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Presentation kellogg's final


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Done by MariegreeceAlvarez Subject Marketing research at University of Indianapolis

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Presentation kellogg's final

  1. 1. Kellogg’s Kellogg’s “Ready- 2/19/1906 1930 2001Toasted is to-eat” Kellogg’s Kellogg Kellogg’sCorn criticized campaign founded Company largestFlakes against , worth as Battle factories acquisitiobecomes General total $5.4 Creek move n ofsuccess Mills billion, Toasted from theand and expandin Corn 40 hour Keeblercompany Quaker g Flake weeks to Companyname Oats Kellogg’s Company 30 hours .changes about the brand. by Will until afterto small 1988 Keith WWII.Kellogg business 1983 KelloggCompany they Kellogg’s. acquired. undersell1922 1969- s 1977 competiti on and hits all time low of 36.7%. 1956
  2. 2. Kellogg’s in Greece began on February 19, 1906. Started operating in the sectors of foods andbeverage in 1965and is responsible fordistribution of Kellogg product in Greece.
  3. 3. The Kellogg Company has a strong presence in Greece with theKellogg’s Greece head office based in Athens. In addition to this,Kellogg’s employ a number of dedicated agencies to manage variousareas of the business. DistributionAtlanta s.a. started operating in the sectors of foods and beverages in1965 and is responsible for distribution of Kellogg products in Greece,based in the Peania area, near Athens operates a warehouse of 10,000m2 with a further 3,000 m2 warehouse in Salonica.
  4. 4. This is what Kellogg’s calls their “StartSimple, Start Right” approach.
  5. 5. Strength Weaknesses Cost advantage Bad Communication Asset leverage Not innovative Effective communication Weak management team Online growth Strong brand equity Real estate Unique products
  6. 6. OPPORTUNITIESFinancial markets (raise money through debt, etc).Emerging markets and expansion abroad.Product and services expansion.Takeovers.
  7. 7. THREATSCompetition.Cheaper technology.Lower cost competitors or imports.Price wars.Product substitution.
  8. 8.  4 variables of segmentation Kelloggs need to apply on the basis of Geographic Segmentation are:- Division of customer base by continent, country or state, size of population of a particular region. Climate of locality, Kelloggs cannot sell or promote its products that are not good to eat in hot climate areas and vice versa. The scale of production and stock management can be segmented according
  9. 9.  4 variables of segmentation Kelloggs need to apply on the basis of Demographic Segmentation are Consumer needs and wants change with age. Marketers design, package and promote products differently to meet the wants of different age groups. Gender segmentation is widely used in consumer marketing. There is a vast difference in shopping behavior of women and men.
  10. 10.  4 variables of segmentation Kelloggs need to apply on the basis of Psychographic Segmentation are: Purchase standardized personas, such as the happy senior, or the adventurous teenager, they are not customized to your products and services Markets divided into light, medium or heavy user groups. Help Kelloggs marketing to distribute the products in the market and helping them to commercialize new products later.
  11. 11.  4 variables of segmentation Kelloggs need to apply on the basis of Behavioral Segmentation are When a product is consumed or purchased. Some markets can be segmented into light, medium and heavy user groups. Loyal consumers - those who buy one brand all or most of the time - are valuable customers.
  12. 12. AgeKelloggs commitment offering a variety ofhelpful tools and resources that benefityou and your family. Age =relevantsegment of marketing for Kelloggs(a kid(Choco, Rice Krispys, etc.)to oldies(Special K).Focus on each type of agegroup. GenderMale female have different taste in fooditems. Kelloggs can market special mealsfor females like especially for young girls
  13. 13. IncomeIncome can be a barrier or a boon. If people ina region are well organized or can affordconvenience foods, then investing in suchregion is always a boon and cannot marketKelloggs product where people are living onbreads only.Flavour/Taste100 years, Kellogg has been committed toproducing nutritious, high-quality foods for yourdining table.Kelloggsrequires to update the brand with new
  14. 14. 6 key segments to the Kellogg market.Tasty Start - ,Corn Flakes, Kelloggs Crunchy Nut.Simply Wholesome., Kelloggs Fruit n Fibre, Alpen and Kelloggs Just Right.Shape Management, Kelloggs Special K and Fitnesse.Mum Approved, Kelloggs Rice Krispies and Shreddies.Kid Preferred, Kelloggs Frosties, Kelloggs Coco Pops and Weetos.Inner Health, Kelloggs All-Bran and own-label Bran Flakes.
  15. 15. The main competitor is nestle company( founded in Switzerland and positioned the top 100 ranking 54th ).Nestlé company has a lot of products like cereal and animal foods.Nestle was founded 1866 (Kelloggs 1906) .
  16. 16. MARKETING STRATEGY PRODUCT PRICE PROMOTION PLACE Kellogg’s Healthy The new product will When stores put Competing product’s BreakBar need to be ‘pushed’ into Kellogg’s products on the price: Unit: $0.55 | Pack The customer buys the the market with shelf the employees of 6 units: $3.20 following benefits: aggressive advertising on aren’t just throwing them Healthy BreakBar PriceFood, Healthiness and a a number of media in a vacant space. Analysishealthy lifestyle. Sense Kellogg’s placement on of self worth. Image. the shelf is methodicalSense of sophistication. and strategic and comes at a price.
  17. 17. ImplementationMonitoringControlling
  18. 18. Specifically the Special K Challenge is targeted to adultwomen ages 25-45, about the ages where the women areeither busy mom’s or workingwomen with disposableincome.
  19. 19. These four plans are all examples of howbusy women view themselves and theirlives. They believe they want to looseweight and inches with something that ishealthy, delicious, and fast. CLASSIC PLAN ON-THE-GO-PLAN MIX UP PLAN CHOCOLATE LOVERS PLAN
  20. 20. ‘’Class reunion” “Lose baby weight” “Upcoming trip/vacation” “Kick start an even better me”“Look fabulous on my wedding/birth/graduation day”
  21. 21. THANK YOU 