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Developer 2.0


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Redefine the role of developer to achieve success for all

Published in: Technology
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Developer 2.0

  1. 1. @Vivek_Ganesan Developer 2.0 Redefine the role of Developer to achieve success for all Vivek Ganesan Scrum Master Gainsight
  2. 2. @Vivek_Ganesan Let’s Pretend! … that we are not here looking at this slide!
  3. 3. @Vivek_Ganesan Get to work…. … in the usual way
  4. 4. @Vivek_Ganesan Let’s try something different :)
  5. 5. @Vivek_Ganesan Coder Devil’s Advocate Reviewer Developer 2.0
  6. 6. @Vivek_Ganesan Why is this good for Developers QA Engineers Organization ?
  7. 7. @Vivek_Ganesan How was this possible? What is needed to get there?
  8. 8. @Vivek_Ganesan Any Questions?