Load Runner


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Components of Load Runner
Load Runner Terminology
Load testing process
Introducing Vuser
Introducing VUgen
Vugen Goal
Verifying web page context

Created By: Kristina Filipyan
Reviewed by: Vladimir Soghoyan
Ogma Applications

Published in: Technology
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Load Runner

  1. 1. Load Runner Created By: Kristina Filipyan Reviewed by: Vladimir Soghoyan Ogma Applications
  2. 2. Three components of Load Runner VUGen Controller Analyzer
  3. 3. LoadRunner Terminology Scenario A scenario is a file that defines the events that occur during each testing session, based on performance requirements. Vusers In the scenario, LoadRunner replaces human users with virtual users or Vusers. Vusers emulate the actions of human users working with your application. A scenario can contain tens, hundreds, or even thousands of Vusers. Vuser Script The actions that a Vuser performs during the scenario are described in a Vuser Script. Transactions To measure the performance of the server, you define transactions. A transaction represents end-user business processes that you are interested in measuring.
  4. 4. Load testing process Plan load test Create Vuser scripts Create scenarios Run scenario Analyze scenarios
  5. 5. Introducing Vuser Virtual users: Load Runner emulates the environment in which thousands of users works with a client server system concurrently. Load runner Creates or replaces human users with a virtual users (vuser) Virtual script: The actions performed by the human users are recorded in the form of script. Script generated by load runner is Vuser script. The scripts when replayed emulates the real user performing business actions. The scripting language used is C, C++,Java Actions: 1. 2. 3. Actions are the set of user transactions performed in an application to accomplish business tasks Each virtual user will always have 3 default actions Vuser_init (user for logon to the application) Actions (Used for business action that needs to be recorded) Vuser_end (The user for log off from the application)
  6. 6. Introducing VUgen The Virtual user generator already known as VUGen enables you to develop Vuser scripts for a variety of application types and communication protocols VUGen not only records scripts but also run them . To verify that script runs correctly you run it in standalone mode. When your script runs correctly you incorporate it into a Load Runner scenario.
  7. 7. VUgen Record the script Replay and Verify Enhance the script Replay and verify Configure run time settings Use for load scenario
  8. 8. Vugen Goal VUgen does not record activities performed by the client on the application VUGen creates script by recording the activitiy between client and the server
  9. 9. Running Load Runner
  10. 10. Setting run time behavior
  11. 11. Watching scripts running in real time
  12. 12. Playback summary
  13. 13. Parameterization Parameterization allows to emulate multiple users Select “Replace with parameter” from drop down by click on the value
  14. 14. Verifying web page context There is two tipes of check points exist 1. Text check point- checks that a text string appears on a Web page 2. Image checkpoint- checks for an image on a Web page
  15. 15. Verifying web page context
  16. 16. Adding scripts into scenario
  17. 17. The Controller Run view Scenario Groups pane Scenario Status pane Available Graphs Tree Graph Viewing Area Graph Legend
  18. 18. Designing scenario
  19. 19. Running scenario
  20. 20. Monitoring the application under load ➤ Running Vusers - Displays the number of Vusers running at a given time. ➤ Transaction Response Time - Shows the amount of time it takes for each transaction to be completed. ➤ Hits per Second - Displays the number of hits (HTTP requests) made to the Web server by Vusers during each second of the scenario run. ➤ Windows Resources graph. Displays the Windows resources measured during a scenario.
  21. 21. Analyzing Scenario
  22. 22. How can my findings published? HTML Reports -The HTML report can be opened and viewed in any browser. Microsoft Word Reports - The Word report is more comprehensive than the HTML report, because it gives option to include general information about the scenario, and measurement descriptions.
  23. 23. Thank You