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Webpage Analysis - Digital Switchover


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Webpage Analysis - Digital Switchover

  1. 1. Website Analysis – Digital Switchover
  2. 2. I have analysed Digital UK’s website which is all about the digital switch over. Straight awayI have noticed the logo in the top left hand corner where most websites place there logo. Ithink the logo is has been made very well done and stands out with the use of the pink. Iwould definitely keep my logo in the top left hand corner when creating my website.They have created two sets of tabs, in which the first set is for the less important subjectsand the second set is made bolder and is for the more important topics. I would only includeone set of tabs in my campaign to keep things slightly more simple.They have used the robot image throughout their campaign. This is seen to be their mascotand is always associated with the digital switch over. They have also made this robot one ofthe main central images at the top of the page. I really like the idea of using this image as itis easily noticeable when used on their campaigning strategies but don’t think I would use itin my campaign and it wouldn’t fit it in with my topic.The social networking tabs are placed at the top of the page, whereas they are usually at thebottom of the website. It is useful to have these icons on your page to help keep youraudience up to date with information but I’m not too sure if I would place it at the top asthere is already a lot going on.The colour scheme has been kept very simple with the use of grey, white and pink. Thesecolours are associated with the theme of the digital switchover. I think it is important to useonly a few colours in order to keep things simple. I will need to ensure my colours aredesigned to target my audience.The font throughout the campaign throughout the website is kept very simple which is goodto not draw attention away from the main message. However, it may not be so good to keepthings simple as my target audience is teenagersOn the right hand side of this website they have included an information box and loads ofother helpful things such as where to get help. I would like to include some sort of petitionbox for my campaign for my audience to sign up but I feel there is way too many boxes andthey may need to be separated.They have included three simple steps on the left hand side which lead to different page.This is a very good idea as it doesn’t make the website look to cramped but the numbers arevery eye catching and make you feel as if it is an easy job to do within three simple steps.This would be good for our campaign to give our audience easy steps to be safer onFacebook.They haven’t included much little information, but the information they do have are withbold sub-headings; I feel the sub-headings have more of an impact on the audience than theactual text. I would make my sub- headings bold in order to make the main points of mycampaign stand out.Lastly, they have included various sponsors and companies who they are working with atthe bottom of the page. I don’t think sponsors are such an important thing for our campaignand our audience won’t be that interested.