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Healing by Quran eng (1)


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Spiritual
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Healing by Quran eng (1)

  1. 1. THE QUR’AN’S HEALING HORIZON New scientific view By: Abduldaem Alkaheel Translated By: Abu Omar (Ekhlas Tawfik)
  2. 2. In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful “ We sent down (reveled) of the Qur’an that which is a healing and mercy to those who believes” (Sarah 17-Aya 82)
  3. 3. Target of this Research This research is the result of the work of three years of search, study and experiences and lead to put the scientific foundation of “Healing by the Qur’an” as well as to proof the new miraculous face of the Qur’an, which I call: “ The Healing Power of The Qur’an” moreover it leads to discover a new kind of medicine, which I name: “ Medicine Of Information”
  4. 4. Abduldaem Alkaheel is a researcher who wrote more than 30 books and booklets about the Qur’anic and Hadeeth sciences. He was born in Syria 966; he knows the Qur’an by heart, through this research he represents his new scientific view about healing by the Qur’an. About the Author
  5. 5. The idea of the Research Unfortunately, in our days, we see and hear about many charlatans and people who pretend to have the capacity of healing by the Qur’an; they use some verses from the Qur’an in order to convince the people that they can cure them by the Qur’an. In the shadow of this huge expanding of charlatans & scamming operations, there should be some strict regulations of healing by Qur’an. First of all the matter requires scientific bases for this kind of healing. The question is now: IS THE HEALING BY THE QUR’AN POSSIBLE & TRUE ???
  6. 6. Answer … Yes, healing by Qur’an is a 100% real and true act! It was proven to me with certainty that the Qur’an can heal from all kind of physical, psychological, evil effects, worries, envy, magic .. etc. So, let us start together putting the scientific foundations for this most effective and powerful kind of healing, maybe we can convince our doctors and medical scientists of this amazing kind of healing! I should mention that I referred to 27 international scientific sources.
  7. 7. The Atom is the essential construction unit for the Universe! When we give a good look at the Universe, we find it composed of atoms and each atom of the Universe is a continues state of vibration.
  8. 8. Everything is done in the brain Inside the brain there are more than 1000’000’000’000 “Million millions” of cells, each cell is an amazing complicated computer working with the other cells perfectly and continuously without rest and non stop!
  9. 9. Electromagnetic waves sent by the Brain Scientists discovered lately that the brain cells vibrate and send electromagnetic and magnetic waves, which represent the activities in the brain of the Human being. So, the brain cells vibrate and are effected by all kind of vibrations whatever is their kind or source!
  10. 10. The Cell is the Unit of Body Construction All cells of the body, without exception vibrate, which means that they are affected by all kind of vibrations mechanical, electrical and magnetically!
  11. 11. Healing by Sound New methods for healing appeared to replace the actual methods, one of the most important is healing by sound. In this field researchers found out that the voice of the human being has a very effective and positive effect for healing many different kinds of illness and important health problems like cancer. But the question is: how sound can help in healing and curing health problems, and do all kind of sounds heal ?
  12. 12. A NERVIOUS CELL VIBE BY SOUND In the Qur’an hearing comes before sight, it might be a sign of the importance of sound for healing.
  13. 13. Sound is waves dispersed (diffused) in the air Sound move in the air with a speed of 340 meters/second, and it consists of vibrations coming out of the throat and spread in the air until reaching the ears, then it goes through the ears to all parts of the body.
  14. 14. The mechanism of hearing in the human being
  15. 15. ALL THE CELLS OF THE BODY ARE EFFECTED BY THE SOUND VIBRATIONS The cell is affected by the sound vibration, and it goes with it by changing its own vibration, which means that the mechanical work of the cell could increase and be stronger to resist viruses when we influence it by certain limited vibrations.
  16. 16. Scientific Experiences Some scientists and researchers did, for more than 50 years, many experiences on the effect of the sound on the healthy and sick cells of the human being, and they reached an important result that some sound vibrations affect cancer cells and destroy them, while in the same time they affect the healthy cells and strengthen them beside increasing their activities!
  18. 18. A real picture of a cell starts to have an electromagnetic field around it because of certain words, which means that it starts to be more active than before! SOUND VIBRATIONS AFFECT THE ELCTROMAGNATIC FIELD OF THE CELL
  19. 19. A blood cell, affected by the human voice, the electromagnetic field around it changes and whenever there are certain limited vibrations, the cell activates again. Before After
  20. 20. A blood cell, being photographed by a Karlian camera, there appears around a kind of halo (circle of light) changing according to the sound received. The experiences show us, that when we hear a word, the immune blood cells are affected and with certain words they start to be more active and resistant to all kind of illness. It was also proven that the voice of the patient himself is the most affective!
  21. 21. THE TRANSPORTATION OF THE HEALING INFORMATION Each aya (Qur’anic verse) contains a certain amount of information to heal certain illness. To guarantee the transport to all cells of the body, there must be a transporter. The best transporter for that is water, honey, olive oil as those are blessed products, God Al-Mighty put certain healing information into them. If we affect them by the sound of the Qur’an, the level of energy inside them will increase. They will store the healing information and transport it to the body cells and this will increase the probabilities of healing by God’s will!
  22. 22. CRISTALS OF WATER (FROZEN) AFFECTED BY THE SOUND Water has a very high capacity to store any sound and transport it to the body’s cells, we should remember that 70% of the human body consist of water! So, the reciting of the Qur’an on the water will increase it’s energy and it’s capacity of healing, followed by transporting the Qur’anic healing information to all the cells of the body!!!
  23. 23. Honey and Olive Oil Affected by Sound! During the recitation of the Qur’an onto honey, olive oil or other plant’s oil, the level of energy will increase and the atoms of these healing products will be influenced highly, which will increase their capacity of healing! These products have the capacity to transport the healing information from the Qur’an into all body cells.
  24. 24. HOW ILLNESS, DISEASE OR SICKNESS DO HAPPEN ? I found during my long research and deep study of the Qur’anic aya’s (verses) that all different kind of illness are in fact different faces of one illness! God Al-mighty put a program in each cell which makes the cell function all life long. This program consists of a complexity of information. When any outside information enters the cell by a virus or others, then the program of the cell will be affected negatively or positively. Therefore, any damage which happens to the program by a negative affect will appear as an illness, sickness or disease.
  25. 25. In each cell there is a strip of information called DNA consisting of more than 3000 millions information!! THE DNA IS ALSO AN INFORMATION
  26. 26. THE VIRUS IS BUT AN INFORMATION The virus is but a collection of information created by God Al-mighty in order to do a certain job. In each single virus a program enables it to affect certain cells.
  27. 27. VIRUS ATTACKING A HEALTHY BRAIN CELL When a virus attacks the cell, it enters its own program inside the program of the cell, which will affect the healthy program and disturb it or damage it through obliging the healthy cell to copy lots of the virus program.
  28. 28. A CELL EXPLOSES BECAUSE OF THE INCREASING OF THE VIRUSES INSIDE After the increase of the virus inside the cell, it will use the cell program and its materials to make many copies of itself, then it will explode, freeing thousands of viruses, which in its turn enter to other healthy cells to do the same work.
  29. 29. HOW THE VIRUS WORKS The virus has no weapon, all what it has is only a strip of information, so the war is “INFORMATION WAR” This is the idea of healing by the Qur’an, because the Qur’an has the opposite information of any damage that has occurred to the healthy cell.
  30. 30. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging fMRI This machine is used to observe the brain operations, the scientists discovered that the brain is in its best natural condition when the human being is truthful and not lying, when the human being is not doing something wrong or thinking to do something wrong. That’s why they said that the brain is programmed to do the right things.
  31. 31. The scientists assure us that the brain is programmed on pure healthy nature! God Al-Mighty said: The pattern on which Allah has made mankind; no change (let there be) in the work (wrought) by Allah; that is the straight (perfect) religion; but most among mankind don’t know” (Surah 30 – aya 30)
  32. 32. THE QUR’AN IS REPROGRAMMING THE BRAIN CELLS The Creator of illness is the One who created mankind, so He puts secret knowledge in His book. We don’t understand, but it affects all kind of illness and cures them by His will! This could be done by re-balancing the cells that were corrupted. As we said, any sickness, illness or disease is the result of a certain damage in the program of the cell (reprogramming), depending on the kind of the illness, sickness or disease.
  33. 33. THE QUR’AN IS RE-BUILDING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM OF THE BODY The immune system of the body is also a program. Therefore, when the virus enters the cell it will affect this system and cause damages. When we read certain ayat (verses) of the Qur’an,a the sound that enters the body cells, re-programs the immune system by the power of the information carried inside the Qur’anic voice, and becomes more capable to recognize the illness and destroys it. That’s how the healing by the Qur’an happens!!!
  34. 34. THE HEALING POWER OF THE QUR’ANIC WORDS The Qur’an has a great effect on all kind of illness because: 1- The effect of the perfect harmony of reciting the words and the letters. 2- The effect of the balanced sound of the Qur’anic words. 3- The effect of the information inside each aya (Verse). 4- The Creator of the illness is the same One who sent the Qur’an (His words). 5- Allah (God Al-Mighty) told us that the Qur’an is healing.
  35. 35. WHAT IS THE MEDICINE OF INFORMATION The medicine of information is a new science from The Holy Qur’an which we are trying to discover. In this science everything turns into information; each illness is an information, each cell contains certain information. Even in the water there is information, in each plant there is information and so on … inside each creation there is information which God Al-Mighty put inside and all these information function with a perfect program like a universal computer. Based on this, the healing could happen after knowing the problem happened to the information of the cells, which means the kind of the illness, and searching for right information in the nature, which means searching for the cure. According to this view, each and any illness has a cure! As the Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H.) said: “There is no illness existing for which there is not a cure for it sent by God, except getting old and die…”
  36. 36. THE RESULTS OF RESEARCH AND THE ADVICES 1- Putting the scientific foundation for the healing by the Qur’an. 2- The necessity of doing many scientific experiences on the effect of certain Ayas (Qur’anic verses). 3- Proving the Qur’anic miracles in the science of healing ( The healing power in the Qur’anic words ). 4- The healing by Qur’an includes all kind of physical and psychological illness. 5- To encourage the self healing, which means, that the sick person practices reading the Qur’anic healing Ayas (verses) on himself, if possible. 6- The necessity of reading the Qur’anic healing Ayas (verses) on water, honey, olive oil and other plants oil, which has then to be taken by the patient. 7- All kind of illness is information and it’s healing could be done by information also, and here we come to discover a new medicine called; “THE MEDECINE OF INFORMATION”.
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  38. 38. “ Oh Mankind ! There hath come to you a direction from your Lord and a Healing for the (diseases) in your chests – and for who believe, Guidance and a Mercy.” (Sura 10 – Aya 57) In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful