CPV - Copper Creek Gold Updated Overview


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Copper Creek aggressively explores mineral projects that it feels have the potential for a world class mineral discovery. The company attempts to identify properties within prolific mining camps, with exploration targets that have been overlooked by previous operators, and that have the potential of quickly creating significant value for shareholders. The Bonsai project, in the Eskay Creek area of northern British Columbia, Canada and the Santa Lucia project in the Sierra Madre gold belt in Mexico are examples of this type of "high-impact" exploration project.

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CPV - Copper Creek Gold Updated Overview

  1. 1. Aggressively Drilling High-Impact Gold Targets
  2. 2. the company • A small team of exploration and market professionals • Insiders own approx. 25% of the outstand- ing shares • Approx. $1.5mm in the treasury as of Oct 30, 2010 • The company’s mandate is to explore “High Impact” drilling targets that can quickly develop into world class deposits • The Santa Lucia project in Mexico, and the Bonsai project in northern British Co- lumbia are examples of this type of “High Impact” target. TSX: CPV copper creek gold corp | 02
  3. 3. exploring for gold in mexico and british columbia TSX: CPV copper creek gold corp | 03
  4. 4. santa lucia project - mexico Numerous producing gold and silver mines in Located in the prolific Sierra Madre gold-silverbelt the area including: of Northwestern Mexico. • Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd., Pinos Altos Proven and Probable reserves of 3.4mm oz. Au and 93.6mm oz. of Ag. • Coeur d’Alene Mines Corp., Palmarejo Proven and Probable reserves of 1.1mm oz. Au and 90.5mm oz. of Ag. • Alamos Gold Inc., Mulatos Proven and Probable reserves of 2.3mm oz. Au. • Minefinders Corp. Ltd, Dolores Proven and Probable reserves of 2.44mm oz. Au and 126.6mm oz. Ag. • Gammon Gold Corp., Ocampo Proven and Probable reserves of 4.3mm oz. of Au equivalent TSX: CPV copper creek gold corp | 04
  5. 5. • Epithermal gold mineralization can be traced on surface for over 4km at Santa Lucia North • New High Grade gold and silver values on surface as follows: Sample No. g/tonne Au g/t Ag PS1381F 37.5 769 PS1372F 28.2 473 PS1369F 26.1 82 PS1376F 23.4 1525 PS1373F 12.3 482 PS1371F 1.2 111 TSX: CPV copper creek gold corp | 05
  6. 6. • Untested CSAMT geophysical anomaly runs for a least 2km under surface gold mineralization. • Previous drilling by Cominco Ltd. was too shal- low to penetrate the anomaly which is inter- preted to represent a large zone of stock-work quartz veining and silica flooding. • This silicified area would correspond to the boil- ing zone in the system where most of the gold and silver would have been deposited. • Aggressive drilling program planned for winter 2010-2011 TSX: CPV copper creek gold corp | 06
  7. 7. bonsai project - northern bc 130°W 131°W 57°N 57°N • 6km from the world famous Eskay Creek mine - the highest grade gold mine in Canada during BONSAI its 14 year mine life. PROPERTY • $1.25mm spent this year drilling a well defined geophysical target. MITCHELL SNOWFIELDS • Discovered a very large area of low grade sul- BRUCEJACK LAKE phide mineralization. • Follow-up exploration planned for summer of 2011 SILVER COIN 56°N 56°N MINERAL DEPOSITS SNOWFIELDS: M&I 982.2 mt @ 0.75 g/t Au and 3.7 g/t Ag Inferred 1,146.9 mt @ 0.40 g/t Au and 3.1 g/t Ag MITCHELL: M&I 1,509.9 mt @ 0.18% Cu and 0.64 g/t Au Inferred 514.9 mt @ 0.14% Cu and 0.51 g/t Au SULPHURETS: 130°W M&I 87.3 mt @ 0.27% Cu and 0.72 g/t Au Inferred 160.9 mt @ 0.17% Cu and 0.63 g/t Au KERR: 140.8 mt @ 0.75% Cu and 0.35 g/t Au SCALE: 1:750,000 BLACKJACK LAKE: 0 15 30 Km M&I 120.5 mt @ 0.95g/t Au and 16.9 g/t Ag Inferred 198.0 mt @ 0.76 g/t Au and 11.2 g/t Ag To accompany report by E. Kruchkowski SILVER COIN: 70 mt @ 0.90 g/t Au equivalent RED MOUNTAIN: 1.3 mt @ 7.9 g/t Au and 24.7 g/t Ag COPPER CREEK VENTURES LTD. SNIP: 1.3 mt @ 24.5 g/t Au Symbols BONSAI PROPERTY SKEENA MINING DIVISION, B.C. ESKAY CREEK: 2.7 mt @ 47 g/t Au and 2135 g/t Ag Present/past producer SCOTTIE GOLD: 196,000 t @ 16.5 g/t Au Undeveloped deposit REGIONAL MINERAL DEPOSITS GRANDUC: 15.6 mt @ 1.22% Cu SILBAK-PREMIER: 5.3 mt @ 10.9 g/t Au and 233 g/t Ag NTS: 104B/10 SCALE: 1:750,000 Tonnages and grades are not NI 43-101 compliant DATE: Dec., 2009 FIGURE: 5 TSX: CPV copper creek gold corp | 07
  8. 8. board of directors Jim Anderson - President Gerry Oldstead - Director Prior to joining Copper Creek, James spent 19 A former senior vice president for on of Western years as an investment advisor for various small Canada’s leading food and consumer goods Canadian brokerage firms including First Can- organizations, Oldstead is well known for his abil- ada Capital Partners, Research Capital Corp., ity to develop innovative business strategies and and Majendie Securities Ltd. lead them to implementation. Oldstead is the principal consultant for the strategic planning Bing Jung - CEO form Broocke, Dickson, Oldstead and Associ- Over the last 15 years, Mr. Jung has been an ates. Officer or Director of several public companies including GFK Resources, Little Mountain Re- Gordon Jung - Director sources, Leitak Industries, Kinntaki Resources, Has been a director of Copper Creek since 2001 Getty Copper Carmelita Resources Ltd., Pacific and is a member of the company’s audit com- Talc, Data Dial Information Inc., ERI Industries, mittee. Gordon has over 35 years experience in Montoro Resources Inc., Cambridge Softtek Inc. retail operations, merchandising and marketing and Biocoll Medical Corp. and is currently performing product develop- ment for a major food chain in British Columbia. TSX: CPV copper creek gold corp | 08
  9. 9. advisors David Mallo Kristian Whitehead Mr. Mallo was the Manager - Advanced Proj- Mr. Whitehead is a graduate of the University of ects with Prime Explorations Ltd., a company Victoria and has worked as a senior geologist that was involved in the discovery, exploration for several junior gold exploration companies and development of the original Eskay Creek including Stratagold, Hawthorne Gold Corpora- Mine, together with Calpone Resources Ltd. tion, Chai Cha Na Mining, Hi Ho Solver Resourc- and Adrian Resources Ltd. He was also an inte- es and currently Fire River Gold. Mr. Whitehead gral part of the geological teams responsible in the past size years has worked on numerous for exploration of the Petaquilla copper gold gold exploration projects ranging from grass- porphyry deposit in Panama, the Mt. Kare gold roots to production located in both North and deposit in Papua New Guinea and the Sabo- South America. dala Gold Project in Senegal, West Africa. TSX: CPV copper creek gold corp | 09
  10. 10. contact information Would you like more information on Copper Creek Gold Corporation? Address: Suite 615 - 700 West Pender Street Vancouver, British Columbia Canada V6C 1G8 Telephone: James Anderson: 604.662.3004 x. 105 Bing Jung: 604.662.3004 x. 101 Email: info@coppercreekgold.com 43-101 Report: www.coppercreekgold.com/report Investor Relations: Gale Capital Corporation Email: info@galecapital.com Website: www.galecapital.com Telephone: 604.200.1480 TSX: CPV copper creek gold corp | 10