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Introduction to performance testing

Presentation done at inauguration of the Colombo PerfTest Meet Up

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Introduction to performance testing

  1. 1. Introduction to Performance Testing By Anushka Wickramaratne
  2. 2. Agenda • What is Performance Testing? • What is Performance Tuning? • What is Performance Engineering? • Why PT? • Attributes of PT • Performance Test Types • Optimization mechanisms • Myths • PT cycle • PT Tools • Tools Architecture • PT in a Nutshell?
  3. 3. Once upon a time in Sri Lanka…..
  4. 4. What is Performance testing?Discipline concerned with detecting and reporting thecurrent behavior of the software system.
  5. 5. What is Performance Tuning? Process by which software is tested and tuned to improve the system performance.
  6. 6. What is Performance Engineering? Process that applied at every phase of the SDLC.
  7. 7. Why Performance testing? • To confirm and validate SLA • To compare two systems to find which performs better or to check the current product capacity. • To measure what parts of the system or workload causes the system to perform badly.
  8. 8. Attributes of Performance Testing Back to Ravana’s Story  • Speed • Scalability • Stability • Confidence
  9. 9. Performance Test Types • Performance Testing • Load Testing • Stress Testing • Capacity Testing • Endurance Testing • Spike Testing
  10. 10. Performance Optimization Mechanisms • Front End Optimization (FEO) Web Performance Optimization (WPO) • Back End Optimization (BEO)
  11. 11. Performance Testing Myths • PT is done to break the code. • PT is all about learning and using a load testing tool & vice-versa • Results that are true for the testing server can be simply scaled up or down. • PT can ONLY be done towards the end of the testing life cycle.
  12. 12. Performance Test Cycle
  13. 13. Performance Test Tools • Free/Open source • Supporting tools – Jmeter - Httpwatch – Open STA - Yslow - Bad Boy • Commercial – Load Runner – Webload • Create Own
  14. 14. Common PT Tool Architecture
  15. 15. Performance Testing in a Nutshell