Kellogs 'Special K'


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Kellogs 'Special K'

  1. 1. Kellogg’s ‘special K’ commercial campaign’Kellogg’s has created a several commercial campaigns and I have decidedto analyse the ‘Special K’ campaign which is part of the Kellogg’s industry.messageThe main message of the campaign is to promote the product ‘Special K’cereal. They put the message to its viewers that by buying this product,you as a consumer will lead a healthy life, and for women, you will gain aperfect figure after a while of eating this cereal. All their adverts and strategies for their campaign all convey the message that eating ‘Special K’ will help you lose weight and help with your diet. The product itself has all the vital nutrients needed and this information is also used on the advertising. The product comes in various different forms and flavours. For example: you can get a strawberry cereal bar, which is quick as includes everything you need, or you can get a fruit cereal to keep you runningfrom the start of the day.audienceThe target audience for this campaign is predominantlywomen; Working class women who want quick healthy meals,and women who aspire to be thinner and lose weight.We can see this through there campaigning techniques as awomen is always present and is modelling the ‘Special K.’ Wecan see that all the women that they use are normal womenwhich shows the reader that anyone can look this good withthe help of ‘Special K’.The main methods used in this campaign to reach out to the targetaudience, is the use of TV adverts, billboards near supermarkets and big
  2. 2. screen in large stores. They also use posters which may be displayed infitness classes and anywhere where it may be useful for the public to seeand places where it may have more of an impact.methods 1. TV Commercials • The women in the adverts are dressed in bright colours, i.e. – red, so that she stands out from the white background and red is seen to be sexy. The women is portrayed as a sexy, slim, healthy looking women which given the viewers the idea that if you eat this, you can look this gorgeous. • The advert uses catchy phrases to grab the attention of the viewer, the letters are bold and bright so it stands out • The advert does not have much text making it short and snappy in order to get the main message across though imagery and narration. • Most of the adverts last up to 25-30 seconds • The women in the adverts are dressed in bright colours, i.e. – red, so that she stands out from the white background and red is seen to be sexy. 2. Posters near bus stops and on billboards • Posters are simple and eye catching due to the colour and the contrast of red and white • The use of images – sexy, good, looking women, posing with a ‘Kellogg’s’ bar. • Catchy phrases so the product will stick in the viewer’s mind and they will remember this product.All their commercials and posters are all portrayed in public places whichthen allowed more people to view the advert more than once which getsthe message into the viewer’s mind. Putting a poster up near a bus stop isvery effective as many people are present at a bus stop and as they arewaiting for ages they will be staring at this billboard and the ‘Special K’message will be stuck in there head.
  3. 3. A TV commercial is as effective as the majority of the population watchTV and the TV can often persuade us to buy certain items. So if thisproduct is displayed on TV at the right times and enough people watch it,the product will sell very quickly as more and moresuccessThe Campaign has been running for many many years, and this productitself had been a great success over the years gaining more and morecustomers.Statistics and surveys show that women have started to consume ‘SpecialK’ due to the way it makes them feel. Their breakfast has been one oftheir greatest successes as it is seen to be oneof the healthiest breakfast’s out there forwomen. Stories on their success and moreinformation about the product itself can befound on the Kellogg Special K’s website.