Marketing Energy Efficiency: Experiential Marketing and Building an Efficiency Conscience Community


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In the latest in MEEA's Marketing Energy Efficiency webinar series, Drew McCartt, Senior Vice-President at Event Marketing Strategies talks about how face-to-face marketing through events is impacting the growth of energy efficiency in the Midwest. Experiential marketing, utilizing interactive and mobile staffed displays, combined with traditional marketing, is helping utility companies educate consumers and market their lighting, appliance recycling, and enrollment programs.

Kevin Duffy with ICF International discusses the impact and marketing strategies used for We Energies’ community-based education and outreach program, “Way to Save, Burlington!” The pilot is designed to engage all segments of the community by encouraging behavioral changes and connecting customers to existing programs and incentives.

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Marketing Energy Efficiency: Experiential Marketing and Building an Efficiency Conscience Community

  1. 1. Marketing Energy Efficiency: Experiential Marketing and Building an Efficiency Conscience Community MEEA Marketing Energy Efficiency Webinar March 7, 2012 Presenting: Drew Navolio – MEEA Drew McCartt – Event Marketing Strategies Kevin Duffy – ICF International
  2. 2. MEEA’s MissionMEEA is a collaborative network advancingenergy efficiency in the Midwest to supportsustainable economic development and environmental preservation.
  3. 3. Our Members Are… Diverse stakeholders in energy efficiency• Academic/Research Organizations• Manufacturers/Retailers• State and Local Governments• Utilities (IOUs/Munis/Co-ops)• Energy Service Firms/Consultants• Nonprofit & Advocacy Organizations• General Interest/ProfessionalsMEEA has more than 145 members
  4. 4. 2012 Annual Meeting of Membership June 12th and 13th Tuesday, June 12th – Member Reception at MEEA OfficeCivic Opera Building, 20 North Wacker Drive, Suite 1301, Chicago, IL Wednesday, June 13th – 2012 MEEA Annual Meeting Hyatt Regency Chicago, 151 East Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL Registration, Hotel Information, and Agenda Available Soon
  5. 5. MEEA Policy Webinar: National Study on Cost Effective Energy Savings of Appliance Standards Thursday March 29, 2012 from 1-2:15pm CDT• The webinar will outline the soon to be released report on appliance standards by ASAP and ACEEE.• The report reviews 34 products, and the webinar will focus on three areas: products appropriate for state standards, products where state support is requested at the federal level, and products currently covered by utility programs.• There will be a regional look at the current and potential cost effective savings from appliance standards, as well as an in-depth look at specific natural gas-fired products that are relevant to the Midwest: clothes washers, boilers, and furnaces.• To register email or call (312)784-7247
  6. 6. EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING & ENERGY EFFICIENCY Drew McCartt, Senior Vice President #EEmktg
  7. 7. PRESENTATION OVERVIEW• Defining Experiential Marketing• Agency Overview• Exploring Experiential Approaches• Events: Tools for reaching your audience• Experiential Marketing for Energy Efficiency• Case studies• Q&A
  8. 8. DEFINING EXPERIENTIAL / EVENT MARKETING • Face-to-face and brands-in-hands • Live experience with a brand • Event and staff driven • Target audiences • Interactive in nature • Pre, during and post event • Integrating ROI strategies
  9. 9. WHY EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING?What we know…• This strategy has been outpacing growth of traditional marketing• Vast majority of Fortune 500 companies using it• Allows true brand development and exposure, including demos/sampling• More and more tactics integrated now to drive ROI
  10. 10. AGENCY OVERVIEW: EMS• 31 years in the industry• Total turn-key and full service agency• Representing brands from multiple industries• Specializing in outreach education and messaging• In-house field staffing team• Serving the utility industry for 12 years• Proud MEEA Member• Columbus, Ohio based – serving nationwide Since 1981
  11. 11. EXPLORING EXPERIENTIAL APPROACHES• Integrated sponsorship programs• Booth displays• Mobile marketing vehicles• Street teams
  12. 12. EVENTS: TOOLS FOR REACHING YOUR AUDIENCE A. Established events and venues – important factors • Demographics and geography • Reputation • Attendance • Space/amenities offered • Time of year • Cost B. Stand alone ‘events’ at select venues
  13. 13. ENERGY EFFICIENCY EDUCATION AND MARKETING A perfect match….. Complex subject simple and meaningful • Face-to-face impact – Dialogue and Q&A • Engaging interactives • Powerful graphics • Message reinforcement/collateral • Captive audience
  14. 14. ENERGY EFFICIENCY EDUCATION AND MARKETING Activation and follow-up • Data capture • Program enrollment • Surveys and inquiry follow-up
  15. 15. CASE STUDY2009 to presentGoals:• EE outreach education• Smart grid awareness• New consumer programs
  16. 16. CASE STUDY2009 to presentPlanned Strategies:• Interactive, staffed traveling display• Colorful graphics and elements• Flexible footprint and components• Targeted events• Program enrollment
  17. 17. CASE STUDYExperience Components:• CFL Lighting• Exploring your Home for Energy Savings• Energy Tips for Everyone• Refrigerator/Freezer recycling• “Hole in Your Home”• Energy Star• Intro: AEP Ohio gridSMART program• Energy Safari
  18. 18. CASE STUDYResults to date – July 2009 to March 2012:• 51 events• 73,000 consumers• Avg. of 10+ minutes audience capture time
  19. 19. CASE STUDY2010 to presentGoals:• Smart grid awareness and education• Optimize consumer use• Program introduction/enrollment
  20. 20. CASE STUDY2010 to presentPlanned Strategies:• Interactive, staffed mobile display• Colorful graphics and elements• Flexible components• “Green” elements• Quick set-up/tear down• Targeted events/venues• Program enrollment
  21. 21. CASE STUDYExperience Components:• Multi-media intro show• Smart Meter comparison• Home Energy Reports/Web Portal• Smart programs/devices for your home• gridSMART Beyond Your Home• OutSmart Quiz• Renewable integration: solar & wind
  22. 22. CASE STUDYResults to date – May 2010 to March 2012:• 43 events/venues• 27,000 consumers• Avg. of nearly 10 min audience capture time• Phase 2 transition – program enrollment
  23. 23. Drew McCartt, Senior Vice President Event Marketing @eventmktgstratg
  24. 24. Way to Save, Burlington! Fueling Energy Efficiency in Wisconsin with Community-Based Marketing Kevin Duffy – ICF International March 7, | 1
  25. 25. Overview• Way to Save, Burlington!• Energy Ambassador• Energy Task Force• Community Challenge• Efforts and Activities – Day-to-day – Integration/Networking – Media and Communication – Home Makeover Contest – School Energy Competition – Web | 2
  26. 26. Way to Save, Burlington!• Community-based approach to marketing energy efficiency programs and behavioral changes – Applying aggressive marketing as well as other concepts and techniques, to achieve energy saving goals• Community campaign and branded theme• No new measures are offered and existing rebate levels are not enhanced• Connects customers to existing programs, incentives, information and tax credits offered by Focus on Energy, We Energies and the Federal government• Encourages behavioral changes through a pledging | 3
  27. 27. Way to Save, Burlington!• Burlington, | 4
  28. 28. Way to Save, Burlington!• Representative of many towns in We Energies’ service area:  Population between 10,000 and 15,000  Typical energy use profiles  Strong industry presence  Not target of similar efforts by Focus on Energy• Outside of major metropolitan areas• Community pride and spirit• Burlington is large enough to support effort, yet small enough to measure | 5
  29. 29. Energy Ambassador• Intensifies Burlington’s participation in energy efficiency initiatives; achieves energy efficiency goals by serving as catalyst• Connects residents, businesses, institutions with existing energy efficiency programs, and information surrounding behavioral | 6
  30. 30. Energy Ambassador• Integrates into the community: – The city of Burlington – Public and private schools – Commercial and industrial sectors – Trade allies/Contractors – Retailers – Residents – The Chamber of Commerce – Economic Development Corporation – Local Organizations – Religious institutions – Multi-family building owners – Healthcare/Hospitals | 7
  31. 31. Energy Task Force• Advisory role representing a variety of community interests• Promote the program• Help plan the Community Challenge and set energy savings goals• Help develop community specific marketing plans• Review benchmarks and progress• Identify energy efficiency projects• Hold regular meetings• Subcommittees (schools, nonprofits) | 8
  32. 32. Community Challenge• Two Community Challenge Goals – 1 percent, annual reduction in energy use • Equivalent to 4,230 MWh or 525 homes/250 businesses – Pledge/behavioral goal – 1,500 | 9
  33. 33. Efforts and Activities – Day-to-day • Prompt/Call-to-action – Take the pledge • Stakeholder communication • Inquiries from community members • Local promotional events • Scheduling Energy Assessments – C & I, Multi-family – Commercial Energy | 10
  34. 34. Efforts and Activities – Integration/Networking• Speaking opportunities at local organizations – Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, Jaycees, Women’s Business Club, Local Sierra Club Chapter• Working with teachers and student groups• Attendance to local events• Partnering with the Racine County Economic Development Corporation and Chamber of Commerce• Organizing corporate Energy Teams• Workshops• Participation in Environmental, Safety and Health Fairs• Coordination with proper We Energies and Focus on Energy contacts – Key Account Managers, Corporate Communications, Customer Service, Trade Ally Liaisons, Energy Advisors, Energy | 11
  35. 35. Efforts and Activities – Media and Communications• Local media – Standard Press Newspaper – WBSD radio – Hi-Liter Shopping Guide• Constant Contact• Quarterly flyer inserts with City’s newsletter• Email blasts• Direct mailers, | 12
  36. 36. Efforts and Activities – Home Makeover Contest• Home Energy Makeover Contest• Educate Burlington residents about energy efficiency at home and Home Performance with ENERGY STAR• Marketing campaign• Publicity in local media outlets• Sponsorships• 8 finalists were chosen to create videos• Over 1,900 votes were | 13
  37. 37. Efforts and Activities – School Energy Competition• School Energy Competition• Encouraging students to become their home’s energy manager by sitting down with parents and taking the Way to Save pledge• School that garners the most pledges wins• One lucky student wins an | 14
  38. 38. Efforts and Activities - Web • Web 2.0 Strategy • – Information and news – Pledging – Twitter feed • • | 15
  39. 39. Thank you!Kevin DuffyEnergy AmbassadorICF | 16
  40. 40. Contact Information Drew Navolio – MEEA anavolio@mwalliance.orgDrew McCartt – Event Marketing Strategies Kevin Duffy – ICF International