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How a financial services company preserved legacy email data on the cloud and gained from ediscovery

For any business today, it is a fact that more than 70% of email carries critical information such as agreements, contract negotiations, commitments, issues, invoices, reports, notifications, contacts, etc. Our customer, a leading financial services company, understands this and for them safely storing email for the long term is critical to manage risks and ensuring compliance.

This particular customer of Mithi is one of India's leading NBFC brands offering a diverse range of financial products and services across rural, housing and infrastructure finance sector. It also offers mutual fund products and investment management services.

What was the use case at this customer?
The customer has been accumulating a high volume of email data related to employees that exit the company. Such email data was being downloaded from the primary mail platform and stored in a data lake before disabling the email account. The legacy email data of these inactive users has to then be conserved for extended periods of time for compliance purposes.

What were the challenges faced by this customer?
1. Leaving email data of inactive users on the primary mail platform in a disabled state was an expensive affair since they had to pay for the cost of a live mailbox.
2. Traditional methods of preserving data on tapes, drives and other media was risky and "passive" with no easy access when required.
3. Downloading and preserving email of a large number of existing employees was a manual and tedious process, prone to errors.
4. Email preserved on the cloud in a dark/passive email data lake, was making hard to search and retrieve from.

Join Mithi and Amazon to learn how this customer leveraged Vaultastic HOLD to
1. optimize the cost and reliability of storing legacy email data
2. automate the migration of data from the primary platform to the archive thereby improving IT team productivity for maintaining this data
3. stay compliance ready always with on-demand ediscovery
4. benefit from the pay per use billing model.

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How a financial services company preserved legacy email data on the cloud and gained from ediscovery

  1. 1. How a financial services company preserved legacy email data & gained from on-demand e-discovery Welcome to this Vaultastic webinar! Duration: 1 hour, starting at 3 PM IST, including 15-min Q&A Speakers Mr. Abhishek Mahanty Solution Architect Amazon Internet Services Pvt. ltd. Ashok Malaviya Co Founder Mithi Software Technologies
  2. 2. In this webinar, we’ll talk about Why AWS: Why AWS’s elastic cloud platform is the best to store data with high durability and strong security. 54 Why Vaultastic: How the guaranteed SaaS cloud solution can provide peace of mind with RBAC access, industry compliant security, and more The CONTEXT: What are the Risks and Opportunities related to Business communication for banks and financial services companies? The USE CASE: A little about our customer’s business, the need to preserve data and challenges faced while attempting to stay compliant. 2 The SOLUTION: How automation of legacy data migration, a pay per use model and eDiscovery can optimize cost and reliability of storing legacy email data 31
  3. 3. The CONTEXT: Risks, Challenges & Concerns related to Business Communication for Banks and Financial Agencies
  4. 4. Poll Which of these data related business risks and challenges does your organisation face? a. Fines & Penalties for delayed or non-compliance with regulations b. Unable to find data for handling litigation c. Negative operational impact due to data theft, data loss and/or data corruption d. Loss of trust due to compromised private data e. Downtime/Disruptions due to Cyber attacks/ DDOS attacks/ ransomware attacks <Choose as many as apply>
  5. 5. With data fragmented in individual mailboxes and devices, it remains hard to secure and unavailable for compliance, investigation and reuse. Without a secure, dependable and coherent data management system for information exchanged between team member and with customers, Banks and Financial Services companies could be running multiple risks, on maintaining data privacy, compliance and security.
  6. 6. Negative Impact on the Bank’s Business without a secure, reliable, coherent & durable data management platform Failure to meet compliance on data privacy and security as stipulated by the Regulatory Authority. Loss of public trust in case of a compromise of private citizen data or sensitive information related to customers and banks working. Punitive regulatory action for failure to secure personal data of the public they serve. Negative impact on the quality of customer service and team productivity as a result of loss of context due to data fragmentation or loss. Lack of a central repository for knowledge gathered / captured during the process of working with teams and customers makes it hard to find, secure, and renders it unavailable for aggregate search and analysis for to uncover actionable data and insights.
  7. 7. Banks and financial agencies are required to preserve all traces of electronic communication data and to protect all this critical information. The duration of data retention varies from one agency to another. Banks and financial service companies must carefully deploy data retention and management policies for the emails of their staff to ensure availability for the right amount of time, control download and sharing of information and ensure accurate disposal of the data. To ensure transparency in all transactions and complaint management and be ready for compliance, Banks and financial agencies should be able to locate historical electronic communication instantly and be able to produce it on demand in a form acceptable as electronic evidence. Preservation Information Governance Discovery, Compliance & Litigation support Growing need for Compliance & Information Governance
  8. 8. System Security Concerns The rising importance of Email has also made it the #1 vehicle for security breaches in the form of Spam, Virus, Ransomware etc. 88% of businesses experience data loss and email is the main culprit
  9. 9. Data Security Concerns And with businesses becoming more digital, email is gaining even more importance as a destination for authentication, notification, authorization, besides communication, making email data even more critical to secure. An estimated 60% of business-critical data getting captured in email boxes.
  10. 10. Uptime & Availability Concerns Downtime, delayed or failed mail delivery, false positives, malware and ransomware can cause serious disruption to your work flow resulting in loss of productivity reputation for the organizations. Medium businesses (101-1000 employees) are losing an average of 1% of their annual revenue, or $867,000 to downtime.
  11. 11. • High Risk of loss of critical pieces of information, because data resides in employee mailboxes and devices • Inadequate systems to capture and preserve legacy email data of inactive users/ex-employees • Inadequate cyber security measures can lead to the risk of personal citizen data being compromised, from mounting targeted cyber attacks on financial organizations and Banks. • Hard to search and retrieve information records for compliance and business need, with data scattered on various devices such as phones, tapes and drives • Recovering from a disaster, breakdown, accident. or data loss due to lack of a centralized, up-to-date and durable storage Why are organizations ill-prepared to deal with these risks & concerns?
  12. 12. Your Data Management methodology could look like one of these • Poor recovery from ransomware, malware, virus, spam • No business continuity to handle failures • Data fragmentation & lack of access to historical data • Nearly Impossible to search and extract data • Lack of Mechanism for Oversight and Compliance, • No Capability for Aggregate Analysis • Lack of durability and security • Slow retrieval , running out of space, capex • Risk of obsolescence, theft, loss, corruption, tampering Data resides on offline back-up devices or Personal Devices • Lacking the ability to leverage accumulated data • Slow Extraction, • Poor Discoverability, • No defense against malicious data tampering • High Management & Maintenance workloads Data Resides on Cloud Stores (Data Lakes) • Data fragmentation & lack of access to historical data • Nearly Impossible to search and extract data • Lack of mechanism for Oversight and Compliance, • No capability for Aggregate Analysis • No control on Data residency • Lack of Data Protection • Absence of Data Governance • Data Lock-in making it hard for data extraction & system migration Data resides in individual mailboxes • Lacking Flexibility, Slow retrieval, Limited scalability, obsolescence, capex • Hard to do e-discovery • High costs resulting in limited use of digital communication tools • High bandwidth consumption • Lack of openness and flexibility to support a wider choice of clients • Lack of integration with existing Business Applications • May lack business continuity to handle systemic failures • High Capex, high TCO, Scale bottlenecks • High Management & Maintenance workloads • Performance issues Data resides on in- premise archival devices CAPABILITY RIS K Low High HighLow
  13. 13. What does your email data management methodology look like? a. Email data resides in individual mailboxes b. Data resides on offline back-up devices or Personal Devices c. Data resides on in-premise archival devices d. Data Resides on Cloud Stores (Passive Data Lakes) e. Hybrid of one or more of the above solution <choose one> Poll
  14. 14. Solution : Enable cloud Archival for all incoming and outgoing mail for greater security, elasticity and improved data discoverability.. Move historical data on devices to the cloud as needed and retire the back-up devices. Data resides on offline back-up devices Solution : Move the data from the PST files etc. into indexed archival for quick e- discovery, compliance management and recovery Data Resides on Cloud Stores (Data Lakes) Solution : Configure your email system to archive all ingoing and out going mail to a central, secure and private data archival on the cloud for quick discovery and recovery. Manage the extent of historical data to maintain the Archival as per the business needs. Reduce the active mailbox sizes Data resides in individual mailbox Solution : Add cloud based email archival for all future mail exchanges, If required for analysis, quick access or defense against device obsolescence, tampering etc. upload the archived historical data to the cloud Data resides on in-premise archival devices Risks The Data Management Maturity Matrix Possible Solution for each quadrant CAPABILITY RIS K Low High HighLow
  15. 15. Positive Impact on Banks and financial agencies from a secure, private, and dependable email data management system 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 Bring about uniformity and compatibility, ensuring easy movement of information between various team members and departments, agencies and working groups. Create an overarching system for oversight and compliance. Reversing of the data fragmentation, mitigating risks related to data breaches, loss and tampering Enable the creation of a central repository of information gathered in the normal course of work which could be mined for references and intelligence to further improve the organization's offerings and processes. Provide a platform for building more specific workflows to improve process efficiencies Greater data security and privacy of customer data Increased transparency, trust and accountability
  16. 16. The USE CASE: A leading financial services company needed to preserve email of ex-employees, in a discoverable form, for quick turn around on compliance requests
  17. 17. The story at one of India's leading financial services companies offering a diverse range of financial products and services across rural, housing and infrastructure finance sector, and also offering mutual fund products and investment management services. The company uses a popular cloud email platform for business communication. and has been accumulating a high volume of email data related to employees that exit the company. Such email data was being downloaded from the primary mail platform and stored in a data lake before disabling the email account. The legacy email data of these inactive users has to then be conserved for extended periods of time for compliance purposes. This data has to be search ready at all times to enable accurate and timely response to compliance requests.
  18. 18. Storing the downloaded email data on- premise or on cloud, didn’t help to make the data easy to find when required. This accumulated data was passive and not search ready. Storing data on-premise also added to the risk of corruption or data loss. Disabling accounts and leaving the data on the primary cloud email platform was not an option due to high costs. This would mean an active account for every inactive user. The entire process was manual involving large amounts of time by IT team members to manage the processing serve requests. Uploading the data to a cloud store and downloading when required was a tedious and slow option with limited benefit. The trouble with the approach was…
  19. 19. The SOLUTION: Automation of legacy data migration with a flexible pay per use model and on- demand ediscovery.
  20. 20. a. Fast, accurate ediscovery to help you locate any information instantly b. Easy Recovery/Extraction of selected information to be ready for compliance always c. Self-service portal for your users to search and extract information themselves d. Role based ediscovery to allow searches across department users. e. Ability to encode compliance rules/watch using stored searches. Poll Which of these data management and information governance capabilities are critical to manage your business risks? <choose as many as applicable>
  21. 21. Why VAULTASTIC: Cloud native email data management platform to store, manage, govern, access, discover, restore, integrate and share email data with ease
  22. 22. Preservation/ Extraction Tamper proof vaults store email data over the long term and provide tools to discover and export data in various formats Performance Optimization Supports a hierarchical storage architecture enabling the organisation to achieve leaner mail server storage & mailboxes, pushing up performance Supervision/ Compliance Pre-processing & Post processing tools like saved ediscovery queries & collaboration can help to maintain vigil on the conversations Information Governance Supports an organisation’s IG strategy by storing all email data, controlling it based on retention and making it accessible based on roles Data Security Data on our cloud is highly durable and secured at multiple layers putting the organisation at ease Productivity e-discovery to find useful knowledge from the "corporate archive" Covering a Wide Range of Use Cases and Concerns #BackupAutomation #DataSecurity #Compliance #E-discovery #DecisionSupport
  23. 23. 81% organizations globally, are opting for SaaS & 92% of enterprises are using a public cloud for their workloads to gain from Elasticity, Scale, Reliability, Security and Performance Vaultastic follows Best Practices For Email Archival • SaaS on cloud for Zero Infrastructure requirement and Simpler Management • Performance guarantees on Scalability, Reliability, Security and Privacy. • Copy to a separate operational Infrastructure to gain from redundancy and ease data migration • Easy data discovery, retrieval and information governance • Data exit policy to prevent vendor lock in
  24. 24. Multi Layered Security & Industry Compliance
  25. 25. Connectors for Vaultastic #CrossPlatform
  26. 26. • Hardware • Software • Maintenance • Management • Monitoring • Planning • Upfront Cost • Tedious Contracts ZERO
  27. 27. • Pay as You Go • Pay Per Use • Self Service • SLA backed warranties • Elastic • Data Portability • Easy Migration • Auto Updates & Upgrades Simple & Flexible
  28. 28. • Users empowered to access archive • Can help themselves discover and recover email • Reduce load on IT team, increase productivity • Uptime of 99.9% • Data Durability of 99.999999999% • RPO of near Zero Guaranteed Reliability, Security & Performance
  29. 29. • Data belongs to you, we are only the custodians • Options for Bulk data import and Export using AWS Snowball • Individual users can Export data in PST or EML • Historical email data in EML or PST format can be uploaded to Vaultastic Data Portability
  30. 30. The AWS ADVANTAGE: A secure & scalable cloud platform available across regions provides a robust foundation for data management applications like Vaultastic
  31. 31. AWS: The new normal Abhishek Mahanty Partner Solutions Architect
  32. 32. AWS Global Infrastructure 21 Regions – 66 Availability Zones – 180 PoPs Region & Number of Availability Zones AWS GovCloud West (3) EU Ireland (3) US West Frankfurt (3) Oregon (3) London (3) Northern California (3) Paris (3) Asia Pacific US East Singapore (3) N. Virginia (6), Ohio (3) Sydney (3), Tokyo (4), Seoul (2), Mumbai (3) Osaka-Local (1) Canada Central (2) China Beijing (2) Ningxia (2) South America São Paulo (3) Announced Regions Bahrain, Cape Town, Jakarta, Milan
  33. 33. • Region is comprised of multiple Availability Zones • Isolation from other Availability Zones (power, network, flood plains) • Low latency (<10mS) direct connect between Availability Zones • 1AZ can include multiple data centers • Physical Separation < 100km Availability Zone Region Availability Zone Availability Zone ap-south-1 (Mumbai) ap-south-1a ap-south-1b ap-south-1c Availability Zones
  34. 34. Account Support Support Managed Services Professional Services Partner Ecosystem Training & Certification Solution Architects Account Management Security & Pricing Reports Technical Acct. Management Marketplace Business Applications DevOps Tools Business Intelligence Security Networking Database & Storage SaaS Subscriptions Operating Systems Mobile Build, Test, Monitor Apps Push Notifications Build, Deploy, Manage APIs Device Testing Identity Enterprise Applications Document Sharing Email & Calendaring Hosted Desktops Application Streaming Backup Game Development 3D Game Engine Multi-player Backends Mgmt. Tools Monitoring Auditing Service Catalog Server Management Configuration Tracking Optimization Resource Templates Automation Analytics Query Large Data Sets Elasticsearch Business Analytics Hadoop/Spark Real-time Data Streaming Orchestration Workflows Managed Search Managed ETL AI Voice & Text Chatbots Machine Learning Text-to- Speech. NLP Image Analysis IoT Rules Engine Local Compute and Sync Device Shadows Device Gateway Registry Hybrid Devices & Edge Systems Data Integration Integrated Networking Resource Management VMware on AWS Identity Federation Migration Application Discovery Application Migration Database Migration Server Migration Data Migration Infrastructure Regions Availability Zones Points of Presence Compute Containers Event-driven Computing Virtual Machines Simple Servers Auto Scaling Batch Web Applications Storage Object Storage Archive Block Storage Managed File Storage Exabyte-scale Data Transport Database MariaDB Data Warehousing NoSQLAurora MySQL Oracle SQL ServerPostgreSQL Application Services Transcoding Step Functions Messaging Security Certificate Management Web App. Firewall Identity & Access Key Storage & Management DDoS Protection Application Analysis Active Directory Dev Tools Private Git Repositories Continuous Delivery Build, Test, and Debug Deployment Networking Isolated Resources Dedicated Connections Load Balancing Scalable DNSGlobal CDN The AWS Platform VR VR/AR Bare-Metal Media Store/Convert Live Threat detection Graph Analytics Management Defender Managed Models Video Transcribe Translate Deep L. Camera Select
  35. 35. General purpose Dense storage Compute optimized FPGAsGPU Compute Storage optimized Graphics intensive Memory optimized P2M4 D2 X1 G2T2 R4I3C5 F1M5 P3H1 EC2 BareMetalG3T2Unlimited X1eI2C4 High I/O General purpose burstable Direct access to physical server resources Compute — Broadest set of EC2 Instance Types
  36. 36. Compute Services Instances Containers Serverless Amazon EC2 Elastic Load Balancing Auto scaling AWS BatchAWS Lambda Amazon ECS Amazon EKS
  37. 37. Storage Services Amazon EFS File Amazon EBS (Persistent) EC2 Instance Store (Ephemeral) Block Amazon S3 Amazon Glacier Object Data Transfer AWS Direct Connect ISV Connectors Amazon Kinesis Firehose Storage Gateway S3 Transfer Acceleration AWS SnowballAmazon CloudFront Internet/VPN
  38. 38. Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) Simple, durable, massively scalable low cost object storage • Highly Durable & Available • data stored across multiple facilities and multiple devices in each facility • 99.999999999% durability per object • 99.99% annual availability of objects with SLA • cross regional replication • multiple versions of an object - point-in-time recovery • choose AWS region - optimize for latency and/or address regulatory requirements • High Performance • throughput scales to exceed what any single server can generate or consume • multi-part upload • pair with search engine to speed access • transfer acceleration
  39. 39. Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) Simple, durable, massively scalable low cost object storage • Scalable & Elastic • virtually unlimited storage - store as much data as you want and access as needed • agility - scale up and down as needed • Secure • object permissions (bucket policies) and fine-grained access control (AWS IAM) • encryption at rest and in transit • versioning • Multi-factor authentication • access logging • Simple • AWS Management Console, REST APIs, AWS SDKs, or ISV integration
  40. 40. AWS Responsible for security OF the cloud Customer Responsible for security IN the cloud • Customer Data • Platform, Applications, Identity & Access Management • Operating System, Network & Firewall Configuration • Client-side Data Encryption & Data Integrity Authentication • Server-side Encryption (File System and/or Data) • Network Traffic Protection (Encryption, Integrity, and/or Identity) • Compute • Storage • Database • Networking • AWS Global Infrastructure • Regions • Availability Zones • Edge Locations Security: Shared responsibility model
  41. 41. Virtual Private Cloud Isolated cloud resources Web Application Firewall Filter Malicious Web Traffic Shield DDoS protection Certificate Manager Provision, manage, and deploy SSL/TSL certificates Networking Key Management Service Manage creation and control of encryption keys CloudHSM Hardware-based key storage Server-Side Encryption Flexible data encryption options Encryption IAM Manage user access and encryption keys SAML Federation SAML 2.0 support to allow on-prem identity integration Directory Service Host and manage Microsoft Active Directory Organizations Manage settings for multiple accounts Identity & Management Service Catalog Create and use standardized products Config Track resource inventory and changes CloudTrail Track user activity and API usage CloudWatch Monitor resources and applications Inspector Analyze application security Compliance Access a deep set of cloud security tools Macie Discover, Classify & Protect data
  42. 42. AWS and Compliance Standards Certifications & Attestations Laws, Regulations and Privacy Alignments & Frameworks Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalogue (C5) DE 🇩🇪 CISPE EU 🇪🇺 CIS (Center for Internet Security) 🌐 Cyber Essentials Plus UK 🇬🇧 EU Model Clauses EU 🇪🇺 CJIS (US FBI) US 🇺🇸 DoD SRG US 🇺🇸 FERPA US 🇺🇸 CSA (Cloud Security Alliance) 🌐 FedRAMP US 🇺🇸 GLBA US 🇺🇸 Esquema Nacional de Seguridad ES 🇪🇸 FIPS US 🇺🇸 HIPAA US 🇺🇸 EU-US Privacy Shield EU 🇪🇺 IRAP AU 🇦🇺 HITECH 🌐 FISC JP 🇯🇵 ISO 9001 🌐 IRS 1075 US 🇺🇸 FISMA US 🇺🇸 ISO 27001 🌐 ITAR US 🇺🇸 G-Cloud UK 🇬🇧 ISO 27017 🌐 My Number Act JP 🇯🇵 GxP (US FDA CFR 21 Part 11) US 🇺🇸 ISO 27018 🌐 Data Protection Act – 1988 UK 🇬🇧 ICREA 🌐 MLPS Level 3 CN 🇨🇳 VPAT / Section 508 US 🇺🇸 IT Grundschutz DE 🇩🇪 MTCS SG 🇸🇬 Data Protection Directive EU 🇪🇺 MITA 3.0 (US Medicaid) US 🇺🇸 PCI DSS Level 1 💳 Privacy Act [Australia] AU 🇦🇺 MPAA US 🇺🇸 SEC Rule 17-a-4(f) US 🇺🇸 Privacy Act [New Zealand] NZ 🇳🇿 NIST US 🇺🇸 SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3 🌐 PDPA - 2010 [Malaysia] MY 🇲🇾 Uptime Institute Tiers 🌐 PDPA - 2012 [Singapore] SG 🇸🇬 Cloud Security Principles UK 🇬🇧 PIPEDA [Canada] CA 🇨🇦 🌐 = industry or global standard Agencia Española de Protección de Datos ES 🇪🇸
  43. 43. A Recap: Vaultastic powered by AWS is the most secure, reliable and scalable choice of platform to help BFSI manage and leverage their email data.
  44. 44. Why Vaultastic is a good fit for Banks & Financial Services Companies Data Residency A choice of region for storing your data, ensuring compliance with data residency regulations of governments. Business Continuity By having all email & data stored on a highly elastic, available, durable cloud platform instances of outages are reduced to near zero. And quick recovery from any glitches. Privacy Guaranteed Designed to ensure customer data privacy in the multitenant SaaS setup. For highly sensitive customers. Can also be offered as a dedicated private setup on the cloud for large installations. Reduced IT Costs Fully managed SaaS, which implies Zero hardware at your end, Zero management and Zero maintenance. Multi-layered Security Tight security at multiple layers of the stack to ensure that sensitive data stored on our platform is encrypted, immutable and tamper proof. No Vendor Lockin Built on the premise that the ownership of data is that of the customer. Processes and tools are specially designed to prevent vendor lock in, are in place to allow extraction of data on demand.
  45. 45. Get More Done Vaultastic is part of Mithi’s Secure Digital Collaboration Environment Multi-layered Email Security Industry compliant gateway protection, policies, rbac, encryption and more. Chat Chat with your colleagues for informal conversations & quicker problem resolution. Team Communication Resolve issues, speed-up decision making, track progress on initiatives, build on ideas together Calendar Create & Share calendars, schedule tasks, meetings, events, check free-busy & synchronize Calendar Contacts Create your own address book or search for colleagues & contacts on the shared address book Data preservation and Ediscovery Discover useful and critical data for reuse and insights to improve productivity Legacy data and Application Integration Leverage automated tools and APIs to integrate with legacy data and applications for improved efficiency. Voice & Video Chat Powered by Amazon you can meet, chat, and place business phone calls with a single, secure application. Email Access & send email from the browser, desktop & mobile devices.
  46. 46. Stay Assured with Mithi’s Secure Dependable Durable Digital Collaboration Environment Continuity AWS driven cloud native platforms architected for scale, availability and elasticity Security Multi-layered security including defense against Malware, Virus, Spam, Ransomware and DDOS attacks Data Management Preserve, Manage and discover your most critical business asset for productivity and competitive advantage
  47. 47. Vaultastic: Secure, Dependable, Productive PRODUCTIVITY High level of automation through the complete product usage lifecycle. Complete lifecycle services framework Easy on-boarding - Easy Subscription Management - Easy to Use, at an ‘Easy on the wallet’. Flexible Plans and Adoption roadmap useful in meeting budgetary constraints. Multi-layered email security framework covering authentication, authorisation, encryption, RBAC access, and more Meeting stringent security and compliance with local regulations like IRDA, SEBI & RBI etc. SECURITY APIs enabled systems integration with existing systems and other 3rd party tools to build custom solutions such as Workflow/Compliance/Analytics/AI etc. Automated tools for legacy data migration and management Useful in Heterogeneous set-ups, providing a uniform system of data / records and enabling easy migration. INTEGRATION AWS cloud platform as the infrastructure foundation Built in redundancies, monitoring and automatic recovery mechanisms guarantee on uptime and data durability RELIABILITY
  48. 48. Serving Customers across demanding Govt, Banking and Financial Companies Segments
  49. 49. Breakthrough in productivity through Effective Collaboration To explore more please visit