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VR in a Box


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Presentation on developing a Google Cardboard VR app in Unity3D. I explain what Google Cardboard is, how the Google Virtual Reality platform work.

Published in: Mobile
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VR in a Box

  1. 1. VRin a Box Timmy Kokke @sorskoot intro to Cardboard VR in Unity and C#
  2. 2. Virtual Reality In the 90s
  3. 3. Google Cardboard
  4. 4. Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Platform
  5. 5. Google Cardboard Developed by Google
  6. 6. Google Cardboard Cardboard box
  7. 7. Google Cardboard 2 lenses
  8. 8. Google Cardboard Your Phone inside
  9. 9. Google Cardboard
  10. 10. Google Cardboard
  11. 11. Google Cardboard 3 SDKs
  12. 12. GVR & Unity Oculus SDK Vive SDK Virtual Reality Hardware GVR SDK: Libraries Virtual Reality Hardware GVR SDK: Editor scripts GVR SDK: Prefabs + Scripts
  13. 13. What are we building?
  14. 14. A BOX IN vr
  15. 15. A BOX IN vr
  16. 16. Before we open unity3d…
  17. 17. Sketching the idea VR box
  18. 18. Taking pictures
  19. 19. Editing pictures
  20. 20. Modelling
  21. 21. Materials & Lighting
  22. 22. Baking textures
  23. 23. Let’s put a box in VR!
  24. 24. Thank you! Timmy Kokke ICT Consultant @ Centric Microsoft MVP @sorskoot