26 sinisa rodic distributed intelligence and energy - sinisa rodic undp co bi_h


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26 sinisa rodic distributed intelligence and energy - sinisa rodic undp co bi_h

  1. 1. Distributed intelligence and energy Siniša Rodić Project Manager - Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy UNDP CO Bosnia and Herzegovina
  2. 2. Overview THE CORE PROBLEM – 3,000 Families in the most remote rural areas lack access to power in BiH OUR THOUGHTS – How to find an sustainable and affordable solution? THE SOLUTION TO OUR THOUGHTS – A worldwide challenge How to fit into UNDP procedures (SOPs)? THE SOLUTION TO THE CORE PROBLEM – Have a winner!/ Scaling-up UNDP internal impact... UNDP‘s INNOVATION PRIZE DRAFT POLICY!
  3. 3. The Core Problem • In Bosnia and Herzegovina more than one million persons displaced during the war have returned to reclaim their lives. • For most of them, houses have been reconstructed and normal living conditions restored, but still more than 3,000 families in the most remote rural areas lack access to power. • In most cases such an investment is not economically justified (for Power Utilities).
  4. 4. The Core Problem
  5. 5. Our Thoughts • design and develop a sustainable, standalone&cost-effective solution • off-grid renewable energy supply • PV power of 1,25 kWh/day and 120 l/day of DHW • be user friendly • Investment costs not higher than € 5.000
  6. 6. The Challenge • World-wide challenge • Nesta – challenge service provider / administrator • The winner will receive a $20,000 cash prize • UNDP Bosnia and Herzegovina will pilot the winning solution in a rural area for up to 50 returnee families
  7. 7. Judging Criteria • • • • • • • • investment costs energy output battery capacity hot water capacity reliability average running costs maintenance costs simplicity of use and replication potential
  8. 8. Road to the Winner 37 4 1st shorlisting – UNDP BiH 2 1 solutions received 2nd shorlisting – Nesta tested solution
  9. 9. the Winner • Renewable Energy Kit was tested in period from August 3, 2013 until September 20, 2013 • The test confirmed that selected solution meets all criteria set by the challenge (it is even better!). • This system works much better than I was expecting, even though it was not expected that laundry machine will work – it works too. I have enough energy for the needs of my family.
  10. 10. the Winner • Mr. Nikola Sakan /Telefon Inzenjering - Belgrade, Serbia
  11. 11. UNDP internal impact
  12. 12. Lessons learned... • It is time consuming! • ...it is a long path, full of small barriers, from idea to realization! • Your biggest investment is the time and effort you have to contribute to this process. • ...you do not know whether you will succeed or not!!
  13. 13. Lessons learned...
  14. 14. THANK YOU! Energy and Environment UNDP CO Bosnia and Herzegovina sinisa.rodic@undp.org