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Where you can use 3D Animation


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The use of 3D in animation can take an explanation to an entire new level, proving a detailed, life-like picture or even demonstrating otherwise invisible phenomena.

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Where you can use 3D Animation

  1. 1. Where you can use 3D animation
  2. 2. 3D animation can be used for a variety of purposes: • Inclusion in eLearning courses or other training videos • Promotional videos for a product or service • Demonstration or explanation of a concept, process, service or product • Web campaign videos • YouTube videos • Website animations • Corporate communications
  3. 3. 3D Animation Development Process We apply a consistent approach to our 3D animation development to ensure our clients get the result they are looking for; Stage 1: Define In this stage we define and agree the scope of works. We ensure we have taken into account all the elements that will make the project a success including: • Content • Learning outcomes • Audience • Budget • Duration • IT and technical requirements • Bandwidth issues
  4. 4. Stage 2: Design In this stage we develop what your 3D animation will look like.This stage involves three sub stages: • Mud Map – in this stage we work with you to conceptually develop how your 3D animation will look and flow. We can do this with stakeholders from your organisation or you can give us a comprehensive brief and leave it to us. The outcome of this stage is typically a 1 to 3 page document per minute of animation to be developed. • High Level Design / Story Board – in this stage we take the detail to the next level. We start to design the sequence, timings, characters, styling, backgrounds, voices, narration and other elements. The outcome of this stage is a document that diagrammatically shows the animation with a brief description of what is to be produced on each screen. • Scripting– in this stage we take the High Level Design / Story Board to the next level of detail. This stage includes writing the content that will appear on the screen, defining and documenting on-screen functionality, character actions, creating scripts for narration, animation and other elements beingThe outcome of this stage is a comprehensive and detailed document
  5. 5. Stage 3: Develop • In this stage your 3D Animation is transferred from the page onto the screen. Narration is recorded and 3D animation created. Background music,on-screen graphics and other elements are created.At the conclusion of this stage your animation is almost complete and ready for any final modifications and any other approvals your organisation may require. Stage 4: Deliver • In this stage we deliver your 3d animation in the file format you need. Naturally, the World Learning Hub is here for you should you need to make any changes or further modifications after delivery.
  6. 6. Cost of 3D Animation The cost of 3D animation can vary significantly depending on a number of factors including; • Length • Complexity of script • Number of characters • Number of backgrounds and scenes • Music used As a rough guide, a basic one minute animation with one character and background with simple graphics would cost a few thousand dollars (AUD). A one minute animation with multiple characters, backgrounds and elaborate on- screen graphics could cost twenty thousand plus (AUD). At the World Learning Hub we can develop a solution to suit your needs, please contact us for an obligation free conversation.
  7. 7. About us Veetil Digital is a part of the highly diversified Veetil Group of companies. We are a total digital services company covering all aspects of business. Our objective is to make your life easier by taking care of all your digital needs that include 3D visualisation solutions for your design and marketing requirements, software and web based solutions for all your business processes thus making them more efficient and effective. Contact Veetil Digital Services P.O.Box 2149, carlisle North, Perth, WA 6101, Australia Website: