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The menu from The Eatery (veggie) cafe in Southport, Lancs

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Eatery Menu

  1. 1. Sub-Style Sandwiches The Eatery Special Sandwich See Specials Board in store for This Weeks Unusual Selection! £3.49 A choice of white or wholemeal bread and your choice of salads (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, grated carrot, mixed peppers) All sandwiches can be toasted except those containing egg! • Veggie Sausage (without garnish) £1.99 • Veggie Sausage and Cheese Melt £2.49 • Veggie Bacon (without garnish) £2.49 • Veggie Bacon, lettuce and tomato £2.99 • Soya “Chicken” mayonnaise £2.49 • Soya “Chicken” Coronation £2.99 • Soya “Chicken” Teriyaki £2.99 • Soya Chicken and stuffing £2.99 • Soya Chicken, lettuce and tomato £2.99 • Veggie “Ham” and Cheese £2.99 • Veggie “Ham” and Egg £2.99 • Free range egg mayonnaise £2.49 • Free range egg mayonnaise and spring onion £2.49 • Egg mayonnaise and veggie bacon £2.99 • Sliced Egg and Cheese £2.49 • Sliced Egg, Cheddar cheese and coleslaw £2.99 • Sliced Egg and Tomato £2.49 • Just Cheese £1.99 • Cheese and Red Onion £2.49 • Cheese and Tomato £2.49 • Cheese and Pickle £2.49 • Hummus Salad £2.49 • Hummus, Sweetcorn and diced apple £2.49 Please ask for other combinations…….We aim to please! Pre-Order your sandwich and avoid waiting, Call or text your name and order to 07875 200 998 (Please allow an hour before collection!)
  2. 2. Breakfast (Served 8am to 12 noon) • Toasted Treat £1.49 2 Thick Toast, Crumpets or a Toasted Teacake and Tea or Regular Coffee • Porridge & Orange Juice £1.99 with fresh fruit salad £2.49 with banana & pecans £2.99 • The Eatery pancake stack with maple syrup or chocolate sauce £2.49 with fresh fruit salad £2.99 • Easy Eat Breakfast £2.99 2 Thick Toast; Topped with Scrambled Eggs (or) Grated Cheese & Onion / Tomato (or) Beans and Grated Cheese (or) Veggie Sausages and Tea or a Regular Coffee • Special Pancake Breakfast £4.49 A stack of “American” style pancakes, scrambled eggs, veggie bacon, griddled tomato, served with maple syrup on the side and tea or coffee • The Eatery Full Veggie Breakfast £4.99 Breakfast potatoes, scrambled eggs, veggie sausage, veggie bacon, griddled mushrooms and tomato, beans, 2 toast and tea or regular coffee
  3. 3. Lunch (Served 12noon to 6pm) • Freshly made vegetable soup (see board for today's choices) With Bread Roll & Butter £2.49 With Garlic Bread £2.99 With Cheese on Toast £3.99 With any regular hot or cold sub £4.49 • Today’s special hot lunch (see board for today’s choices) £4.99 • Today’s special hot pudding with custard (see board) £2.49 Light Meals – All £3.45 • 2 Doorstep Cheese on Toast (with / without Tomato and Onion) served with freshly made coleslaw and side salad • Scrambled Egg and Griddled Tomato on 2 Doorstep Toast served with a generous side salad • Veggie Sausages and Griddled Tomato on 2 Thick Toast, served with freshly made coleslaw and side salad • Falafel’s, served with warm pitta bread, potato salad, leaf salad and your choice of raita or chilli sauce • Home-made Hummus, Served with warm pitta bread, vegetable crudités, potato salad and leaf salads • Vegetable Burger (with / without cheese) served with potato salad, leaf salad and your choice of sauce • A Danish (or) A Muffin (or) A Fruit Scone and a Tea or Regular Coffee £1.99 (All Day)
  4. 4. Free Filtered Tap Water Please Help Yourself