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5 technology in the courtroom hb lead-conf

  1. 1. Technology in the Courtroom and Best Apps for Lawyers Thomas J. Cullen, Jr. Malcolm S. Brisker Goodell, DeVries One South Street Baltimore, Maryland 21202 YOURLOGO
  2. 2. What Has Happened To Our Societal Attention Span? According to Business Week, the typical U.S. executive has an on-the-job attention span of six minutes According to USA Today, the average length of an attention span of a man in America is 23 minutes
  3. 3. Relevant Question How much time do the three major network news anchors spend on camera during each newscast? 5 ½ Minutes
  4. 4. Planning A Presentation/Argument Think of Your Argument in Scenes/Segments Plant a “seed” or “flag” in every scene Give each sixminute segment its own headline Presentation Tips The entire room is your theater Change presenters, if possible Use different audio/visual techniques in different scenes – multi-media approach
  5. 5. Importance of Technology in the Courtroom: Jurors’ retain six times as much information if your presentation combines visual evidence with oral presentation. Technology use at trial has changed dramatically over the last 15 years. Hardware and software options are more numerous, more robust, less expensive and easier to use than ever before. Source: Bob Manlowe, Esq., “Use of Technology In The Courtroom.”
  6. 6. Deciding What Technology to Use Examples of Trial Presentation Software TrialDirector® Sanction® by Lexis Nexis® Visionary®
  7. 7. TrialDirector®
  8. 8. Graphic and Demonstrative Software Powerpoint CorelDRAW Adobe Photoshop PaintShop Pro PDF Converter Photo-Paint
  9. 9. Other Presentation Tools Mix it up – the best presentations involve multi-media to vary the presentation and keep the jury’s attention  Portable Video Presenters and Document Cameras (ELMO) – can be a good back-up to display “surprise” documents that were not scanned for trial  The Smart Board – interactive blackboard or flip chart – great for witnesses who need to annotate a demonstrative exhibit or draw diagrams for illustration purposes  Foam Core Boards – can be strategically placed in the courtroom for a permanent visual effect  White Boards and Flip Charts  iPad with white board and handwriting application
  10. 10. Technology in the Courtroom Outside Trial Technology Services – trial technicians will install and calibrate equipment for optimal presentation to the jury Equipment Rentals  Laptop Computers – state-of-the-art  LCD Projectors  ELMO Visual Presenters  Extra monitors for Judge, witness, jury and counsel tables  Switchers – easily share presentation equipment and associated costs with opposing counsel  Audio Systems  Interactive White Boards
  11. 11. Technology in the Courtroom – Practical Considerations Several weeks before trial ask yourself the following questions:  What are the case-specific cost issues with using levels of technology?  Will the court allow me to use projectors, computers and any other equipment for demonstrative purposes?  Will the court provide any of the equipment?  Are there monitors already built into the courtroom?  How is the courtroom set up?  Will the Court allow me to set up my equipment before trial?  Who will run the equipment at trial?
  12. 12. Best Legal Apps for Lawyers
  13. 13. Eight Best Legal Apps for Lawyers 1 TrialDirector for iPad 2 TrialPad 3 TranscriptPad for iPad 4 JuryPad 5 6 WestlawNext 7 Time Master + Billing 8 Notes Plus Fed Courts
  14. 14. TrialDirector for iPad Case Management on the Go! TrialDirector for iPad allows you to:  Manage multiple case folders  Create new case folders right on the device  Import entire folders from Dropbox with folder structure intact  Import files one at a time from Dropbox  Export a workbook from TrialDirector 6  Save annotated document revisions to PDF
  15. 15. TrialDirector for iPad Case Management on the Go! Annotation Features  Callout Tool – Use multiple callouts from different pages. Callouts can be zoomed and placed anywhere on the screen.  Pen Tool – Multiple colors supported  Highlight Tool – Bright and fully transparent redaction tool  Laser Pointer Tool  Whiteboard Tool  Annotation Tools
  16. 16. TrialPad Organization and Presentation Tools at your Fingertips Key Features  Powerful legal document management and presentation tool for use in trial, hearing and ADR settings  Organize, manage, annotate and store documents and video  Create separate case folders  Highlight Tool  Annotation Tools  Callout Tools
  17. 17. Transcript Pad for iPad Freedom of Sophisticated Transcript Review Anytime Key Features  Simple issue coding, highlighting and flagging  Comment on transcript  Powerful search tool that allows you to find keywords in a simple deposition, across an entire case, and everything in between  Condense all work into organized report  Import exhibits
  18. 18. JuryPad Organize, Evaluate and Select Your Best Jury Key Features  Designed to evaluate and select jurors in any jurisdiction  Easily add or edit your jurors’ information  Map their addresses  Take notes, sort, and evaluate jurors on the fly  Quickly view jury pool demographics – age, race, and gender  Easily sort, search, and filter your jurors
  19. 19. WestlawNext Tap Into the World’s Most Advanced Legal Research System Key Features  Run searches with WestSearch and filter the results  Browse using touch screen navigation  Add notes and highlighting to docments  Access KeyCite information, research history, favorites and frequently used content  Organize and share research with folders  Save, annotate, and view document online and offline
  20. 20. Fed Courts Key Features  Full text of all of the federal rules of procedure and local rules for every federal court in the country  Provides access to Pacer  Provides address of every district, bankruptcy, and appellate court in the United States
  21. 21. Time Master + Billing Key Features  Track time by start, stop and/or by duration  Single or multiple running timers  Time entries are by client and can be sub-catergorized by project and tasks  Multiple filters to sort and view only what you want to see  Track expenses  Display reports right on your device that you can view and export via email
  22. 22. Notes Plus Powerful NoteTaking Tool Key Features  Close-up writing mode lets you write comfortably with your big finger or stylus  Record audio easily while taking notes  Handwriting recognition – conveniently convert your handwriting to searchable text  Mix typing with handwriting by inserting moveable textboxes  Enrich your notes with images from Photos, Camera Rolls, or the web
  23. 23. Using Your iPad in the Courtroom
  24. 24. Using your iPad in the Courtroom
  25. 25. Additional Legal Apps for iPad Dropbox ABA Journal Dragon Dictation Fastcase iJuror JuryTracker Courtlink Citrix Receiver
  26. 26. Do You Have Any Questions?