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Table thing


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Table thing

  1. 1. Technology What did I do? Pro’s and Con’s At AS we usedAdobe Auditionto… Create a newsradiobroadcastusingcodesand conventionsof aregularnewsbulletin At A2 we used Premiere/InDesign/Photoshop/Auditionina differentway… High-endprograms were usedduringA2(InDesign)  It was difficulttolearnbutthe program wasvery professionalandhadmanyfeatures.  There wasa lotof re-recordingtodoand Auditionhelped thisprocessbe veryfluid  InDesignhada fairlysteeplearningcurve andsome technical bugsthatI oftenhad to workaround  InDesignwas perfectforwhatI wascreating At AS we usedBlogger… To record all of our progressand provide evidenceof improvementstoourwork. At A2 we usedWeebly/Bloggerina differentway… To presentmyworkand record the progress throughoutthe course  Bloggerwasa formattingnightmare thathadmany problems  On the otherhand itwas verycustomisable anditwasa goodway of documentingmyprocess  InDesignhada fairlysteeplearningcurve andsome technical bugsthatI oftenhad to workaround  InDesignwasperfectforwhatI wascreating At AS we usedYouTube to… To exportthe final draftof the maintaskand find examples. At A2 we usedYou Tube in a differentway… To exportour workontoour blogand provide evidence.  At ASwe usedYouTube well aswe managedto exportour workso that otherscouldview it,andwe learnedhowto uploadworkeasier.Howeverthe problemsof using YouTube were thatwe haven’tusedit before.  At A2 YouTube wasonlyusedfor an evaluationvideo At AS we usedAudio recordingequipmentto… To record Radiojingle andinterview. At A2 we usedAudiorecording equipment/Filming equipment/Photographyequipment/Website design software ina differentway…/ Photographyequipmentwereusedtocapture skate footage forthe magazine  At ASwe used highqualityaudiorecordingequipmentsuch as microphonesandpopfilters  Veryhighqualityimages  Difficultcameratomaster
  2. 2. Creativity What did I do? Pro’s and Con’s At AS we were creative comingup with ideas by… Researchingnewsstoriesonline andlisteningto actual newsbroadcasts At A2 we were more creative coming up withideas by… Creatingspiderdiagrams andlistsaboutpossible article ideasanddiscussingdifferentshotswe could get  I feel thatsometimesfocusingontryingtobe like another newsbroadcast takesaway focus fromthe aims  Comingupwitha shot type wasfine butsometimesit wouldbe verydifficulttogetthe shot as theywere unrealistic  Luckily we didgetthe shots inthe end At AS we were creative choosinglocations (vox pops/interview/outside broadcast) by….. Writinga scriptfor the entire news broadcast At A2 we were more creative choosinglocations by… Goingto the local skateparkasthat was the most appropriate location  At ASwe were creative byplanningour broadcast thoroughlyanddecidingonwhatwe were basingour interviewsandnew bulletinson.  Conswere that we didn’tget all of the codesand conventionswe couldhave done  Trin Bowl wasemptyand there were nootherskatersto interfere withthe photoshoot At AS we copiedconventionsof the genre for example... Soundbeds,jingles etc At A2 we were more creative with the conventions for example… Drop Caps andcolumns  I feel thatthe AScourseworkdidnotturn out as high qualityasI’d hopedasit didn’tfeel like aradiobroadcast  I thinkthiswasmainlybecause Ihad to listento myown voice soit made it lessbelievable  I was reallyhappyhow thisturnedoutas itlookedlike a magazine At AS we usedbasic editingtechniquessuchas... UsingAuditiontocut certainaudioandusing premiere toaddimages. At A2 we were more creative with our editingfor example… We usedPhotoshopforbetterqualityimagesandwe usedpremiere andauditionwheneditingaudiothat we recorded.  At ASwe usedbasic editingsuchascuttingdownaudio recordingusingauditionandpremiere,theninsertingan image sothat we couldexportit.  At A2 we usedPhotoshoptoeditandchange imagessothat theywere of betterqualityandwe usedauditionand premiere tochange,cutand add recordedaudioandsound effectstoour audio work.
  3. 3. Researchand Planning What did I do? Pro’s and Con’s At AS we usedquestionnaires/focusgroupsto… Get informationaboutwholistenstoradioandhow often At A2 we improvedour use of questionnaires/focus groups by… So that we couldgain feedbacksothat we could improve ourworkin a waywhichit wouldappeal more to our target audience. At ASwe usedquestionnairestogetpositiveandnegative feedbackfromourtargetaudience.Howeverthe consof focus groupswere that some of the people viewingourworkwe not suitable forthe age range and genderinwhichwe were targetingsosome of the feedbackwe receivedwasnotas helpful. At A2 we usedquestionnairestogainthe correctfeedbackfrom our targetaudience sothat we couldimprove ourworkto a betterstandard.Focusgroupshelpedusgainsome newideasin whichwe coulduse inour work howeversometimesfocus groupswere notthe age range we were targetingandtherefore we didnot getas much useful feedbackaswe couldhave. At AS we examinedreal existingnewsbulletinssuch as / in order to… Lincs FM, Capital FMand BBC radioinorder to create our ownradionewbulletin. At A2 we improvedour research / analysis of real textsby… we improvedourresearchbylookingatexamplesof radioadvertsand differentmagazinessothatwe couldcreate a cleartheme. At ASwe usedLincs FM, Capital FMand BBC Radio1 to examine newsbulletinssothatwe were able tocreate our ownusing similarconventionsfromexistingradiostations.The consof doingthiswasthat examiningavarietyof newsbulletinswas time consuming. At A2 we improvedourresearchbylookingatexamplesof radio advertsand differentmagazinessothatwe couldcreate a house style throughouteacheditionandso that our workwas more similartoexistingmediatexts. At AS we usedpre-productionplanningfor… At A2 we improvedour use of pre-production planningby… At AS we completeda preliminarytasks to... At A2 we improvedthe way we used the preliminary task by…
  4. 4. Real Media Conventions What did I do? Pro’s and Con’s At AS we usedthe genre and the conventionsof genre to… At A2 we developedourunderstandingofgenre and use of genre conventionsby… At AS At A2 At AS we our mise-en-sceneconsistedof… At A2 we improvedour understandingof mise-en- scene by… At AS At A2 At AS our camera work consistedof… At A2 we improvedour understandingof camera work by… At AS At A2 Post production What did I do? Pro’s and Con’s At AS we usedAdobe Auditionto... At A2 we improvedour editingskillson Adobe Premiere/InDesign/Photoshop/Auditionby… At AS At A2 At AS we usedthe basic text creator tool on Premiere to… At A2 we improvedour use text by… At AS At A2 At AS we knew thisabout Adobe software… At A2 we improvedour understandingof Adobe software by… At AS At A2 At AS we got feedbackafter the productionby… At A2 we improvedpost productionfeedbackby… At AS At A2
  5. 5. At AS we got used editingand soundto replicate the genre by… At A2 we improvedour genre focus usingediting, sound by… At AS At A2