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Detox, immunity, health, energy, vitality


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Detox, immunity, health, energy, vitality

  1. 1. Chemicals in our diet•Enzyme inhibitors•Artificial flavourings•Artificial colourings•Artificial sweeteners•PesticidesOn average we consume2lbs to 3lbs of additives ayear
  2. 2. 50%lettuce leaves containmore than 7 pesticides 78% of apples contain pesticides 78% of bread contain pesticides
  3. 3. 30% of cereals contain pesticides 83%fish contain pesticides
  4. 4. Daily Mail - Sweeteners ‘link to cancer’ deniedThe Daily Mail and others reporttoday on new claims surroundingthe artificial sweetener NutraSweet.The artificial additive, also knownas Aspartame, that is used in 6,000 dietfood and pharmaceutical products, hasbeen linked to cancer by the EuropeanFoundation of Oncology andEnvironmental Sciences.The research has suggested that cancercould be triggered by chemicals createdby aspartame as it is broken down inthe body, such as formaldehyde andmethanol. 15/07/2005
  5. 5. Out GassingOut gassing can besignificant if it collectsin a closedenvironment where airis stagnant orrecirculated like ahouse, office or car.
  6. 6. Out GassingFormaldehyde for example iscommonly used in variousbuilding materials, plywood,insulation, carpeting, fabrics, inthe production of polymers,adhesives, facial tissues, toiletpaper, napkins etcFormaldehyde is classed as aprobable human cacinogen bythe U.S. EnvironmentalProtection Agency.
  7. 7. Environmental toxins
  8. 8. Chemicals in waterDo you drink chlorinated water?Chlorine in drinkingwater can combinewith organic matter(food you areeating) and form3-methylcholanthrenewhich is a potentcancer causing chemical.
  9. 9. Female hormones in waterchanging the sex of fish.BBC News‘Prozac found in drinking water’ BBC News 8th August 2004
  10. 10. Environmental toxins can cause…•Allergies - 50% of the children in Mexico city have asthma due to the content of air pollution •Autism – recent research has looked into mercury often from vaccines that can cause autism •Auto immune disorders •MS may involve heavy metal poisoning in the nervous tissue •Lupus •Birth defects •Cardiovascular disease •Cancer •Chronic headaches •Inflammation over time causes chronic fatigue •Kidney damage •Learning disabilities •Senility/dementia •Liver diseases •Neurological disorders
  11. 11. AsthmaThe UK has one of the highest prevalence rates for asthma inthe world, along with New Zealand, Australia and Ireland.1 in 13 adults and 1 in 8 children are currentlybeing treated for asthma.Serious or life-threatening asthma resultsin 74,000 emergency hospitaladmissions each year.Currently, 1,500 people diefrom asthma each year,over a third of which arepeople under the age of 65.
  12. 12. Pesticides Bad fats Plastics Too much sugarAir pollution Additives Too much saltHeavy Metals Preservatives Drugs
  13. 13. DetoxificationPhase 1 detoxificationThe body gives the toxin an electricalcharge (positive or negative) inpreparation for phase 2.Phase 2 detoxificationThe body attaches some type of organicnatural molecule to the toxin so it cantransport it safely through the body andeliminate it from the systemThe enzymes used in phase 1 & 2 requirenutrients to work, specific vitamins,certain minerals, certain amino acids &certain nutrient co factors.
  14. 14. Nature’s Protective Benefits PoisonPoison Nutrient ProtectionLead CalciumCadmium ZincMercury SeleniumAluminum CalciumNitrates Vit. E, CFluoride MagnesiumPesticides Vit. C, E, SeleniumChlorine Vit. A, C, E
  15. 15. Four categories of toxins3.Metabolic waste4.Toxins produced during amicrobial infection5.Chemicals including drugs6.Toxins released during weight loss
  16. 16. Caution aheadNutritional Deficiency Toxic Overload
  17. 17. Alzheimers disease,Parkinsons …•Toxicity =•Inflammation =•Damage to the neurons in the brain =•Degenerative disease
  18. 18. Cardiovascular disease•Toxicity =•Irritation of the lining of the arteries =•Inflammation =•Damage to the systemCancer•Toxicity =•Inflammation =•Cell damage =•Damaged cells mutate and become anaerobic to survive in damaged environmentThe Western population suffer the mostfrom degenerative diseases
  19. 19. AutoimmunedisordersMany natural healthspecialists believe …•Toxicity =•Tissue damage =•Immune systemattacking toxic body tissue =•Autoimmune disorder
  20. 20. Protecting your body fromthe detoxification processWhen your body goes throughphase one, many of thesetoxins are free radicals.These can cause oxidative stress,inflammation and tissue damage.In order to detoxify properly you needan adequate amount of antioxidantsto protect your tissues.
  21. 21. When the kidneys cannotcope with the toxins, the bodydeals with the backup byforcing the toxins through theskin.This can cause skin rashes,skin irritation & inflammationand body odour.Water is essential forkidney function.
  22. 22. The lymphaticsystemDeals with a lot of toxicityToxins move through aseries of lymph ducts andlymph nodesA one way system without apumpRequires exercise andbreathing to power
  23. 23. LiverThe bigger more fat soluble toxins aretransferred to the liverThen dumped into the bileFrom bile to small intestinesBound to fibreEliminated from the bodyIf not enough fibre, toxins travelback to the liver and arerecirculated
  24. 24. Slow transit time?Eat some beetroot or have some ActivatedCharcoal. Within 24hours you should noticethe colouration in your stool. If it takestwo to three days then you have aproblem with transit time.Swelling & water retention?Support the kidneysLymphatic swelling/swollen Lymph nodes?Sluggish lymphatic drainage is dangerous. Exercise even if it is just walking.Gallbladder problems?Sign is if you are not digesting fats. Indication is if foods containing fat arecausing you indigestion, another way is if your stools are very light colouredthat means you are not getting a good flow of bile.If you are stools are very dark then it is likely that your bile is toxic and needsto be cleaned out
  25. 25. Which productsdo you need togive your bodya spring clean?
  26. 26. 10 Day Herbal Detox‘Take with a normal healthy diet’ •Flatter Tummy •Lose a few pounds in weight •Improves skin quality •Helps lose that sluggish feeling •Half way through you feel like
  27. 27. Recommendation Take 1 capsule from each bottle in the ‘Healthy Starter Pack’ up to meal three times daily Take with a large glass of water and follow with a second glass.Should stools become too loose simply reduce to 2 capsules a day.
  28. 28. Detox symptoms (healing symptoms) typicallydisappear within the first 5 days and are followedby an increase in energy, alertness and an improved sense of health and wellbeing!  The Cleanse is not appropriate for children, women whilst pregnant or if someone is very ill.    Detox results will be enhanced if you eliminate redmeat, caffeine and alcohol. Try to eat as healthily as possible avoiding sugary and fried foods.
  29. 29. Healthy Starter Pack ‘Eat with a normal healthy diet’ This programme…Absorbs toxins from the bowelImproves eliminationExpels parasites and wormsDetoxifies the kidneys, liver and purifies the bloodCleanses the entire body of cellular waste
  30. 30. Supporting products…
  31. 31. In addition,this detox programme is beneficial for…Acne ConstipationBody OdourDry StoolsGastrointestinal Disorders FatigueHalitosis HeadachesHaemorrhoids Inflammatory SkinIntestinal Parasites/WormsLymphatic InflammationMenstrual ProblemsObesitySwollen Abdomen
  32. 32. Earning example for a therapist/individual selling the detox programme Sell one detox programme* a day (Monday to Friday) for one month. You would earn… £540.84 total profit per month*The detox programme consists of the Healthy Starter Pack, Bifidophilus & Liquid Chlorophyll
  33. 33. Repair & buildFill dietary gaps
  34. 34. Complete the Detox Programmeevery 4 to 6 months