilinear sampler Blead Refinement Sub-Network : F:
  5. 5. How: Loss: Adversarial Loss: Domain Classification Loss: Reconstruction Loss: Geometry-Aware Flow Loss:
  6. 6. Results: 1. FID Score(measure the quality of generated images) 2. Faithfulness Score(To evaluate the faithfulness) 3. Attribute Class Accuracy(To evaluate the ability of a method in manipulating a desired attribute) Comparisons to Prior Works
  7. 7. Results: Comparisons to Prior Works
  8. 8. Results: Ablation Study Effectiveness of Geometry-aware Flow Effectiveness of Appearance Residual
  9. 9. Results: Results on High-Resolution Images Results on More Attributes