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Supporting reflection within MashUp Research Environments


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Supporting reflection within MashUp Research Environments

  1. 1. 1.  The  quest:     2.  Data  Services   How  can  we  support  reflec?on  processes  within  a   They   are   the   backbone   mash-­‐up  research  environment?   of  the  infrastructure.   By   now   they   contain   publica?on   data   and   social  media  data,  which   are   specific   for   technology-­‐enhanced   learning.     They   are   accessible   through  a  Web  API.   6.  Widget  Directory   Widgets   are   stored   in   a   special   directory   (contains  widget  engine).     3.  Data  Usage   From   there   they   can   be   directly   accessed   from   One   form   of   usage   is   all  over  the  world.     science   analysis.   But   also   to   keep   track   of   news   (papers,   social   media),   genera?ng   recommenda?on,  etc.     4.  Widgets   Widgets   are   small-­‐sized   5.  Mash-­‐Up  Research  Environment   web-­‐applica?ons.   They   The  researcher  can  select  from  a  directory  of  widgets  and  arrange  them   are   the   windows   to   the   on  a  dashboard.  The  example  shows  four  widgets.  The  widget  on  the   data   sources   and   oUen   leU  provides  an  analysis  of  a  research  network.  It  uses  a  zoomable   mash  up  services  to  new   interface  for  the  explora?on  of  the  network.  It  is  connected  with  a   wri?ng  environment,  which  is  pre-­‐structured  with  reflec?on  fostering   7.  Reflec?ve  Account   ones.   They   are   easily   ques?ons.  The  top-­‐middle  widget  shows  a  ?meline  of  the  latest   Wri?ng   environment   for   either   individual   or   embeddable   in   other   changes  of  the  wri?ng  environment.  The  other  two  widgets  show  TEL   collabora?ve   reflec?ve   wri?ng.   They   will   be   WebPages.     specific  news  and  Twier  posts.   infused  with  a  reflec?on  fostering  structure.     Thomas  Ullmann    –