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StarBuzz Aug 22 2008

  1. 1. Happy Janmashtamito all our Readers
  2. 2. August 22, 2008 2 HOLLYWOODBritney’s life in new TV Jennifer Aniston in adocumentary Bollywood remakePop star Britney Spears is set to reveal all the details of How does the thought of Jennifer Aniston of Friends Says Patel excitedly, “She’s a regular at my restaurant and from childhood, “ says Patel. “For some reason Khamoshiher crazy life in a new telly documentary. and Brad Pitt fame, croon- I have spoken to her about has stayed with me. I’ve ing Tum pukar lo tumhara doing Waheeda Rehman’s watched it repeatedly. It’sThe ‘Hit me baby one more dreads it will expose their the biggest car crash televi- intezaar hai strike you? role in Khamoshi. Now she a story that can never growtime’ hitmaker will spill the rocky relationship. sion moment of all time,” a Well, the scenario isn’t that wants me to give her the full old.” Though Patel intends far off now. script which we’re working to stick to the basic plotlinebeans about her battle with “This could turn out to be pal of the popstar said. For the first time in the histo- on.” he’ll also incorporate manymental illness and her ry of world cinema an Indian Apparently when Aniston changes in the new-agechaotic personal life on film is all set to be remade in Hollywodized version ofthe MTV documentary. Hollywood. Khamoshi.However, close ones fear And chosen film for this “For example, Dhamendra’sthat the programme would startling cultural makeover role in the original (of theturn into a ‘car crash TV is the complex 1969 psycho- nurse’s first patient) wasshow’. drama Khamoshi about a very sketchy in Khamoshi.“Britney’s dad is furi- nurse in a mental asylum His face wasn’t even shownous, he thinks it’s a big who falls in love with her in any frame. We’ll flesh outmistake and doesn’t want patient and finally loses her that character in Silence andanything to do with it, but mind when she can’t get her offer it to a top HollywoodBritney thinks it will help quota of sexual and emo- actor.”Marquee names likeher custody battle for her tional succour in life. Brad Pitt and Keanu Reeevestwo sons,” The Daily Star To be entitled Silence, this are being considered for thequoted a source, as say- version of Khamoshi will male be in the English language. So will Jennifer AnistonBritney, who has dazed It will have Jennifer Aniston and her co-stars sing Humnefans with her eccentric an- playing Waheeda Rehman’s heard the idea of the healer dekhi hai un aankhon ki me-tics, plans to appear on the role. Two major Hollywood getting sick in Khamoshi she hekti khushboo, Wohshaamshow in a bid to put across actors will play the roles that had tears in her eyes. kuch ajeeb thi and those loveher side of the story. Rajesh Khanna and Dhar- “She was very moved, “ songs written by Gulzar.It has also been claimed mendra immortalized. admits Patel who says he’ll “I don’t think so. My This startling crossover en- spare no expenses to make Khamoshi isn’t a musical.that Britney wants to ap- deavour will be produced by sure that his version of Sanjay Leela Bhansali didpear on the TV show, be- LA-based restaurateur San- Khamoshi reaches a global Khamoshi The Musical, “fore her mother’s book is jay Patel who has already audience. ends Patel cheekily.launched, as the popstar spoken to Aniston. “I’ve been a major film buff
  3. 3. August 22, 2008 NEWS 3I can never be Rishi Kapoor: Now ‘SinghRanbir Is Kinng 2’Ranbir Kapoor, who is all “No one can play the role of mote “Bachna Ae Haseeno” was not a commercially hitset for his second release Bobby like Dimple Kapadia that is releasing Friday. one, though it was the best“Bachna Ae Haseeno”, says did. She is still so beautiful He will be seen romancing possible launch that one can It’s a trend to make a sequel of an immensely successful filmconstant comparisons with and I would love to woo her Minissha Lamba, Deepika ever have. But this time I and now that SINGH IS KINNG has hit the bull’s eye in In-his father Rishi Kapoor are on screen again if a remake Padukone and Bipasha Basu expect my film to be a com- dia as well as in the international circuit, Vipul Shah is keeninevitable, but in the movie. mercially hit one.” on making a sequel.feels that he won’t Talking about his As for romancing his real- “That’s true, “ Vipul confirms. But there’s no game plan able to match role, Ranbir said it is life love interest Deepika in “First of all, weup to his father’s not that of a Casano- the film, he said: “Both of need to get holdon-screen charis- va as the title hints. us have just started our ca- of a story to jus-ma. “I play a next-door reer. We would appreciate tify the humun-“I know the audi- boy and the film is if people talk about the film gous expecta-ence seeks another about his love life at and our characters instead of tions that peopleRishi Kapoor in different phases of linking our personal life with would have fromme. But I can nev- life.” the romance on-screen.” the sequel. Righter be like him. He The actor says he He also pointed out that Hin- now, we’re in ais such a spontane- wouldn’t like to be di film industry has grown mood to partyous actor, “ Ranbir confined in lover- highly competitive in the and work wouldtold. boy image. last couple of years and as a follow laterInterestingly, a hit “In both ‘Saawari- result all actors have to con- (laughs), “ hesong from his fa- ya’ and ‘Bachna Ae stantly reinvent themselves. states.ther’s film “Hum Haseeno’ I play a “Right from Amitabh Bach- Will Anees Ba-Kisise Kum Na- lover boy, but won’t chan to Darsheel Safary - zmee direct theheen” inspires the keep myself con- Bollywood has never been sequel or willtitle of his second fined to that particu- so competitive. Every day Vipul handle thefilm “Bachna Ae lar image. Give me a new actor takes the reign. responsibilityHaseeno”. two years and you As a result we actors have to this time? “No,If given a chance to will find me beat- constantly groom ourselves, I wouldn’t directact in the remake ing up goons and “ said Ranbir. it. Anees-ji is myof his father’s su- kicking in the air, “ His other films are Prakash first choice.per hit “Bobby”, said Ranbir who is Jha’s “Rajniti” and Rajku- But he needs toRanbir said he expecting his film to mar Santoshi’s “Ajab Prem fulfil his commitments before he embarks on any new proj-would love to romance Dim- is made, “ said the actor. do well at the box office. Ki Gazab Kahani”. ect. Lekin sabse pehle kahani to mile, “ he laughs.ple Kapadia on screen. Ranbir was in town to pro- “My first film ‘Saawariya’
  4. 4. August 22, 2008 4 INTERVIEWI would like to direct Papa: Sunny DeolFrom being a good son, to a audiences. should I say! two-three films at a simulta- will be seen in Masters to- world in Bollywood?good brother, to a good ac- Few of their films may have Q. The title of the film re- neous run. We are also trying gether which will be made A. I don’t want to speaktor and now a good director, enjoyed success in a real big flects comedy rather than to make films with different by Anil Sharma. Hope that on this at all as we have soSunny Deol has given his way and few may not but Vi- action. and untouched topics. making of this film gets over many other topics to discusshundred percent to all that jeta Films is always known A. It is very difficult to relate Q. You were making a film by April or May in the next about in our country. I feelhe has touched ever. for making good entertain- the film with its title because on Prithviraj Chauhan with year. that even if you don’t pay at-It’s on the occasion of the ers. I am sure that “Chamku” the title itself is Bobby’s Chandraprakash Diwedi? Q. How are you enjoying tention to some issues evenmusic release of Bobby will also prove to be a good name. I request people not A. It’s not true that I was direction along with acting? then we can live peacefully.Deol’s film Chamku that the film. I like the songs of this to take this film as a comedy about to make a film on Tell us something about you Because no one is doing any-three Deols get together. It’s film a lot. film. I am sure that once the Pithviraj Chauhan with film “The Man”. thing in this matter, we allon the same occasion that Now since this is my film I promo and the photographs Chandraprakash Diwedi. It’s A. I have enjoyed acting are only talking about this.Sunny opened his heart to will like everything related are released, people will be my dream to work with him. very much along with direc- It is better if we talk aboutRajnee Gupta about his love to it but the ultimate choice able to identify the title with Let’s see if we get something tion. My next directorial film something good and makefor films, family and fans of liking or disliking the film the film. interesting in terms of sub- “The Man” moves around our life happy.and of course something ex- is completely up to the audi- Q. What is the reason that ject then we will definitely me and Shilpa. At present I Q. Have you seen yourtra… ence only. Vijeta Films maintain so make a film on it. am concentrating on my di- papa’s movie “Life in a…Q. What kind of film is Q. Why Vijeta Films always much gap of time between Q. Is it true that after Apne rection only. Metro”?“Chamku” according to is in the making of action their films? you three Deols are again Q. Don’t you wish to direct A. (Laughing) I have onlyyou? packed films? A. From the very beginning coming together on the big your papa ever? seen “Apne”. Well, it was aA. Today it has become a A. It is not like that Vijeta Vijeta Films has been main- screen? A. I would definitely like to joke but I have not seen thatfashion for everyone to say Films is always connected taining the gap of two-three A. Yes of course. Like Apne, direct papa if I get a chance film. I am very bad in films.that it is a very different film, with action films. If you see years. We have not made Papa, Bobby and me are but let me make myself ca- Sometimes I don’t get to seebut regarding “Chamku” I “Betaab”, “Socha Na Tha” films back to back from our again coming together in a pable of direction first. my own films. It’s not that Iwould like to say that Vijeta and “Dillagi”, none of them production till date. But yes film. Right now “The Man” Q. What are your kids do- don’t want to see films but IFilms has always entertained is based on action. What else today all are busy making is in making. After this we ing now? Will they also join don’t have time to sit in one are going to make Sangeet films? place for three hours and Publisher: Shivan film with Papa and A. My kids have all my watch a movie. Many peo- Meena Chopra Bobby. I am waiting for this permissions to do whatever ple say that papa has done STARBUZZ MEDIA 71 Glenn Hawthorne Blvd. Mississauga ON L5R 2K4 film from quite a long time. they feel like. If they want to a wonderful job. Hope that The film is about how a fa- join films, they will be given I get to see this movie very Contributing Writers: KumKum Ramchandani, Gautam Chaturvedi, SS Anand, M.P.Singh ther and a son have com- enough chances to prove soon. plaints for each other. It’s a themselves but at present Q. We have heard that the ADVERTISING : 647 802 2899 : 905 507 2579 father and son relationship they are studying. Education sequel of the film “Ghayal” Email: which will be shown in a is very important in ones life will be made. comic way. Then in Decem- and after completing it they A. Yes, we wanted to make it StarBuzz is published every week, 52 times in a year by StarBuzz Media. Entire contents are the copyright of ber, Bobby and me are doing are free to choose the filed but it’s too late now. I think StarBuzz Media. Opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the publisher. StarBuzz an out an out comedy film they want to be in. that it is difficult to make a welcomes submissions but is not responsible for unsolicited material. All Rights Reserved. All advertisements are deemed to be reliable for their claims but all liabilities are those of the claimants/advertisers together. Q. What do you have to say sequel of any good film. Then Papa, me and Bobby about the pressure of under-
  5. 5. August 22, 2008 NEWS 5Kareena tops the most powerful celebrity list‘Czarina’ Kareena Kapoor Besides films collective imagi- Besides, the Czarina of ders, Boro plus cream,tops the list of the most back home, Hol- nation and estab- Bollywood, is also termed Citizen watch, Perfume, apowerful personality of lywood too has lished herself as as the ‘Queen of Endorse- Jeans line etc.Bollywood. In a poll con- shown some keen the biggest brand ment’. Top companies Kareena eclipses the nextducted by international interest in the amongst female and product manufactur- generation of actress whenmagazine Verve, Kareena actress. Sylves- actors. Her suc- ers want Kareena to be the it comes to the diversity inKapoor bagged the high- ter Stallone has cess and awards brand ambassador and her her choices, right from bigest number of votes for the been mesmerized for her perfor- name is taken in the same budget fare with A- list di-most powerful celebrity. by the ethereal mance in Jab We breath as top international rectors to imaginative proj-The actress finds a place beauty on the sets Met has made her models. ects, she has literally doneof pride on the cover of the of Sajid Nadiad- the hottest prop- Kareena ‘s high profile en- it all. She is the perfect mixmagazine’s latest edition. wala’s Kambaqt erty amongst the dorsement brands consists of performance and glam-The power list accentu- Ishq. big banners and of Globus, Anne French, our.ates the fact that Kareena Kareena Kapoor the biggest of Emami, ICI Paints, Vivel of Kareena is the undisputedis definitely going places. has captured the stars. ITC soaps, Head & Shoul- Queen of bollywood.
  6. 6. August 22, 2008 6 NEWSIt made sense to move C Kkompany22nd August seemed like when the decision to Tusshar the third week as well. Then would have subsided to aquite a crowded date till move C Kkompany explains, both Bachna Ae Haseeno great extent.”last weekend. There were was taken, isn’t it? “Do some and God Tussi Great Ho are Was it an easy decision toas many as 6 films slated “More than the simple cal- big too which would have move C Kkompany con-for release - C Kkompa- competition due to culation, meant that exhibitors would sidering the promotion hasny, Chamku, Maan Gaye merits (or the lack how many have kept good number of been on full swing and quiteMughall-E-Azam, Phoonk, of it) from any oth- shows we shows of these two films as some money is being spentMumbai Meri Jaan and My er movie running would have well.” on ensuring that the comedyFriend Ganesha - 2. along with us or be- ended up He adds, “Now imagine 6 is visible to the audienceOut of the 6 films, at least 2 fore/after us, we had getting movies coming just a week prior to its release?have announced their deci- to look at a practical eventually after. Even if you are the “It wasn’t a matter of ansion to arrive after a week (C scenario of sheer if we had preferred film for a multi- easy or a difficult decision;Kkompany, Chamku) while multiplex space arrived on plex in a particular week, it was a matter of being3 have confirmed their 22nd that we could have 22nd Au- you would still have ended practical. It was a matter ofAugust arrival (Maan Gaye ended up getting. It gust? up with 2-3-4 shows only gauging what worked bestMughall-E-Azam, Phoonk, made sense to move Singh Is due to sheer volume of for the film”, says TussharMumbai Meri Jaan). Mean- the film, “ informs Kinng was films. in a matter of fact tone,while My Friend Ganesha Tusshar Kapoor meant to Isse achcha toh 1 week baad “When you are getting good- 2 still appears to be in who is looking at open huge aaye! At least we would end vibes for a film and peoplelimbo. his second success and it’s ef- up getting good number of are showing a keen interest,Six movies releasing on the in a row this year af- fect would shows for ourselves since it doesn’t quite matter if yousame day may have been ter One Two Three. well con- by that time the euphoria move the film by a week.”looming large on the mind Talking maths, tinue into of the earlier released films
  7. 7. August 22, 2008 MONEY 7Critical protection for youand your retirementRetirement. It’s supposed to bookkeeping. They are very sider critical illness insur-be a wonderful time… a time comfortable, but definitely ance to help protect theirof relaxation and enjoyment concerned about saving for retirement savings. He ex-that you’ve worked hard for, retirement, sending their plains that some group planssaved for and looked for- kids to university and saving now offer critical illnessward to over the course of for a rainy day. insurance, but since Mikeyour working career. Mike and Sandy have a to- owns his own company,But what if you or your part- tal of $250,000 in retirement he’ll need to consider an in-ner is diagnosed with a criti- savings and are working dividually owned illness just before or after with their advisor to protect Mike and Sandy think aboutyou begin your retirement? the future growth of these it. They’re non-smoking,If you’re not prepared, you assets so they can enjoy healthy individuals, so it’scould spend a good portion their retirement. They think hard to imagine either one ofof your savings dealing with that putting money into their them suffering a critical ill-that critical illness, putting ness. Still, they know it cana major dent in the retire- happen.ment portfolio that you’ve Jim assures them that the fi-worked so hard to build over nancial commitment to pur-the years.The five- to 10- chase a critical illness policyyear period just before and is affordable and, dependingafter you retire is known as on how much coverage theythe “retirement risk zone.” purchase, the premium canWith such a short time hori- be about the same as the totalzon to retirement, absorbing fee that they pay on the mu-the cost of a critical illness tual funds in their RRSPs.during this period could put MIKE AND SANDY AREyour retirement plans in se- READY. ARE YOU?rious jeopardy. But there is Mike and Sandy decide tosomething that can help mit- RRSPs will cover all their buy critical illness insuranceigate that risk: critical illness bases. and help protect their retire-insurance. However, Mike and Sandy’s ment income.SAVING FOR RETIRE- advisor, Jim, poses a ques- Take a look at your own situ-MENT INVOLVES MORE tion: Suppose that, at age ation. Could you survive theTHAN RRSPS 60, one of them is diagnosed financial strain of a criticalMeet Mike and Sandy – both with a critical illness or has a illness? For most people, theare 37 years old, nonsmok- stroke or a heart attack. How answer is no. Talk to yourers and have three young will they cover the costs to advisor today about criticalchildren. Mike owns his own recover without tapping into illness insurance and howlandscaping business and their retirement nest egg? it can help protect you andSandy does the Jim suggests that they con- your retirement.
  8. 8. August 22, 2008 8 NEWSI’m Ranbir’s ‘first love’:Minissha Lamba “Now I want to play a warA ride on the highest roller but our director insisted and My role is set in the year correspondent, “ she said.coaster, zooming on bikes so we had to do that as well, 1996 and I play a Punjabi The actress claims she al-and venturing into the sea - “ Minissha said here. girl. But we didn’t want the ways signs films with herBollywood actress Minissha The actress was in the capi- look to be typically Punjabi. eyes wide open. tal along with director We wanted it to keep it funky “I always knew what I Siddharth Anand and and slightly modern. was getting into. I always co-stars Ranbir, Deep- “My character Mahi has wanted to play well-de- ika Padukone and Bi- worn patiala salwars with fined roles. ‘Bachna Ae pasha Basu to promote spaghetti tops and kurtis with Haseeno’ is my first out- “Bachna Ae Haseeno”, capris. In fact, the patiala and-out romantic film and which releases Friday. salwars with tops has be- I feel it’s a novel concept. The film traces the love come a rage among college I have got to play a very life of a man from the students in Mumbai. I don’t cute, girl-next-door char- time he is 18 years old know about Delhi though, “ acter.” Asked whether to when he is 30, and Minissha quipped. Ranbir got Minissha in Minissha plays Ran- A Punjabi by origin, this the end or not, she replied: bir’s first love interest. is not the first time she has “If I reveal the plot of the Talking about her role played a Punjabi girl. film, why would anyone Minissha said: “Mahi is “I played a Punjabi girl in go and watch it?” a 17-year-old girl from Sanjay Gupta’s ‘Dus Ka- Amritsar who believes haniyaan’. But in ‘Bachna in a fairytale ending of Ae Haseeno’, my role is 180Lamba has done it all with a story. She has very degrees from that of Mini inco-star Ranbir Kapoor while simple expectations from ‘Dus Kahaniyaan’.”shooting for “Bachna Ae life. She wants to fall in love “Mahi is a city-born and hipHaseeno”. and get married. I feel there Punjabi girl. Her family is“We did a whole lot of is a little bit of Mahi in all rich and she goes on a tripthings while shooting for the of us.” around the world unlike Minifilm including riding on the Ever since the film’s pro- who came from a strict ruralhighest roller-coaster in the mos have come, Minissha is background, “ she We also rode on hus- seen as a trendsetter of sorts Minissha, who wanted tokies and bikes. In fact, one thanks to her unconvention- become a journalist beforeday Ranbir and I were asked al, trendy and youthful look entering Bollywood withto step into the seawater for in the film. “I’m the only one “Yahaan”, played a scribe ina scene. We were dreading it, who is Indianised in the film. Samar Khan’s “Shaurya”.SINGH IS KINNG to fire up theToronto International Film FestivalAs if Akshay Kumar’s historic unveiling of Burger’s The Lucky Ones, starring Rachelthe mammoth banner of Singh Is Kinng at McAdams, Tim Robbins and Michael Peña;the Silver City Brampton in Toronto wasn’t Rod Lurie’s Nothing But the Truth, starringenough for his cheering fans, the city is set to Kate Beckinsale, Noah Wyle and Angelawitness another splash by Kinng Kumar and Bassett; Gavin O’Connor’s Pride and Glory,his latest blockbuster. starring Edward Norton, Colin Farrell, andMarketed and released worldwide by Indian Jon Voight; Jerry Zaks’s Who Do You Love,Films - Studio 18, Singh Is Kinng, the year’s starring Alessandro Nivola and Ethan Coenbiggest hit, is headed to the glittering Toronto and Joel Coen’s Burn After Reading, starringInternational Film Festival (TIFF 2008), one George Clooney, Frances McDormand, Johnof the biggest cinematic events in the world. Malkovich, Tilda Swinton, Richard Jenkins,It will be one of the eleven coveted gala pre- and Brad Pitt.Tickets to the gala are always insentations to be screened at The Roy Thom- high demand, being high-profile star-studdedson Hall on Sunday, 7th September, 2008. events. The Singh Is Kinng celebration at theSingh Is Kinng finds itself in august com- festival is tipped to be attended by Sandeeppany with ten celebrated top-notch Holly- Bhargava, CEO of the investment adviser towood titles that include Caroline Link’s A Indian Films, producer Vipul A. Shah, direc-Year Ago in Winter; Toa Fraser’s Dean Span- tor Aneez Bazmee, and lead actors, Akshayley, starring Peter O’Toole, Sam Neill and Kumar and Katrina Kaif.Bryan Brown; Jodie Markell’s The Loss of Singh Is Kinng has set new records at thea Teardrop Diamond, starring Bryce Dallas worldwide box-office mopping up $25 mil-Howard, Ann-Margret and Will Patton; Neil lion (approx.) to date and still going.
  9. 9. August 22, 2008 FASHION 9Bridal hues: What’s the new red?Stunning, beautiful, daring and out-of-the-world, is what every bride desires to be on her D-day. Andwith modern day brides seeking experimentation in her wedding day look, it’s no mean feat deciding onthe all important colour palette for her trousseau.While the traditional red has Envisaging the shades of a season as they are offbeat. about getting dressed inmost definitely taken a back- modern bridal outfit, Leena Also, red can be combined typical a salwar, we get our fashion pun- elaborates, “A lehenga made with bright blue and earthier Designer Leena says andits to share the new red for on peacock base with aqua tones like browns, burgundy, Indo Western look is inthe bridal season. Oscillating green and blue embroidery and brick red for a striking vogue. “A free flowingfrom gentle emerald greens, can be accentuated with mir- combination.” crinkled skirt in mehendirich burgundies, flashy yel- ror work and multi coloured Couturier Renu Tandon too green looks modern whenlows to finally a colourful thread work. To add to the prefers a soothing palette teamed with a choli. Itpeacock palette, accentuated look, some gold jewellery in shades of pink (indigo isn’t too heavy and can be pink) and fuchsia kept light with red booti (mix of dark pink and work all over a florescent light midnight blue) base.” For occasions like this season. “These the engagement or recep- shades would come tion, Renu shares, “Purple out well in a mermaid looks fabulous on these shaped lehenga with occasions. Brides don’t lighter shades merg- prefer darker colours, so ing into the darker sophisticated shades are tones with beautiful coming into limelight. A drapes on the waist dress designed on mint and hips, embellished green base can be orna- with gold ands silver mented with lime and em- work at the border. erald green thread work This can be teamed or Swarovski to complete up with a crouched the look.” blouse highlighted With this riot of colours - with Swarovski.” here’s to a play of senses For ceremonies, other and shades this auspicious than the main wedding season. day, vibrant shades like baby blue; lemon yellow, turquoise, pinks, mint green are the haute pick. “Vari- ations of pinks can bewith matching embellish- can make the right match.” worn on the other cer-ments, desi brides can pick Designer Ritu Kumar adds, emonies. A combination offrom an array of hues. “Burgundy is definitely the yellow-red or mustard-red“Hot pink will be the hottest most predicted colour this can also be perfect. Oliveshade which looks elegant season for its richness and nicely fits most themes, butwith silver work on it. Yel- antique appeal. Bright red is being a dull shade, it has tolow also makes for a beauti- out, thus we don’t do much be teamed up with brighterful bridal outfit with multi- of sequins and crystals. hues,” feels Kavita.coloured thread work and There is more of metallic Ritu adds, “Something in offbooties all over in orange embroidery these days, re- white highlighted with deepand aqua shades. A colour sembling a woven Banarasi red as well as shades of olivelike white, which people sari.” is making a mark. Mehendiwould never wear on D-Day, Deviating from the conven- green can be mixed with saf-is now coming into vogue tional red and maroons, de- fron and mustard on the out-with vibrant treatments to signer Kavita Bhartia feels fit with minimal sequin workbeautify the outfit,” suggests brighter shades work well for for the sangeet or MehendiLeena Singh of the designer a trousseau. “Emerald green function.”duo Ashima-Leena. can be the new red for the Most brides are not only
  10. 10. August 22, 2008 10 TV TALKNethra needed the money desperatelyThose who undermined the enjoying the daredevil acts. Kumar’s attention on the cially insecure? Nethra says, turmoil, I have emerged as plans? “I am quite happypotential of this petite, glam- Yes, there were moments sets? Nethra says that Akki “Let me just say that I have a happy person and a win- with my modelling assign-ourous girl were amazed by when I just wanted to run always motivated the girls recently gone through a lot ner in more ways than one. ments. I am also readingher resilience when, week away from the sheer mad- and was like a friend to all of of ups and downs in life. I am not a religious person, some interesting film scripts.after week, she jumped from ness of it all. But I am not them. “He goaded us all to One tends to plan the fu- but I am deeply spiritual, There are a couple of projectsa helicopter, allowed spiders chickenhearted, so I stayed push ourselves to extremes – ture in a particular way, but and right now I am getting to in the pipeline and soon youto crawl all over her, jumped physically and mentally. As things take unforeseen and know my inner self.” will hear something positivein deep water and emerged a true mentor, he gave us hell unusual turns. But, after the And what about the future on this front,” says the clear winner of Fear when we couldn’t perform aFactor – Khatron Ke Kh- simple stunt, so there wasn’tiladi. any question of competingNethra Raghuraman, the on that front,” says she.model-turned-actress, who Money helpshas performed all these Just when you are congratu-stunts with apparent ease and lating the young lady on herfinesse, tells DT that the win admirable feat and ask herhas helped her attain some how does she plan to spendpersonal goals and has taken the prize money of Rs 50care of some of her acute fi- lakh, Nethra surprises younancial crisis. yet again with her complete‘I wasn’t sacred’ honesty. She says, “BeforeYou will be surprised to Fear Factor ... happened, Iknow that Nethra, who per- desperately needed moneyformed these spine-chilling for a very personal reason. Istunts, can’t swim and is would not like to talk aboutscared of heights and creepy- that reason, but I would likecrawlies. So, what egged her to tell you that I was won-on to participate in such a dering all the time fromdaring game? Surely, there where will I get all that mon-must have been moments ey. Even now, I may have towhen she just wanted to quit on,” confesses Nethra. take a loan from a bank, butthe game? “I didn’t enter the Fan following this prize money has been acontest thinking about win- With 13 girls competing for great help.”ning. I just took each day as the prize money, how was it Is it her relationship turmoilit came, and slowly I started vying for macho man Akshay that has made her so finan-Sreesanth bowls over TVheart throbsSTAR Plus celebrates sixty one years of India’s freedom with a colourful presentation and acelebratory night Rang De India - Azaadi Ki Young Tarang on Friday, August 15, 2008 at 1pm only on STAR Plus. The event showcases a never seen before amalga- mation of dances, popular songs and new acts by young, popular and talented actors and singers of the industry. Rang De India, a starry musical event promises to entertain viewers with new and refreshingly inno- vative per- formances by televisions’ most promi- nent actors. Adding a so- cial touch, the acts also delve on various social issues while educat- ing the audi- ence about India’s vast glory and deep rooted culture. The star stud-ded event will have enthralling performances by In-dia’s supercop, Kiran Bedi, actors, Ronit Roy, HarshadChopda, Karan Patel, Lily Patel, Sarita Joshi, SaraKhan, Parul Chauhan and Additi Gupta, Aamir Ali &Sanjeeda Sheikh, Deven Bhojani, Lubna Salim, Such-ita Trivedi, Krishna Gokani and Chetan Hansraj, childprodigies, Shreya, Dheirya, Aishwarya, Anvesha andsinging sensations Abhijeet Sawant and Rahul Vaidyaamong many others.The star highlight of the event is a smashing dance per-formance by ace cricketer Sreesanth and glamorous an-chor and cricket commentator, Mandira Bedi on recentchartbusters.
  11. 11. August 22, 2008 NEWS 11Katrina and Salman are still in It`s Aamir`s Ghajini versus Big B`s Alladinlove despite fight with SRK The release date of GHAJINI has been shifted yet again. Initially slated for October 2, the Aamir Khan starrer was shifted to November 28 a fortnight ago.Contrary to media reports Also, the shooting of Yu- ed coming out. Infact they show, “ she said. But the release has been shifted yet again and this time, theSalman Khan and his girl- vraj is going in full swing in are having more fun while Katrina, who recently re- date seems to be final: December 25 (Christmas).friend Katrina Kaif are still Filmcity where the couple is shooting nowadays. placed Aishwarya Rai Bach- Last year, Aamir’s directorial debut TAARE ZAMEEN PARa couple. The two have defi- seen having a blast shooting Katrina Kaif also refuted re- chan as the ambassador of was released innately not broken up. together. ports that she had decided to Nakshtra jewellary brand, the ChristmasBoth had been refus- end her professional revealed that she is leaving week (Decem-ing to comment on relationship with for the US to shoot for Kabir ber 21) andtheir relationship sta- beau Salman Khan Khan’s film, to be produced now, GHA-tus post the infamous and said that a good by Yash Raj Films, this week. JINI will openbirthday bash of Ka- script was the only The actress will be paired in Christmastrina wherein Salman pre-condition for her opposite John Abraham in this year.had a huge fight with to sign a film. this yet-untitled film. Meanwhile,Shah Rukh Khan. “I have never said “This will be my longest a screeningReportedly, this fight that I will not work outdoor schedule ever, “ she of GHAJINIand Salman’s obnox- with Salman Khan said. was held aious behaviour had after Yuvraj, “ she But before that, Katrina is few days agoangered Katrina and said. “I always go by looking forward to the re- and those whoshe had walked out of the script. I do not lease of her film, Singh is watched thetheir relationship. know how such spec- Kinng this week. film couldn’tBut according to ulations float around. “It is an entertaining film control theirsources, the couple If our dates work out, and we have worked very excitementwas seen enjoying we will feature in hard on it, “ she said, add- while discuss-a cozy dinner at a Sohail Khan’s next ing, “Akshay has a good ing the movieMumbai star hotel last film.” sense of script, commercial with this writ-Wednesday. Salman On reports that she cinema and audience tastes. er.had come in alone fol- was no longer part He is unbiased towards his Meanwhile,lowed by Katrina. of Shah Rukh Khan’s co-stars. Sujoy Ghosh’sThey both had hugged Temptations world Namastey London was a ALLADIN iseach other first and tour after the much- woman centric film but Ak- also confirmedthen sat having din- hyped SRK- Salman shay was its strength as well. for Christmas week. This was confirmed by Sujoy himself.ner for over an hour fracas at her birth- Besides, we have fun match- With Aditya Chopra’s SRK starrer RAB NE BANA DI JODIthere. Also, they left to- The unit members claim, day party, Katrina said ing each other’s energy in arriving on December 12, the final month of 2008 will be onegether in the same car with they have never seen them that she enjoyed dancing, dancing, “ she said. month to look forward to.Katrina’s car following Sal- fight once after the reports and being on stage. “If datesman’s. of their break up have start- permit, I will be a part of theRanbir-Bipasha cozinessleaves Deepika fumingThe Bengali beauty, Bipa- not at all acknowledging or We hope Ranbir calms downsha Basu seems to be quite a interacting with Ranbir. She Deepika soon before thingsman’s lady. Even been with was looking boiling hot. go hay-wire.John Abraham, she hadthe famous controversialkiss with the footballstar, Christino Ronaldo.Now the Bengali beautyseems to be interestedin Deepika Padukone’sboyfriend, Ranbir Ka-poor.Early the Dusky babehad admitted that shewas really fond of Ran-bir. What had put fireover it was that Bipashainsisted to the organiz-ers that it should be herand not Deepika whowill enter the stage withRanbir first at a recentshow.Deepika didn’t like thisand she made it sure thatit will be her and not Bi-pasha to enter first.Things went from badto worse when Bipashamade a grand entry withRanbir leaving Deepikainto fumes.Next we saw is a sultryand over angry Deepika
  12. 12. August 22, 2008 12 NEWSHollywood knows only Priyanka and SalmanAishwarya make TruceBollywood’s dusky beauty one Indian actor - Aishwarya because she hadn’t done a On Tuesday Priyanka set had a tough time keeping my way. As for Salman he’s al-Bipasha Basu has carved a Rai. romantic movie for quite aside her differences with eyes open. But Salman en- ways fun on the sets. He hadniche for herself in Hindi “No filmmakers of Holly- some time. Salman Khan. But for a good tertained us all through. He me in splits during the shoot- wood are willing “I haven’t done an out-an- cause.And that too because played a double to sign any Bolly- out romantic film for a long she had old pal Bobby Deol role. He was wood actor without time so when I heard the for company. both the host a screen test apart script of this film, I found it Suddenly within a span of and the hero of from Aishwarya. a little fresh. two weeks in August Priyan- one of the films They seem to know “I play Radhika, who comes ka Chopra has two releases I was promot- no Hindi film ac- all the way from Ranchi to that need to be plugged ing.” tors, not even Am- Mumbai to become an ac- pushed and promoted. Apparently Sal- itabh Bachchan, “ tor. But she ends up being a The focussed workaholic de- man laid the Bipasha told. member of (choreographer) cided to do what some time charm so thick “I got a chance Shiamak Davar’s dance ago she wouldn’t for even that Priyanka to go there, but troupe.” Harman Baweja. melted and de- I found out that Bipasha doesn’t seem to Priyanka declined to be on cided to call off I will have start mind sharing screen space Salman Khan’s game show their cold war. again from scratch with two other actresses - Dus Ka Dum last month “First of all, like screen tests Minissha Lamba and Deepi- when her film Love Story when did I ever and other tantrums. ka Padukone in the film. 2050 with Harman was on say I had any They treat you like “I am okay with even a 10- release. But now setting problems with a newcomer. So I minute role provided I get aside her rather frozen rap- Salman? We decided to stay in an apt character and my port with Salman she shot make a fantas- Mumbai and be the share of attention on screen. for Dus Ka Dum late on tic on-screen ‘queen’ here, “ said Anyway, if you are a Bolly- Tuesday night. This time she pair. We proved the actress who was wood heroine, you have very had both Bobby and Salman it in Mujhse in town to promote limited choice. I was intelli- for company on the show. Shaadi Karoge.cinema and says she has no “Bachna Ae Haseeno”. gent enough to realise it long “Actually it wasn’t Tues- And now again ing. He had Bobby and meintentions of going to Hol- Talking about the film with back and hence am picking day night. It was Wednes- in God, Tussi Great Ho we entertained throughout Duslywood because filmmakers newcomer Ranbir Kapoor, up roles that look good on- day morning. We shot the rock together. Ka Dum. And yes we boththere are familiar with only Bipasha said she signed on screen, “ she said. episode from 1 am to 4 am. I Amitji plays God, by the won a lot of money.”Chichi and Sush went spicy nitely end up loving it. But Sush was apprehensive and replied with a huge Soon, Riteish, too, joined the chaat eater brigade and thereafter whenever thereDuring the shooting schedule and Riteish Deshmukh was these snacks times. NO. But Govinda being the would be an evening snacksof Do Knot Disturb in Delhi, in Delhi recently for a long When Sushmita once asked charmer that he is, got a few break the three would disap-Govinda ended up making shooting stint. Govinda about his disap- chaat items parceled for her pear together to Govinda’sSushmita Sen a huge fan of While most of the stars and pearing act he revealed that and made her taste them. favourite chaatwala!”the famous Delhi chaat. unit members enjoyed bing- he would visit one of his Sush tried them and then on Do Knot Disturb is Gov-A unit insider reveals, “The ing on the snacks served most favourite chaat vendors just could not stop relish- inda’s second film with Su-unit of Do Knot Disturb di- on the sets, Sushmita Sen in the capital city since he is ing them.From then on she shmita Sen. Both had ear-rected by David Dhawan would not eat that and most- a die hard fan of these chat- started requesting Govinda lier played husband–wife inand produced by Vashu ly order her special diet food pata delicacies. He then told every day to get her those David Dhawan directed andBhagnani starring Govinda, from outside while Gov- her that she should once try Delhi chaat items for her and Ekta Kapoor produced KyonSushmita Sen, Lara Dutta inda would disappear during eating it and she would defi- he would willingly oblige. Ki Main Jhooth Nahi Bolta.
  13. 13. August 22, 2008 NEWS 13Aamir dislikes awards After Saif who is Rosa’sbut accepts this one next?Aamir Khan’s ‘Taare Zamin acclaimed film, Aamir had genuine. I go by the organi-Par’, a sensitively made paid a visit to the South In- sation and and the people be- Rosa was heart broken af- that he is not from Bolly- asked about him from Rosastory of a dyslexic boy may dian Film Chamber of Com- hind the award’’, Aamir said ter been dumped by our wood. asking if she is in a relation-have come and gone but the merce auditorium and in- at a press conference. hunky Saif. She started Through our sources we ship with him, Rosa’s voicefilm still lives in the hearts teracted with the media and Asked what gave him the keeping a very low profile came to know that the lucky deepened (as if she’s been with the audience confidence to handle such a (obviously who won’t), but guy is someone named caught). She said she is in which included subject, Aamir said, ‘’I fell then again we saw Rosa at- Chetan Gara. So when we a meeting (please note: she film industry peo- in love with the script and tending fashion had told us that she ple and organisa- the story. I wanted to show it shows, events, is at home in the tions working with to the people of this country premieres, and beginning of her and looking after and the audience.’’ partying late at conversation) and differently abled Aamir said, ‘’It sensitised nights. added that she can’t people. me towards my own kids We thought talk before hanging The film was insti- and I am happy that it has she was quite up. tuted 11 years ago sensitised parents who have strong to handle Hmmm…We really by the Gollapudi children with such problems everything by wonder why is Rosa Srinivas Memo- like dyslexia.’’ Aamir said herself. Lesser playing this game of rial instituted by the theme of the film was we knew some- hide and seek with well known Telugu simply universal. one else (who us. She should learn wirter, journalist Heads of welfare associa- was very close something from and actor Gollapu- tions caring for the dyslexic to her) was also Saif who openly di Maruti Rao. children who also partici- there to lighten told the world about This was in mem- pated in the press conference her problems as his relationship with ory of his son who and later in the interactive well as give her Kareena. died in an accident session thanked Aamir im- the shoulder. For the time been while he was film- mensly for making such a Yes, Rosa we would like to in- ing his own debut film. seems to have form Rosa that play- film as a director Aamir also announced that found solace ing hide and seek years ago. he was dubbing ‘Taare in someone’s with us won’t mat-of many critics and parents ‘’Yes, normally I Zamin Par’ in Tamil as ‘’Vaal arms. Now who ter much becausewho have differently abled don’t accept any award be- Natchathiram’ and in Telugu this someone sooner or later thatchildren and filmfolk alike cause I think judging which as ‘’Neelimegha Taralu.’’ is a mystery. person’s identitythroughout India. film is better for an award ‘’The dubbed versions will The only thing will be revealed (asA day before he was to re- is in my opinion subjective. be released on September known about it happens in theceive the best ‘debut Direc- But I do when an award is 14, ‘’ he said. him is the fact end of every game).tor’ award for his widely given by people who are
  14. 14. August 22, 200814 NEWS Launching Ceremony of Hindi Writers Guild Eminent writer Dr Maheep Singh graced the occasion at Oakville Public Library on 9th Aug ‘08. Indra Verma and Manoshi Chatrjee Forecast: India and Bollywood By: S.S. Anand firmly. ally transmitted disease. Overall wealth of the coun- Finance matters includ- The Government’s position try will increase. Across August 15 is Independence ing inflation and price in- in relation to many issues the country, there will be day for India.. creases related to food, fuel will weaken over the com- many new and creative For India, Venus Ketu and other necessesities af- ing months. Key concerns initiatives in business that dasha started in July. fecting the masses will be related to women’s rights, will create new gains and There is a year of deep highlighted. abuse of women and child opportunities. It will be challenge ahead for India, Disputes with a religious rights including child la- another great year for bol- her people and the Gov- undertone will come to the bour will come to the fore lywood which will be very ernment. Over the com- fore and attract internation- but will not be adequeately successful domestically ing months, we can expect al attention for the wrong addressed by Government. with the industry in general Ketu a planet of secrecy reasons. The widening of the gap and many individual ac- and in the 7th house of the Ketu’s aspects indicates between rich and poor will tors and actresses winning country’s chart to allow op- that there will be instabil- be highlighted. Novem- greater international ac- position groups and parties ity and great challenges in ber will be a tough time claim and recognition. give strong challenges to neighbouring countries. domestically with many We can expect an excel- the Government regard- This will pose challenges social problems under the lent year ahead for the In- ing various domestic and for India. The Government spotlight and causing con- dian Fashion Industry on international concerns. In will have to make efforts to cern to the nation. the world stage. We can the INDIAN birth chart the protect borders. Decem- “Nuclear deal” Negotia- also look forward to stron- period venus ketu venus ber will be a particularly tions between India and the ger performances from operating from July 30 to challenging month for in- US will continue through- our athletes in the currentDeep Shailja and Dr. Maheep Singh October 9, 2008 is very sig- ternational relations with out the year. An agree- olympics as compared to nificant for the sovereignty neighbouring countries. ment will be reached in / previous of India. Seperatist groups As venus is in the 3rd by xxxx years. will try to destabilize the house, modern day ex- On a brighter note, we can Wishing all a good year country . Ketu’s position cesses will adversely affect expect people to look to ahead !! in the house of mars indi- the health of the wealthier various societal institutions cates that the Government classes. There will be a for support. Generally civ- (Visit Page 17 for his ad- will handle the situation marked increase in sexu- il society will strengthen. vertisement) Recent PREDICTIONS of Mr SS Anand That Have COME TRUE * Mr Pervez Musharraf will resign in August 08. * Mr LK Advani of BJP will go through a hard time. * Mr Anil Ambani and R COM will face a hard time and deal with MTN (South Africa) will fall through. * India will better/improve record in Olympics.Dr. Maheep Singh
  15. 15. August 22, 2008 KOLLYWOOD 15A new innings?After donning the role of a dutiful wife in devotional films like Sri Ramadasu and Panduran-gadu, pretty Sneha will be playing a lover girl in her next release Aadivishnu, opposite ArunKumar, son of Dasari Narayana Rao . Looks like she has realised the need to focus on youth-ful roles instead of tear-jerkers, to stay in business. Despite her good looks and promisingtalent, she was never considered hot property in Tollywood. Even her image makeover inPardhu went haywire as the film bombed even before makers took a look at her new avatar.The pressure is on the actress to go beyond traditional roles to display her versatility. Will shebe going in for a new innings altogether?
  16. 16. August 22, 200816 CLASSIFIED BRIDE HELP WANTED WANTED Urdu Speaking 3 bedroom town house Muslim Boy 25 Punjabi Sikh parents Counter Staff For A Gift available for sharing or Shop Near Airport. PartMatch required for tall, invite matrimonial Time, Casual Work. rental at Finch & Victoria Park. Single male profes-handsome boy graduat- alliance Mostly Evenings (7 P.M. sional looking to share fored from York university for their son, 38 yrs To 11 P.M.) Must Be $650.00 plus shared utilitiesin business administra- old, 5”5”, slim build. Flexible. Minimum or rent entire house for 1600tion. Working as man- Canadian citizen, di- Wage. Retired / Semi Re- plus utilities. Finished base-ager in Toronto. the girl tired also welcome. ment, spacious, airy and vorced. Well settled Send Resume Fax 416- bright interiors. Steps fromshould be Sunni, Tall, in Canada. 675-4022 (Attn: Gift TTC and plaza. Friendlybeautiful, neighborhood. EspeciallyProfessionally qualified Caste no bar. call Shop) Phone 416-845- ideal for family or profes- (951)-227-1040, 9776or student contact sionals. Parking available. (951)- 780- 2201 Please contact starbuzzclas- starbuzzclassifieds@ DOMESTIC HELPGursikh Khatri two WANTED turbaned sons TEACHERS 31,26 Wanted Part Time Domestic Help wantedGursikh Khatri parents for cleaning and other Teachers for a well housework. Weekend or 2seek compatible girls for known Tutorial evenings, about 7 hours/their tow turbaned sons,age 31 and 26, both 6’, Center in week. Winston Churchillown their own business Mississauga. & Britannia area in Mis- sissauga on convenientindependently, born and KG to Grade 12.raised in Toronto. Girls bus route.convenient bus Proficient in Maths,should be educated slim, route. Please call at Science, English.beautiful and tall. Please (905) with picture and Apply :biodata at SERVICE HAIR - CARE for the whole family. Cut - $10; Color - $20; Men Cut & Color - $25 905-712-9404 starbuzzclassifieds@ starbuzzclassifieds@
  17. 17. August 22, 2008HOROSCOPE 17 Mr. SS Anand, Aries: This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to get yourself back on track to the road to success. Recent events have put your emotional and physical well being out of whack. Static energy will only cause you to short out your battery. Simple pleasures will be needed in order to help you to relax. Strong words will only bring strong re-actions. Realize that tempers a renowned may be short in those sensitive areas. Astro Taurus: This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to get back to your basic needs and wants. People with attitude problems shouldn’t even Consultant come into the equation, stay clear of them. Your dilemma is that everybody wants a piece of you. There’s usually a reason for everything that you do, but For further information, your creativity may be driven more out of necessity than talent. If you want to try to turn this situation around, you’d better start now. please contact: SS Anand, Mobile: 011 91 9810075594 (New Delhi) Gemini: This week’s scenario is highlighted by motivation and positive re- Email:, inforcement. Recent events have put you in a position of power. You’ll feel (Visit page 14 for his article) moved into proclaiming an alliance between yourself and your peers. Your message will come across in a way that encourages others want to join in. You know just which emotions to draw out of others and when to do it. You For Advertising in StarBuzz Contact : 647.802.2899 could combine valid points of view to provide a dynamic effort. Cancer: This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to bide your time. You need to continue to play the waiting game. Others want answers right away, but you should take some time to analyse the whole picture. If you try to push the process faster, something will hit the fan. Unfounded suspicions and accusations will only make others more uncomfortable. It’s better to keep quiet than to be negative. Leo: This week’s scenario is highlighted by your need to get things com- pleted prior to starting your next project. You’ve gotten behind and need to get a better grasp of things. You usually work hard but lately you’ve been very lax in matters of importance. Everyone is a specialist or is in need of one. Prove that you know more than your history suggests. Save time and money by drawing on the resources that you already possess. Virgo: This week’s scenario is highlighted by passion,excitement and the start of new relationships. Negative energy will have no power over the posi- tive flow that you are rolling on, but remember, you need to learn to walk first before you can run. The warmth you feel inside will spark your passion for life. Get out there and enjoy all that life has to give. Look past others misgivings in order to take advantage of their expertise. Libra: This week’s scenario is highlighted by your need to find new ways to succeed. Past performance will not carry much weight and will not have any bearing on the current situation. You need to find your voice and figure out how to use it to your best advantage. Before moving ahead on your own, think about ways to unite others. Human emotions cannot rule you, this time. You must try to look at things on an a more intellectual plane. Try your best to stay clear of those who try to bring you down to their level. Scorpio: This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to act on your emotions. Sometimes, you may be too quick to re-act, but this week, you’re right to take a stance. Others are the same as always, but your perception of them will change radically. Be aware that your words and your actions will affect them greatly. You can probably talk your way out it, but everybody is watching to see the outcome. Stay calm and your confidence level will rise. Sagittarius: This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to get your- self a better perspective on things. Recent events have made your temper flare and you need to re-organize and consolidate your energy. Even though you feel agitated, you’re very social and very capable. Once the meetings are over, transform your home into a refuge from the real world for a while. Step back and realize that things aren’t quite as bad as you thought. Capricorn: This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to take the responsibility for your actions. You’ll have many options from which to pick from. A show of strength will improve your standing in the community. Choose the honorable road. You may need to go out on a limb, but you’ll have strong support from those in authority. You may need to fulfil a family obligation that you almost forgot about. Aquarius: This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to put your ideas into motion. In order to accomplish your immediate goals, you must reach out and try new ways to get the job done. If you want to see results, you should know who can help. Maybe there really is a way to benefit from this power surge you feel. You have a great network of allies that can provide you with some solid support. Pisces: This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to make a very good first impression. People with good attitudes are much easier to be around. So, just be yourself and others will fall in love with you. Use your time wisely and spend it with children who need your guidance. It’ll really help you to feel the magic again. Your impeccable charm will help you to handle your responsibilities with strong authority and creative style. Impor- tant details may be overlooked by those who do not care.