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WebXtract June 2016

Monthly Newsletter that updates you with the latest happenings in WebXpress and its extended world.

WebXpress is an IT Solutions company offering services in the domain of Logistics.
We have multiple number of IT solutions in our basket to cater the growing requirements of the Logistics sector:

1. Transportation Management System
2. Fleet Management System
3. Warehouse Management System
4. E-Commerce Solution
5. Business Intelligence
6. Mobile Solutions
7. Finance and Accounting System

WebXpress has a large customer base, to name a few, Linfox, Agility, Safexpress, ColdEX, Kelvin, Future Supply Chains, DTDC, Surat Goods Transport and many more.

If you want to know more about our company please visit

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WebXtract June 2016

  1. 1. WebXtract June 2016
  2. 2. 2016 June WebXpress is an IT Solutions company offering services in the domain of Logistics We have a presence in India, Saudi Arabia, East Africa, South Asia WebXtract Your Monthly Extract of Updates in the World of WebXpress Use the titles to jump to articles Use the arrows to return to menu Article Menu 1 Transform the way your fleet operates FMS 2 Future of logistics in the palm of your hand Mobile TMS 3 Manage & supervise your Last Mile Delivery LogiKart Manage your entire financial & operational side of delivery 4 The latest news on our customers: Customer Digest Congratulations Agility & Safexpress for the achievements 5 See what WebXpress users have to say: Customers Speak See why Sarco placed its trust in WebXpress 6 Upcoming quarterly logistics events: Event Calendar List of noteworthy exhibitions, trade shows & conferences Issue 30 Logistics in palm of your hands Comprehensive solution to maximize efficiency
  3. 3. WebXtract June 2016 Fleet Management System Monitor your fleet to maximise efficiency Know more about FMS in detail Click The Button To Get More Info Solution: Get in depth information about your vehicle • No. of trips done • Total income captured in all trips • Fuel cost incurred in all trips • Fixed & Variable cost incurred • Maintenance cost of the vehicle • Total cost • Profit & Margin Challenges: • To capture fuel expenses • To capture trip wise enroute expenses • To track tyre cost • To manage maintenance cost • Overall performance of the fleet
  4. 4. WebXtract June 2016 Know more about mTMS in detail Click The Button To Get More Info Transport Management System Logistics in the palm of your hands 3 simple steps :  Mobile Docket Entry  Mobile Docket Delivery  Mobile Docket Tracking TMS mobile allows you to track by docket, invoice & customer relationship number and manage it with no hassle, that ultimately results in decreasing the leakages in revenue. Driver with load from Origin WebXpress Booking Application Capture Proof of Delivery Billing Cycle gets efficient Benefit :  save money on paper, data re-entry & reduce administrative cost  Improve field work productivity with efficient scheduling  Increase asset availability with proactive, preventive maintenance
  5. 5. 5 LogiKart Manage the entire operational & financial side of delivery WebXtract June 2016 Know more about LogiKart in detail Click The Button To Get More Info • Drop shipment Supplier pickups and sorting can be handled, enabling visibility in the supply chain till delivery at the warehouse LogiKart manages your last-mile delivery. It gives you and all your customers real-time visibility by supplying live data via GPS and SMS alerts. This is a system that stands for speed and is a complete solution to streamline your operations. • Line Haul Booking and manifestation from origin and generation of delivery run sheet(DRS) from destination is done • Last Mile Manage dispatch and shipping of products from hubs to end customers. Solution to your Organisational Challenges:  Operational visibility  Order tracking  Biker tracking • Reverse Logistics Partial and full returns of undelivered consignments delivered.  Inventory management  COD remittance  Route mapping
  6. 6. Customer Digest The latest happenings in the world of WebXpress Customers WebXtract June 2016 Acknowledging endeavours in the field of Information and Communications Technology, Anjani Kumar, CIO, Safexpress was conferred with the titles of “Logistics Icon” and “Analytics Icon” at CIO POWERLIST 2016 event hosted by LogiNext and Core Media. Agility, a leading global logistics provider, won BMW’s prestigious Gold Award for excellence in warehousing and distribution for work at a showcase distribution center in Mumbai
  7. 7. 7 Customer Speaks Sarco Roadlines Pvt Ltd on WebXpress WMS Sarco is a trusted name in the warehousing industry with an experience on the latest storage methods. The technology behind this is supported by WebXpress. Sarco business model demands deep integration with its centralised SAP system, but customisations are possible in a system like WebXpress WMS. Centralised data is pushed from SAP daily into WMS, which takes over the operational process thereafter. A significant process improvement introduced at Sarco via WebXpress is the use of Hand Held Terminals to reduce overall turn-around time. Location assignment is automated and to further reduce time consumption, each cargo is automatically assigned a barcode to quickly clear it for the next stage in the process cycle. Sarco is reputed for its prompt, reliable service and strict adherence to delivery schedules that facilitate movement of Transportation worth Rs25 crore annually. The company today has more than 5,000 plus satisfied customers, which include multinationals, public and private sector organizations as well as the trading community. About the customer WebXtract June 2016
  8. 8. WebXtract Upcoming Logistics Events! June India Warehousing Show Venue: New Delhi Date: 8-10 June July Last mile fulfillment Venue: Mumbai Date: 22-23 July India Warehousing Show (IWS) is the leading exhibition and conference for warehousing, logistics, material handling and supply chain industry. For further information: WebXtract June 2016 Last Mile Fulfilment is the only conference and exhibition in India to create an ecosystem-based platform for players from the 4 industries – retailers, ecommerce and parcel and logistics companies globally to connect, explore business opportunities and share knowledge to achieve seamless last mile fulfilment in India. For further information: August Transport & Logistics Philippines Venue: Philippines Date: 18-19 August Transport and Logistics Philippines is the region’s leading exhibition of delivery vehicles, trucks, transport system, material handling and logistics & supply chain equipment. For further information: ansportandlogistics/
  9. 9. WebXtract June 2016 KEEP IN TOUCH Copyright © 2016, ECFY Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Get our Contact details Get our Location details Thank You