Second Draft 3


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Second Draft 3

  1. 1. At 19, the beautiful, Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Amy Jackson translates her awe for soulful sixties divas into a captivating style. The incredible artist had her debut single „Fancy Things‟, charted at number one on the UK Singles Chart after release on 16th April 2011. She became a multi-Grammy Awards nominee who has one two awards; „Best New Artist‟ and „Best Female Pop Vocal Performance‟ in 2011. Tibyaan Nassir revels in her unvarnished truth. Wherever she is, Amy is, girl – in Adidas and big hoop on their iPods. undoubtedly, a south London earrings, with a spit curl! Tiny In Los Angeles for the girl, with the swag, the attitude Nike backpacks. Mine was Grammy Awards, Amy was as and not-so-perfect vocabulary black and had like a massive independent as ever. to match. (“I can be rather little „I <3 Me‟ key ring”. Her mother was not there to presumptuous at times,” she However stylish and hip her see her. "It would be great to teased.) When she found out a teenage life was, Amy admits have her here," she explains, boyfriend had cheated on her, that she would hide in her "but there were other matters she tracked him down in room listening to Tracy to be handled." Instead, she Nando‟s and punched the hell Chapman and still admires the rings her from the red carpet out of him. (“Fools and Their Spice Girls. “It was always pop to announce that she has won Tiny Things,” her hit single, music,‟ she says. “I would her first Grammy (for Best was written about the dance ro Destiny‟s Child, and Female Pop Vocal The New breakdown of that relationship.) Amy loathed her music teacher in high school (“He kept oh my God, there was a time when I was obsessed with Usher. I always imagined singing with him on stage, Performance). Her mother just screams and cries and laughs (it would be difficult to hear anything else above the roar). By the time she performs, Girl In telling me to breathe properly when singing and that it was okay to look fat!”) Fatefully, her mother couldn‟t afford Brit School, a being his „Bad Girl‟ and „Boo‟. Wow. I was obviously too cool.” But Amy‟s musical epiphany came at fifteen. “I remember Adele has beaten out the Jonas Brothers and her friend Taylor Swift for Best New Artist. Town performing-arts school whose graduates include Amy Winehouse and Leona Lewis. “Yeah, it upset me. Then again, being home alone in the bathroom and singing. I loved the echoey-feel of the room, you know? When suddenly you everything happens for a sound like some long lost POP SINGER/SONGWRITER reason. I wouldn‟t be where I am today, talking to you guys, sister of Beyonce or something. I was actually AMY JACKSON if I had gone to Brit school. Hell, I would be touring singing „Dangerously in Love‟. I loved it, the feeling of letting SHARING HER STORIES, HER America with my third album!” out this roaring voice”. Her she joked. mother then came home, hid INSPIRATIONS AND HER She went through the fashion behind the door and recorded rites through school life as a SOURTHERN LONDON LIFE. London girl. “From twelve to her voice. “I was so mad at her when I found out she was thirteen I was just crazy,” she spying on me. I felt kinda remembers. “Cute checkered humiliated. But when I heard BY TIBYAAN NASSIR dresses. Big round glasses. it over, while considering Two short ponytails. I called deleting it, it felt... strange. It PHOTOGRAPH myself „Cute Lil‟ Misfit‟ haha. felt kinda refreshing. I wanted Then I really got into hip hop to share this feeling with the BY TIBYAAN NASSIR and R&B and became a Rude world. People listening to me28 | May 2, 2011 May 2, 2011 | 29