Study Notes of Management Theory:              themes and reading list for serious theory studies        ©2010 by Professo...
vote by hand/feet/dollar/citation; other names between proof and justification;    falsification (q) versus verification (...
specifically? ; Outline 1: Pub...
Award-Winning Articles from the First Two Decades Revisited, Academy of      Management Review 32(2): 332-333.A1: Etemad a...
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Study notes of management theory 2012 sep01


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A PhD required course for CJCU PhD program.

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Study notes of management theory 2012 sep01

  1. 1. Study Notes of Management Theory: themes and reading list for serious theory studies ©2010 by Professor Yender McLEE, Aug 24 ©2012 updated Jun 26.*Theme 1: Knowledge! Knowledge! Knowledge in knowledge economy!Theory! Theory! Theory! What is theory in etymology, terminology and academia? 望文牽拖 versus 字源邏 輯學; History timeline of theory story for theoria of [science and] theology (4*ory); Invisible Network of Knowledge [Production*] (INK model); model 2 of …describe first and explain what? The art and science of cause and effect (Pearl); invisible college; invisible hands; visible hand;theism/atheism/thesis; Theoria/theosis in theology and apotheosis; Ph.D. versus DBA from Th.D.; theory in Latin, English or Mandarin? i.e. mano a mano versus esprit de corps; de facto versus de juris; gnosis=knowledge of God or gods or saints; sagacity of 7 knowledge levels; How to heal himself (Allen Lee on PhD in IS) See more Theory-on-Sale DM and A holder@YouTube named as theory-Q+q-research ;YouTube search on “theory” “Ph.D.” theory as fashion brandname; a band; PhD as a band; as a comic. See more on study notes on the plurk, you can search by INK4tw and theory.*Theme 2: Is theory change equal to paradigm(s) shift (Kuhn)?Theory in action or in network? Science in action; organization in action; knowledge in action or network?Quotations of Theory of Knowledge online Yahoo! INK group.World view 1 of scientists or scholars ([epistemology], ontology, methodology and axiology)===> world view 2 (…)*Theme 3: Interplay of theory and method? Co-evolution of theoria versus praxisAcademica (Cicero, BC 80) in Latin and English; IB scholarship and ranking (Harzing, ); Rasing stars (Starbuck); theory, praxeology, teleology and methodology, axiology;*Theme 4: How to prove or justify a theory? Citation as effortful voting (Omegax4 papers)? 60+ or AIS theory 100+; justification by faith or citation process; 1
  2. 2. vote by hand/feet/dollar/citation; other names between proof and justification; falsification (q) versus verification (Q); certification; research rationale and big versus trivia research questions;*Theme 5: What and How to publish a theory paper with some propositions?Research rationale; theoretical research questions; theoretical contributions;AMR editor-Kilduff (2006);Chapter of [Critical] Literature Review of (Easterby-Smith et al., 2008) Management Research; Schopenfauer (1813) fourhold roots of sufficient reason; Goethe’s Faust; Kant’s [first] critical philosophy [theory] of pure reason; Comte positivist and Kuhn’s paradigm shift. 現代四德兩孔: 歌德; 康德; 孔德與孔恩 (浮士德; 路德); 古代四德兩羅*Theme 6: theory or paradigm debates; dialog, discussion and discourse (4*d)Mintzberg (1978ASQ) against vs. Morgan (1978ASQ) pro; Pfeffer (1993AMR) paradigm vs. Van Maanen (1995OrgSci) Style as theory; Savvy and style’ writing style or writing style*K1: What is a SSCI-SCI-AHCI journal? How to download for datamining into knowledge©? Data structure of the database; What are major benefits of INK-SSCI-SCI model?Read so much LESS but know so much MORE (SaveonFood© More Card®);*K2: Tag cloud [change] by Tag Crowd® of INK keywords over cloud academia (4*cloud) as theory change (paradigm shift as cloud or mindset movement)How to define, confine and refine to fine (polish and publish or perish) your major field in a discipline lines by lines in a lap day by day?*K3: Timeline from Top 100 seeing sociology, history then philosophy of science or your intended major field. Carefully reading or scan reading? Read less know More® card of SaveonFoods®..*K4: How to write a literature overview then review paper after INK paper?Critical review[/theory] of related literature; The chapter of management research textbook (Easterby-Smith et al., 2008). YouTube holder of theory-Q+q-research*K5: Publish or Perish® along with Google Scholar and IB scholarship and 50 years (Adler and Harzing, AMLE2009);*K6: How to write a theory paper with some propositions not hypotheses after INK paper? Reading List Professor Keith Rollag’s Stanford notes 300+ versus Professor Cavaratta’s INSEAD summary 900+ …Toward a CJCU INK 101+ summary and idea for your 2
  3. 3. specifically? ; Outline 1: Publishing in strategy by Professor Anne Langley (McGill)Course Outline 2: theory development and testing by Professor Carpenter (Wisconsin,just passed)[R1] Dery-R and Toulouse-JM (1996) Social Structuration of the Field of Entrepreneurship: A Case Study, Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences 13(4): 285-305.*Alder-N and Harzing-W (2009) When Knowledge Wins: Transcending the Sense and Nonsense of Academic Rankings, Academy of Management Learning and Education 8(1): 72-95.*Dess and Peng (2010) In search of scholarship, Academy of Management Learning and Education 9(2): 282-298.[R2] Pfeffer-J (1993) Barriers to the Advance of Organization Science: Paradigm as Dependent Variable, Academy of Management Review 18(4): 599-620.*Lewis-MW and Grimes-AJ (1999) Metatriangulation: Building Theory from Multiple Paradigms, Academy of Management Review 24(4): 672-690.*Van Maanen-J (1995) Style as Theory, Organization Science 6(1): 133-143.*Pfeffer-J (1995) Mortality, Reproducibility and the Persistence of Styles of Theory, Organization Science 6(6): 681-686.[R3] Sutton-RI and Staw-BM (1995) What Theory is not. Administrative Science Quarterly 40(3): 371-384.[R4] Weick-KE (1995) What Theory is not, Theorizing is. Administrative Science Quarterly 40(3): 385-390.*DiMaggio-PJ (1995) Comments on “What Theory is not.” Administrative Science Quarterly 40(3): 391-397.*Weick-KE (1989) Theory Construction as Disciplined Imagination, Academy of Management Review 14(4): 516-531.[R5] Whetten-DA (1989) What Constitute a Theoretical Contribution? Academy of Management Review 14(4): 490-495.* Eisenhardt-KM (1989) Building Theory from Case Study Research. Academy of Management Review 14(4): 532-550.*[R6] Eisenhardt-KM and Graebner-M (2007) Theory Building from Cases: Opportunities and Challenges, Academy of Management Journal 50(1): 25-32.*Kilduff-M (2006) Editor’s Comments: Publishing Theory. Academy of Management Review 32(1): 252-255.*[R7] Kilduff-M (2007) Celebrating Thirty Years of Theory Publishing in AMR: 3
  4. 4. Award-Winning Articles from the First Two Decades Revisited, Academy of Management Review 32(2): 332-333.A1: Etemad and Lee (2003) The knowledge network of international entrepreneurship: Theory and evidence, Small Business Economics 23(1): 5-23.*Ma, Liang, Yu and Lee (2012) Most cited business ethics publications: mapping theintellectual structure of business ethics studies in 2001–2008, Business Ethics: AnEuropean Review 21(3): 286-297.*Ma and Lee (2008) Patent application and technological collaboration in inventiveactivities: 1980–2005, Technovation 28(6): 376-390. 4