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Multi Channel Marketing Approach


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Are you reaching a large enough audience with your marketing efforts? In today’s episode I’m opening up my playbook and sharing the marketing strategy that fuels the success of the #TomFerryShow.

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Multi Channel Marketing Approach

  1. 1. H2O1éBESTYEAREVER tomferry your coach
  2. 2. F-H , . 4: ‘_. .. T ‘ E) ’ A K _ T 4 I 1} , V9» 1. . _ l L 9 > — x, §— , ' ml ‘. .‘ “‘ «jag, W. -mm», . / 2''‘ ), ‘U ‘V ‘ ' 3 « , r , ‘ —‘= i‘v‘§ . wm‘. w.. .m », »w.4i1 3f(! l'I'Ii? :lI'r‘}' 3:»; ‘ff ~; (‘) 4 ‘v; o1i, Iw(or= .(d'| n
  3. 3. i, ,_, A. tlfltllllglf : ::e H‘ l EL ll }J‘ii, E l ‘ l I‘ ll 1_; :.'4, r '(-luui? =ne~t5 3% -l. m.. i.at4*. r i Friend, If you really are committed to making tms year your best year ev then you'll answer the 5 lrnpurtant questlons in this Video. “X J I challenge you to take massive actions towlrds achieving your goals and securing the success you desire. Watch Epis d to learn how you can guarantee that you start 2015 off right! I # T_ o M F E R H o w / l‘-: —'-v“ s- ‘"7"? %’A. ill “= Jfi_‘I§r= I1| }; .- 3-Ifnlil rlliii iirw riII. .Il“ cZ. i=. .i7t'-. .lfcr= ,,t-71: » ‘i . wliih l"It. Ii‘i”K‘/ "‘lT| |e. l¢» riI'il""r= :l= -Il‘Ii link rfnlg‘ifl<ill‘l: ; "lo mixwnfi Qli VJ ‘. _VIi‘: lVAVI= Ii ‘ll“Il‘rIl. ul"l «'2|Il""I. =ll'*= ii'Ii ‘f«'irrl “°2:55;"; r::1:: sy; :m; ::: r,: :‘29:22:15“ ‘F532 "'5-lf'r= ‘3'l U * if | =-ll II l= 'i= ~-- K want to average ax: more in ac: than the average a coaching ciients? clrek here :9 re; s h§ip_ym4_§ Your ‘»U. H4'(r'V Muut-r<. and v. r<. :,-urr R-ll. »-J F in . «r‘ . .2 ‘ l ‘ ‘ ‘ A r l . I : ‘(0)'l'lI'f= II'r"! :.'1>‘<“‘ . .l ( J r" r f‘, f g ' I ' / A _ _ 7 T _ V yl-fl, lr'-I-1:1-I‘-I
  4. 4. in The viewer of the video is sent from §“fi'"Cr'CES5 our email to tomferry. com blog so we get the traffic to our own website ; i:*E. °'= ,.'%: .': §:! " »_/5 instead Of youtube (SEO) TOM'S VIP LIST V join now ‘um amrenyfi razor @BEsrvEAreEvEre your coach
  5. 5. l ; lIr= lI| I(: l=ld"(IIl= li(= II| l¢ i=9-{m= ~=, i-lit-1in(--slotnII= w:-uni! -g{o| I:n-; mcIl= Ik. *!lol ‘ --', H’-I-l's: =*t~1.-W-'l, =~=9 TWEET IT OUT: A link is put in place within the email so the viewer can click and immediately tweet about the #TOMFERRYSHOW. tomreggfl razor @BEsrvEAreEvEre coach
  6. 6. 1 TWITTER: ATwitter 3 post is made with a ‘, thumbnail image as ‘; well as a bit. ly link in A‘ the copy to send our T viewers to the Tom Ferry ‘ Blog. By clicking the bit. ly link we know which social channel is driving traffic. Bit. ly tells us how many people came from each social channel. amrenyfi all20l @BEsrvEAreEvEre your coach
  7. 7. MIILTI GHANNEL MARKETING APPRGAGH 6 COACHTOMFERRY m coachtomferry 0 75 likes coachtomferry lllilI«| | I<'| coac erry . . itlrealestatecoach firealestafetlalnlng mealestaleagellt mealestatellle Y.7ILl><L| l'/ l'l’. ‘ElIlf. ‘S[ElTC lltopproduccr 0 if lfcrry INSTAGRAM: A short form version of the video is posted to our instagram channel the day the video is released for a quick look into what content will be discussed. The post is finalized with the relevant hashtags. tomferry your coach #2OI oBESTYEAF€E/ ER
  8. 8. MlllT| GHANNEI MARKETING APPRGAGH "" , .~ Tom Ferry ll you really are committed to making thls year your best year ever then you'll answer the 5 important questions in this video. L2231!‘:3%‘; §ZEé§; :§3.§T§: ;lf: °“°”5'°“'9°a'“““ FACEBOOK: The short form video is 33:5233;‘?2;‘; °Jll: ,lJ: i:Tf§2’f§: ;C2;°*"" posted to Facebook as Well. This post is linked back to our Tom Ferry Blog as well to keep pushing the traffic to our website. The following day this post is then boosted. Then 24 hours later the post is created into an ad on facebook and instagram. tWy°‘ . .,. ... ... .a #20l €>BESTYEARE/ ER your coach
  9. 9. MIILTI GHANNEL MARKETING APPRGAGH FACEBOOK: The key points of each #TOMFERRYSHOW are then created into graphics to reach a wider audience and increase engagement. ‘C Tom Ferry (7 Tom Ferry Those at us that are wi l o the the extra mile and do the little things every day are me ones will m 2016 me best year ovcrl min iihll ll/ i‘lFSd~i-3 So. are you7”’7 il’21llFiUYE. ii your goals arerit written down sorriewriore that you WlII see them everyday . well then you really durii have any goals. riilp Jib? iyiirit3i. i‘r. i Do you have your 2016 goals written down yet7 not your goal: written down and put them In I manner that In vlnunlly apponllng to you and In a way so you can chow your prognsl. gt tomferry _VL your coach
  10. 10. MIILTI IIHANNEL MARKETING APPHIIAIIH Llnhd 1,. WhuiuunImdin7 mvum supra #’I O M F E R R Y S H C)VV ‘X-’ LINKEDIN: To make sure we How we rm M‘Ass»v? ‘A‘cno~ m we are reaching every possible 3 ‘ tan demographic we create a ; ;;vn; ;;: y«; hi; ;s; s;i: ;;c; s;3inems: Lihkedln Pulse article that is then " “"' shared on our company Lihkedlh. tomferry #201 €>BESTYEARE/ ER yourcoach