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Comparator networks


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Qinji Guan

Published in: Technology
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Comparator networks

  1. 1. Comparator Networks Presented by Qingji Guan
  2. 2. Objective • Set-base verification • If two sets of images of a face are of the same person or not • Sets of faces -> ‘templates’ • Common approach • Generate a vector representing each face using CNN, and simply average these these vectors to obtain a vector representation for the entire template • Problems • viewpoint conditioned similarity • Local landmark comparison • Within template weighting • Between template weighting
  3. 3. Deep Comparator Network
  4. 4. Deep Comparator Network Detect module
  5. 5. Deep Comparator Network Landmark Regularizers Diversity Regularizer Keypoints Regularizer
  6. 6. Deep Comparator Network
  7. 7. Deep Comparator Network
  8. 8. Experiment
  9. 9. Experiment
  10. 10. Experiment