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Wiley journal value story 2017 new and takeover journals


Published on

October 2016

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Wiley journal value story 2017 new and takeover journals

  1. 1. 1 The Value of Wiley Journals Scaling Greater Heights 2017 New & Takeover Journals
  2. 2. The Value of Wiley Journals Firmly established as the world’s leading society publisher, Wiley offers an excep<onally valuable por>olio of over 6 million ar<cles from over 1,600 journals, spanning 500+ primary subject categories. Over half of our journals are published in partnership with pres<gious interna<onal scholarly and professional socie<es.
  3. 3. Thomson Reuters® released the 2015 Journal Cita<on Report® (JCR) in June 2016. The results showed that 58% of Wiley journals showed an increase in impact factor from 2014 to 2015. * The JCR provides an annual assessment of a journal’s standing in scholarly literature through the objec<ve evalua<on of sta<s<cal informa<on. The index tracks over 11,000 journals across 237 disciplines in 82 countries. Wiley Highlights in the JCR: •  73% of Wiley Journals have an Impact Factor •  260 Wiley Journals achieved a top 10 category rank •  12% of all cita<ons in the JCR are to Wiley <tles •  11% of all ar<cles in the JCR are published by Wiley
  4. 4. Wiley’s AcquisiPon Strategy & Commitment to Value Wiley is commiVed to ensuring we deliver you a strong value to our content por>olio through: •  Con<nued high level of reten<on of our exis<ng society business. •  AVrac<on of high profile, high impact and high usage socie<es <tles across a wide range of subject areas. •  Focus on quality rather than volume. •  Launch of new subscrip<on <tles in high impact, high growth research fields (at least 6 new starts in 2017 in areas covering Chemistry, Materials, Math/Finance). •  Growth of exis<ng <tles – increasing ar<cles published in journals in high demand disciplines (Over 4,000 addi<onal ar<cles publishing in 2017 which is equivalent to 50 addi<onal average sized bimonthly journals).
  5. 5. WILEY OUTPERFORMS IN THE 2015 JCR 1,600+ WILEY JOURNALS Cites to Wiley Journals In 2015 10 490+ Nobel Laureates are Wiley Authors 268 Million Article Downloads/Year 850+ Society Partners 15 Million Society Members 500K Researchers Publish With Wiley Annually 6,164,234 1,204 218 628 Journals increased their Impact Factor 367 Rankings across all JCR Categories Wiley Journals Indexed in Out of 233 JCR Categories TOP Wiley Journals Indexed in the JCR
  6. 6. •  4 New Journals •  7 Takeover Journals PHYSICAL SCIENCES New and Takeover JOURNAL HIGHLIGHTS IN
  7. 7. eISSN: 2367-0932 ChemPhotoChem is aimed to become a top-ranking photochemistry journal for primary research papers and cri<cal secondary informa<on from authors across the world. The journal covers the en<re scope of pure and applied photochemistry, the laVer encompassing for example photovoltaics, photopharmacology, imaging, analy<cal chemistry, and synthesis. NEW JOURNAL IN ChemPhotoChem PHYSICAL SCIENCE
  8. 8. eISSN: 2367-198X Solar RRL aims to publish top-quality Rapid Research LeVers, Full Papers, Review Ar<cles, and Progress Reports related to all aspects of solar energy conversion. This includes, but is not restricted to, photovoltaics, and solar cells (established and new systems), the development, characteriza<on and op<miza<on of materials and devices, photovoltaic modules and systems, their installa<on and deployment, photocatalysis, solar fuels, photothermal and photoelectronchemical solar energy conversion, energy distribu<on and grid issues, as well as other aspects. NEW JOURNAL IN Solar RRL PHYSICAL SCIENCE
  9. 9. eISSN: 2366-9608 Small Methods focuses on significant advances in any and all methods applicable to nano- and microscale research from all areas of materials science, biomedical science, chemistry, and physics, featuring cukng-edge developments in experimental techniques. NEW JOURNAL IN Small Methods PHYSICAL SCIENCE
  10. 10. eISSN: 2509-7075 The new online Journal ce/paper is a collec<on of first-class scien<fic and interna<onal conferences ranging over the en<re variety of civil engineering. One issue contains the en<re conference papers from the expert speakers at a conference. Un<l now, proceedings could normally only be made available as printed versions in very small edi<ons. Online, on the other hand, they can now be called up all over the world in unlimited numbers. In the first year, the papers from 6 interna<onal conferences will be published in 6 issues and made available in the Wiley Online Library. This method of publica<on offer added value in many regards: • Quickly and comfortably find papers, projects and construc<on materials with the integrated search • Make use of helpful and interes<ng links to further literature • Find further papers from the author easily • Save individual presenta<ons as PDF • cita<on tracking • cross linked references • find most accessed and most cited ar<cles NEW JOURNAL IN Ce/papers PHYSICAL SCIENCE
  11. 11. eISSN: 2470-6981 Introducing High Frequency, the new, online-only journal published in partnership with the Stevens Ins<tute of Technology. High Frequency is the first journal suppor<ng emerging research and future scien<fic developments in this rapidly growing field. Interna<onal and interdisciplinary, High Frequency spans sta<s<cs, informa<on systems, opera<ons research, applied mathema<cs and probability, economics, finance and physics. In addi<on, papers from the Stevens Ins<tute of Technology’s Annual Conference, High Frequency Finance and Analy3cs, will be available in one place for the very first <me! NEW JOURNAL IN High Frequency PHYSICAL SCIENCE
  12. 12. eISSN: 1469-2120 Previous Publisher: Oxford University Press Impact Factor: 0.789 Bulle<n of the London Mathema<cal Society launched in 1969 and has been published by Oxford University Press. The Bulle<n is published bi-monthly with 6 issues per year, and is also a hybrid journal. The Bulle<n publishes research across the whole range of pure mathema<cs, together with some more applied areas of analysis, theore<cal compu<ng, and mathema<cal physics, focusing on shorter ar<cles (20 pages or fewer), authorita<ve survey ar<cles (of any length), and occasional biographical ar<cles on the lives and achievements of dis<nguished mathema<cians. From 2016, the Bulle<n no longer publishes book reviews. BullePn of the London MathemaPcal Society TAKEOVER JOURNAL IN PHYSICAL SCIENCE
  13. 13. eISSN: 1526-9914 Previous Publisher: American Associa<on of Physicists in Medicine Impact Factor: 1.444 JACMP is an Open-Access journal. Currently published with Mul<med. ACM2 publishes in the fields of Radia<on Oncology Physics, Medical Imaging, Radia<on Measurements, Radia<on Protec<on & Regula<ons, Non-ionizing Topics, Medical Physics Clinical Prac<ce, Professional Issues and Other Topics, and helps clinical medical physicists and other health professionals perform their responsibili<es more effec<vely and efficiently for the increased benefit of the pa<ent. Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics TAKEOVER JOURNAL IN PHYSICAL SCIENCE
  14. 14. eISSN: 1469-7750 Previous Publisher: Oxford University Press Impact Factor: 0.872 Journal of the London Mathema<cal Society has been published by Oxford University Press and was established in 1926. The Journal is published bi- monthly with 6 issues per year. The Journal is a hybrid journal with standard subscrip<on access as the default, and an Open Access op<on. The Journal publishes medium length papers (18-30 pages) which appeal to a broad mathema<cal audience. Journal of London MathemaPcal Society TAKEOVER JOURNAL IN PHYSICAL SCIENCE
  15. 15. eISSN: 1753-8424 Previous Publisher: Oxford University Press Impact Factor: 1.297 Journal of Topology launched in January 2008 and has been published by Oxford University Press. The Journal of Topology was formed by the former board members of Topology which was established in 1962 and published by Elsevier. Topology was discon<nued in 2012. Journal of Topology is published quarterly with 3 issues per year. Journal of Topology publishes papers of high quality and significance in topology, geometry and adjacent areas of mathema<cs. Interes<ng, important and ouen unexpected links connect topology and geometry with many other parts of mathema<cs. Journal of Topology TAKEOVER JOURNAL IN PHYSICAL SCIENCE
  16. 16. eISSN: 2473-4209 Previous Publisher: American Ins<tute of Physics (AIP) Impact Factor: 2.496 Medical Physics is the scien<fic journal of the American Associa<on of Physicists in Medicine and is an official science journal of the Canadian Organiza<on of Medical Physicists, the Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine, and the Interna<onal Organiza<on for Medical Physics (IOMP). It publishes research concerned with the applica<on of physics and mathema<cs to the solu<on of problems in medicine and human biology. Manuscripts covering theore<cal or experimental approaches are published. Medical Physics TAKEOVER JOURNAL IN PHYSICAL SCIENCE
  17. 17. eISSN: 1460-244X Previous Publisher: Oxford University Press Impact Factor: 1.079 Proceedings of the London Mathema<cal Society was established in 1865 and has been published by Oxford University Press. Proceedings is published monthly with 12 issues per year, and is also a hybrid with standard subscrip<on and open access op<ons. It has a par<cular emphasis on pure mathema<cs, but also publishes papers of broad mathema<cal appeal. Proceedings focuses on longer research ar<cles (25 pages+). Proceedings of the London MathemaPcal Society TAKEOVER JOURNAL IN PHYSICAL SCIENCE
  18. 18. eISSN: 2052-4986 Previous Publisher: Oxford University Press Impact Factor: N/A Transac<ons of the London Mathema<cal Society is a rela<vely new (2013) online only, fully open access journal covering the same subjects at the Journal, Bulle<n and Proceedings of the London Mathema<cal Society, it has a wide scope which ranges from number theory to func<onal analysis and from quantum field theory to topology. Transac<ons has been published by Oxford University Press. TransacPons of the London MathemaPcal Society TAKEOVER JOURNAL IN PHYSICAL SCIENCE
  19. 19. LIFE SCIENCES New and Takeover JOURNAL HIGHLIGHTS IN •  4 New Journals •  2 Takeover Journals
  20. 20. eISSN: 2366-7478 Advanced Biosystems extends the pres<gious Advanced journal family into the Life Sciences. This new journal publishes the best research into technologies that enhance and harness biological systems, such as cell and <ssue engineering, synthe<c biology and biomime<cs, therapeu<cs and diagnos<cs, biomaterials and biotechnology, and the interac<on of the biological world with physical sciences and engineering. NEW JOURNAL HIGHLIGHTS IN LIFE SCIENCES Advanced Biosystems
  21. 21. eISSN: 2473-4039 Published in partnership with the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR), JBMR Plus is an extension of the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research (JBMR). It is the first open access journal from ASMBR and will cover interdisciplinary topics such as interac<ons between bone and muscle, bone and brain, and bone and renal. Other subjects include biomechanics, orthopedics and rheumatology. JBMR Plus NEW JOURNAL HIGHLIGHTS IN LIFE SCIENCES
  22. 22. eISSN: 2056-3744 Evolu<on LeVers features cukng-edge research in all areas of evolu<onary biology, including those that have used genomics, as well as related technologies that address evolu<onary ques<ons. Available exclusively online, and en<rely open access, Evolu<on LeVers consists of LeVers, original pieces of research which form the bulk of papers; and Comments and Opinion, a forum for highligh<ng <mely new research ideas for the evolu<onary community. All ar<cles are fully open access: immediately and freely available to read, download and share. Evolu<on LeVers is jointly owned by the European Society of Evolu<onary Biology (ESEB) and the Society for the Study of Evolu<on (SSE). EvoluPon Le^ers NEW JOURNAL HIGHLIGHTS IN LIFE SCIENCES
  23. 23. eISSN: 2366-7486 Advanced Sustainable Systems covers the scope of Environment Sustainability, Energy, Healthcare, and Food. Advanced Sustainable Systems NEW JOURNAL HIGHLIGHTS IN LIFE SCIENCES
  24. 24. eISSN: 1878-0261 Previous Publisher: Elsevier Impact Factor: 5.367 Molecular Oncology highlights new discoveries, approaches, and technical developments, in basic, clinical and discovery- driven transla<onal cancer research. The journal also provides an interna<onal forum for deba<ng cancer issues, and for integra<ng the input of all stakeholders. Molecular Oncology’s News sec<on includes regular updates on new developments in Cancer Research Infrastructures (biobanks, databases, genomic resources). Molecular Oncology will be moving to Wiley and join the other three journals on the FEBS Press hub. The homepage is live here hVp:// (ISSN)1878-0261/index.html It will also be changing to a purely Open Access journal, with a new ScholarOne submission site. Molecular Oncology TAKEOVER JOURNAL HIGHLIGHTS IN LIFE SCIENCES
  25. 25. eISSN: 2157-6580 Previous Publisher: AlphaMed Press Impact Factor: 4.247 SCTM encourages original research ar<cles and concise reviews describing basic laboratory inves<ga<ons of stem cells and the transla<on of their clinical aspects of characteriza<on and manipula<on from the bench to pa<ent care. SCTM covers aspects of transla<onal stem cells, including original, first-in-human case studies relevant to transla<onal medicine and nega<ve clinical trail results important to the field but ouen underreported. STEM CELLS TranslaPon Medicine TAKEOVER JOURNAL HIGHLIGHTS IN LIFE SCIENCES
  26. 26. HEALTH SCIENCES New and Takeover JOURNAL HIGHLIGHTS IN •  5 New Journals •  3 Takeover Journals
  27. 27. eISSN: 2472-5390 A journal focused on the advancement of educa<on and training of emergency care providers. AEM E&T will provide a venue to publish the excellent work emergency medicine educators are doing and give them an opportunity to share their exper<se around the world. The journal will add to the growing body of knowledge that enables us to educate and train individuals across the con<nuum form medical students, residents, advanced prac<ce providers and fellows to faculty—all with the goal of advancing the care of pa<ents. NEW JOURNAL HIGHLIGHTS IN HEALTH SCIENCES AEM EducaPon and Training
  28. 28. eISSN: 2397-9070 Clinical and Experimental Gastroenterology and Hepatology will first publish with Wiley in 2017. The journal covers the scope of Medicine and has a focus on Gastroenterology & Hepatology. Clinical & Experimental Gastroenterology & Hepatology NEW JOURNAL HIGHLIGHTS IN HEALTH SCIENCES
  29. 29. eISSN: 2470-9239 Epilepsia Open is the open access journal of the Interna<onal League Against Epilepsy (ILAE). The mission of the journal is to make original epilepsy research on all aspects of epilepsy widely available through open access publica<on. More specifically, Epilepsia Open will fill a need in comprehensive epilepsy research by also including early, preliminary studies that may provide new direc<ons for clinical and laboratory research as well as well performed nega<ve and failure to confirm studies. Epilepsia Open NEW JOURNAL HIGHLIGHTS IN HEALTH SCIENCES
  30. 30. eISSN: 2471-254X Hepatology Communica<ons is a new Open access journal of AASLD. This journal edited by Gyongyi Szabo, MD, PhD, FAASLD covers the areas of hepatology and liver transplanta<on. Hepatology CommunicaPons NEW JOURNAL HIGHLIGHTS IN HEALTH SCIENCES
  31. 31. eISSN: 2398-7324 Precision Radia<on Oncology is a peer-reviewed, fully open access journal which aims to offer a forum for collabora<on and exchange of comprehensive and cukng-edge informa<on on basic, transla<onal, and clinical research in radia<on oncology. The journal is published in collabora<on with the Shandong Cancer Hospital and Ins<tute, and is supported by Sino-American Network for Therapeu<c Radiology and Oncology (SANTRO), and Chinese An<-Cancer Associa<on (CA-CA). Precision RadiaPon Oncology NEW JOURNAL HIGHLIGHTS IN HEALTH SCIENCES
  32. 32. TAKEOVER JOURNAL HIGHLIGHTS IN HEALTH SCIENCES InternaPonal Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics eISSN: 1879-3479 Previous Publisher: Elsevier Impact Factor: 1.674 Interna<onal Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics (IJGO) is the official journal of FIGO. This monthly journal publishes ar<cles on all aspects of basic and clinical research in the fields of obstetrics and gynecology and related subjects, with emphasis on maVers of worldwide interest.
  33. 33. Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine eISSN: 1550-9613 Previous Publisher: American Ins<tute of Ultrasound in Medicine (self-published) Impact Factor: 1.544 Features original ar<cles dealing with all aspects of medical ultrasound, par<cularly its direct applica<on to pa<ent care but also relevant basic science, advances in instrumenta<on, and biological effects. TAKEOVER JOURNAL HIGHLIGHTS IN HEALTH SCIENCES
  34. 34. ReproducPve Medicine & Biology eISSN: 1445-5781 Previous Publisher: Springer Japan Impact Factor: N/A RMB is an interna<onally peer-reviewed journal that includes original research ar<cles, review papers, and case reports on a broad range of subjects related to the female/male reproduc<ve system. Currently, about 25-30 ar<cles have been published per year. A number of excellent original papers and review papers have been published so far, and we are sure that our journal plays an important role among the many journals in the field of reproduc<ve medicine and biology. Reproduc<ve Medicine and Biology (RMB) will be star<ng Open Access Journal in January 2017. TAKEOVER JOURNAL HIGHLIGHTS IN HEALTH SCIENCES
  35. 35. SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES New and Takeover JOURNAL HIGHLIGHTS IN •  1 Takeover Journal
  36. 36. TAKEOVER JOURNAL HIGHLIGHTS IN SOCIAL SCIENCES & HUMANITIES Australian Journal of Social Issues eISSN: 1839-4655 Previous Publisher: Australian Social Policy Associa<on Impact Factor: 0.733 The Australian Journal of Social Issues is published by the Australian Social Policy Associa<on to provide an inter-disciplinary forum for debate on significant and controversial social policy issues. It deals with ques<ons of social jus<ce as most broadly defined. Ar<cles discuss par<cular social issues, review conceptual problems, present empirical studies and debate policy alterna<ves.