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Business and the Big Society


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An increasing number of businesses are starting up with social
and ethical as well as economic principles at the heart of what they do. This presentation, along with others you will see here, explores this theme.

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Business and the Big Society

  1. 1. Business and the Big SocietyAdrienne MarsdenThe Marsden Consultancy
  2. 2. Business and the Big SocietyHow to create profit with purpose
  3. 3. Many thanks to…•Winchester City Council•University of Winchester•Sponsors•Speakers•All the people who are helping today•Delegates
  4. 4. Introduction •The Marsden Consultancywho we are and who we are not •Format for the day
  5. 5. The Journey to the conference•Training and Development Consultant•30 years in Private Sector•18 mths in Public and 3rd Sectors•Research Big Society•Negative media coverage – public spending cuts/more volunteering•Some good initiatives: National Citizens Service, 5,000 community organisers Free schools Decentralisation of Central gov’t/The Localism Bill•Only ONE business initiative – Every Business Commits•CSR re-branded?•Research and evidence suggested otherwise….
  6. 6. It’s all in a name…! Ethical Capitalism Profit With Purpose CreatingEnlightened Shared Enterprise Value
  7. 7. Is there a disconnect? Private Sector How to bring About Cohesion? Third PublicSector Sector
  8. 8. The Purpose of Today An increasing number of businesses are starting up with social and ethical as well as economic principles at the heart of what they doThere is a growing body of evidence that clearly demonstrates a link to increased profitability in organisations that engage in ethical and socially responsible practicesYou will leave here today with evidence to support the argument that it makes commercial sense to engage with this agenda and a set of practical tools and strategies to support you. Triple Bottom Line: people, planet, profit
  9. 9. Some points of interest1. Companies with high social responsibility scores saw 4.83% growth –vs- 0.25% growth in companies with low SR scores2. Fair Trade increases farmers income by 10/20% however a Shared Value model can increase income by up to 300%3. Local Multiplier 3 model1. Kenexa: assessing CR – Is it good for Business?2. Creating Shared Value – Prof Michael Porter3. nef
  10. 10. And finally, my hopes for today 1. You leave more inspired and motivated to engage in socially and ethically responsible practices 2. You have more knowledge on how to engage in these practices 3. You use your “3 degrees of influence”* - personally and professionally 4. You have forged closer links with people from other sectors 5. You have an enjoyable day! 6. The day provide s you with a positive SROI* RSA – Connected Communities study into social network theory