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Tracxn Global SaaS from India Startup Landscape - Feb 2015


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Global SaaS from India Startup Landscape

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Tracxn Global SaaS from India Startup Landscape - Feb 2015

  1. 1. Global SaaS Companies from India Sector Overview Feb 2015 Deal Discovery Made Easy
  3. 3. Sector Overview •  Scope of Report: Indian SaaS companies catering to global markets •  Tracking close to 200 startups across Enterprise Apps, Dev Tools & Industry Solutions •  $650M+ invested with more than $200M invested in 2014 •  Most Active Funds: Accel Partners (Freshdesk, Hotelogix, Mobstac, Mindtickle, BlueJeans, Chargebee, Zettata, Wizrocket) Blume Ventures (Zipdial, Hotelogix, ShepHertz, Mettl, NowFloats, FrameBench, WebEngage, Mobstac) Nexus Venture Partners (Druva, Indix, Unmetric, TargetingMantra, Genwi, Helpshift) Norwest Venture Partners (BlueJeans, CRMnext, Act-On, Capillary Technolgies, Attune) Sequoia Capital (Druva, Capillary Technologies, Knowlarity, Practo)
  4. 4. Cumulative dollar invested annually 5.60 11.88 47.43 103.74 139.49 218.66 0 50 100 150 200 250 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 TotalFundingAmount($million) Funding Year
  5. 5. Funding activity across years 1" 4" 6" 13" 14" 11" 1" 1" 2" 3" 8" 4" 9" 1" 2" 2" 4" 4" 1" 1" 2" 1" 1" 2" 2005" 2009" 2010" 2011" 2012" 2013" 2014" NumberOfFundingRounds Funding Year D" C" B" A" Angel/Seed"
  6. 6. Evolution of business models Note: Company to sub-sector tagging has been done manually. Avg. founded year of the companies is simple average of all companies in that segment. Funding is cumulative funding raised by the funded companies in that segment.
  7. 7. IT CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE JamCracker [$128.4M] Druva [$67M] SECURITY Fixnix [$325k] ShieldSquare [$350k] $136M MARKETING Act-On [$74.5M] Unmetric [$8.7M] SALES FreshDesk [$44M] HelpShift [$13.2M] $114 M $77M HR HackerRank [$12.4M] Mettl [$4.43M] MindTickle [$1.8M] UniRow $20M ANALYTICS CrayonData [$7.34M], Ubiq $7M COLLABORATION BUSINESS APPS SUITE BUSINESS PROCESS AUTOMATION $5M $98M DEVELOPER TOOLS BrowserStack, DocsPad, Postman, Shippable [$10.05M] $11.3M MOBILE DEVELOPER TOOLS ShepHertz [$1.8M], BetaGlide [$1M], Plivo [$1.75M] $5.3 M LOCAL BUSINESSES $2M E-COMMERCE Unbxd [$2M] BoomerangCommerce [$8.5M] TargetingMantra [$1.1M] $25M TRAVEL & HOSPITALITY RateGain [$5M] Hotelogix [$3M] $3M RETAIL Capillary Technologies [$34.1M] Indix [$14.5M] $48M EDUCATION Fedena [$2M] Verificient Technologies [$2M] $2.7M HEALTHCARE Practo, Attune $10.6M FINANCE Stockopedia, Accern $1.17M Landscape – Global SaaS Companies from India $675k DepartmentsIndustries
  9. 9. MARKETING Act-On [$74.5M] Unmetric [$8.7M] SALES FreshDesk [$44M] HelpShift [$13.2M] $114 M $77M HR HackerRank [$12.4M] Mettl [$4.43M] MindTickle [$1.8M] UniRow $20M ANALYTICS CrayonData [$7.34M], Ubiq $7M COLLABORATION BUSINESS APPS SUITE BUSINESS PROCESS AUTOMATION $5M $98M DEVELOPER TOOLS BrowserStack, DocsPad, Postman, Shippable [$10.05M] $11.3M MOBILE DEVELOPER TOOLS ShepHertz [$1.8M], BetaGlide [$1M], Plivo [$1.75M] $5.3 M LOCAL BUSINESSES $2M E-COMMERCE Unbxd [$2M] BoomerangCommerce [$8.5M] TargetingMantra [$1.1M] $25M TRAVEL & HOSPITALITY RateGain [$5M] Hotelogix [$3M] $3M RETAIL Capillary Technologies [$34.1M] Indix [$14.5M] $48M EDUCATION Fedena [$2M] Verificient Technologies [$2M] $2.7M HEALTHCARE Claimat $10.6M FINANCE Stockopedia, Accern $1.17M Landscape – Global SaaS Companies from India IT CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE JamCracker [$128.4M] Druva [$67M] SECURITY Fixnix [$325k] ShieldSquare [$350k] $136M $675k
  10. 10. Company Details: Cloud Infrastructure (1/3) Company Details Funding Investors Jamcracke r Jamcracker [Bangalore, 1999]: Jamcracker (formerly known as VitalTone) enables organizations to manage and deliver their own cloud services as well as broker 3rd party providers. Its services include messaging, collaboration, security, online data backup, wireless and business productivity solutions. The company also provides Jamcracker Services Delivery Network, an outsourced SaaS channel-enablement platform that provides unified application and user management for various on-demand services. The company has strategic partnership with Zoho. The company was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California with an office in Bangalore, India. In 2003 the company became part of a private holding company with 2000+ employees and $100M+ revenues. $128.4M Thinkflow Druva [Pune, 2008]: Druva offers a full suite of endpoint data management solutions for enterprise laptops, PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Its flagship product, inSync, empowers an enterprise’s mobile workforce with backup, IT- managed file sharing, data loss prevention along with data de-deduplication and rich analytics. Supports deployment in public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise. Serves more than 3,000 customers as of Aug 2014. Raised Series D to expand into Asia and Europe and grow its team to 300 by the end of 2014. $67M Sequoia Capital, Nexus, Tenaya Capital, Indian Angel Network Thinkflow Thinkflow [Bangalore, 2010]: Available as on-cloud and on-premise solution for enterprises to build apps. Solutions include supplier relationship management, knowledge ; document management, business process management. The platform offers infrastructure to design workflows, configure business rules, create forms, capture ; digitize documents along with analytics dashboard. Headquartered in Bangalore and offers its solutions for global customers. CloudMunch [Bangalore, 2011]: CloudMunch offers a cloud based extensible & full stack platform that enables continuous integration, delivery and infrastructure for developer app operations. Developers can use the platform tools they are familiar with and push code to CloudMunch for continuous integration test deploy and run in the cloud itself without the hassles of managing dev/test environments, CI servers. Integration with various online developer platforms, continuous deployment, social collaboration, automated testing & code quality, server monitoring are few of the features offered by the platform. It has received its Series A funding from Svapas Innovations. $1M Xervmon Inc Xervmon Inc [Houston, 2012]: Xervmon is an Integrated Cloud Management Tool, which empowers organizations to plan, budget, design, deploy, manage and monitor Cloud infrastructure from a single pane of dashboards across public, private and hybrid cloud service catalogs. The latest version of its software will monitor and manage workloads across Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, and Digital Ocean public clouds. HQ in Houston, Texas, and with Development Centers in India. $75k
  11. 11. Company Details: Cloud Infrastructure (2/3) Company Details Funding Investors Minjar [Bangalore, 2012]: Minjar is a cloud solutions provider helping enterprises embrace cloud productively. Provides consulting to enterprises and startups for cloud strategy, management, implementation and Big Data applications. Has solutions for ISVs, enterprises, startups. Product offerings include Minjar HAWK (Cloud infrastructure and application monitoring) and SWARM (on-demand load testing tool for web applications and API services). Has offices in Austin, Singapore, Bangalore. Has 100+ customers (incl 5 Fortune 500 clients) in 10+ countries with over 600+ implementations with the likes of Best Buy, Ford, txtWeb, Mobstac, CCD, [24]7. ITapp ITapp [San Jose, 2012]: ITapp delivers next generation application-centric cloud automation software. Deploy applications on multi-cloud (vSphere, OpenStack, AWS, ; converged infrastructure) with self-service per the governance rules ; policies of the organization. Peter Hsing of Merus Capital has invested. Cloudlytic s Cloudlytics [Pune, 2013]: Cloudlytics is a big data analytics tool available as a service that enables users to get analytics reports of their Amazon Cloudfront, ELB and S3 logs and use them to drive business decisions. Available on the AWS Marketplace. Product by BlazeClan Technologies, which provides consulting ; support services to enterprises, SMEs and startups. Headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, India and has offices in Belgium, Canada, Singapore and United States. Used by over 500 customers globally. Megam [Chennai, 2013]: Megam is an open-source cloud management platform compatible with all cloud architectures, API driven and supports multiple applications frameworks including legacy Java, Ruby, php, Python as well as emerging modern frameworks like Scala, Play, Akka. Offerings include cloud management platform, on- premise 'Cloud in a Box' and an app marketplace to build, deploy &scale apps in the cloud. It also has cloud connectors to connect users with provisioned SaaS apps. Appcito [Santa Clara, 2013]: Appcito provides a set of services for applications deployed on cloud infrastructure. Applies Web performance policies to Web pages, CSS, JavaScript, and images to improve the performance of the actions. Accelerates, secures, and optimizes cloud applications in the areas of building new applications or moving existing applications from a private data center to the cloud. Enables continuous deployment. $7.5M
  12. 12. Company Details: Cloud Infrastructure (3/3) Company Details Funding Investors Calm Calm [Bangalore, 2014]: Cloud Application Lifecycle Management (CALM) is a single-click application setup in the cloud that automatically deploys code, runs updates and maintenance. Offers a cloud application management dashboard and enables for cost visibility, audit, budgeting, automated expiry and self service portals for individuals and teams. Available as hosted and on premise solutions and opened its private beta in August 2014. Product of Idea Device, part of Sequoia portfolio. Headquartered in Singapore with development offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, and in USA. It was listed as ‘India’s top product start-up’ by CNBC TV18 and the ‘Next Big Company’ by The Times of India. Microsoft, VMware and IIM-B are among the company's partners.
  13. 13. Company Details: Security Company Details Funding Investors FixNix [Vellore, 2012]: Fixnix provides SaaS based GRC solutions to SMBs. Its NIXAUDI is a web-based Audit Management solution that provides an aggregate view of the audit program, including planning, scheduling, risk- based prioritization, staffing, management of audit procedures, and tracking of remediation efforts. Also provides Risk Management, Security Incident Management, Policy Management and Assest Management products. Clients include Dubai Port Authority, BHEL, GMR, Ernst & Young, Mphasis etc. FixNix is a Microsoft BizSpark India Startup Challenge 2013 Regional Winner and adjudged as Best Cloud Security Startup' at Worldwide IEEE Cloud computing Product showcase. $325k Indian Bank ShieldSquare [Bangalore, 2013]: Shieldsquare helps online businesses to protect against web scraping and bot attacks. The platform helps online businesses protect their content, generate more revenues, reduce their costs. Claims that ShieldSquare's Cloud API can be integrated by any website in few minutes. ShieldSquare is one of the five winners from India in the Start Tel Aviv India challenge. Part of Microsoft Ventures' 2013 winter program. Raised angel funding in Oct 2014 led by Chandu Nair, Srini Kopparapu, Sanjay Anandaram along with Phanindra Sama, Charan Padmaraju, P Sudhakar, Murugavel Janakiraman, Girish Mathrubootham, Pallav Nadhani, Samir Sood. Clients include,, and Weddingplz. $350k
  14. 14. IT CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE JamCracker [$128.4M] Druva [$67M] SECURITY Fixnix [$325k] ShieldSquare [$350k] $136M $675k HR HackerRank [$12.4M] Mettl [$4.43M] MindTickle [$1.8M] UniRow $20M ANALYTICS CrayonData [$7.34M], Ubiq $7M COLLABORATION BUSINESS APPS SUITE BUSINESS PROCESS AUTOMATION $5M $98M DEVELOPER TOOLS BrowserStack, DocsPad, Postman, Shippable [$10.05M] $11.3M MOBILE DEVELOPER TOOLS ShepHertz [$1.8M], BetaGlide [$1M], Plivo [$1.75M] $5.3 M LOCAL BUSINESSES $2M E-COMMERCE Unbxd [$2M] BoomerangCommerce [$8.5M] TargetingMantra [$1.1M] $25M TRAVEL & HOSPITALITY RateGain [$5M] Hotelogix [$3M] $3M RETAIL Capillary Technologies [$34.1M] Indix [$14.5M] $48M EDUCATION Fedena [$2M] Verificient Technologies [$2M] $2.7M HEALTHCARE Claimat $10.6M FINANCE Stockopedia, Accern $1.17M Landscape – Global SaaS Companies from India MARKETING Act-On [$74.5M] Unmetric [$8.7M] SALES FreshDesk [$44M] HelpShift [$13.2M] $114 M $77M
  15. 15. Company Details: Marketing Suite (1/1) Company Details Funding Investors Act-On Software Act-On Software [Beaverton, 2008]: Act-on provides a suite of marketing automation tools for email marketing, tracking online visitors, lead management for optimizing campaigns, social media integration and integration with CRM database from Salesforce, Saleslogix, Netsuite. It also enables lead generation via SEM, SEO optimization and A/B testing for websites. Claims to have 1000+ customers and triple digit growth as of 2012. $74.5M Trinity Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, US Venture Partners, Voyager Capital, Technology Crossover Ventures Plumb5 Plumb5 [Bangalore, 2010]: Plumb5 offers a real-time marketing platform created by Decisive Analytical Solutions that enables a website to engage site visitors in real-time and personalize the website to improve conversion rate and customer retention. The product is mainly aimed at e-commerce and retail companies, in order to help them better their conversion rates, customer experience and ROI’s on campaign. Its features include visitor tracking (location, sit behaviour, activity), A/B testing for website content to identify the best conversion drives, content personalization to the user based on his activity on website etc.
  16. 16. Company Details: Marketing - Social Media (1/3) Company Details Funding Investors LinksAlph a Beevolve [Bangalore, 2008]: Cloud hosted solution providing social media listening and analysis based on visitors's sentiment, demography, influence, insights about product, brand, customers and current trends in market. Offerings include monitoring dashboards, social media post statistics, visitor retargeting, demographic data and competitive intelligence. Executives, marketers, media and PR agencies can use the analytics tool to track consumer-generated media. Has received pre-seed investment from Founder has left the company and is currently working in Amazon. LinksAlph a LinksAlpha [Bangalore, 2009]: LinksAlpha provides social media marketing software for monitoring, publishing, and analytics of social media profiles including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. LinksAlpha also provides social sharing buttons for web-publishers. HQ in the US with the team based out of Bangalore. Claims customers like Nissan, KFC, 7-11, Mobily. JustUnfollow [Mumbai, 2010]: JustUnfollow is a friend management application for social networks which has been started with twitter and is currently working to expand to other social networks. The company has recently launched the Instagram integration. It is available on the web, android and iPhone. The app/platform allows users to find inactive users and people who have unfollowed them, find relevant users to follow using “Copy Followers” feature, keep track of how social media updates is affecting the follower/unfollower stats. Unmetric Unmetric [Chennai, 2011]: Unmetric provides brands competitive intelligence about other brands by - 1. Tracking their social campaigns through hashtags, viral videos, Facebook apps etc. 2. Performing content analysis on social networks and 3. Comparing brands based on criteria like their social audience growth, customer engagement rate. Provides intelligence on 10,000+ global brands across 30 industry sectors. Clients includes brands like Subway, Campbell’s, Toyota and agencies like MRY, M Booth, Golin Harris and Zocalo Group. $8.7M Nexus Venture Partners SocialApp sHQ SocialAppsHQ [Delhi, 2011]: SocialAppsHQ offers a cloud based platform that provides social media monitoring tools, Facebook apps for customer engagement and a social planner to post content on social networks from a single platform to brands and SMBs. It offers a collection of 30+ apps for feedback management, coupons, notification system and contests management to increase the customer base and retain them. Real-time reporting of user's activities on the website and a dashboard for campaign performance evaluation can be achieved. Allows brands to manage campaigns and track performance along with customer engagement on both web and mobile channels and across Facebook and Twitter networks.
  17. 17. Company Details: Marketing - Social Media (2/3) Company Details Funding Investors Qurater GrabInbox [Mumbai, 2011]: GrabInbox (formerly buffr) lets users manage multiple twitter, facebook, facebook fan pages and linkedin accounts from one single interface. Allows users to schedule messages, post to multiple accounts in a single click and manage all the activities through a dashboard. Has a notification system to monitor various social networks' messages along with a Chrome plugin to easily share webpages. Has been a part of Startup Chile's incubator program and received US$40,000 in seed funding. Founders have released another product named JustUnfollow. $40k Startup Chile Gazemetri x Gazemetrix [Mountain View, 2012]: GazeMetrix empowers brands with insight into when and where their brand was photographed across social media in real-time. Using proprietary computer vision and machine learning algorithms, gazeMetrix accurately analyzes user-created photos on Instagram and identifies when a brand is featured. Brands discover their latest photos instantly. We automatically pick up the ‘most popular pictures’ and they can share them on their fan page/ Pinterest boards or twitter streams. $140k 500 Startups Qurater [Bangalore, 2012]: Technology platform for enterprises providing social media analytics. Its Qurater Business Edge (QBE) mines social platforms and any web site for feedback, queries, complaints using NLP techniques to get insights. QBE offers sales leads, customer care framework for representatives and brand insights along with feedback, real-time discovery of issues, mining of comments on news sites, tools to categorize conversations among others. Has offices in San Francisco ; Bangalore, India. $50k Viraltag [New York City, 2013]: Visual marketing tool for small and medium businesses is a pinterest management tools for brands and bloggers enabling them to publish content, schedule pins and optimize images. Allows for tracking various metrics to understand their performance on Pinterest. Offers Google Analytics integration to understand metrics like clicks, visits, sales etc. Offers limited - premium packages ranging from $5-$28/month. [Bangalore, 2013]: offers a cloud-based social media marketing tool for marketplace sellers. Currently working with Etsy sellers and intends to grow to various others in the future. The platform enables increased visibility in social media and hence increase views and sales. Users can connect their social accounts to the platform and start posting or scheduling their marketing posts. Also allows for auto-scheduling image tweets and even create product image collages.
  18. 18. Company Details: Marketing - Social Media (3/3) Company Details Funding Investors Zozolo [Mumbai, 2010]: Cloud based social media analytics platform for brands to track their social media presence and measure ROI. Its built-in dashboard for loyalty points system increases social engagement and brand building. It provides a detailed engagement summary of the fans on various social platforms. Dell is one of their biggest clients among others like 9xm, myntra, AXN, Mumbai Indians team. Product of Gozoop. SocialVox [Hyderabad, 2014]: Provider of cloud platform that allows businesses and brands to monitor & analyse their social media presence along with tools for engagement and management of brands. The platform's features aids by providing insights through graphing, categorisation, geolocation, demographics, metadata among other components. Also provides sentiment analysis for the brand in comparison to the competitor brands. Product of Inspire.Technology.
  19. 19. Company Details: Marketing - Mobile (1/1) Company Details Funding Investors Snipp Interactive Snipp Interactive [Washington DC, 2007]: Snipp Interactive builds mobile solutions for brands to engage and interact with their customers. Provides print publishers, advertising agencies, and consumer brands with a full suite of mobile marketing services in US and Canada. Brands can build loyalty, create engagement, create mobile sites and apps using Snipp's solutions. Also provides mobile receipt processing solution and augmented reality based campaign creation tools. Clients include Arm ; Hammer, Garnier, Minute Maid, Jim Beam etc. Headquartered in Washington DC, with a team in Mumbai. Zipdial Zipdial [Bangalore, 2010]: ZipDial call-to-action platform captures consumer opinions ; intent. Every zipdial from a consumer is a ping to the platform activating one of many applications in the marketing suite, from couponing to feedback surveys to friend referrals. Large brands pay $10,000-$40,000/month. Self-service packages at start at $20/month. Used by global consumer brands such as Procter&Gamble, Cadbury, Puma, KFC, Cafe Coffee Day, MakeMyTrip. Named #8 in FastCompany's List of World's most 50 innovative companies. Launched in Singapore in Oct 2014. Acquired by Twitter in Jan 2015. Times Internet, 500 Startups, Jungle Ventures, Unilazer Ventures, Mumbai Angels, Blume Ventures, AngelPrime Ceino Technologies [Menlo Park, 2011]: Ceino develops mobile products for marketing. Offers B2B reward platform for mobile-based loyalty programs, a social product catalog that brings customers and sales reps into one community and enables product based conversation and feeds and a mobile support platform equipped with multimedia features. Ceino's customers include ThermoFisher (Life Technologies) and Shalom Media. Headquartered in Menlo Park, CA with offices in Bangalore, Calicut and Chennai. Notiphi [Bangalore, 2011]: Notiphi is a mobile marketing platform to target users based on location, context and behavior. Their platform uses advanced machine learning algorithms to build rich user profiles (anonymously) using location, behavior and lifestyle attributes. Developers have to include their SDK in their app before pushing it to the App Store after which Notiphi servers start receiving the locations history of users and build their profiles attaching tags. Developers can use the Notiphi dashboard to segment these users, target them using push notifications and rich media content and track campaign performance in real-time. Selected in top 50 product companies at InTech50. Product by Locus Labs, has offices in Bangalore, India and Singapore. $300k Scanova [Noida, 2013]: Scanova is a cloud based solution to generate, design, and manage QR Code-based promotional campaigns. Provides QR Code Management Solution for businesses and individuals across industry verticals comprising Scanova WorkBench, an online QR code management and analytics platform, and Scanova Reader, a smartphone application connecting consumers from offline to online media. Customers can create 14 different types of QR codes with Scanova including those for Webpage URLs, Twitter, Facebook, Wi-fi access, SMS, etc. Also provides tools for businesses to design and develop mobile landing pages for those without the knowledge of web designing.
  20. 20. Company Details: Marketing - Others (1/5) Company Details Funding Investors SocialTwis t SocialTwist [Mountain View, 2008]: SocialTwist provides social marketing technology solutions for customer acquisition, engagement, and retention by activating existing customers. It is a customer acquisition platform that creates social referrals for brands, retailers, publishers. The platform builds and integrates social referral processes and technology into marketing programs. Platform finds its application in campaigns involving acquisition, rewards, loyalty and various other program objectives. Its 'Tell-A-Friend' feature allows the marketer’s message to spread by email, IM, blogs and through popular social media venues through a click. Knowlarity [Gurgaon, 2009]: Knowlarity Communications offers cloud telephony services with product range that includes SuperFax, SuperReceptionist, SuperConference and SuperCaller. For larger enterprises, it provides hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions integrated with its existing IT systems. Using its software SuperCaller, Knowlarity has solved tracking and monitoring issues in the Mid-day Meal Scheme (a project for provision of lunch, free of cost to school-children, below the poverty line). Claims 7,000+ clients from about 66 countries with a majority of them from India. Acquired Unicom Techlabs, a Delhi-based cloud telephony startup in Jan 2014 for their 200 clients. $22.5M Sequoia Capital, Mayfield Gaglers Gaglers [Bangalore, 2012]: Gaglers provides a software-as-a-service that connects people on a website via instant messaging(IM) and email. Online platforms and marketplaces use it for real-time interaction between buyers and sellers to generate quality sales leads. Backed by The Morpheus, Indian start-up accelerator program. Customers include Commonfloor, Homeshikari, iimjobs. The Morpheus iFlyChat iFlyChat [Noida, 2012]: iFlyChat provides real-time chat solution based on SaaS model which allows users to integrate chat plugin to their websites. Starts at $19 per month. Claims more than 6,000 customers and 500k chat messages daily. Featured clients include Coca-Cola, L'Oreal, General Electric, European Commission, MIT and Stanford. OrangeTwi g OrangeTwig [Delhi, 2012]: Helps micro-businesses set up Facebook stores and sell their products using social commerce tools like social graphs of friends and customers. Have close to 2,500 customers using their platform after first 5 months of launch. Supports only Etsy sellers as of now. Features offered include social CRM ; messaging, endorsements capture, analytics and coupons/discounts support. Team split between San Francisco and Delhi, India.
  21. 21. Company Details: Marketing - Others (2/5) Company Details Funding Investors Gainsight Gainsight [Mountain View, 2009]: Gainsight, the native Customer Success Management solution, helps subscription-based businesses to drive their customer success initiatives, proactively manage retention, reduce churn and grow revenue by uncovering up-sell opportunities. Leverages “big data” analytics across sales data, usage logs, support ticket, surveys and other sources of customer intelligence. Key Customers- Adobe, BazaarVoice, Marketo, Influtive and Gild. $29.1M Cultivation Capital, Silicon Valley Bank, Battery Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, Summit Partners ShopSocially [Mountain View, 2009]: ShopSocially offers a suite of on-site social apps that retailers can embed in merchants websites, within their marketing campaigns or on their social network pages to support functions. The platform allows businesses to control when and how these apps are shown using rule-based targeting, search engine optimization, analytics, reporting, etc. The apps include include Ask-a-Friend, purchase sharing, fan acquisition, shopping community etc. Launched as a destination site for social shopping where users could connect with their friends for shopping advice but pivoted to the current model in April 2011. Customers include Sears, CBS, Showtime, CafePress, Ritz, Zales etc. Named as one of the most promising companies to watch by AlwaysOn. Received angel funding from TiE Angels, Ashish Gupta, Dharmesh Thakker, Raman Khanna. $1.65M Valhalla Partners, Metamorphic Ventures, XSeed Capital VWO [Delhi, 2010]:Visual Website Optimizer is a tool for marketing professionals to increase sales, signups, downloads and conversions by using A/B, split and multivariate testing. The tool offers features such as A/B testing, behavioral targeting, heatmaps, usability testing, etc. Developed by Wingify. Currently used by 3,700 brands in 75 countries, including Microsoft, GE, and Rackspace. Launched a new A/B testing platform in June 2014 for people without coding experience. Bootstrapped to $7M revenue in 2013. Acquired Concept Feedback (community of 27,000+ UX experts and designers for website feedback) in Sep 2014. WebEngage [Mumbai, 2011]: WebEngage is a SaaS toolkit for collecting feedback, getting customer insights and driving conversions for online businesses. At the core of WebEngage is its "targeting engine" which can be used to identify visitor segments (like referring site, geo location, cookies etc) and throw a particular questionnaire or message to them. Have 1000+ websites in over 30 countries as customers. Clients include Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay, Jabong, Myntra, Homeshop18, Yatra and makemytrip. Plans to build a product to help improve customer engagement in mobile apps Indian Angel Network, GTI Capital Group, Blume Ventures CallHub CallHub [San Jose, 2011]: CallHub is a hosted voice broadcasting and SMS marketing software. Automates voice notifications to reach people and generates live leads for businesses. Can be used to call people about deals, updates, building closures and can be personalized with custom audio messages or used with a text to speech engine. CallHub will call a list of contacts and play a message when the person answers the phone. It can also call people to offer a simple press-1 option to be connected to businesses. Customers include CRITICAL Group, United Voice, UnionsWA etc. Investors include Jessie Paul, MD of Paul Writer and The Morpheus, a Startup Acceleration Program. Product by Gaglers Inc.
  22. 22. Company Details: Marketing - Others (3/5) Company Details Funding Investors enMarkit enMarkit [Gurgaon, 2012]: enMarkit is a cloud-based social engagement and business intelligence platform. Its integration enables businesses to increase conversion rates, and reduce cart abandonment by engaging customer through contextualized reviews and personalized content. Enables businesses to organize user communities and create target groups which would influence the sales the most. The platform offers an activity dashboard for the customers of the businesses to get recommendations based on the friends' activities and helps in increased targeted marketing. The company has been incubated under Singapore-based accelerator Joyful Frog Digital Incubator. $11.7k JFDI.Asia LeadSquar ed LeadSquared [Bangalore, 2012]: Leadsquared offers web-based tools to help startups and SMEs with lead management features and help businesses capture, engage and convert leads from online marketing. It enables businesses to create conversion optimized landing pages, capture, track and segment all the leads who can be probable buyers, send automated personalized emails to customers based on their online behavior on the platform and even provide analytics to businesses to understand user behavior and help retain customers. It easily integrates with third party software's such as cloud telephony, chat, outlook etc. and an API for developers to capture lead and activity data and build custom applications. RankWatc h RankWatch [Gurgaon, 2012]: RankWatch is a cloud-based rank tracking and website analysis software that enables SEO companies and webmasters to see rankings of their respective companies. Allows users to track rankings for millions of keywords which was not possible before from a single IP address. Offers Google Maps ranking which is its unique differentiation from other tools. Offers white label interface and reporting tools, option to set custom alerts based on the set ranking searches and even customize the search engines selected. As of November 2012, it had 24 Paid Clients which includes clients tracking keyword between 500 to 25000 Keywords as well and around 750+ registered members. Offers plans ranging from $10/month for startups to $299/month for enterprises. Raised seed investment of INR 75 lakh from friends and family. InfiniteWP InfiniteWP [Chennai, 2012]: InfiniteWP is a self-hosted, freely-available multiple WordPress management platform that simplifies WordPress management tasks. It helps users monitor all the WP sites from the dashboard on the platform without the need to login to WordPress control panel. Enables for backup and restore of WordPress sites and even manage plugins and themes through the platform. Along with the mentioned features, offers various other add-ons. It is the flagship product of Revmakx. Used by Honda,, IBM, Yoast. MuHive [Bangalore, 2012]: muHive offers a cloud based platform that enables cross channel customer engagement with a controlled automation framework. Its communication dashboard brings real-time notifications and filtering of interactions across social and email channels managed from single platform. Offers contact management tool to form customer groups, create profiles based on attributes and view conversation history.Conversation management tool for managing interactions and automation tools to control engagement to improve productivity of customer relations teams. Also includes reporting and analytics features to enable data-driven better business decisions. Offers real-time notification system for multiple social channels.
  23. 23. Company Details: Marketing - Others (4/5) Company Details Funding Investors VisitorEngage [Hyderabad, 2013]: VisitorEngage is a SaaS tool for online businesses to collect feedback, run surveys and push notifications on the website based on the users’ behavior. Visitor notifications can be customized by the users of the product which implements behavioral targeting, dynamic personalized notifications and triggering which are automated. Users can also access detailed reports with visual analytics, for website visitors that can also be downloaded in CSV format. Available in a freemium model for basic features and a paid subscription model for additional features and white label solutions. Paid packages range from $19 - $199 per month. WizRocket [Mumbai, 2013]: WizRocket is a user behaviour analysis & targeting tool that helps web businesses interact with their users across offline and online mediums. It enables web businesses to do web messaging, push notifications, in-app messaging and reach out to customers via SMS or Email. WizRocket helps web businesses to target content on their own websites and mobile apps and then apply behaviour targeting to improve retention, engagement and conversion rates. Founders include ex-Burp, Network18, Infomedia18 and IIT Madras alumni. Currently in private beta and is working closely with 25 select global customers. $1.6M Accel ReportGarden [Hyderabad, 2013]: ReportGarden helps online ad agencies create analysis and performance reports for their clients. They do this by linking with their adwords, analytics, bing ads accounts using APIs and loading data into their reports. Their product offers deep segmentation and filtration of the data from all the ad services(Adwords, Analytics, etc). It offers this white-labeled service through various plans starting at $40 per month going up to $400 per month. Part of Startup Chile accelerator program. InBoundio [Bangalore, 2013]: InBoundio is a simplified inbound marketing software targeted towards individuals and SMBs to help them manage marketing campaigns. Offers social media management, creation of landing pages, email marketing and other lead generation features. Has 1100+ users as of Dec 2014. InkMonk [Chennai, 2014]: InkMonk is an online platform for creating merchandise and getting it printed and shipped. Merchandise includes apparels, wash proof stickers and personalized cards. Allows stocking merchandise in warehouses and shipping them as individual units or bulk shipping. Clients include HackerRank, HackerEarth, FreshDesk and Chargebee. Integrates with FedEx ; DHL. Currently in private beta
  24. 24. Company Details: Marketing - Others (5/5) Company Details Funding Investors Vhelp [Bangalore, 2009]: Intelligent sales platform, which integrates with digital marketing and allows websites to segregate their visitors based on their intent (from behavioral cues) and communicate with each segment. Suspects or propects are intelligently engaged and based on visitor interest can be engaged by live chat or telesales. Clients include Pearson, Yatra. Product of Vimagino Solutions. Knolseed [Bangalore, 2011]: Cloud based personalized eCommerce marketing solution offered by Knowledge Foundry in partnership with KnolSeed Technologies. Designed to be compatible with Google Analytics and a wide range of shopping cart and email marketing systems. Provides customer segment filters for customization of behavior & activities and design target campaigns accordingly. Customers include Dell, EverydayHealth, Payback among others. SoCXO [Kochi, 2013]: SoCXO is a social media advocacy platform for enterprises to build their social media reach and engagement. Helps curate articles from all over the net, add content to it and help individuals and businesses expand their influence as brand advocates across their social networks. Businesses can review and manage content suggestions from their ambassadors along with sharing and message schedule across multiple devices. Part of Suyati Technologies. Yattir [Kochi, 2014]: Developing an API-based content platform that equips media organizations to reach and engage their audiences across multiple digital channels and devices. Allows content creators to define content types and define their structures using the platform's interface. Also provides an analytics system to measure page views, shares and other such social analytics. Enables for integration of content workflows to external apps and platforms. Contentivo [Bangalore, 2014]: Contentivo, a product of Zimrr Technologies, is a content marketing platform that helps marketers in creating and publishing content. Marketers can use the unified platform for content collaboration, content distribution to channels and tracking content performance. Also provides a central asset repository for users’ videos, images, documents, and audios and allows team members to leave comments, download assets, and tag assets. Companies can also create content tasks that can be assigned and hours can be logged for each task. Currently in private beta mode. Currently the team is in Estonia as a part of the 2014 Autumn batch of Startup Wise Guys. Startup Wise Guys
  25. 25. Company Details: Sales - Helpdesk (1/2) Company Details Funding Investors Kayako Kayako [Jalandhar, 2001]: Kayako is a developer and vendor of help desk, CRM and live chat software. Their flagship helpdesk solution, "Kayako Fusion" enables organizations to deliver customer support over the web, email, support tickets, live chat, phone and self-service. Email management and ticketing, live customer chat support in real- time on websites, reports on performance measurement, customer satisfaction surveys and various other customer engagement and conversation tracking tools are the features offered by its helpdesk solution. Freshdesk Freshdesk [Chennai, 2010]: Freshdesk allows companies to support customers by offering help desk ticketing, issue tracking and insightful analytics across phone, email, web, live chat, social media and other channels. Freshdesk includes a helpdesk, a knowledge base, Self-Service portal for end users and a community platform to engage the customer community. Freshdesk customers are typically small and medium enterprises who are looking for a cloud based customer support software. Has 23,500 customers over 120 countries including Petronas, 3M, Goodreads, QuizUp. $44M Accel Partners, Tiger Global Management, Google Capital SupportBe e SupportBee [Bangalore, 2010]: SupportBee is a hosted and managed on the cloud helpdesk software, targeted for small and medium businesses. The software assists the user primarily in delivering email support to their customers. Email management, Email ticketing system, email importing, reports on various metrics as needed are few of the features offered. $40k HappyFox HappyFox [Chennai, 2011]: HappyFox is a help desk ticketing system that is hosted on cloud, supporting multiple customer support channels like email, voice and live chat. It is being rendered in 35 languages. Also offers HappyFox app that is available on iOS and Android mobile platforms. Along with tags, advanced search and filters, integration with CRM, live-chat and accounting software, HappyFox feature list simplifies actions for support agents. Launched Helpstack, an open source mobile helpdesk for iOS developers in May 2014. ClickDesk ClickDesk [Hyderabad, 2011]: ClickDesk helps businesses engage their website visitors directly from their Instant Messenger (Skype/GTalk) through a Multi-channel customer engagement platform which includes a combo of live chat, browser phone (VoIP) and social toolbar, all through a single interface. Enables organizations to answer questions from their web visitors instantly with live chat from desktop or mobile, handle support tickets and offline chats better with the integrated Helpdesk, video chat for a more personal experience, improve customer relationships with the social toolbar.
  26. 26. Company Details: Sales - Helpdesk (2/2) Company Details Funding Investors Helpshift Helpshift [Pune, 2011]: Helpshift is a mobile help desk, providing customer service for mobile applications and enhancing customer satisfaction for mobile customers. Helpshift provides a native SDK that integrates with mobile apps to offer an “in app” customer experience. Its SaaS solution aims to be “the first embedded support desk for native apps,” allowing developers to capture device info from their users so that they can troubleshoot problems quicker and more effectively. As of June 2014, Helpshift has been installed on more than 150 million devices. $13.2M True Ventures, Nexus Venture Partners, Intel Capital, Visionnaire Ventures
  27. 27. Company Details: Sales (1/3) Company Details Funding Investors Zyme Solutions Zyme Solutions [Redwood, 2004]: Zyme Solutions is a provider of channel data integrity and channel intelligence solutions to the high-tech and consumer electronics industry. Products include ChannelView with components such as POS, Pipeline, rebates management and loyalty programs for partners based on sales performance. Also offers an analytics solution through dashboard suite with an aggregated view of technology sales and inventory through integration with the Tech Channel Index. TCI contains data on a representative basket of IT hardware, packaged software and consumer electronics from over 1500 channel partners in over 100 countries. Clients include industry leaders like Symantec, Xerox, Linksys and Sandisk among others to manage their sales channels. Has offices in USA, UK and Bangalore, India. $11M Artiman Ventures Jifflenow Jifflenow [Bangalore, 2006]: Jifflenow is a provider of cloud-based enterprise meeting scheduling solutions for B2B events. It enables organizations to capture, distribute and analyze meeting data at B2B events. Few of the features include meeting response tracking, automatic personal calendar updation for meeting information, meeting schedule management, salesforce integration etc. Along with this, the platform is supported on both web and mobile and offers reporting ; real-time insights to calculate the value of meetings. Dquip [Mumbai, 2009]: Provider of technology-enabled business software & solutions. Offerings include sales and customer management applications & web design services. With its business automation tools, clients can automate lead management, manage & drive sales performance, create, send & manage quotes online, create and manage online invoices and even get a customizable web based task management system. Has 50+ clients including HP, French Connection, Autocal, Themis Medicare among others. Genwi Genwi [Los Altos, 2010]: Genwi is used by marketers and publishers to distribute information, gathered from multiple sources, to mobile devices in realtime. It offers templates and tools that makes it easy for both small and enterprise publishers to customize both native and HTML5 apps, after which they can deliver their content across those devices without having to make changes to published apps. As of 2012, it was currently powering 1,500 apps, while storing and delivering 90 million+ articles, 120 million+ images and serving over 6 million+ app views per month. The customers include IBM Content Zone, Chief Content Officer and Deloitte to name a few. $7.1M Inventus Capital Partners, Quest Venture Partners, Nexus Venture Partners, Elevation Partners, Floodgate Wag Mobile Wag Mobile [Redmond, 2011]: Provider of mobile based learning and training platform offering products such as GoSalesTrain and GoLearningBus. Training platform comprises of features such as cross-device compatibility, dashboard for task management, community videos, in-built training templates with the offering available as a white- label solution. Also enables users to create apps and eBooks. Offered services for 1000+ eBooks and 2000+ apps with 5000+ downloads as of Oct 2014. Customers include Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Pearson, Verizon among others. Has offices in Redmond and Indore, India. $555k
  28. 28. Company Details: Sales (2/3) Company Details Funding Investors WittyParro t WittyParrot [Cupertino, 2012]: WittyParrot offers a cloud-based platform enabling effective and consistent communication and content collaboration with insightful analytics among sales, marketing and customer support functions. It delivers content instantly for emails, presentations, RFPs and SOWs and makes communication effective, consistent, fast and simple. Helps for creating reusable content components and delivering them via a drag and drop widget to any device or application to improve productivity. Enables users to find, drag and drop information into e-mails, documents or presentation. $1M Compile [Bangalore, 2012]: Compile is a cloud based platform that serves aids for lead sourcing and generation for an organization and helps businesses engage with their customers and prospects. It enables marketers & sales people to run customized marketing campaigns, sharing content that is relevant to the prospect and increase the number of leads for sales by identifying the right target prospects and avoiding cold leads. The platform helps to create an industry map along with the lead volume and regions, keyword map to identify product purchase intent and receiving lead stream in the CRM, email or dashboard. [Pune, 2013]: was created by Decos and the team is based in India and The Netherlands. The platform enables users to present powerpoint, pdf/word documents on smart devices and computers in real-time simultaneously. An app is available for Google Hangout using which users can turn their hangout call into a business presentation, online training or distance learning etc. Users can drag and drop their presentation onto the platform and users have the option to easily broadcast their presentation currently without any registration. Available for mobile on both Android and iOS. KiCube KiCube [Bangalore, 2013]: Cloud hosted + tablet application for sales and marketing teams to upload marketing content on the cloud and build interactive presentations. Features include real-time analytics on effectiveness of sales performance, integration with systems like dropbox, salesforce, white-labeled solutions with a customized app for the business requirements, adding customer engagement elements in the digital content presented. Primarily targeting US markets. Offices in Austin, US and Bangalore, India. Part of Endeavour Software Technologies.
  29. 29. Company Details: Sales (3/3) Company Details Funding Investors CRMnext CRMnext [Noida, 2002]: CRMnext is its flagship product of Acidaes Solutions Private Limited, offers a cloud-based customer relationship management solutions, available on a commutable cloud model i.e. both on-private cloud or on-public cloud on a single code-base which provides companies with flexibility of ownership model. CRMnext has proven track record of delivering high impact CRM solution with vertical offerings in banking, insurance, financial services, pharma, media, telecom, automobile etc. The product features covers processes across sales force automation, marketing automation, customer service management, social CRM and knowledge management on a single platform. The product comes along with a robust reporting ; analytical engine besides modules for business process automation. It runs the largest banking CRM implementation in Asia Pacific region at HDFC Bank with over 30k+ users. $7M Norwest Venture Partners Quotiply Quotiply [Mumbai, 2011]: Quotiply is an enterprise CRM solution. Quotiply helps companies to automatically collect, rate and assess offers from their usual providers, and identify the strongest contender for them. Has networking features such as profiles, messaging and contacts through which members are connected via an advanced suggestions system. Has a team based out of Mumbai, with the founder residing in Paris. ClinchPad ClinchPad [Delhi, 2013]: ClinchPad is a SaaS solution for CRM for small teams and businesses. It has a user- friendly interface with drag and drop features for tracking leads and moving them across pipeline with analytical reporting which allows teams to close deals and share information efficiently. Integrates with popular sales applications like Olark, Wufoo, Formstack, Mailchimp and others including all Google applications, and provides an iOS app for managing leads on the go. GSF
  30. 30. IT CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE JamCracker [$128.4M] Druva [$67M] SECURITY Fixnix [$325k] ShieldSquare [$350k] $136M $675k MARKETING Act-On [$74.5M] Unmetric [$8.7M] SALES FreshDesk [$44M] HelpShift [$13.2M] $114 M $77M HR HackerRank [$12.4M] Mettl [$4.43M] MindTickle [$1.8M] UniRow $20M COLLABORATION BUSINESS APPS SUITE BUSINESS PROCESS AUTOMATION $5M $98M DEVELOPER TOOLS BrowserStack, DocsPad, Postman, Shippable [$10.05M] $11.3M MOBILE DEVELOPER TOOLS ShepHertz [$1.8M], BetaGlide [$1M], Plivo [$1.75M] $5.3 M LOCAL BUSINESSES $2M E-COMMERCE Unbxd [$2M] BoomerangCommerce [$8.5M] TargetingMantra [$1.1M] $25M TRAVEL & HOSPITALITY RateGain [$5M] Hotelogix [$3M] $3M RETAIL Capillary Technologies [$34.1M] Indix [$14.5M] $48M EDUCATION Fedena [$2M] Verificient Technologies [$2M] $2.7M HEALTHCARE Claimat $10.6M FINANCE Stockopedia, Accern $1.17M Landscape – Global SaaS Companies from India ANALYTICS CrayonData [$7.34M], Ubiq $7M
  31. 31. Company Details: Analytics Company Details Funding Investors Relecura [Bangalore, 2009]: Relecura, developed by INDUS TechInnovations, offers an analytics platform for technology developers, inventors, IP professionals and corporate leaders to make business decisions. Relecura’s core engine extracts relevant knowledge from large amounts of textual data, connects the knowledge to provide insights, and extends it further via predictive analytics for business and technology intelligence. Offers features like One-click Upload & Search, Assignment Data, collaboration, creation of Topic Maps, Result Clusters and a mobile app. Also offers APIs for 3rd party app development. Ideal Analytics [Kolkata, 2010]: Offers an online SaaS platform for users to import data and produce dashboards. Features include easy data import and export, user management and data analysis. Formed as a joint venture between Ideation Technology Solutions, India and ChoYou SAS, France. Currently offers two plans - personal (free) and enterprise ($80/month). Has 20+ enterprise customers like Salesforce, Blackberry, VMware, Euler Hermes, Serco; and 3000 cloud customer accounts of which about 300-400 are paid customers. CrayonData [Chennai, 2012]: Provides a SaaS Big Data Analytics platform with focus on hospitality, finance, retail, technology verticals. Offers two products— Simpler Choices and One Drop Analytics. Simpler Choices is a choice engine that helps consumers and businesses make better-informed and smarter decisions, while One Drop Analytics boosts B2B sales and marketing intelligence and demand generation by providing insights on companies and markets. Has 10 customers including a mid-sized hotel chain in the UK, an MNC bank in Singapore and a lifestyle & fashion retailer in India. CEO claims a run rate of $500,000 and hopes to close 2015 at $6M in revenue. Backed by Jungle Ventures, Spring Seed Capital along with some individual investors. HQ in Singapore with dev center in Chennai, India $7.34M Jungle Ventures Ubiq [Mumbai, 2013]: Ubiq Analytics offers web based analytics and reporting tools for MySQL data in a business. Users can query their data using drag & drop and visualize it in real time dashboards, online dashboards to track signups, sales, operations and other business information. For MySQL database on your laptop, cloud or intranet. It is a part of The Morpheus accelerator. Finds its application in eCommerce businesses to find top customers, products & categories.
  32. 32. IT CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE JamCracker [$128.4M] Druva [$67M] SECURITY Fixnix [$325k] ShieldSquare [$350k] $136M $675k MARKETING Act-On [$74.5M] Unmetric [$8.7M] SALES FreshDesk [$44M] HelpShift [$13.2M] $114 M $77M COLLABORATION BUSINESS APPS SUITE BUSINESS PROCESS AUTOMATION $5M $98M DEVELOPER TOOLS BrowserStack, DocsPad, Postman, Shippable [$10.05M] $11.3M MOBILE DEVELOPER TOOLS ShepHertz [$1.8M], BetaGlide [$1M], Plivo [$1.75M] $5.3 M LOCAL BUSINESSES $2M E-COMMERCE Unbxd [$2M] BoomerangCommerce [$8.5M] TargetingMantra [$1.1M] $25M TRAVEL & HOSPITALITY RateGain [$5M] Hotelogix [$3M] $3M RETAIL Capillary Technologies [$34.1M] Indix [$14.5M] $48M EDUCATION Fedena [$2M] Verificient Technologies [$2M] $2.7M HEALTHCARE Claimat $10.6M FINANCE Stockopedia, Accern $1.17M Landscape – Global SaaS Companies from India ANALYTICS CrayonData [$7.34M], Ubiq $7M HR HackerRank [$12.4M] Mettl [$4.43M] MindTickle [$1.8M] UniRow $20M
  33. 33. Company Details: HR (1/4) Company Details Funding Investors HackerRan k HackerRank [Bangalore, 2009]: A platform to administer coding challenges, candidate assessment and tech interviews. HackerRank (formerly Interviewstreet) automates the applicant code testing and interviewing to pre-qualify and screen candidates. Companies can create their own tests or choose from a library of programming challenges, MCQs, and subjective questions. Candidates are invited to take the test and HackerRank's code-checker evaluates the code, correctness and optimality. Recruiters can invite shortlisted candidates to CodePair- a collaborative tool to conduct real-time coding sessions. Pricing starts at $199 per month forstart ups. Key Customers- Yahoo, Facebook, VM Ware, Evernote. $12.4M Y Combinator, Khosla Ventures Synergita Synergita [Thanjavur, 2009]: Synergita, product of Asteor Software, is an online cloud-based tool for performance management, periodic review and continuous feedback. It empowers HR and business managers through flexible and easy to administer online tools, reducing the dependency on the internal IT team or external vendors. The product features include creation ; management of employee profiles, skillset capture and search in employee database, insights such as new hire report, attrition report, continuous feedback for employees, teams, reward system for employees, setting goals and tracking for employees and performance reports for both individual employees, teams and the entire organization. Prohance Prohance [Bangalore, 2009]: Offers technology solutions for employee engagement and workflow process management for businesses. Offered as both on-cloud and on-premise, offers analytics and dashboard for time tracking of employees, attendance report, workload management among others. Other products include Prohance Plus for measuring productivity, Prohance Pro for project status tracking and revenue recognition and Prohance Desk for real-time measurement of asset utilization. Has 50+ active clients across US, Japan, Russia and Romania. Product of JaMocha Tech. Recruiterbox [Bangalore, 2010]: Recruiterbox is a web-based applicant tracking software that helps companies to manage their incoming job applications. Companies can create jobs, share them on multiple platforms, structure the process, manage teams, create questionnaires and view all applications from a single dashboard. Recruiterbox is a product of Aplopio Technology, a recruitment technology company. Used by 700+ companies including Groupon, Skyscanner, Stripe, Contently, Olark and Panasonic. $250k Mettl Mettl [Gurgaon, 2010]: Mettl's flagship product is an online assessment solution for testing technical, aptitude and psychometric skills of potential candidates. The solution helps companies measure, analyze and improve people skills. It is ideal for companies who want to run multi-competency assessments for their prospective hires or existing employees. The main benefits and salient features of their assessment platform are creating multi-competency assessments - i.e. measure aptitude, technical and personality skills applicable in work environment, automatic invigilation for remote testing situations and actionable analytics with reporting on candidate's performance generated real time. $4.43M Blume Ventures, IndoUS Venture Partners
  34. 34. Company Details: HR (2/4) Company Details Funding Investors uniRow uniRow [Mumbai, 2010]: uniRow offers a cloud-based remote training and assessment platform for enterprises. Enterprises can leverage uniRow to train their remote sales teams and connect with their geographically scattered workforce, agents and distributors. uniRow’s collaboration platform with its low bandwidth footprint disrupts the virtual training industry. Clients include ICICI Bank, Glenmark, FICCI, Pearson and $1.2M HireRabbit HireRabbit [Bangalore, 2011]: HireRabbit offers SaaS platform for companies to design career- sites on Facebook and mobile. Companies can use referral recruitment, integrate with existing applicant tracking systems and see recruitment metrics. Product launched in Nov, 2012. Company has around 100 customers including Citiustech, Evidon, eclerx and Sandstone. Backed by Microsoft Accelerator program. MindTickle MindTickle [Pune, 2011]: SaaS-based learning platform for enterprises that transforms existing content such as ppts, docs, videos etc. into engaging online training. Organizations can create, curate, deliver and track online learning for employees, customers and partners. Won “Best use of engagement techniques in Online Learning” Award at Gamification Summit, SF, USA in 2013. Clients include SAP,, ebay, Yahoo!, InMobi. $1.8M Accel Partners MoBolt MoBolt [Dallas, 2012]: MoBolt offers an end-to-end mobile recruiting solution. Its solutions are built on its proprietary SaaS platform that optimizes and completes job applications. Offerings include Mobile Career Site design ; job search, MoBolt Apply, a fully optimized apply process for mobile devices that works seamlessly with all ATS system worldwide in all global languages without needing any integration. It also offers social-mobile employee referral enabling users to refer ; apply to a job in less than a minute and talent capture which enables to capture candidates from career fairs/events seamlessly into recruiting company's CRM and an analytics suite that delivers detailed reports that empowers talent acquisition teams to make quality decisions. Indeed has agreed to acquire MoBolt and Indeed's pay for performance model will be extended to Mobolt solution. PiQube PiQube [Chennai, 2012]: Web based hiring tool for businesses. Offered products include piStat, a market intelligence tool to assist recruiters with candidate profiles across the web for their own requirements. Other product rhoStat, intelligent people-matching engine that would be available soon for beta users as of Oct 2014. Company claims of strong traction in technology sector with major pull in BFSI category and focusing on acquiring customers from Singapore in further expansion. Offers its products on a subscription based model for $250/month.
  35. 35. Company Details: HR (3/4) Company Details Funding Investors WhistleTalk [Bangalore, 2012]: Whistle Talk offers a referral hiring platform, that helps companies leverage the social influence of their employees to connect and hire potential candidates. Its free personal edition enables employees across organizations to share "hidden jobs" (job vacancies that do not reach well enough to the public through job portals) in their company and receive access to hidden jobs in other companies. The enterprise edition allows companies to partner with employees to take its jobs to a larger pool of relevant, potential candidates resulting in a more efficient & effective referral hiring process. Sumari Sumari [Singapore, 2012]: Web-based, mobile-enabled, live and recorded video-interviewing solution. Recruiters set a standardized interview questionnaire, candidates are invited to record responses. Hiring teams collaborate to rate, comment and shortlist candidates. Sumari’s speech analytics engine - CommAnalytics can gain insights from candidate responses and convert this data into meaningful results for hiring decisions. Sumari stores candidate responses in a cloud vault. Zalp Zalp [Princeton, 2012]: ZALP is a SaaS based referral software designed to help organizations efficiently source the highest quality candidates from Employee Referrals. It enables organizations to automate and streamline different aspect of employee referral program, integrating it with social recruitment using social media capabilities. Features include easy job posting, Analytics, LeaderBoard and real-time tracking. ZLemma [Mountain View, 2013]: ZLemma's flagship product ZSort analyzes professionals with backgrounds in STEM fields to help companies identify the right hires. The product is based on the proprietary metric, ZLemma Quotient (ZQ) - a candidate's suitability-score for a prospective job. ZLemma's algorithms use semantic intelligence to search beyond traditional keyword search and study a range of factors such as difficulty of the major at the candidate's university, the highest degree they earned, the pedigree of their work experience. It also models the specific requirements of teams at client companies, the backgrounds they seek and the skills they desire. Founded by former Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Sun Microsystems executives. Currently in limited release to select partners. The company is head quartered in San Francisco with a significant part of team in Pune, India. Nexus Venture Partners Predikt Predikt [Chicago, 2013]: Predikt analyzes professional data of users and numerically shows how well they fit specific job positions. Provides artificial intelligence technology screens resumes and identifies the best applicants for your job openings. It also aggregates and analyzes social data from github, linkedin, facebook, kaggle, blogs etc. It evaluates multiple signals such as relevance of experience, education, reputation of companies, projects, publications etc. Claims that using Predikt, recruiters will be able to quantify a candidate’s fit, view actionable insights and hire upto 5X faster. Currently part of Plug & Play Ventures, Chicago.
  36. 36. Company Details: HR (4/4) Company Details Funding Investors Antezen [Bangalore, 2011]: Antezen provides web based platform that offers an automation solution for resume screening, referrals and applicant tracking for recruiters. Tools for recruiters include features such as 1-click screening, resume parser and tracking applicants based on their skill set ratings. Released their product - Skillsume, a web based tool for creating resumes with drag-drop user interface.
  37. 37. IT CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE JamCracker [$128.4M] Druva [$67M] SECURITY Fixnix [$325k] ShieldSquare [$350k] $136M $675k MARKETING Act-On [$74.5M] Unmetric [$8.7M] SALES FreshDesk [$44M] HelpShift [$13.2M] $114 M $77M DEVELOPER TOOLS BrowserStack, DocsPad, Postman, Shippable [$10.05M] $11.3M MOBILE DEVELOPER TOOLS ShepHertz [$1.8M], BetaGlide [$1M], Plivo [$1.75M] $5.3 M LOCAL BUSINESSES $2M E-COMMERCE Unbxd [$2M] BoomerangCommerce [$8.5M] TargetingMantra [$1.1M] $25M TRAVEL & HOSPITALITY RateGain [$5M] Hotelogix [$3M] $3M RETAIL Capillary Technologies [$34.1M] Indix [$14.5M] $48M EDUCATION Fedena [$2M] Verificient Technologies [$2M] $2.7M HEALTHCARE Claimat $10.6M FINANCE Stockopedia, Accern $1.17M Landscape – Global SaaS Companies from India ANALYTICS CrayonData [$7.34M], Ubiq $7M HR HackerRank [$12.4M] Mettl [$4.43M] MindTickle [$1.8M] UniRow $20M COLLABORATION BUSINESS APPS SUITE BUSINESS PROCESS AUTOMATION $5M $98M
  38. 38. Company Details: Collaboration (1/4) Company Details Funding Investors Celoxis Celoxis [Pune, 2001]: Celoxis is a cloud-based project management software enabling companies to manage various aspects of the business from one integrated application. Their flagship application combines management of projects, resources, issues, documents, time sheets, expenses, and collaboration. Project Planning component with scheduling feature and templates, Project tracking component with time ; expense tracking, notification features, bug tracking, request tracking and customizable dashboards, portfolio reporting, resource management, team collaboration and also a flexible API integration for data exchange. DeskAway DeskAway [Mumbai, 2007]: Deskaway is a SaaS application for team-based project management and collaboration developed by Synage Software Pvt. Ltd. It provides project and task management, wiki-style document management, task lists, file sharing, internal blogs, calendar, contacts, messaging, personal email reminders, reports, user interface customizations, security, and integration with FreshBooks and Google Apps. DeskAway offers a system for creating and storing templates. Blue Jeans Blue Jeans [Mountain View, 2009]: Provides a cloud-based video conferencing service that enables people to connect with each other any time, any place, and from practically any device. Can support more than 100 simultaneous users on a video conference. Has offices in Mountain View, USA and Bangalore, India. Over 2,000 customer accounts including Facebook, Stanford University, 99 Designs, Wharton University, RedHat, MIT Sloan School of Management. $98.5M Accel Partners, Norwest Venture Partners, New Enterprise Associates, Battery Ventures ProofHub ProofHub [Chandigarh, 2010]: ProofHub is a web based project management software and online collaboration tool that helps companies, groups and freelancers manage, schedule, discuss, work and communicate with clients and team. Features offered include to-do’s, milestones, discussions, file sharing, inbuilt proofing tool, time tracking, inbuilt browser chat. Offers packages ranging from $15 to $149. Also offers a free plan that provide 250MB storage space loaded with select features and access to unlimited users. Clients include TripAdvisor, Zomato, Harvard University, Wipro, Intuit among others. GrexIt GrexIt [Bangalore, 2011]: GrexIt turns email inbox into a collaboration tool to help support, sales, project management, recruitment and operations teams collaborate efficiently from their inbox. Offers "Shared Labels" in Gmail to share useful emails and attachments, assign tasks, and track status on support and sales queries. Shared Email Archive to which a team can add email conversations which can also integrate with Gmail Labels to automate archival and sharing of important emails. It is integrated with Google Apps, and is available on the Google Apps marketplace. The Morpheus, Citrix Startup Accelerator
  39. 39. Company Details: Collaboration (2/4) Company Details Funding Investors Oogwave [Noida, 2012]: Oogwave offers a SaaS application for enterprise level and cross organizational collaboration with social networking, file sharing, work management and communication. The first version of oogwave was launched in September 2011, by Toronto based oogwave INC which was founded in the summer of 2010. The app was initially accessible via computer/laptop browsers and the subsequent version of oogwave introduced responsive interface to allow access via mobile and tablet browsers. The company has attracted funding from TLabs, a division of Times Internet Ltd. $18K TLabs Framebench [Delhi, 2012]: Framebench is a cloud based communication and feedback platform specially for digital agencies and creative design firms. It is a central workplace where one can store & share your creative assets. Remote teams & clients can then review, mark changes required on the assets and even host discussions on them in real time. This is automatically documented for viewing at any later time. 1000+ companies have been using it since its debut. $150k Blume Ventures Collaborate Cloud [Bangalore, 2012]: Collaborate Cloud is a collaboration platform that focuses on communication, collaboration, productivity and workflow automation. It allows an organization to have all their employees, departments and business functions on to one single common platform facilitating communication & collaboration. Allows employees to interact in real time, conduct virtual meetings, collaborate on files, delegate tasks, manage events, track due dates and manage all their business functions by collaborating on relevant apps picked up from the cloud app store or built using the app builder. Teams can setup workrooms and workflows to automate any internal process. The platform will also be accessible through mobile devices & tablets allowing employees to stay connected and share work updates on the go. Collaborate Cloud is available as a software-as-a-service and can be used on an on-demand basis. Dream IT Ventures Dotmach [Trivandrum, 2012]: Dotmatch offers a web based collaboration & work management tool to enable enterprises and SMBs to offer an effective way for teams to communicate and share content. The application also has an inbuilt social element, that provides content or file collaboration internally and also with other services. Currently the services supported are and Dropbox, but the platform plans to add Skydrive and Google drive to the list. Tydy [Bangalore, 2012]: Tydy offers a platform in a mobile interface for sales, management & other such distributed teams in an organization to manage project schedule, research and tasks. Document sharing, presentation tools, feedback forms and sales checklists are few of the features offered. Their platform allows businesses to enable their users to browse through products, receive promotions and campaigns and interactive photo galleries, videos. Offers web analytics features and marketing solutions for online retail stores. Used by customers like Mantri, Puma, Zansaar. Raised angel funding on LetsVenture led by Hareesh Ramanna, MD of BORQS Software, with participations from Bhupen Shah, co-founder of SlingBox; Nikhil Ramanlal, director of Atandra; and Soumitra Sharma, former associate at IDG Ventures. $138k
  40. 40. Company Details: Collaboration (3/4) Company Details Funding Investors InFeedo [Gurgaon, 2013]: Building a web-based private social engine for idea generation, problem solving and consensus building within an organization. Users can post ideas and discuss problems in real-time. Option of anonymous posting regarding a specific problem in the community, forming private groups with access limitations. Incubated by former Google Director. Ad Documentum [Bangalore, 2013]: Cloud based Document Templating & Correspondence Automation that allows business professionals to define a document template which could be linked with real time data to generate and deliver automatic correspondences. Its tools allows users to collaborate, restrict and annotate content in a multi-user environment. Finds its applications across verticals such as banking & finance, education, healthcare, government & utilities, transportation and logistics. Automated correspondence such as billing, customer communications, reporting, notifications, messaging and invoicing are offered. Mammoth Mammoth [San Francisco, 2013]: Mammoth is a cloud-based collaboration tool that enables individuals or businesses to communicate, share links, pictures and documents, create boards for various topics etc. The tool also allows for document formatting and organization of files on a board. Also provides a chrome extension called mini- mammoth which allows user to simply drag and drop any link, text, image etc. The company is planning to release mobile/tablet apps soon for both iOS and Android. HQ in San Francisco Bay Area with an office in Hyderabad, India. Brightpod [Mumbai, 2013]: Brightpod is a cloud-based collaboration app developed by Synage Software which offers marketers the tools needed for efficient communication, task delegation and file sharing on the web. Incubated at The Morpheus. Svyft [Hyderabad, 2014]: Svyft is an encrypted instant messaging and group chat for teams. Users can create unlimited private or public chat rooms with unlimited members. Provides Dropbox and Google Drive integration for easy file sharing. Also has real time apps that run within a chat room called Chatlets. Its first chartlet, Tasks is a Kanban board to track projects, issues, bugs, events. Group Chat is free, while chatlets cost a monthly fee of $25/ month. Team is split between offices in NYC and Hyderabad.
  41. 41. Company Details: Collaboration (4/4) Company Details Funding Investors Trackmemo [Bangalore, 2014]: Trackmemo provides a newsfeed of updates and activity from cloud applications like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Github, Asana, Basecamp, Trello. Users can track projects, documents and code repositories with real-time updates and alerts. Also offers centralized, threaded and searchable conversation threads for collaborating with teams. Product of MyCrofto. CcZen [San Francisco, 2014]: CcZen, is a product of TeamSync, US based software product startup. It is a group email service that enables groups to communicate, share, and organize information in a simpler ; more efficient way. Users can form ; organize group emails from the inbox itself and even helps for organizing attachments on the cloud automatically. Launched in Summer 2014. Hiring for Bangalore office as of Oct 2014 with another office in San Francisco. Backed by Sabeer Bhatia (Hotmail).
  42. 42. Company Details: ERP + Business Process Automation (1/1) Company Details Funding Investors Azuqua [Seattle, 2011]: Azuqua enables organizations to create business processes spanning multiple cloud services and integrate them together along with allowing users to embed their own logic into the business process via click, point ; drag features interface. Currently focused on marketing technology - social media, marketing automation, and CRM. Will also sync coworkers’ calendars using Asana, Evernote, Google Docs and Trello. Pricing will be based on number of processes connected. Techstars startup. Have offices in Seattle and Bangalore, India. $5M Ignition Partners KissFlow KissFlow [Chennai, 2012]: KissFlow, product of OrangeScape, is an alternative to using email and spreadsheets to track approvals and other tasks in a company. It is a cloud-based business workflow management platform that helps businesses to create workflows for things like expense reporting, access google docs, calenders, contacts and spreadsheets directly from the platform along with an analytics dashboard to track all the business processes in the company. Has 9000+ customers across 100 countries. ERPNext [Mumbai, 2008]: ERPNext, product of Web Notes Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is an open source integrated ERP software for small ; medium businesses. Its solutions for businesses include accounting, asset management, CRM, HRM, POS integration, project ; sales management, warehouse management system. The software has a Model-View-Controller architecture with metadata modeling tools that add flexibility for users to adapt the software to unique purposes without the need for programming. It provides an embedded reporting system with office suite integration along with report customization.
  43. 43. Company Details: Business Apps Suite (1/1) Company Details Funding Investors Exactlly [Kolkata, 1997]: Provider of business management software such as ERP, HRMS, CRM & PMS. Its ERP helps companies to manage and record business processes and data at every stage of business, HRMS for HR and payroll tasks, CRM to increase sales and revenues and maintain relationships with leads and a project management system to enable effective project and team management. Has multiple offices in India and Dubai. Customers include Dupont, Sharekhan, AutoSonics, Tulip Group among others. It has more than 40000 users spreading across 17 countries. The founder is currently the Chairman of NASSCOM ERPC and an active charter member of TiE Kolkata. Zoho [Chennai, 2005]: Zoho offers a suite of business, collaboration ; productivity applications in a freemium model. Offers a suite of 25+ apps for CRM, helpdesk, email hosting, project management, accounting, app creator among others. While headquartered in Pleasanton, USA, its software development, sales and support operations are in Chennai, India. A self-funded company, Zoho has never taken funding from outside investors A2Zapps [Delhi, 2007]: A2Zapps is an enterprise cloud computing company enabling companies to use business software in verticals such as institutions, media houses, online retail, financial service companies among others. Platform and services comprise of 3 parts - Work Desktop, for business employees to manage, share & collaborate on documents, communicate with other employees, schedule tasks and meeting among others; Work App Store, a marketplace for ready-made business apps; Work App Builder, allows companies and individuals to custom build their own apps in the Cloud using the Developer toolkit. All apps are integrated, social and mobile in nature. EazeWork [Noida, 2009]: EazeWork provides cloud based HRMS, CRM Software, Payroll Software, Helpdesk software to SMEs. Products include EazeHR, EazePay, EazeSales, and EazeSupport. Business users can use EazeWork software through emails, mobiles phones (SMS only) and web browsers. Claims to have over 25,000 users across Asia, Africa and Europe. Clients include Vinculum, Yebhi, TRF, Vikalp, Location Labs, mCarbon, JCDeaux, TriCore etc.
  44. 44. Company Details: Productivity (1/2) Company Details Funding Investors WeekWill [Chennai, 2009]: WeekWill is a cloud hosted solution that enables consumers to receive email notifications on mobile phone via SMS/call. User doesn't require an internet connection on mobile to receive notifications, can receive updates within 30 seconds of mail arrival in inbox. The product works with multiple mail clients, also offers users the option to filter unwanted emails, spam filtration and even provides content filtration option. Offers monthly, yearly and corporate plans. MetisMe [Mumbai, 2012]: MetisMe, product of Gusto Web Labs Pvt. Ltd., is an Email Data Management System that solves the pain point of data search and sharing from within their email. It currently helps Gmail users set up an attachments stack, search for desired attachments and sync them with cloud drive on demand or by setting automation rules, forward or download attachments from multiple emails. Presently, after installing the plug-in, users can see all their attachments under one tab similar to how they view files in their local drive. Users can search for desired attachments with ease and sync it with cloud drives like Dropbox, Skydrive, Gdrive and Evernote. The company has a mobile app for iOS and releasing one soon for Android. The company is planning to release MetisMe for MS Web Exchange and Outlook users. Vibe [Kochi, 2013]: Vive, a product of Profoundis Labs, is a contact mapping application for Mac OS, iPhone and a Chrome extension. Vibe looks up email addresses through APIs of most popular social networks to retrieve links to profiles and homepages, as well as short biographies of people. Provides information like name, location, job, social network accounts, short biography, and topics of interest as the user hovers on email addresses. The product is free for individuals while businesses pay for extra features. Profoundis, the developer of Vibe, is a part of Startup Chile, Microsoft Accelerator Program and Blackbox VC connect. $40k Startup Chile Ref [Austin, 2013]: Ref is an auto-suggest feature for Gmail that pulls contacts from LinkedIn, Salesforce, Facebook etc. Users install the app into their browser and then open Gmail and link their 3rd party accounts to the app. With Ref, they can reference people, files, leads, tasks, and other entities straight from the compose window of their e-mail by typing the @ character. Currently supports Facebook, Asana, LinkedIn, Google Contacts, Dropbox, Trello, Google Drive and Teamgum [Mumbai, 2013]: Teamgum has created a browser extension that allows users to share articles they find on the web with other team members. It integrates with other apps like Pocket and Twitter. Also offers a smartphone app that provides users with live news feed of the articles shared, have conversations with users remotely through the app, make shared article recommendations to other users, notification, commenting and sharing system for articles. The browser extension or app allows users to create their own identity profile
  45. 45. Company Details: Productivity (2/2) Company Details Funding Investors Typeless [Bangalore, 2013]: Web based contacts management tool. Can be integrated with various online services, enables for sharing contacts on Gmail groups, data sync of contacts across accounts. Associated with contacts on Gmail, Outlook and mobile devices. Available as a Chrome extension currently. Currently available as a free service. Quickly [Singapore, 2014]: Quickly is a chrome plugin that helps users organize and use their Gmail inboxes better. Based on the context of the email, Quickly suggests a single action or a series of actions that the user can take. Also provides actions with popular apps like Asana, Google Drive, Dropbox and Mailchimp. Releasing integrations with more apps soon. Launched on 19 June 2014, in beta. Founders earlier worked together on
  46. 46. COLLABORATION BUSINESS APPS SUITE BUSINESS PROCESS AUTOMATION $5M $98M IT CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE JamCracker [$128.4M] Druva [$67M] SECURITY Fixnix [$325k] ShieldSquare [$350k] $136M $675k MARKETING Act-On [$74.5M] Unmetric [$8.7M] SALES FreshDesk [$44M] HelpShift [$13.2M] $114 M $77M LOCAL BUSINESSES $2M E-COMMERCE Unbxd [$2M] BoomerangCommerce [$8.5M] TargetingMantra [$1.1M] $25M TRAVEL & HOSPITALITY RateGain [$5M] Hotelogix [$3M] $3M RETAIL Capillary Technologies [$34.1M] Indix [$14.5M] $48M EDUCATION Fedena [$2M] Verificient Technologies [$2M] $2.7M HEALTHCARE Claimat $10.6M FINANCE Stockopedia, Accern $1.17M Landscape – Global SaaS Companies from India ANALYTICS CrayonData [$7.34M], Ubiq $7M HR HackerRank [$12.4M] Mettl [$4.43M] MindTickle [$1.8M] UniRow $20M DEVELOPER TOOLS BrowserStack, DocsPad, Postman, Shippable [$10.05M] $11.3M MOBILE DEVELOPER TOOLS ShepHertz [$1.8M], BetaGlide [$1M], Plivo [$1.75M] $5.3 M
  47. 47. Company Details: Developer Tools (1/2) Company Details Funding Investors BrowserSt ack BrowserStack [Mumbai, 2011]: BrowserStack is an online cross-browser testing product which provides a cloud platform where developers, testers and designers can test their web applications. They serve more than 300,000 registered users worldwide including Wikipedia, Microsoft, Ubuntu, jQuery, Citrix, Adobe, Ebay, Stanford University and more. They also offer local testing that allows users to test their internal servers using the BrowserStack cloud, which has support for firewalls, proxies and active directory. Features include mobile emulators for iOS and Android for testing across range of devices, pre-installed developer tools for testing and debugging and multiple desktop OS support. LoginRadi us LoginRadius [Edmonton, 2011]: LoginRadius is a unified social API platform that combines 30 major social platforms such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. into a single API. With LoginRadius API, websites and apps can implement social login, capture user social data, enable social sharing, add single sign-on, and more. Headquartered in Edmonton, Canada with an office in Jaipur, India. Powering social login and sharing on 100,000 websites in 180 countries with monthly reach of 15 million users. $1.3M Accelerate Ventures, Yaletown Venture Partners, Real Ventures, Business Development Bank of Canada Errorception [Mumbai, 2011]: Errorception is an error reporting service for client-side in-browser JavaScript errors. Errorception attempts to solve the problem of front-end errors by getting details about such errors and reporting them back to the developer. Errorception focuses on run-time and load-time performance. The developer’s JavaScript code is not modified or otherwise tampered with. The tracking snippet is also lazily loaded, so that the site’s load-times are not affected. Shippable Shippable [Bellevue, 2013]: Shippable helps teams ship software faster by giving them a virtual build, test, and deployment environment in the cloud. Offered features include GitHub signin, support for multiple languages/ platforms, cross-platform, build history and artifacts, granular permission model, integrated code quality tools like code coverage and trend visualization. Built on Docker, and is 3x faster than other competing products build on VM. It is part of the TechStars Seattle 2013 cohort. Shippable provides 5 private repositories for free, pricing starts at $10/ month. $10.05M Divergent Ventures, Vulcan, Inc., Madrona Venture Group, Founder's Co-op, SK Ventures, Techstars Postman [Bangalore, 2013]: Postman is a suite of API management tools which helps developers to work with REST (Representational State Transfer) APIs more efficiently. The Postman Chrome app let’s user construct and send API requests quickly, which is a lot faster than writing your own code or using existing command line tools. Postman lets developers craft simple as well as complex HTTP requests quickly. It also saves requests for future use. Used by over 500k developers. Rated as one of the best development tools of 2013 by Scott Hanselman (Microsoft MVP) and several other top developers. Founding team went to BITS Pilani.
  48. 48. Company Details: Developer Tools (2/2) Company Details Funding Investors Docspad [Bangalore, 2013]: Docspad offers a cloud-based software providing document handling features like preview, edit, annotate etc. into web and mobile applications. It offers support to all popular document formats, working across all devices, customisable viewer and a simple API integration. It serves customers who build applications in cloud storage, productivity, conferencing etc. It is a part of Microsoft Accelerator program's 2014 summer batch. Product of BookPad, which was acquired by Yahoo! in Sep 2014 for $8.3M. MoEngage MoEngage [Bangalore, 2014]: MoEngage is a mobile marketing platform. The platform builds user profiles based on In-App behavior of users and then users are automatically segmented into engagement centric segments like Starters, Engaged, Lapsed, Tried ; Left and Uninstalled. Marketers can then reach out to customers via Push Notifications/In-App Messaging/Emails, thereby driving engagement ; conversions. Marketers can track customer engagement metrics and get insights on Customer Acquisition. Currently in closed beta mode with few clients. Has offices in SFO and Bangalore.
  49. 49. Company Details: Mobile Developer Tools (1/2) Company Details Funding Investors ShepHertz [Gurgaon, 2010]: Provides backend and infrastructure to mobile app developers to build apps and games. Has three products - App42 PaaS - a scalable platform with pre-configured Java, PHP, Ruby, Python and Node templates to build apps. Also has specialized solutions for games and mBaaS. AppWarp offers on-premise solutions to build and host customized gaming servers. App42 Cloud APIs offer a one-stop cloud shop for developers to choose from over 500+ backend APIs across 20+ modules. AppHawk allows developers to manage their users, tasks, requirements, increments, estimation, costing, documents and collaboration tools for communication and sharing information and documents on the cloud. AppClay provides user friendly interface to develop HTML5 and Android native apps without any coding. AppHQ offers management console for App42 Cloud API and AppWarp. The company also plans to launch a shared and dedicated cloud containers in the future. $1.8M Kae Capital, Blume Ventures, Mumbai Angels, growX ventures, India Quotient 99tests 99tests [Bangalore, 2011]: 99tests provides a crowd testing platform for software and mobile applications. Developers can test critical user flows with real testers on real handsets, with pay-per-performance pricing model. 8000+ testers and 53000+ bugs logged as of Jan 2014. Over 80 companies such as Intuit, Flipkart, Practo are customers. $210k AppSurfer [Pune, 2011]: AppSurfer allows users to run demo for Android apps on browsers before installing and stream them to any device or platform. These demos can be embedded on blogs, product pages, press releases etc. and inside Facebook. Provides an API for custom use cases to third party AppStores, online IDEs, etc. Recently introduced interactive ad features in apps. $200k One97 Communications Plivo Plivo [San Francisco, 2011]: Plivo provides a cloud-based API platform that enables developers and businesses to build Voice and SMS apps without carrier lock-in for their web and mobile apps in the cloud. The APIs aid to make and receive calls, send SMS, make a conference call etc. Developers can create Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) endpoints to perform the telephony operations. Headquartered in San Francisco, with another office in Bangalore. Y Combinator graduate. $1.75M Andreessen Horowitz, Battery Ventures, Qualcomm, SV Angel, Y Combinator Plivo Semusi [Gurgaon, 2012]: Semusi is a context-awareness SaaS platform for apps which provides real time behavioral insights for the mobile app users based on their demographics, activity, location etc. Developers/ Publishers/advertisers can use Semusi SDK to create and serve personalized and engaging experiences. The SDK works with sensors and the Semusi service to decipher gender, activity & place for each user. Based out of Gurgaon, India and Singapore. Used by apps like Silverline, Popcam, Kentaura.
  50. 50. Company Details: Mobile Developer Tools (2/2) Company Details Funding Investors Playblazer Inc. [Mumbai, 2013]: Playblazer is a multi-tenanted ; auto-scaling, cloud-hosted backend for Social ; Multiplayer Games. Playblazer provides game developers and studios a configurable API that provides instant access to a comprehensive set of pre-built - data models, components ; workflows by leveraging AWS infrastructure to enable rapid development of games accessible from any platform. Used by games like Real Steel Friends (Dreamworks IP/Jump Games) as well as the official game of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Emficient Technologies Pvt Ltd [Delhi, 2013]: Provides a cloud-based mobility PaaS with tools to build, integrate, deploy and manage data driven B2E (Business-to-Employee) mobile apps for mobilizing business processes, workflows, tasks, reports, databases ; custom applications. The platform enables apps to be securely integrated with virtually any enterprise backend system. Apps can then be easily accessed by mobile users using the ‘mFicient’ app. Features include user, device ; app management, rapid development tools and single sign-on integration with Active Directory (LDAP). Has built-in popular industry standard data connectors for secure backend integration with enterprise data. Has offices in Switzerland and India. AppIterate [Delhi, 2013]: AppIterate is a WYSIWYG A/B testing platform for native mobile apps. It allows app publishers to A/B test and iteratively optimize their designs/UX and functionality of their mobile apps to improve in app purchases, user engagement and conversion metrics. It also allows app publishers to run tests and deploy based on user segments and see real time conversion metrics. Pricing - $49/m for less than 10K MAU, $199/m for upto 25K MAU. Customers include Reviews42, Ola Cabs, Spice Labs. Based out of San Francisco and Delhi. Backed by SAIF Partners and angels - Greg Badros and Prashant Malik. $500k SAIF Partners BetaGlide [Bangalore, 2013]: Working on an analytics product for Android apps, focused on solving device fragmentation. Also provides a SaaS dashboard for developers to monitor and measure various metrics calculated from the data gathered by their SDK. Raised $1M in April 2014 from Mercury Fund. TLabs alumnus. IIT Kharagpur Founding Team $1M TLabs, Mercury Fund AppKnox [Bangalore, 2014]: Appknox, product of XYSec Labs Pvt Ltd., offers a platform that scans mobile apps in an automated manner to find security flaws such as leaked payment, banking and other sensitive data of the users. Helps coders by offering a testing API that can be built into their continuous integration process. Also certifies the apps post security testing, detecting vulnerabilities and prioritize the security loopholes to be solved. Users receive automated reports including a score card of vulnerabilities, ranked by severity. This report includes helpful suggestions for developers, and threat scenarios for managers. $19.9k StartupChile, JDFI
  51. 51. DEVELOPER TOOLS BrowserStack, DocsPad, Postman, Shippable [$10.05M] $11.3M MOBILE DEVELOPER TOOLS ShepHertz [$1.8M], BetaGlide [$1M], Plivo [$1.75M] $5.3 M COLLABORATION BUSINESS APPS SUITE BUSINESS PROCESS AUTOMATION $5M $98M IT CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE JamCracker [$128.4M] Druva [$67M] SECURITY Fixnix [$325k] ShieldSquare [$350k] $136M $675k MARKETING Act-On [$74.5M] Unmetric [$8.7M] SALES FreshDesk [$44M] HelpShift [$13.2M] $114 M $77M LOCAL BUSINESSES $2M TRAVEL & HOSPITALITY RateGain [$5M] Hotelogix [$3M] $3M RETAIL Capillary Technologies [$34.1M] Indix [$14.5M] $48M EDUCATION Fedena [$2M] Verificient Technologies [$2M] $2.7M HEALTHCARE Claimat $10.6M FINANCE Stockopedia, Accern $1.17M Landscape – Global SaaS Companies from India ANALYTICS CrayonData [$7.34M], Ubiq $7M HR HackerRank [$12.4M] Mettl [$4.43M] MindTickle [$1.8M] UniRow $20M E-COMMERCE Unbxd [$2M] BoomerangCommerce [$8.5M] TargetingMantra [$1.1M] $25M
  52. 52. Company Details: eCommerce (1/3) Company Details Funding Investors Putler [Mumbai, 2007]: Putler is a cloud based sales analysis & reporting platform. It aggregates transactions from different payment gateways and shopping carts and processes the data to show statistics, charts and details in the form of custom reports required. Putler can also aid with issuing refunds, manage subscriptions and work even while offline. Has integration with popular gateways (Paypal, Shopify, Zapier, Etsy among others) and offers inbound API for a gateway not integrated. Part of Apps Magnet. Unbxd Unbxd [Bangalore, 2011]: Unbxd offers an on-site product discovery SaaS which helps e-commerce businesses increase conversions with personalised and relevant search queries with auto-completion, synonym detection and other features. Businesses get useful analytics from product search which enables them to offer relevant products. Used by eCommerce portals like Yepme, Redmart, Travelguru, Carat Lane, CBazaar, Zansaar. $2M Inventus Capital Partners, IDG Ventures India MineWhat MineWhat [Bangalore, 2012]: MineWhat enables online stores to make informed decisions on marketing, merchandising and product strategy to increase customer lifetime value. It was founded in early 2012 as a social discovery engine that picked up on user interests expressed on social media networks and used that to suggest products that they might like. MineWhat later joined The Ark Challenge incubator in Arkansas. The tool features include promotion and marketing of products, shopper segmentation to acquire and retain more consumers, competitive positioning of products and product strategy for improving business. Supports various platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Opencart, eBay, Drupal commerce, amazon etc. The company graduated out of the incubator as one of the two best startups there. Ark Challenge Semantics 3 Semantics3 [San Francisco, 2012]: Semantics3 is building the world’s largest database of products and prices currently tracking billions of prices, tens of millions of products and thousands of merchants. All of this data is available in realtime through their products API. Customers include developers building data-driven e-commerce apps, merchants figuring out trending products and monitoring prices and many others. Their primary offering is the Products Data API with which developers can track prices across a variety of products and build shopping comparison engines, enrich e-commerce stores with rich metadata and more. HQ in SFO with another office in Bangalore, India. Y Combinator Boomeran g Commerce Boomerang Commerce [Santa Clara, 2012]: Boomerang Commerce provides a cloud-based platform that provides tools to eCommerce businesses to help product category managers and pricing analysts to optimize product prices to maximize yield in terms of revenue, profit and conversions on the website through its flagship product, Price Optimization Platform. It provides retailers advanced tools to optimize their product prices for competitiveness, profitability, marketing effectiveness and customer lifetime value. Technology is plug-n-play for both online and B;M retail. HQ in Santa Clara with a dev center in Bangalore, India. Early customers include Staples, Sears, DHGate, Groupon Goods and RadioShack. $8.5M Trinity Ventures, Madrona Venture Group