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What to do on the Day of Arafah


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What to do on the Day of Arafah

  1. 1. ‫و ب رک ات ہ‬ ‫و رحمۃ ہللا‬ What to do on the Day of Arafah by Asma bint ShameemHajj is the most beautiful journey that you will ever undertake in your entire lifetime.And out of those blessed days of Hajj, the one that is the most important, the mostcrucial, is the day of Arafah, the 9th of Dhul Hijjah. For, it is here, in the vast plain ofArafah, that tears are shed, and sins are washed. And it is here that faults areredressed for those who ask Allah for forgiveness and offer sincere repentance fortheir wrong doings. Happy is the person who receives the Mercy and Pleasure ofAllaah on this particular day. In fact, so important is this day, that if someone missesit, his hajj is not valid as the Prophet ‫ ہللا ع ل يه و س لم صل‬said:“Hajj is „Arafah.” (al-Tirmidhi--saheeh by al-Albaani).Therefore it is of utmost importance that we make the most of this day and spend itas close as possible to the way of the Prophet ‫ ہللا ع ل يه و س لم صل‬so that we canattain maximum benefit from this glorious day.Here are some dos and donts of the day of Arafah:1. Recite a LOT of the talbiyahDo not forget to recite the Talbiyah when you leave Mina for Arafah and continue to doso through out the day of Arafah until the day of Eid. It was proven that the Prophet‫ہللا ع ل يه و صل‬‫ س لم‬continued to recite the Talbiyah until he had stoned Jamarat al-„Aqabah (the large pillar) on theday of Eid. Some people forget that and thus miss out on this wonderful act of Ibaadah that can onlybe done during Hajj and Umrah.What beautiful words they are...!Here I am O Your service....submitting to You, humbling myself to You....ready to make achange in my life....ready to please You....ready to leave everything except You. You are my Lord andI worship no one but You.Think about the words and the connotations they carry. Reflect on the meanings...Let the words comedeep from your heart....from within your very soul, not just your tongue.What magnificent words to say on this majestic day....Subhaan Allaah!
  2. 2. 2. Make dua: LOTS and LOTS of it!This is the day youve been waiting for....the day of Arafah. This is THE DAY to make dua. If therewas ever a day to make dua, this is that day. The Prophet ‫صل‬ ‫ ہللا ع ل يه و س لم‬said:“The best of du‟aa‟ is du‟aa‟ on the day of „Arafah.” ( al-Muwatta--hasan by al-Albaaniin Saheeh al-Jaami)This is the day you will pour out your heart, and empty your soul to the Lord of theworlds, your Creator, the One Who has given you every single thing you can thinkof. The One Who has invited you here on this honored day of Arafah, from half wayacross the world, as His guest.Otherwise you wouldnt be here. Otherwise you wouldnt be here.What an honor! And what a chance to have your duas accepted!So go ahead. Ask. Stretch out those hands of yours in humble submission.Beseech and implore. He is Allaah, ar-Rahmaan, al-Kareem, the Most-Generous.Surely He will give you.The best dua for this day:The Prophet ‫صل‬ ‫ ہللا ع ل يه و س لم‬said: “The best of du‟aa‟ is du‟aa‟ on the day of „Arafah, and thebest that I and the Prophets before me said is: ‫ال إل ه إال هللا وحده ال شري ك ل ه ، ل ه ال م لك ول ه ال حمد وهو ع لى ك ل‬‫شيء ق دي ر‬„Laa ilaaha ill-Allaah wahdahu la shareeka lah, lahu‟l-mulk wa lahu‟l-hamd wa huwa „ala kulli shay‟inqadeer(There is no god but Allaah alone, with no partner or associate; His is the dominion, to Him be praise,and He has power over all things).” (al-Tirmidhi--hasan by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Targheeb)3. Do plenty of istighfaar:The Prophet ‫صل‬ ‫ ہللا ع ل يه و س لم‬said: "There is no day on which Allaah ransoms more of Hisslaves from the Fire than the day of „Arafah. He draws close then He boasts about them before theangels and says, „What do these people want?‟” (Muslim)And you know what? Allah descends to the sky of the Duniya and He boasts about you to the Angels,on this day and says: „My slaves have come to Me, looking rough, from every deep valley hoping forMy mercy, so if your sins were equivalent to the amount of sand or the drops of rain or like the foamon the sea I will forgive them. So go forth My slaves! Having forgiveness and for what or who youhave interceded for.‟ (at-Tabarani--hasan by al-Albaani)
  3. 3. Subhaan Allaah! Here is a chance of a lifetime to have all your previous sins forgiven, your recordcleared...wiped clean as if you were a newborn...a second chance!So think of all the sins you may have committed in your life, especially the major ones, make a list ofthem, (nobody has to see it except you) and ask the Only One Who forgives, al-Ghafoor, at-Tawwaab, to forgive you....urgently.... passionately.CRY over your sins and dont let anything stop those tears. Let it all out and plead with Him. Beg forHis Mercy. Like a beggar begs....desperate...yet hopeful.Make sincere repentance by a) feeling regret and shame over those bad deeds, b) resolve to stopthem right away and c) never ever to return to them. These are the conditions of sincere tawbah. Andall these records which were filled with sins will then be canceled out with His permission.4. STAY AWAY from all innovations.Obviously the closest we will be to the Sunnah of the Prophet ‫ ہللا ع ل يه و س لم صل‬this day, themore likely that Allaah Subhaanahu wa Taala will be pleased with us and accept it from us.And anything that is not part of the Shareeah that the Prophet ‫صل‬ ‫ ہللا ع ل يه و س لم‬brought, is aninnovation in the deen and is rejected by Allaah. It is something that Allaah is NOT pleased with andthus will not be accepted by Him.As the Prophet ‫صل‬ ‫ ہللا ع ل يه و س لم‬said:“Whoever does any action that is not in accordance with this matter of ours (Islaam) will have itrejected.” (Muslim)Imagine doing something that Allaah is not pleased with, on this glorious day?!! Imagine Allaahturning away from you and your Ibaadah!! Aoodhubillaah.Surely, there is no one more unfortunate than the one who comes all the way from his home far faraway, to Makkah for Hajj, who worked hard gathering his money, making all the arrangements,hoping for reward form Allaah, only to have it rejected because he followed bidah!What a heavy, horrible loss indeed!Included in the bidah are those printed papers with formulas and prescriptions to be read on the dayof Arafah, that are sometimes circulated among the hujjaaj, telling you to readcertain supplications one 100 times and certain ayaat one 100 times, picking specific ayaat andsupplications to be read a specific number of times.Please, please stay away from such prescriptions and formulas even if it is supplications from theSunnah or even ayaat form the Quraan.Why is it wrong?
  4. 4. It is wrong because even though they may be ayaat from the Quraan or authentic duas from theSunnah, yet it is NOT from the practice of the Prophet or the sahaabah that they said these specificduas and ayaat in this manner and a specific number of times, on the day of Arafah.If it was good, surely the best of creation, the Prophet ‫ ہللا ع ل يه و س لم, صل‬who knew how toworship Allaah the best, certainly would have done so himself and would have certainly told thesahaabah about it. Yet, there are NO authentic reports that tell us that he ‫صل‬ ‫ ہللا ع ل يه و س لم‬orthe sahaabah did any of this. One may read any ayaat of the Quraan, or one may use any of theSunnah duas, not these specific ones only and one may read them without specifying the number oftimes they to be read. There should be no restriction to a specific number or manner.Just think about it. Would you want to risk doing something that you are not sure of this day?!!Why not choose those acts of Ibaadah that are for sure, a part of the practice of our belovedProphet ‫صل‬ ‫ ہللا ع ل يه و س لم‬and the Sahaabah? Something that is established in our deen inthe manner it was done, the times it was done and the places it was done. Isnt what the Prophet ‫صل‬‫ ہللا ع ل يه و س لم‬did on his hajj, the best example to follow?!!So if he ‫ ہللا ع ل يه و س لم صل‬didnt read these ayaat and duas in this manner and count, we dontdo it either. And his is the best example to follow.5. Do NOT read any nawafil prayersThe Prophet ‫صل‬ ‫ع ل يه و س لم‬ ‫ ہللا‬did not pray any other prayers on this day except combiningDhuhr and Asr at its earlier time. There was no other prayer that he prayed this day. Rather he spenthis time making dua. And if he ‫صل‬ ‫ع ل يه و س لم‬ ‫ ہللا‬didnt do it, that means that there is weshouldnt do it either.He ‫صل‬ ‫ ہللا ع ل يه و س لم‬said: “Learn from me your rituals (of Hajj).” (Muslim)"The Messenger (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) did not perform any supererogatory prayers on theDay of Arafah after having offered Salaat az-Zhuhr and Salaat al-Asr combined and at the time ofZhuhr. And if it was legislated and good then he would have been more careful about performingthem than us, and all good is in adhering to following his Sunnah." (Fataawa al-Lajnah ad-Daa.imahlil-Buhooth al-Ilmiyyah wal-Iftaa).What about salaat at-Tasbeeh?Salaat at-Tasbeeh is not proven to be from the Sunnah according to the majority of the Ulama suchas Imaam Ahmad, Ibn Taymiyah, al-Nawawi, ibn Qudamah, Ibn Uthaaymeen, etc.Shaykh Ibn „Uthaymeen said: "Salaat al-Tasbeeh is not prescribed, because the hadeeth is da‟eef(weak). Imaam Ahmad said there is no sound evidence for it. Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah said it isa fabrication, and he said that none of the Imaams recommended it."So if it is something that is not from the Sunnah, then why do it, especially on an important day likeArafah?And even if some of the Ulama did regard it as something that can be done, realize that most of theUlama say that it is not to be read. Now, for something that is doubtful, wouldnt you want to leave itand worship Allaah in a way that is for sure prescribed in the Shareeah? Would you want to risk yourday of Arafah for something doubtful?
  5. 5. Didnt the Prophet ‫ ہللا ع ل يه و س لم صل‬say? “Leave that which makes you doubt for that whichdoes not make you doubt." (al-Tirmidhi--Saheeh by al-Albaani)Thus it is best to leave it and engage in dua, dhikr, etc that is confirmed from the Prophet ‫صل‬ ‫ہللا‬‫ع ل يه و س لم‬6. Keep yourself busy with Ibaadah. Do NOT waste timeKeep your self busy in the dhikr of Allaah, glorifying Him and being thankful to Him, sending blessingsupon the Prophet ‫صل‬ ‫ ہللا ع ل يه و س لم‬and in dua and istighfaar. Dont let a second, yes,a second go by when you are not remembering Him. This is the way to keep yourself busy this day,with dua, istighfaar and tasbeeh, (“Subhaan Allah”), tahleel (Laa ilaaha ill-Allaah), tahmeed (al-hamduLillah), takbeer (Allahu akbar) and Talbiyah, calling upon your Rabb and beseeching Him, until thesun sets.Please DO NOT waste your time in things like unnecessary talking, mingling, joking, or just passingthe time, things that will be of no benefit to you that day. Here are some examples of how peoplewaste time on this vital day.Taking showersSome people waste precious time taking showers and more than that...waiting in the long lines to takeshowers! Dont you know that Allaah knows that you are dirty and disheveled? In fact Allaah boastsabout you and your dustiness to His angels.“Allah expresses His pride to His angels at the time of „Ishaa‟ on the Day of Arafah, about the peopleof Arafah. He says, „Look at My slaves who have come unkempt and dusty.‟” (Ahmad--saheeh by al-Albaani).Its ok to be a little dusty. Thats the whole purpose of Hajj. To remind ourselves that we will be leavingall the luxuries of this life behind...that we will be resurrected like this, dusty and disheveled one day,that what really matters is what our deeds are like in front of Allaah, not our outward appearances.Waiting in long lines for foodSome people stand literally for an hour just to get hot food. Subhaan Allaah. This is Arafah!You never know when you will get a chance like this again. This is the time to ask Allaahsforgiveness, to have your sins washed away. This is not the time to eat and drink. That can be donelater.Now dont get me wrong. Im not saying dont eat or drink that day. You may eat or drink. All Imsaying is not to stand in lines for long periods of time for food or for anything else. If one day we eatcold food who cares, right? Just utilize your time to the best of your ability.Climbing up Mount Arafah (Jabal ar-Rahmah)Some people waste so much time and go to great lengths trying to get to Mount Arafah thinking thereis extra reward in touching it, praying there or standing there. There is no such thing. TheProphet ‫صل‬ ‫ ہللا ع ل يه و س لم‬did not climb this mountain or instruct anyone to do so, and he did notapprove of anyone climbing it either.
  6. 6. Shaikh Ibn Uthaymeen says: "...climbing this mountain is not prescribed; rather the Messenger ofAllah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said, when he stood behind it on the eastern side: “Ihave stood here and all of „Arafah is the place of standing.” It is as if he (blessings and peace of Allahbe upon him) was indicating that each person should stand in his own spot and not push and shove inorder to reach the place where the Messenger (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) stood."Majmoo‟ Fataawa Ibn „Uthaymeen)Similarly, dont waste your time trying to get masjid NamirahYes, although it is Sunnah to pray at Masjid Namirah, it is extremely crowded and usually far fromsome of the tents. Yet some people go through a lot of hardship and waste a lot of time trying to getthere because they think that they have to pray Zuhr and „Asr there. This causes them a great dealof hardship and causes crowding etc. Some even get lost and lose even more time. The whole ofArafah is good to pray and stand and make dua. The important thing is to utilize our time there to themaximum and worship Allaah so that He will forgive us.Once Umar ibn „Abdul-„Azeez delivered a Khutbah at Arafah and said, “O people, you have comefrom near and far distances, exhausted your camels, and worn out your clothes. The winner today isnot the one whose camel is ahead, but rather it is the one whose sins are forgiven. Praise be toAllaah - the Lord of the worlds.”May Allaah enable us to worship Him in the best manner possible on the Day ofArafah and every other day. May He accept our Hajj and forgive us. Ameen.