Outline Q Res Meth 10 Jan26


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Course Outline of Qualitative Research Methodology of CJCU PhD program

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Outline Q Res Meth 10 Jan26

  1. 1. Professor Yender McLEE (PhD McGill, 2002; Professor MinEdu.tw, 2002) Course Outline2010Spring 長榮大學教師授課計畫表 科目代號 IBO-008 學分 3 creds 每週時數 講課:3 hrs/wk 實習:0hrs/wk 科目 中文 質性研究方法論 [必修] (有些雙語) 1/5 教授合開 Course Name English Qualitative Research Methodology: Content Analysis via INK© model (teaching in bilingo somewhat) 開課系級 PhD1 經營所博二 授課學期 2010Spring 98 學年下學期 授課教師 Prof-Yender McLEE 李元德(1/5) 系(所)別 GSBOM 經管所 1. Course Objectives 授課目標 (a). This course aims to expose you to the dynamics of publishing paradigms via INK-model in search of a doable (from imitation to innovation) balance of qualitatively then quantitatively research methods. (b). [SSCI journals] “Bilingually” (特別對本地生能雙語地): understanding basic concepts, terminology, trends and traditions of qualitative management research and its Publishing Strategy. Why/What /Where/When/How? Approaches? New roles? Challenges/Opportunities? (c). [Assignment] learning how to collaborate a big project via a FREE groupware website then to publish a best conference paper then bottom-line SSCI journal article! 2.Brief Contents 授課大綱 W3. Tag cloud with online software, Tag crowd©; Timeline; Network; Scholar Map of your field. W1. Syllabus of Steve Borgatti and Writing Guide of *Booknotes for short, interesting and cheap book on Mike Palquist; *Internet resources for qualitative Q-ResMeth (Silverman, 2007). research, such as Qual Page and Q-ResMeth4IS W2. Content after Citation Analysis of Research Paradigms; *Slideshare on Content Analysis 3.Textbook 教科書: None but inspired by…Major inspired Internet resources are Online Syllabus by Prof. Steve Borgatti MB870 http://www.analytictech.com/mb870/ and Prof. Mike Palmquist Writing Quide@CSU http://www.ischool.utexas.edu/~palmquis/courses/ content.html 4.Bibliography參考書籍 1. QualPage of Professor Judy Norris since 1995: http://www.qualitativeresearch.uga.edu/QualPage/ In particular its QDAS 2. Q-ResMeth for IS of Prof Michael Myers http://www.qual.auckland.ac.nz/ 3. Several Powerpoints on content analysis on www.Slideshare.com keyword search ■4. Silverman (2007) A Very Short, Fair Interesting and Reasonable Cheap Book about Qualitative Research, London: Sage. ◎5. Thorpe and Holt (2008) The Sage Dictionary of Qualitative Management Research, London: Sage. 5.先修科目 無 None 6. La Class-wide Big Project: 課外作業 Mapping the INK-cij or cik or pat of xxx Science or your field and Tech or Industry for you and Taiwan or the developing world (via Patent Databases and SSCI-SCI-like Database) See more in detail on Course Outline and Online Website (Yahoo!Groups@us) http://groups.yahoo.com/group/INK-SSCI-SCI Write to above for public discussion (will be counted) but E-mail: McGill_LEE@yahoo.com for private (no count) McGill-iMPM@hotmail.com (MSN no count, too) when office hours 7.成績考核準則 2010 Spring 1/5 grade will be graded by Prof McLEE; In which in detail: Paper Project (20%x3=60% by Three quarter reports) for ASAC or AAoM 2011; Discussion and Participation (20%+20%) smoothing by in classroom and online COUNTS; Game Rule #1: Interactive and Game Rule #2 bilingo then Anglicization
  2. 2. Professor Yender McLEE (PhD McGill, 2002; Professor MinEdu.tw, 2002) Wednesday (Week 567) Place Face to face @room T30407B (面對 接見學生 13:20-16:10 and office hours, 面) And @T30810; ONLINE Time 時間 face2face and online lines by 地點 7/24/365 @MSN+Skype+Plurk lines (lines by lines 線對線)
  3. 3. Professor Yender McLEE (PhD McGill, 2002; Professor MinEdu.tw, 2002) Agenda2010Spring 長 榮 大 學 教 師 授 課 進 度 表 Major@room Activities Project/Issues@LAB Remarks 週次 Week 1 Syllabus Familiar with Yahoo!Groups INK Greeting-Intro 相見歡 online; CiteuLike.org; Tag Cloud Week 2 INK© model ppt Familiar with www.ISInet.com (Web of Science) INK-model: download and analysis Week 3 Two Philosophies of Familiar with ABI and Quarter 1 deadline Research Design (ch34) www.USPTO.gov @Monday/W3 Scientometrics Top 20 reading list Week 4 Qualitative [Q->Q’] Familiar with www.ipIQ.com Research (ch78) Publishing outlets top conference then SSCI journals for your fields Week 5 Quantitative [q->q’] INK Keyword Trends Research (ch910) Week 6 Literature Review INK Paradigm Shift Quarter 2 deadline (conventional-ch23) and @Monday/W6 Literature Overview via INK model Week 7 Multi-method Approach Mapping [f+s+x+n] (field, survey, experiment and non- reactive) Week 8 Writing for Top Conferences (AAoM/ASAC) Week 9 Refining and polishing for Mini-conference Quarter 3 deadline submitting to publish @Monday/ W9 (W9-13)
  4. 4. Professor Yender McLEE (PhD McGill, 2002; Professor MinEdu.tw, 2002) Office Hours 2010Spring 授 課 暨 接 見 學 生 時 間 表 G S B i z O p M g t P r o f . Ye n d e r M c L E E 經 管 所 : 李 元 德 教 師 科目 星期 教室 一 Mon 二 Tue 三 Wen 四 Thur 五 Fri 六 Sat 節次 1 運休 1x 0810-0900 ASR001 IBO002 2 @L20102 W10-18 @T30409 Odd GBO004 0910~1000 計概(二) free 博一(必) weeks @T30409 高等研 are 碩一(組必) 究方法 知識 論 (Taught free somewhat in English) 管理 3 @# 1010~1100 4 @# @# 1110~1200 5 @# IBO007 博二(必) 1210~1300 6 Except IBO008 Seminar W567 @T30407B other IV 1320~1410 博二(必) weeks are free 質性研 究方法 論 (Taught somewhat in English) 7/1420~1510 GBO004@T30409 碩一(考替) 管 8/1520~1610 9/1620~1710 @# 理英文 (一) 10/1720~1810 @# (Taught somewhat in English) 11/1820-1910 @# @# 12/1920-2010
  5. 5. Professor Yender McLEE (PhD McGill, 2002; Professor MinEdu.tw, 2002) 13/2020-2110 註:接見學生時間以「#」號表示.「@#」表示可預約或 MSN Ready to Talk 但可能老師請假. Remarks: A mobile professor with 10+ways to connect in way of face2face and lines by lines.