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The annual event for CIOs in the Canadian broader public sector

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Public Sector CIO Forum

  1. 1. Presented by Public Sector cio forum transforming Service Delivery January 21 – 22, 2010 | St. Andrew’s club and conference centre | 150 King Street West, toronto featuring case Studies and insights from these leaders and more Marj akerley Chief Information Officer Natural Resources Canada daniela Crivianu-Gaita ProGrAm cHAir Chief Information Officer daniel larocque Hospital for Sick Children Vice President, Canadian Public Sector rob dowler Open Text Corporation Assistant Deputy Minister & Corporate Chief Strategist KeYNote ADDreSSeS from Ministry of Government Services, Government of Ontario dr. ann Cavoukian Bill St. arnaud Commissioner Chief Research Officer Ira Greenblatt Office of the Information and Privacy CANARIE Inc. Assistant Auditor General and Commissioner of Ontario Chief Information Officer Jirka danek Office of the Auditor General of Canada Corinne Charette Chief Technology Officer Chief Information Officer Public Works and Government Services Michael ridley Government of Canada Canada Chief Information Officer & Chief Librarian University of Guelph Sponsors Eugene roman Chief Information Officer Open Text Corporation ronald Surette Chief Information Officer Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency Jim Tom Chief Information Officer Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion marketing Partner member of media Partners dave Wallace Chief Information Officer City of Toronto Enroll Today! call 1 888 777-1707 or fax 1 866 777-1292 register online at
  2. 2. in the broader public sector, it is evident that it has opened boundaries and brought down walls of bureaucracy, increasing public engagement and bringing citizens closer to their governments. these advancements have also brought on increased transparency, responsibility, and accountability. expectations of cios in the public sector are higher and you are held to a higher standard of performance. How do you successfully manage this increased responsibility? What can you do to improve service delivery in an era of tightening budgets? How do you tap into the potential of Web 2.0 and social media tools to enhance public engagement? the 2010 PuBlIC SECTor CIo ForuM organized by Insight Information is a strategic meeting, specifically designed to address emerging issues faced by it professionals in the broader public sector across canada. this two day forum, driven by case-studies, critical regulatory updates, and insightful keynote addresses will enable leaders and experts in the it community to meet, exchange ideas and network with peers on common topics of concern. issues discussed at this year’s conference include: • improving the use of web 2.0 and social media • cloud computing in the public sector – a roadmap • the green shift and its impact on it – what is the role of the cio • enhancing it governance practices in a distributed organization • Privacy in an era of increasing collaboration and information sharing • creating a secure environment for information exchange • integrating recordkeeping functions to the business processes they serve by committing to network and build connections with peers and experts who can share best practices, provide advice, and brainstorm new ideas, you can be assured that time you spend out of the office will be well worth its while. SPonSorShIP oPPorTunITIES Gain additional presence and prestige in front of senior level decision makers through insight information’s sponsorship opportunities. All of our exclusive sponsorship packages include a comprehensive suite of preferential benefits. For further details, please contact amy leung at 416.642.6128 or WHo SHoulD AtteND municipal, Provincial and federal Governments, Government • Vice Presidents, Directors, and managers of it Agencies, Healthcare institutions, educational institutions, • it Professionals responsible for: crown corporations and others in the broader Public Sector: - Web 2.0 or Government 2.0 Projects • chief information officers - e-Government • chief technology officers - infrastructure • Assistant Deputy ministers - Architecture • information Security officers - iS/it Strategy Need additional information? Subscribe to . Gain online access to valuable conference papers and reports from any Insight Information conferences – whether it’s energy, environment, finance, legal, or any of the other sectors covered at Insight Information conferences by subscribing today to . Delegates will receive a set of original materials as well as online access to fully searchable conference papers through Insight Information’s that will serve as an invaluable reference source. to find out more, or to receive a free trial subscription, please go to
  3. 3. 11:00 | 11:45 CASe STuDy tHurSDAY | JANuArY 21, 2010 Gov 2.0 at Nrcan – innovation, collaboration and community building 8:15 | 9:00 registration and continental breakfast Marj akerley Chief Information Officer, Natural Resources Canada Sponsored by: Web 2.0 has started a “revolution” in government by providing a new way of working together, enabling information sharing and active community-based participation across government departments, across jurisdictions and with citizens. Nrcan is in the 9:00 | 9:05 midst of this revolution. What began as a simple exploration into Welcome remarks from insight a few ‘collaborative tools’, led to the launch of the highly successful Nrcan resource Wiki and now a range of other tools that have 9:05 | 9:15 shown the power of community, the willingness to collaborate chair’s opening remarks and the excitement brought on by new ways of working. in this session learn how Nrcan overcame challenges in its journey daniel larocque Vice President, Canadian Public Sector towards Web and Gov 2.0 and catch a glimpse into the next steps Open Text Corporation they are considering. • Where did it all start? Who was involved? 9:15 | 10:00 KeynOTe • How does the NRCan Resource Wiki work? update from the Government of canada • How do you build and grow an active blog culture? Corinne Charette • How do you manage employee involvement? Chief Information Officer, Government of Canada • How do you monitor activity and ensure productive information sharing? 10:00 | 10:45 KeynOTe cloud computing: A roadmap for the canadian Public Sector • If they could do it all over again, what would they do differently? • Where does it go from here? Jirka danek 11:45 | 12:30 Chief Technology Officer, Public Works and Government Services Canada the Next big thing: improving organizational the technology world is abuzz over cloud computing. the next Effectiveness through Content Management generation of utility computing is here and both geographically and demographically, canada already has a competitive edge to Eugene roman become a dominant force in this field. but where do we start? in Chief Information Officer, Open Text Corporation this presentation, Jirka Danek, cto at Public Works Government the fast rising content world is reshaping how every enterprise, Services canada will take us through a vision on how we can government and organization operates. unstructured content of move forward and the role that the public sector can play in various forms that are collaboratively developed and distributed leading the charge. can often overwhelm an organization and increase operating • Applications for cloud computing in the public sector – costs while negatively impacting performance and service infrastructure as a Service (iaaS) or Hardware as a Service delivery. if properly managed, it will allow you to control risk and (HaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) options costs, empower employees and foster decision-making, stimulate • What are the associated cost savings? What are the other agility and innovation, and provide a compelling experience for benefits of operating in a cloud? end-users. eugene will provide an insightful perspective on this • What are the associated risks? When does the cloud become emerging world and how to best move into it with confidence a non-option? and forethought. • Is cloud computing right for your organization? • When should Enterprise Content Management (ECM) be used? • How to get started? Who should be involved in the process? What is the scope of using ecm? How do you select the right opportunities for using cloud? • How have Web 2.0 projects redefined enterprise content? • Putting the right change management strategies to address the What are the content management risks associated with Web shift from traditional to cloud 2.0 or Government 2.0 projects? How can structured content • Effectively working with the private sector – selecting the management assist in deriving optimal results from these initiatives? right partners • What are the advantages of using content management, from a • What next? Evaluating future opportunities in expanding the governance perspective? use of cloud • What are the latest trends for agencies and institutions in planning and implementing ecm systems? What are the future 10:45 | 11:00 opportunities that arise from using ecm today? Networking Coffee Break Sponsored by
  4. 4. • Results achieved and what they would do differently if they 12:30 | 1:45 could do this again Networking luncheon Sponsored by 3:30 | 4:15 KeynOTe Privacy by Design dr. ann Cavoukian Commissioner Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario 1:45 | 2:30 CASe STuDy transparent government is open and accountable. Participation e-collaboration at Sick Kids: creating a Secure confers legitimacy to all public sector activities. “Web 2.0” environment for information exchange technologies promise to carry these ideals to new levels. the advent of social media tools for mass publishing, sharing and daniela Crivianu-Gaita collaborating are raising expectations of open access and Chief Information Officer, Hospital for Sick Children participation. the social media phenomenon poses unique Security is one of the key requirements in managing challenges and opportunities for the public sector in its efforts information exchange in a collaborative environment. to stay relevant, achieve new efficiencies, engage clients and At Sick Kids, establishing security measures to manage the stakeholders, innovate in service delivery, and to generally transfer of sensitive patient information in e-collaboration become “smarter.” the transformation of government to “v2.0” will projects is of the highest priority. What strategies did be data- and process-driven. Already, efforts are underway to tap they adopt to manage information security risks? in this into Web 2.0 architectures, channels and processes to extend reach presentation, Daniela crivianu-Gaita, cio of Sick Kids Hospital and achieve new economies of scale. We may be seeing the birth will take us through critical considerations, challenges and of a new era of openness and availability of government data, but solutions of this project, focussing on issues like: also new challenges to public sector responsibilities for managing • Evaluating policies to ensure protection of privileged and and protecting the growing volumes of personal data involved. sensitive information At stake is public trust in government and its data stewardship commitments in the information era. by building privacy into their • Knowing your risks and vulnerabilities information systems and practices from the very start, a process • Setting information-access privileges the commissioner calls applied Privacy by Design, public sector • Balancing security and ease of use to maximise benefits of a agencies can transform to v2.0 and still retain the confidence of collaborative environment citizen/clients by ensuring that data minimization, appropriate • Future considerations to manage security in an safeguards, and individual participation principles are thoroughly evolving project embedded in operations. come hear how applied Privacy by Design can minimize the Web 2.0 risks of personal data over- 2:30 | 2:45 collection, breach, and misuse, and maximize the opportunities Networking refreshment break to enhance individual access and organizational accountability. 2:45 | 3:30 CASe STuDy Privacy is an enabler, not an obstacle, to Government 2.0. enhancing it Governance in a Diverse, Distributed 4:15 | 4:30 and locally Autonomous organization chair’s closing remarks and conference Adjourns for the Day Michael ridley friDAY | JANuArY 22, 2010 Chief Information Officer and Chief Librarian, University of Guelph in 2006, university of Guelph embarked on a journey to 9:00 | 9:15 enhance their it governance based on recognized best chair’s opening remarks practices. in a highly diverse environment where responsibility is distributed among several departments, it was clear that a 9:15 | 10:00 CASe STuDy framework of accountability was required in order to align their Social media tools in the Government enterprise: goals with the overarching policy, obligations and objectives of boon or bane? the university. in this presentation, michael ridley will take us through this transformation and address how it governance is rob dowler used today to maximize resource utilization, foster innovation Assistant Deputy Minister & Corporate Chief Strategist and achieve overall organizational goals. Ministry of Government Services, Government of Ontario • The scenario – how IT was structured at the University ontario has been a world leader in the adoption of Web 2.0 of Guelph? issues and challenges in a decentralized and tools like social networking, mashups, and virtual worlds. in this distributed environment presentation, rob Dowler, corporate chief Strategist will provide • Establishing clear objectives for improving IT governance an overview of ontario’s award-winning work with Web 2.0 social media tools, including oPSpedia. rob will also provide his insight • Establishing a decision framework that supports a diverse, on how Web 2.0 solutions can be implemented to ensure: agile distributed, and locally autonomous organization development, minimal cost, and enhanced productivity, all while • Keys to success: overcoming challenges in process, politics, taking care to avoid inappropriate use. culture, and change to achieve transformation
  5. 5. 10:00 | 10:45 CASe STuDy • Leveraging enterprise architecture and business models to Auditing it Projects facilitate and support rK • Improvements and recommendations emerging from this project Ira Greenblatt Assistant Auditor General and Chief Information Officer 12:30 | 2:00 Office of the Auditor General of Canada Networking luncheon • Role of the Office of the Auditor General of Canada 2:00 | 2:45 CASe STuDy • What auditors look for in IT projects? understanding the business: managing it requirements • Some examples of how we have applied that in past work in a Start-up Agency 10:45 | 11:00 Jim Tom Networking Coffee Break Chief Information Officer Sponsored by Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion following the SArS outbreak in 2003, ontario realized the critical need for a central Public Health agency that is “arms-length” from government and links researchers, practitioners and front-line health care workers to the best scientific intelligence from around 11:00 | 11:45 CASe STuDy the world. the result was the establishment of the ontario Agency meeting the challenges of municipal Government in the for Health Protection and Promotion (oAHPP), with an exciting Digital World mandate that continues to evolve. early in its history, this agency realized the strategic and integral contribution that it and im dave Wallace must make. in this presentation, the oAHPP cio Jim tom will take Chief Information Officer, City of Toronto us through their journey in understanding the “business” and implementing it in a start-up agency. the city of toronto is transforming itself into an ‘e-city’ through a citizen-centric focus and use of more intelligent governance • Understanding the business – it’s not just technology systems. in this presentation, Dave Wallace, cio of the city of • Analysing explicit and implicit requirements of the agency, toronto will provide an overview of their strategy for harnessing staff, and stakeholders the power of new technologies in order to improve capacities for • Identifying key capabilities and building a team internal decision-making, service delivery and citizen engagement. • Practical solutions and their timing • The power and promise of Web 2.0 (Gov 2.0) at the municipal level • Setting priorities • Emerging technological capacities that governments must utilize • Planning in the context of a start-up and its continued evolution • How can governments align information and technology strategy? • The journey continues • Practical business models for effective technology adoption 2:45 | 3:30 KeynOTe and implementation Green it: creative Ways to manage the Green Shift in the • How do you balance political objectives with operational demands? Public Sector • Effective ways to increase accountability and transparency 11:45 | 12:30 CASe STuDy Bill St. arnaud Chief Research Officer, CANARIE Inc. establishing a Solid business foundation for the New Gc recordkeeping Directive Global warming is the hottest topic of the decade and governments around the world are faced with the challenge ronald Surette of finding effective ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Chief Information Officer With a carbon output that is greater than that of the entire Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency aviation industry, it has been estimated that information and the Government of canada has adopted a recordkeeping (rK) communications technology (ict) industry is a significant regime to establish methods for its departments to effectively contributor of co2 emissions in the world. can a reversal of these manage the information they create to aid decision-making, trends start in the public sector? can it start with the cio’s office? demonstrate what they do for canadians and satisfy accountability in this keynote, bill St. Arnaud, will address this important issue and requirements. library and Archives canada (lAc) is conducting a identify ways that you can be an integral part of this green shift. project with the Atlantic canada opportunities Agency (AcoA) for • Green IT: Facts, fads, and myths the purpose delineating the proposed rK regime and analysing • What initiatives can you as a CIO undertake to manage the shift possible outcomes. in this presentation, ron Surette will take us to Green it? How do you steer clear of green washing? through their experience in participating in this project and share • What targets or goals should you set? How do you monitor his insights on: your performance? What is a good benchmark? • Establishing a business context and need for recordkeeping • How green IT solutions can reduce energy and IT costs • An integrated, function based classification system for 3:30 records management closing remarks from the chair and conference concludes
  6. 6. Presented by Public Sector cio forum transforming Service Delivery fiVe eASY WAYS to reGiSter call 1 888 777-1707 | fax 1 866 777-1292 | internet: email: | mail: insight information, 214 King Street West, Suite 300, toronto, ontario m5H 3S6 January 21 – 22, 2010 | St. Andrew’s club and conference centre 150 King Street West, toronto [ ] Yes! Please register the following delegate(s) (photocopy for additional delegates) Priority code: 10458_PDf mr. [ ] ms. [ ] Name title: Area of practice: conference code: tYc10458 company: Hotel reSerVAtioNS: business Address: the St. Andrew’s club and conference centre is conveniently located at 150 King Street West, toronto, oN. tel: 416-366-4228. city: Province: Postal code: for overnight accommodation, please contact the Hilton toronto, located at 145 richmond St. West, toronto, oN. tel: 416-869-3456 telephone: [ ] fax: [ ] or fax: 416-869-3187. Please ask for the Insight Information corporate rate # N9920015 (subject to availability). e-mail: cANcellAtioN AND refuND PolicY: type of business: #of employees: A refund (less an administration fee of $200 plus GSt) will be made if notice of registrant’s Signature required: cancellation is received in writing three weeks before the event. We regret that no refund will be given after this period. A substitute delegate is welcome at Signature Date any time. reGiStrAtioN fee: (includes meals, documentation and , fully SPeciAl offer: Send 4 people for the price of 3! searchable online access to this conference’s papers*) register 3 delegates for the main conference at regular price at the same time Please check your choice: and you’re entitled to register a fourth person from your organization at no [ ] regular conference Price: $1,795.00 + GSt ($89.75) = $1,884.75 charge. for other group discounts, please call 1-888-777-1707. All discounts [ ] Solution Providers /Vendors Price: $1,995.00 + GSt ($99.75) = $2,094.75 must be redeemed when booking, discounts will not be valid or applied after this time. [ ] i would like to order an extra copy of the conference binder (1 conference binder is included in the registration fee) $100.00 + 5% GSt [ ] Payment enclosed. [ ] Payment to follow. (GSt reg. #856568779rt0001) iNSiGHt iNformAtioN reWArD ProGrAm: [ ] charge to my [ ] ViSA ® [ ] AmeX ® [ ] mastercard ® Attend multiple Insight Information conferences in 2009 and/or register during 2009 and save! Attend and/or register for a 2nd conference in the card Number: exp. Date: calendar year (January to December) and receive a 25% discount and attend and/or register for a 3rd conference and receive a 50% discount. buy more card Holder’s Name: and save! Signature: Date: PriVAcY PolicY: by registering for this conference, Insight Information will * Please allow 4-6 weeks after conference for activation of login and password. send you further information relating to this event. in addition, you may receive Please Note: full payment is required in advance of conference dates. Please make all cheques by mail, telephone, facsimile or e-mail information regarding other relevant payable to Insight Information. products and services from either Insight Information or third parties with whom we partner. Insight Information reserves the right to change program date, meeting place or content without further notice and assumes no liability for these changes. if you do not wish to receive such information from either Insight Information or third parties, please inform us by email at or by telephone at 1 888 777-1707. copyright 2009. Alm media canada, inc. All rights reserved.