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Movie Inspired Travel Destinations


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A recent survey by British Airways revealed that nearly 40% of travels are inspired by the movies we watch. We have prepared a selection of locations inspired by various movies – classics & recent blockbusters, critically acclaimed and those that strictly entertain. They all have one thing in common though – they provide and excellent source of inspiration. Even if some of them were not actually filmed where they seem to have been.

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Movie Inspired Travel Destinations

  1. MOVIE INSPIRED TRAVEL DESTINATIONS that’ll make you wanna hit the road don’t forget to
  2. don’t forget to www.share.travelAMÉLIE will make you want to go to Paris
  3. ROMAN HOLIDAY will make you want to go to Rome don’t forget to
  4. evita will make you want to go to Buenos Aires don’t forget to
  5. casablanca will make you want to go to Casablanca don’t forget to
  6. vicky christina Barcelona will make you want to go to Barcelona don’t forget to
  7. braveheart will make you want to go to Scotland don’t forget to
  8. notting hill will make you want to go to London don’t forget to
  9. gone with the wind will make you want to go to Georgia, US don’t forget to
  10. Pretty woman will make you want to go to Beverly Hills don’t forget to
  11. sex & the city will make you want to go to NYC don’t forget to
  12. brokback mountain will make you want to go to Wyoming don’t forget to
  13. sleepless in seattle will make you want to go to Seattle don’t forget to
  14. Interview with the vampire will make you want to go to New Orleans don’t forget to
  15. under the tuscan sun will make you want to go to Tuscany don’t forget to
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