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Detox For Physical Spiritual Health Rev 0111


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Linda Lizotte\'s presentation on Detoxification!

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Detox For Physical Spiritual Health Rev 0111

  1. 1. Detoxification forDetoxification for Physical and SpiritualPhysical and Spiritual HealthHealth
  2. 2. Why is there a need toWhy is there a need to Detox?Detox? All of us live in an ever-increasing toxic environment
  3. 3. ENVIROMENTAL TOXINSENVIROMENTAL TOXINS Many of the toxins abundant in our environment today did not even exist 30 years ago!
  4. 4. Toxic OverloadToxic Overload • Body burden from environmental toxins, including pesticides, herbicides, chemical solvents, xenobiotics, and industrial chemicals of all types come through our food, water, and air supply.
  5. 5. From The WaterFrom The Water • Neurotoxins were found in 33% of a random sampling of drinking water (diazinon: from insecticide)
  6. 6. From The AirFrom The Air • Since WWII 80,000 new synthetic chemicals have been released into the environment and less than half have been tested for potential toxicity to adult humans
  7. 7. Xenobiotic ExposureXenobiotic Exposure • Over 4 billion pounds of pesticides are used annually in the U.S. This amounts to 8 pounds for every man, woman, and child. • Current law allows for 350 different pesticides to be used on the food we eat. • The average home contains 3-10 gallons of hazardous materials • 400 Synthetic chemicals can be found in the average human body • There is no single regulatory agency that oversees industrial chemicals to ensure their safety: industrial chemicals are presumed safe until proven hazardous even through they may have physiological effects that are almost identical to a drug and are often manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. • Any toxicity testing that is done typically involves individual compounds in highly controlled settings and almost never investigates effects of complex mixtures.
  8. 8. EXPOSUREEXPOSURE • In addition, we are eating more sugar and processed foods than ever before in human history and regularly abuse our bodies with various stimulants and sedatives.
  9. 9. Synergistic Effects of ToxinsSynergistic Effects of Toxins • Cigarette Smoking increases the risk of lung cancer by 10 times • Asbestos exposure increases the risk of lung cancer by 5 times • Smoking and asbestos exposure increase the risk of lung cancer by 55 times • Total Effect: More than additive or even multiplicative!
  10. 10. Categories of ToxicantsCategories of Toxicants • Pesticides – Insecticides – Herbicides • Industrial Compounds and Chemical Byproducts – Volatile organics such as solvents and detergents – Toxic metals – Plasticizers – Insulators (asbestos) • Combustion / Incineration Pollutants • Synthetic Medications • Food Additives and preparation by-products • Cosmetic Additives
  11. 11. Toxic MetalsToxic Metals Arsenic Mercury Lead Cadmium Aluminum (see protocols for removal, DFH website, Library – protocol section)
  12. 12. Heavy metalsHeavy metals • Heavy metals such as mercury deposit in fat cells. • Is the body not eager to draw on this fat because the mercury will get released into the system?? • Could inability to lose weight be a protective mechanism? 1-800-847-8302
  13. 13. • Whey Protein Raises Glutathione levels up to 64% - Glutathione is a sulfur-containing tripeptide made up of glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine - present in high concentrations in almost every cell - protects cells against free radical and hydrogen peroxide damage - respiratory carrier of oxygen - regenerates Vitamin E and Vitamin C - for every atom of mercury that is removed the body loses 3 glutathione tripeptides.
  14. 14. Chemical AdditivesChemical Additives • Over 10,000 food and chemical additives are allowed into the U.S. food supply including colorings, sweeteners, stimulants, preservatives, flavorings, emulsifiers, humectants and antimicrobials • In 1984, 3,200 tons of coal tar dyes added to foods • Average American eats approximately 14 pounds of additives per year
  15. 15. Additional EnvironmentalAdditional Environmental ToxicantsToxicants • Microbial toxins – Aflatoxin (peanuts) – Mycotoxins from molds • Medications and “lifestyle chemicals” – Alcohol – Acetaminophen • By-products of food preparation – Acrylamide from French Fries – Nitrosamine from cold cuts and sausages – Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from charbroiled meats
  16. 16. Endogenous Toxins:Endogenous Toxins: Intestinal SourcesIntestinal Sources • Products of dysbiosis – Bacteria: putrescine, cadaverine, ammonia – Yeasts: arabinose, tartarate, citramalate, beat ketoglutarate – Secondary bile acids (deconjugated) – Beta glucuronidase (causing enterohepatic recirculation of hormones and other toxins)
  17. 17. Chronic ToxicantChronic Toxicant Exposure: A “Meta-Exposure: A “Meta- process” Whichprocess” Which • Amplifies Other Pathological Processes • Negatively Impacts General Health • Creates or Contributes to a Wide Variety of Chronic Diseases • Accelerates Senescence
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Chronic Exposure toChronic Exposure to Environmental ToxicantsEnvironmental Toxicants:: Systemic Health EffectsSystemic Health Effects • Carcinogenesis • Endocrine & metabolic disruption • Immunologic dysfunction – Immunosuppression (direct effects on bone marrow) – Autoimmunity & allergy – Chronic inflammation (cardiovascular disease) • Neurotoxicity – Cognitive & behavioral dysfunction – Neurodegenerative disorders – Neuropathy
  20. 20. DetoxificationDetoxification begins in the gutbegins in the gut
  21. 21.
  22. 22. Detoxification: theDetoxification: the ProcessProcess • Detoxification refers to the metabolic pathways via which cells transform toxic substances into relatively inert metabolites that can be readily excreted via the urine or bile. • Since the majority of toxic substances are fat soluble, they have an affinity for and are stored in high fat tissues and organs when not detoxified and excreted promptly.
  23. 23. Detoxification – theDetoxification – the processprocess • Most toxic substances are fat-soluble and must be converted to a water- soluble form before they can be excreted. • This is done in a two-step process referred to as phase 1 and phase 2. • Although most of this activity takes place in the liver, about 25% occurs in the small intestine, and all tissues have some detoxification capacity.
  24. 24. The Liver is the MajorThe Liver is the Major Detoxifying OrganDetoxifying Organ The liver utilizes a two-phase system in detoxifying the body of harmful substances: • 11stst :: Transforms toxins into more water- soluble compounds that are then carried through the blood to the liver for further processing, or to the kidney for elimination. • 22nd:nd: Completing the detoxification in the liver and sending the toxins back to the kidney for elimination, or into the bile for elimination via the GI tract.
  25. 25.
  26. 26. Phase I & Phase IIPhase I & Phase II • The congested or sluggish liver is characterized by a diminished bile flow, while impaired liver (hepatic) detoxification refers to decreased phase I and/or phase II enzyme activity. • Phase I detoxification rates that are in excess of phase II activity will also cause toxicity problems due to excessive accumulation of activated intermediates.
  27. 27. Imbalanced DetoxificationImbalanced Detoxification Phase I CYP P450 Phase II Conjugation Damage to DNA, RNA, Proteins Reactive IntermediateNon-Polar Xenobiotic Inert Water-Soluble Metabolite
  28. 28. Detox enzyme capacity isDetox enzyme capacity is highly variablehighly variable • Many phase 1 enzymes are induced by their substrates. • These are often xenobiotics. • This leads to more rapid production of reactive intermediates. • Many substances including xenobiotics, drugs and even nutrients (grapefruit) can inhibit some phase 1 enzymes. • This inhibition leads to an accumulation of their substrates in the bloodstream and increased storage in fatty tissues.
  29. 29. Phase 2Phase 2 • Phase 2 enzymes are highly dependent on energy and on adequate dietary protein. • Phase 2 enzymes can be induced by numerous substances found in fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs. • Both phase 1 and 2 are highly dependent on adequate nutritional status for their activity
  30. 30. excretory derivatives Supportive Nutrients for Detoxification Pathways Lipid-soluble molecule polar water-soluble( ) Bile Feces/stools Serum Kidneys Urine ATP glutathione glycine taurine glutamine ornithine arginine methyl donors N-acetylcysteine cysteine methionine riboflavin (vit. B2) niacin (vit. B3) pyridoxine (vit. B6) folic acid vitamin B12 glutathione branched-chain amino acids flavonoids phospholipids Phase II [conjugation pathways] Phase I [cytochrome P450 enzymes] Activated Intermediates
  31. 31. Genetic VariationsGenetic Variations • There are numerous genetic variations in the activity of both phase 1 and phase 2 enzymes. • This, along with nutritional status and total toxic load may help explain why detoxification abilities for a particular substance may vary as much as 100-fold or more between different individuals.
  32. 32. Causes of ImpairedCauses of Impaired Detoxication: SummaryDetoxication: Summary • Overwhelming toxic load (exogenous + endogenous) • Impaired excretion (constipation or increased transit time; renal dysfunction) • Inefficient fuels (macronutrient imbalance) • Deficiency of detoxifying substances (antioxidants, cofactors, conjugating agents) • Genetic Variation
  33. 33. Is Detox right for you?Is Detox right for you? Detoxification can be beneficial for those with one or more of the following conditions: Parasite infestation Recurring headaches Bad breath Hemorrhoids Irritability Frequent colds Protruding belly Chronic constipation Frequent gas & bloating Excess weight Frequent fatigue Impaired digestion Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Candida infection
  34. 34. How Toxic Are You?How Toxic Are You? TESTTEST To find out exactly where you are at…
  35. 35. Common Signs & SymptomsCommon Signs & Symptoms Linked toLinked to Chronic Toxicant ExposureChronic Toxicant Exposure • Marked sensitivity to environmental chemicals, odors, medications, &/or nutritional supplements • Chronic, debilitating fatigue & lethargy • Depression, anxiety &/or mood swings • Cognitive dysfunction (poor memory and concentration; learning disorders)
  36. 36. Common Signs & SymptomsCommon Signs & Symptoms Linked toLinked to Chronic Toxicant ExposureChronic Toxicant Exposure • Recurrent headaches • Muscle aching & weakness • Paresthesias and neuropathic pain • Recurrent infections • Infertility
  37. 37. Disorders Linked ToDisorders Linked To Toxicant ExposureToxicant Exposure • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome • Fibromyalgia • Multiple Chemical Sensitivity • Allergies, Asthma • Atherosclerosis • Cancer
  38. 38. Why Test…Why Test… • TO: – Point to metabolic dysfunctions that lead to disease – Show essential nutrient deficiencies and digestive system abnormalities that reveal root causes of symptoms – Target use of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients – Avoid costly, time-consuming, trial and error processes
  39. 39. Assessing ToxicityAssessing Toxicity • Identify pathological disruption – Symptom questionnaire( MSQ, HAQ) – Abnormal liver function tests • Identify antecedents – Genetic polymorphisms of phase I & II enzymes • Identify triggers – Toxic metals – Organic toxicants (fat biopsy; blood, urine) • Identify mediators – Oxidative stress markers – Essential fatty acid profile
  40. 40. Provides a roadmap that recognizes multiple interactions & deficiencies and translates that information into specific corrections that can lead to improved health. Designs for HealthDesigns for Health Comprehensive Metabolic ProfileComprehensive Metabolic Profile™
  41. 41. What the ComprehensiveWhat the Comprehensive Metabolic Profile uncovers:Metabolic Profile uncovers: • B Vitamin Status • Cellular Energy • Neural Function • Detoxification Function • Intestinal Microbial Balance Markers • Fatty Acid Status • IgG Food Antibodies
  42. 42. Detoxification TestingDetoxification Testing
  43. 43. Potential Benefits ofPotential Benefits of the Detoxification Programthe Detoxification Program • Increased Energy & Vitality • Weight Loss • Breaking Weight Loss Plateaus • Better gut function • Clearer thinking • Improved Skin • Better Sleep • Improved Mood What are you waiting for?
  44. 44. Why Can’t I just eat aWhy Can’t I just eat a healthy diet?healthy diet? • Individuals who are candidates for a detoxification program have been typically experiencing symptoms for long periods of time. • They have built up an excessive toxic burden over time and have typically depleted antioxidant reserves. • They may have specific genetic polymorphisms that require higher than normal levels of particular nutrients
  45. 45. • Diet alone may not provide enough concentrated nutrients to satisfy the requirements of these individuals • They may find it difficult to prepare fresh whole organically grown meals because of their health, travel or work schedules • Medical foods like PaleoMeal provide a concentrated source of appropriate micronutrients within a hypoallergenic matrix that cannot be duplicated by food alone.
  46. 46. Why not just fast?Why not just fast? • Breakdown of adipose tissue (lipolysis) results in surge of toxins into the circulation further overloading already impaired liver function • Lack of fiber impedes fecal excretion and increases enterohepatic recirculation • Insufficient calories impairs biotransformation (detoxification is highly energy dependent)
  47. 47. The Problem withThe Problem with FastingFasting • Fasting induces phase I enzymes--leading to overproduction of toxic intermediates • Lack of exogenous antioxidants + depletion of endogenous glutathione = inadequate quenching of free radicals • Lack of cofactors impairs phase II conjugation • End result: oxidative stress, inflammation, aggravation of symptoms
  48. 48. What about chronic GIWhat about chronic GI problemsproblems • These patients may have leaky gut, IgG- mediated food allergies and inflammation. • Their liver is constantly burdened by toxins and allergens arriving from the gut. • These patients need to go on a 4R program to restore normal gut function and relieve the burden on the liver before they can become well.
  49. 49. [ The Road to Immunity By Stephen Bock]
  50. 50. Designs for HealthDesigns for Health 28 Day Detox Program28 Day Detox Program • There are three evening (or weekend) meetings between the DFH nutrition consultant and the Detoxification participants. • Meetings are held on day 1, day 8 and day 28 of the program. • The health care practitioner is encouraged to attend, and it is suggested that they detox with their patients. • Meetings should be held at the practitioner’s office if possible, with a minimum enrollment of 8 patients and a maximum of 20.
  51. 51. Designs for HealthDesigns for Health 28 Day Detox Program28 Day Detox Program • Expect the meetings to last one hour =/- depending on the number of participants and the extent of their questions. • The program’s suggested enrollment fee to the patient is $450, which includes ALL fees and supplements. • Remember that you will be providing 45 meal replacements during the course of the 21 day detox. • The patient will be SAVING $360 in meal costs during the detox (using a value of only $8.00 per meal)
  52. 52. Designs for HealthDesigns for Health 28 Day Detox Program28 Day Detox Program • All Participants will be supplied with 2 PaleoCleanse, 1 each or 540gram and 900 gram PaleoMeal their choice of flavor, PaleoGreens, PaleoFiber, and a 30 day supply of Detoxification Support Packets. • Detoxification Support Packets contains 3 Amino D-Tox, 1 Detox-Antiox and 1 LV-GB • Patients have the option of getting Dairy Free PaleoMeal and their choice of flavor of Lemon- lime, Mint or unflavored PaleoGreens
  53. 53. Comprehensive Support for LiverComprehensive Support for Liver Detoxification and CleansingDetoxification and Cleansing • PaleoCleanse – Quality hypoallergenic protein and macronutrients to fuel detox pathways – Full multivitamin / multimineral for detox enzyme support – Specific nutrients to support and balance phase I & II metabolic pathways – High levels of antioxidant support for safe detoxification – Botanical hepatics, alternatives and cholagogues to promote liver function and elimination – The only detox powder that tastes great and does not contain fructose
  54. 54. Comprehensive Support for LiverComprehensive Support for Liver Detoxification and CleansingDetoxification and Cleansing • PaleoMeal – Optimizes intake of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and micronutrients – Exceptional quality whey protein which comes from herds that graze on pesticide-free, chemical-free natural grass pastures. No bovine growth or any other hormones, nor genetically modified organisms or injected pathogens. – Cold processed protein rich in immunoglobulins and lactoferrin free of artificial flavors – Benefits of high quality protein • raises HDL, lower triglycerides, benefits insulin resistance, promotes lean muscle growth, promotes satiety and gluconeogenesis • source of amino acids, cysteine and leucine, which support the production of detoxifying elements needed to eliminate mercury from the body
  55. 55. • PaleoMeal – 840 mg of phosphatidyl choline per serving which is the most important nutrient for liver support • liver cell membranes are made of phosphatidyl choline – 2.5 grams of Flaxseed powder per serving • Flaxseeds contain lignans which are anticancer, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral – 900 mg L-Glutamine per serving • Glutamine is an amino acid which is essential for the health of the immune system and digestive tract • promotes optimal muscle growth and strength – NatureFolate (equal to more then 200mcg Folic Acid) • Made from concentrated vegetable juice powder including 5-methyltetrahydrofolate, 5-formyltetrahydrofolate and fortified 5-formyltetrahydrofolate as calcium folinate • more bioavailable than synthetic folic acid – Glutathione • body’s master antioxidant
  56. 56. Additional Support for Detox ProgramAdditional Support for Detox Program • PaleoGreens – Great tasting greens food made with organic ingredients – 90% active ingredients compared to other formulas with up to 60% fillers – No grains, legumes, low allergenic – No alfalfa a common ingredient in other leading brands which has been shown to aggravate autoimmune disease – Freeze-dried vs spray-dried resulting in ultra-low maltodextrin carrier content – Barley and wheat grass are 100% cold-processed juice solids vs powders, resulting in 3 times the amount of chlorophyll of other formulations – Certified organic spirulina – Kale, broccoli and cauliflower sprouts assessed to contain high levels of glucosinolates and sulforaphanes
  57. 57. Additional Support for Detox ProgramAdditional Support for Detox Program • PaleoFiber – 12 Types of fiber includes: • acacia gum, guar gum, cellulose gum, carrot fiber, cranberry and flax seeds, psyllium husk, apple pectin, orange and prune fiber, and two root fibers: inulin from chicory root and Konjac Glucomannan – Gluten, Lectin and Phytate free (low allergenicity) – Significant antioxidant activity from Fibregum Tan and Cranberry seed • unique acacia gum high in polyphenols • cranberry seed also high in anthocyanidins – Good balance of soluble and insoluble fibers – Guaranteed purity • natural flavored and no artificial sweeteners or colors
  58. 58. Additional Support for Detox ProgramAdditional Support for Detox Program • PaleoFiber – Arabinogalactan from acacia tree • Prebiotic which supports growth of friendly bacteria, bifidobacteria, lactobacilli while inhibiting clostridium • Certified antioxidant capacity of 39 ORAC units due to its polyphenol content – Cranberry seed extract with ORAC value of 197 – Probiotics • room stable lactobicillus and bifidus strains – Guar Gum which reduces Glycemic load of a meal – Protects from environmental toxins – Reduces appetite and prolonged sense of fullness between meals
  59. 59. Comprehensive Support for LiverComprehensive Support for Liver Detoxification and CleansingDetoxification and Cleansing • Amino D-Tox – Encapsulated formula for support of liver detoxification – Perfect for those that may need added cleansing support in addition to PaleoCleanse – Supports Phase II (conjugation) without upregulating Phase I (CP-450) for imbalanced or pathological detoxifiers – Formulated to minimize potential for allergenicity and suited for the most sensitive patients with multiple chemical sensitivity
  60. 60. Comprehensive Support for LiverComprehensive Support for Liver Detoxification and CleansingDetoxification and Cleansing • LV-GB Complex – Provides support for liver and gallbladder function by providing lipotropic substances to aid in the elimination of fatty substances from the liver, as well as promoting proper bile flow. • L-methionine, L-taurine, Inositol and Choline, Beta- carotene, Ox bile – Critical catalysts of hepatic detoxification enzymes • pyridoxyl 5-phosphate form of B6, Folic Acid, B12 – Botanical hepatic and cholagogue aid for optimal processing and elimination of toxins • Milk Thistle, Greater Celandine, Dandelion, Fridge Tree, Artichoke, Beet extract
  61. 61. Comprehensive Support for LiverComprehensive Support for Liver Detoxification and CleansingDetoxification and Cleansing • Detox Antiox – Synergistic formula designed to combat free radicals and help detoxify harmful chemicals including heavy metals – Contains L-Leucine when taken with NAC prevents mercury from being re-absorbed into the central nervous system – Improved Formula!! • Alpha Tocopherol - all inclusive mixed tocopherols • Lipoic Acid added to regenerate Vitamin E and C • Proprietary Leucoselect Grape Seed Extract is phospholipid bound for superior absorptioin and standardized for polyphenol activity • Standardized Curcumin 95% curcuminoids • Standardized Green Tea 50% EGCG • Albion Chelated Manganese and Molydbenum • Methionine bound Zinc and Selenium
  62. 62. Comprehensive Support for LiverComprehensive Support for Liver Detoxification and CleansingDetoxification and Cleansing • What does that mean to you? – Formula aids in the synthesis of metallothionine which is an important zinc binding protein which helps in the removal of heavy metals such as cadmium. – Methionine is a sulfur containing amino acid involved in Phase II detoxification – The metabolism and excreation of heavy metals depend on the presence of antioxidants – Antioxidants reduce the damage from free radicals that alter mitochondrial activity and genetic information
  63. 63. Justifying cost of the 28 DayJustifying cost of the 28 Day Detoxification ProgramDetoxification Program • Not only do we include all the supplements but we also include enough products to provide 45 COMPLETE MEAL REPLACEMENTS! • Most Americans spend around $8.00 per meal • 45 meals at $8.00 is $360 • One DFH Detox Program meal replacement including high quality protein, multivitamins, multiminerals along with the macronutrients and botanicals needed to fuel detox pathways, along with our PaleoGreens and fiber to provide you with 3 servings of fruits and veggies and prolong your sense of fullness costs only $7.20 per meal
  64. 64. Justifying cost of the 28 DayJustifying cost of the 28 Day Detoxification ProgramDetoxification Program • Is $15 a day worth a program that is one of the most exciting and simplest tools that natural medicine has to offer? • If you take the ENTIRE cost of the program, including 3 coaching sessions, educational materials, email support and a wrap up conversation that gets the patients on a monthly maintenance program for less than what your patients would be paying for just the meals that are being replaced….. • Can you see how you can attract a bunch of patients into essentially a FREE program like this?
  65. 65. SummarySummary • Detoxification is a continuous physiologic process that your body depends on for survival. • There are complex cellular detoxification mechanisms that are constantly at work for you all day, every day. • Natural and synthetic chemicals are processes by this complex system of cells, organs, and organ systems to keep you healthy in the face of a virtually constant barrage of toxic material • Our program is an excellent tool to improve your detoxification
  66. 66. Mental DetoxificationMental Detoxification • Relax…Breathe…Go for walks… • Enjoy the change of season • This is a time for you to care for your unique self… • You are a priority, if only for this short time The cleansing of our mind of negative thought pattern, is essential to health and physical detoxification and can aid in this process. Emotionally, detoxification helps us uncover and express hidden frustrations, anger, resentments and fear and replace them with forgiveness, love, joy and hope.