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Why front-end matters in 2019


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I recently had the opportunity to give a guest lecture at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. In this I talked about the way I believe front-end technology is moving. I gave examples and demos on various W3C standards like progressive web apps, web audio, web bluetooth, WebXR and web assembly (Blazor).

Published in: Technology
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Why front-end matters in 2019

  1. 1. Why front-end matters in 2019 Timmy Kokke , 01/2019
  2. 2. About • Timmy Kokke • ICT Consultant • .NET Web (lead)development / architect • Advice on Front-End • WebXR Meetup.
  3. 3. What’s a front-end developer? developer who focusses on visual part of website
  4. 4. Changing landscape User demand Better Technology Knowledge
  5. 5. World of Front-End React Vue Babel Webpack Gulp Grunt Typescript CSS Bootstrap NPM SASS LESS ES6/ES7 HTML5 jQuery Debugging Client server architecture JavaScript Rest HTTPS Security Design Photoshop Angular Visual Studio Code Database Progressive web apps Git Profiling Performance API Cloud Images W3C Credentials oAuth
  6. 6. The Web in 1999
  7. 7. Modern browsers
  8. 8. Example • People wouldn’t download the app • Spotify Web
  9. 9. Example • How can we give the users the best experience? • 6.000.000 more active web users than iOS native app • High-end devices, but often unpredictable or no wifi or cell signal • Mobile first, responsive for desktop
  10. 10. Example • After improving mobile web sign-ons surpassed iOS, Android and Desktop
  11. 11. W3C
  12. 12. Recent • Edge will use chromium
  13. 13. WebGL • 2D/3D graphics • Hardware accelerated
  14. 14. Web payment api • Secure Payment through browser • Consistent • Reusable • Safe
  15. 15. Web Bluetooth • Connect with Bluetooth devices from client
  16. 16. Webassembly • Near native• Machine language • Near native
  17. 17. Webassembly
  18. 18. Game Pad API
  19. 19. Progressive Web Apps • Native experience • Without app install • ANY platform • Fast, Secure, Offline
  20. 20. WebXR • Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality • Not completed, hopefully this year
  21. 21. WebSpeech • Text to speech • Speech to text
  22. 22. Speech Synthesis
  23. 23. Speech recognition • Azure Cognitive Services -> Speech API
  24. 24. Web Audio API Modular Audio nodes Low Latency
  25. 25. Web Audio API Audio Context Audio Node Audio Node
  26. 26. Timmy Kokke