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GTB DLP - Content Aware Security Suite


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This Presentation addresses the following questions:

Who we are?
What is DLP?
Why say we are next generation?
Enterprise configuration?
How to prevent your data loss?

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GTB DLP - Content Aware Security Suite

  1. 1. GTB DLP Suit Content-aware Security SuiteTrue DLP for Data Protection Uzi Yair May 2012
  2. 2. AGENDA• Who we are?• What is DLP?• Why say we are next generation?• Enterprise configuration?• How to prevent your data loss?
  3. 3. Who we are?• Founded: 2005• Ownership: Private and self funded• Headquarter: Newport Beach, CA – Development in Kiev, Ukraine – International Office in Tel Aviv, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Kiev• Security Segment: Data Loss Prevention + EDRM (IRM)• Target verticals: Financial Institutions, Government, High Tech, Healthcare• Channel Partners: UK, Poland, Slovenia, Turkey, Italy, France, Russia, Kenya, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Romania• Named Accounts: – Apple Computer – American Greetings – E2V Semi Conductor – Citgo Oil Company
  4. 4. Who we are?“GTB has primarily focused its efforts ondeveloping a product with strongdetection capabilities, and continues toimprove the overall user experience. Ithas also achieved notable client wins inthe past 12 months, thereby increasingits overall market presence. “Gartner DLP MQ 2O11
  5. 5. Awards
  6. 6. What is DLP? Who sent my data, and… to who? HTTP(S) Desktops FTP Laptops Data in Motion SMTP Network Shares IM (NTFS, NFS…) RDP SharePoint VNC Databases (via ODBC) SSL Network PrinterWhere is my data? DATA Too many to list here Data at Rest Data in Use Cut / Copy Paste Set access rights for Print data usage Print Screen Access Files Removable Media
  7. 7. What is DLP? DLP Answers 5 questions: Desktops LaptopsWhere is my data? Network Shares (NTFS, NFS…) SharePoint Databases Trusted users IntrudersWho is sending my data? Spyware Viruses PII PHIWhat data is sent? Source Code Intel. Property IP addressWho received my data? Email destination Geographic location Cut / Copy Paste PrintHow do I protect my data? Print Screen Access Files Removable media
  8. 8. Why is GTB next generation DLP? GTB Inspector for Network GTB Central GTB Endpoint GTB eDiscovery Console Protector to find your control andfor endpoint end sensitive Data at device control monitor all Rest behavior GTB IRM Full content-aware Rights Management System
  9. 9. Why is GTB Next Generation DLP? HTTP(S) FTP SMTP IM Data in Motion Network Printer SSLDesktops RDPLaptops VNCNetwork Shares SSH Webmail(NTFS, NFS…) TCP on all portsSharePoint DATADatabases (via ODBC) Data at Rest Data in Use Cut / Copy Paste Print Print Screen Access Files Removable Media
  10. 10. Data Protection Architecture
  11. 11. How to prevent your data loss? Support multi-language content MTA and Smart Host filtering Integration with any Supports all file types external proxy Scan ports 0 to 65,535on all Enforces content-based TCP channels policies based Integrates with SEIM Alerts violators, Managers Scalable with Load Balancing SSL Content Filtering Redacts text from emails in Educates users real-time Seamless integration with Quarantines email with user email Encryption gateways remediation Enforcement Quaranti Severity Log Block ne Block Pass actions
  12. 12. How to prevent your data loss?
  13. 13. How to specify/fingerprint files ? Controls granularity of detection size in bytes
  14. 14. Customized Policy definitions for protecting PII and PHI
  15. 15. Detailed Events Data Forensics
  16. 16. Management Log Complete Auditing
  17. 17. How to prevent data loss at the Endpoints? USB Drives iPod, other mp3 players CD/DVD Firewire SD cards Floppy drives Bluetooth Wi-Fi Other I/O devices
  18. 18. How to prevent data loss? Endpoint Protector access control Active Directory rules File rules Device rulesEntire domain rules File group rules Bus typeGroup rules File type rules Device typeComputer rules Device drive nameIndividual user rules Volume number
  19. 19. How to prevent data loss? Endpoint Protector Enforcement actionsBLOCKLOGSHADOWENCRYPT Endpoint Protector reportingBuilt in Table reportsBuilt in Crystal reportsCentral Console reports
  20. 20. How to prevent your data loss? Features Benefits Agent Based solution Scans thousands of computers at same time with no performance degradation High performance Network friendly Protects all file formats (binary/text) Secures all content including Source Code, Audio, Video and text files Protects database records & fields Ensures regulatory compliance Virtually zero false positive rate Highest precision Insures absence of violations No false negatives Automatic or manual discovery Non-stop data protection Customized data type definition Discovers data unique to your business Unattended operation Maintenance free
  21. 21. How to prevent your data loss?] Different Rights Various View Edit Print Copy/Paste Time Location Users Limit USER 1 Office USER 2 1-5 JanUsage Rights Matrix USER 3 USER 4 Office Examples of protected files Representative form of Usage Rights Matrix … & other combinations View only View & Edit only Seclore Policy Server (PS) only View & Distribute View & Print only
  22. 22. How to prevent data loss?Unified policies for Network, eDiscovery Endpoint and IRM
  23. 23. GTB Enterprise DLP Suite Solution Matrix GTB GTB GTB Rights GTB GTB DLPFeature Inspector eDiscovery Management Endpoint SuiteReal-time network traffic inspection √ √Sensitive data-at-rest discovery √ √ √Removable devices inspection √ √ √Blocking leakage of the sensitive data √ √ √ √Pattern-based inspection √ √ √ √ √Structured data inspection (Recursive Transitional Gaps ™ Technology) √ √ √ √ √Unstructured data inspection (Recursive Transitional Gaps™Technology) √ √ √ √ √SSL/TLS Inspection √ √Email notification and alerting √ √ √ √Active Directory integration √ √ √ √ √Security data encryption √ √ √ √ √Information usage policies support √ √ √Audit of the usage of the information √ √ √Email Encryption √ √Data classification √ √ √Antiphishing, Antivirus, spam and malware detection √ √Web Filtering √ √Easy deployment and maintenace √ √ √ √Centralized reporting (GTB Central Console) √ √ √ √
  24. 24. The competition?
  25. 25. Others?Feature / Functionality GTB WebsenseChannel coverage - ability to BLOCKHTTP Server √ NoHTTP/HTTPS √ √HTTP Tunnel √ NoFTP √ NoFTP Server √ NoIM √ NoP2P √ NoSMTP Mail √ √SSL √ NoUnknown Protocols √ NoWebmail √ √SSH √ NoTelenet √ NoSFTP, SSMTP √ NoPOP3 √ NoPrinting √ √Fingeprinting √ √Central Policy Console √ √ Voltage, Zix, Sophos, Secureworks, SecureEmail Encryption support Computing, PostX, Tumbleweed, Symantec, Front Voltage bridge, Exchange, Positini,PerimeterSmart Host √ unknownSEIM integration √ √Workflow √ √ICAP support √ √ TMG, Blue Coat, Ironport, Squid,Webroot,Proxy support TMG, Blue Coat, Squid Mcafee, othersEndpoint protection √ √eDiscovery √ √
  26. 26. When will you start?High accuracy of detection and a full range of defense capabilities Flexible data manipulation detectionThe largest set of protocol support and file format independence High efficiency and without interrupting the network status Encryption is no longer an issue Comprehensive policy framework for data protection
  27. 27. We are ready when you are!
  28. 28. Live Product Demo