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With over 16 years of experience in ”Specification to Silicon” design services, close to among 400+ ASIC design & verification engineers, and over 150 first pass silicon successes across various industries, eInfochips has the expertise to deal with the decreasing size, increasing complexity of Digital ASICs while ensuring quick Time-To-Market. eInfochips expertise in silicon & IC design services can transfer your product ideas into highly integrated ASIC and System on Chip solutions at an optimum cost.

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eInfochips Semiconductor Services

  1. 1. eInfochips Semiconductor Solutions
  2. 2. Agenda Overview Semiconductor Division Semiconductor Offerings Tools Expertise Client Relationships Success Stories 2
  3. 3. Overview Product Innovation Partner Spec-to-Silicon Expertise 50+ Verification and Design IPs 14 VIPs for EDA Companies Strategic EDA Alliances 40+ Tape-outs including 16nm Tech. 12 Long term ODCs 3
  4. 4. Semiconductor Division 16+ 12 150+ 30+ 20+ Years of Experience Tier-1 ODCs First Pass Success Verification IPs Design IPs Globally #1 in Silicon Design Services 4
  5. 5. Offerings Silicon Design Reference Design Product Design Partner with R&D to tape-out flawless Silicon on schedule Empower Sales to showcase features of new silicon platforms Enable your Clients to build custom products using latest Silicon SoC / ASIC Design SoC Verification Physical Design Silicon Validation 5
  6. 6. eInfochips’ Design Solutions Proven, well defined Internal methodologies 25+ FPGA/ASIC Design Projects, 60% from existing clients Quick Prototyping for multi-million ASIC into multiple FPGAs 20+ Proven Design IPs, Expertise in Low Power IP Integration Architecture &optimization techniques across FPGA/CPLD Close relationship with Xilinx, Altera and Actel Cross domain expertise in Networking, Avionics, & Video Multi FPGA DO 254 Compliant ssafety critical system Fast Track IP Development Computing algorithms (WRED, trTCM, DEFLATE) , Protocols (MIPI, Storage) 6
  7. 7. eInfochips’ Verification Solutions Strategically focused on Verification beyond services 30% Cost benefit by re-usable components Scalable & reusable Verification Environ., 30+ in-house VIP Mature Checklist ensures ZERO Post Silicon bugs Well Defined Methodologies Ensures verification effectiveness, adopted by leading EDA Faster Debug & Root Cause Analysis Verification Infrastructure with Messaging techniques for faster debug One of few to develop Verification IPs for EDA Vendors 14 VIPs and 50 variants, 50+ customers worldwide 27+ defects in market-proven VIPs, deployed for more than 2 years 7
  8. 8. eInfochips’ Physical Design Solutions Complete Turnkey Ownership 75+Silicon Tape-outs across 180nm to 16nm Comprehensive Internal checklist for Sign off Netlist to GDSII in < 3 iterations Technical Expertise Dedicated experts for each design stage, methodology, & tools Interface: SerDes, MIPI, DDR, High Speed CPUs Domain Expertise Projects across Networking, CE, Telecom, Mobile Area, Power & Time optimization for domain specific require. Achieved Tape out with,  90% Area Utilization, 80% High VT Cells on wireless SoC  7 ECOs in 3 weeks on 50Mn Gate count SoC  Timing closure on 150 Mn gate count ASIC on unusual rectilinear shapres of Floorplan
  9. 9. eInfochips Board Design Solutions Board Frequencies >1GHz 26% 35% 500MHz to 1GHz 38% Summary • 400+ Product Design • 150+ Hardware Design to Prototype/Production • 15+ CMs in 6 Countries <500MHz Processors PCB layer count 41% 31% 28% • Multi-core SoC design • Multi-processor (8 dual-core on a single board) designs • FPGA based designs Board Up to 8 layers 8 to 10 layers 10 to 16 layers 2.63% Layout density 21.05% 5.26% • Size: 1.5 to 140+ square inches • Layers: Up to 16 Layer PCB • Frequency: Few KHz to 3.0 Gbps • Technology: HDI (2-level micro vias, Via on Pad) >1 71.05% 0.5 to 0.9 Components 0.1 to 0.49 • 4200 + with 25 BGAs - 1031 pins with 0.65mm pitch 0.05 to 0.09 9 eInfochips Confidential eInfochips Confidential
  10. 10. Tools & Platforms Expertise Design Tools Vertex Spartan Kintex • Cadence OrCAD • Mentor DxDesigner • Allegro • PADS • Expedition • Betasoft • Hyperlinx • Spectra-Quest ASIC Design •QuestaSim •Modelsim •VCS •Design & DFT Compiler •PT Cyclone Flex Nios A3P Series FPGA Design •Synplify-Pro •Xilinx-ISE •Altera-QuartusII •Actel-Libero •ChipScope •SignalTapII •Leonardo Spectrum •PCie Analyzer •Logic Analyzer •O-Scope •CHIPit-PlatinumV4 •HAPS Board •Palladium, EVE Verification •IUS •NC-Sim •Conformal •Questasim •Modelsim •Formality •FinSim, VeriLint •exploreRTL, LEDA •Verix, SureCov •CoverMeter •HDLScore •NextGen MVRC •IUS LP, CLP LEC Implementation •Magma Talus •Blast & Quartz •Synopsys DC •ICC, Astro •PrimeTime, PTSI •TetraMAX •StarRC XT •MG Calibre •SoC Encounter •Celtic, Nanoroute •Virtuoso, Conformal LEC 10 eInfochips Confidential eInfochips Confidential
  11. 11. Client Trust 95% of business from Offshore Delivery Centers (ODCs) 5 out of Top 10 global semiconductor companies trust us with complete offshore ownership for turnkey projects Development centers in Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune • A majority of projects delivered out of Ahmedabad - ensures low attrition and knowledge continuity for client projects • Bangalore and Pune centers attract talent and ensure proximity to clients 11
  12. 12. Client Relationships 8 of our Top-10 Clients have been with us for 3+ years • Average engagement duration for top-10 client ODCs is 4.5 years • Maximum ODC engagement duration is 12 years, and counting! • Turnkey Ownership - Value Creation beyond staff-augmentation • Top semiconductor companies have audited and recommended our ODC infrastructure and delivery capabilities 12
  13. 13. ODC Snapshot Global Data Networking Giant • 7 Tape-outs, first pass silicon • Clean GDSII for 150M Gate, 1GHz SoC • Proven Offshore Checklist and Delivery, < 5% Schedule Variance • Methodology Enabler for CTS, Floorplan Three 28nm ASICs Two 40nm ASICs 40nm Multiple ASIC Switch 65nm Router Switch 13
  14. 14. ODC Snapshot A Leading EDA Tools Company • Developed and maintained 13 VIPs, Supported 30 Variants • Verification Tool Validation, validation of latest Low Power Features Low Power, Tool Validation 5 VIPs Memory Models 2 VIPs UMM / VMM Enabled 8 VIPs OpenVera VIP 14
  15. 15. Accolades “Thank you all for your support and professional work. It has been a unique experience - I never had any close encounters with your country and culture.” - Japanese electronics conglomerate “Would like to thank you for your exemplary efforts in helping us tape out in a timely, efficient and productive manner.” - Leading manufacturer of networking equipment “worked with diligence & appreciate the perseverance in performing the difficult task of narrowing platform behavior on RTL simulation” - World's largest semiconductor chip maker “Appreciate eInfochips for their thoroughness in DO-254 compliant development, which delighted our end customer” - Leading Aerospace Solutions provider 15
  16. 16. Why eInfochips  Matured Processes and Internal Checklists Evolved over 16 years of delivery excellence in ASIC  Early access to tools & technologies Strategic Alliances with EDA and FPGA companies, to achieve a competitive edge  Proven Design and Verification IPs Ensuring high performance, reliability & manufacturability, at lower cost 16
  17. 17. Thank you For more information, write us at marketing@einfochips.com or visit www.einfochips.com