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This is the second map associated with the CranbookYahkAssessment Report

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  1. 1. 562500.000000 5467500.000000 565000.000000 567500.000000 570000.000000 572500.000000 575000.000000 577500.000000 580000.000000 582500.000000 585000.000000 587500.000000 590000.000000 5467500.000000 H HH H W H IUHH I H IV MOYIE LAKE H IQ moss55 ITH Co H II H tto H IT H H IH n Cr I ee k H H P H ISH moss50 I H PHH H H IP IU PH H H H H moss45 IT H H IUH H H H H P 5465000.000000 5465000.000000 H moss40 H MOYIE LAKE PH I I U P HH H H moss35 PH H HH H P I II moss30 H H H H IU H H IV H H IR PH H IW IT H H H H H P H HH moss25 5462500.000000 5462500.000000 H H IH IIH IW H I H MO Y IE L AKE IU HH moss20 IVH moss15 H IW H H II H H moss10 H IHH MOYIE LAKE H H Glencairn H V C reek H IV I Moyie ITH 5460000.000000 5460000.000000 IV H moss05 H H IUHH yamo90