German Federal Network Agency - Allocation Rules


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German Federal Network Agency - Allocation Rules

  1. 1. Provisional rules for the allocationof numbers for freephone services published in Official Gazette of the Federal Minister of Posts and Telecommunications No. 17/97 Administrative Order No. 138
  2. 2. 1. Scope of allocationThese rules apply to the allocation of numbers for freephone services (freephonenumbers).For the purpose of these rules freephone services mean telecommunications serviceswhich are identified by a national service code and which are free of charge for thecaller. The right to charge for the use of terminal equipment remains unaffected.2. Numbering rangeFreephone numbers occupy the range (0)800 of the national public telephone networknumbering range defined in ITU-T Recommendation E.164; they begin with the servicecode 800 which is preceded by the prefix (0) and followed by a seven-digit subscribernumber.The structure of freephone numbers is therefore: Prefix Service code 800 Subscriber number (7 digits) National (significant) number (10 digits)The service code 801 will be kept in reserve.3. Basis for allocationFreephone numbers are numbers as defined in § 3 subpara 10 of theTelecommunications Act of 25 July 1996 (Federal Law Gazette I p 1120). Freephonenumbers are allocated by virtue of § 43 of the Telecommunications Act according tothese rules.The regulatory authority can amend these rules if this proves necessary.The allocation of a freephone number constitutes a qualified right to use the number inaccordance with the Telecommunications Act and these allocation rules.4. Criteria for the eligibility of applicantsUsers who intend to charge a telecommunications carrier with the activation of afreephone number are eligible to apply. Users can charge the carrier with suchactivation direct or through a service provider.
  3. 3. 5. Application procedure5.1 Submission of applicationsApplications for the allocation of a freephone number should be submitted to the: Regulierungsbehörde für Telekommunikation und Post Nummernverwaltung Postfach 80 01 55003 Mainz Federal Republic of Germanyor Canisiusstr. 21 55122 Mainz Federal Republic of Germany.Applications should be made using the prescribed application form (Annex 1).Applications can also be sent by fax (+49 6131 18-5630).Applications can be delivered by hand to the RegTPs section responsible fornumbering administration on working days between 0730 and 1600 hours on Mondaysto Thursdays and between 0730 and 1500 hours on Fridays.Applications for allocations may be made no earlier than 180 calendar days before theplanned effective date.5.2 Processing of applicationsApplications will be processed in order of receipt according to the time of receipt of thecomplete application.All applications received by 15 September 1997 will be treated equally.The time of receipt for applications sent by mail is taken as 1200 hours. The time ofreceipt for applications sent by fax is based on the local time stamp on the recipientsfax. The time of receipt for hand-delivered applications is the actual time of receipt.In the first place, allocations will be based on the applicants first choice of number only.If two or more applicants apply for the same number at the same time, priority will begiven to applicants intending to embed an existing subscriber number preceded by theservice code (0)130 and in service before 1 June 1997.Embedding means adding leading and/or trailing filler digits (e.g. 1234 could becomexxx1234, xx1234x, x1234xx or 1234xxx; 123456 could become x123456 or 123456x).If two or more applicants with equal priority apply for the same number at the same time,the number will be allocated by drawing lots.
  4. 4. If applicants are not allocated their first choice of number because:• at least one other applicant has priority over them,• the number is allocated to another applicant by drawing lots, or• the number is allocated to another applicant whose application was received earlier,their second choice will be considered after the numbers requested as a first choice andat the same time by at least one applicant have been allocated. This procedure will berepeated down to the applicants fifth choice.The RegTP can specify the maximum quantity of numbers which can be allocated to oneapplicant.5.3 Time scale for handling applicationsAs a rule, numbers will be allocated within 7 calendar days from receipt of theapplication.5.4 Effective date of allocationsAllocations will become effective on the date specified in the allocation but not before1 January 1998. The processing time remains unaffected.6. Conditions6.1 Use of numbersa) Applicants must charge a telecommunications carrier with the activation of their numbers within 90 calendar days from the effective date of their allocations.b) Applicants must bring their numbers into service within 180 calendar days from the effective date of their allocations. A number is deemed to be in service if an access in the public telephone network can be reached by dialling the number.c) Applicants may not transfer their numbers to third parties. Applicants may use an allocated number for a particular customer within the framework of a service offering provided the applicant charges a telecommunications carrier with the activation of the number and hence remains the user within the meaning of Section 4 and Section 6.1 a).6.2 Provision of information6.2.1 Use of numbers
  5. 5. Applicants must inform the RegTP of their request for the activation of the number within14 days from the end of the period specified in 6.1 a). The prescribed form should beused (Annex 2).Note: Applicants are recommended to submit their forms to the RegTP in good timebefore their numbers are brought into service. Late submission may mean that thenumbers will not be immediately accessible from other telecommunications carriersnetworks. The recommended deadline had not been set by the time these rules wereestablished.6.2.2 Change of telecommunications carrierApplicants must notify the RegTP if they transfer to another telecommunications carrier.The RegTP must be notified of the date of transfer and the new carriers name within 14calendar days from the date of transfer.Note: Applicants are recommended to notify the RegTP in good time before theirnumbers are activated by their new telecommunications carriers. Late notification maymean that the numbers will not be immediately accessible from other carriers networks.The recommended deadline had not been set by the time these rules were established.6.2.3 Special informationApplicants must provide the RegTP with information on the use of their numbers uponrequest.6.3 Obligation to return numbersApplicants must return numbers which they no longer require immediately. The periodicuse of numbers is permitted.7. Changes to numbers§ 43(4) of the Telecommunications Act sets forth the procedure for changes to numbers.8. WithdrawalThe RegTP can withdraw numbers if the conditions specified in Section 6 are violated.The RegTP will consult with the applicants before it makes withdrawals.9. Reuse of recovered numbersNumbers which have been returned, withdrawn or recovered following changes will bereallocated by the RegTP as a rule after a minimum period of six months.
  6. 6. 10. PublicationsThe RegTP will provide the telecommunications carriers with an up-to-date list of allallocated subscriber numbers indicating the date of allocation, the date or planned dateof activation, and the carrier. The list will also contain details of returned, changed andwithdrawn numbers.11. FeesThe allocation of freephone numbers is subject to a fee charged according to anordinance having the force of law issued by virtue of § 43(3) of the TelecommunicationsAct.A special notice stipulating the fee will be issued.Annexes: 1. Application form 2. Form for provision of information on number use
  7. 7. Annex 1Application for the allocation of an (0)800 freephone numberI. Applicant details_____________________________________________ ______________________Name (company) Customer no. (if known)________________________________________________________________________Street________________________________________________________________________Postcode, town________________________________________________________________________Name of contact_________________________ _______________ ___________________________Telephone Fax e-mail (optional)_________________________Applicants reference__________________________________________________________II. Application We request any available number with no specific preference. (→ Section III) We request a number of our choice. (→ a)) We request a number of our choice to embed an (0)130 number in service before 1 June 1997.The (0)130 number to be embedded is: __ __ __ __ __ __Choice of number/alternative numbers embedding an existing (0)130 number in order ofpriority (→ a)):a) 800 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___b) 800 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___c) 800 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___d) 800 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___e) 800 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___Would you like any number to be allocated if none of the numbers specified above areavailable? Yes No
  8. 8. The planned effective date of the allocation is __ __________ ____ (not before1 January 1998).III. Use of numberDo you plan to use the requested number continuously? Yes NoIf no, please specify the planned periods of use:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________IV. Telecommunications carrier details The following telecommunications carrier will be charged with the activation of the number: Name (company) Street Postcode, town Name of contact (optional) ________________________ _____________ _______________________ Telephone (optional) Fax (optional) e-mail (optional) It is not yet certain which telecommunications carrier will be charged with the activation of the number........................................................................................................................................PlaceDate Applicant/authorised signatoryNote in accordance with §§ 13 and 14 of the Federal Data Protection ActThe data gathered will be stored to process your application. The data may need to be processed automaticallyand communicated to the financial institution responsible for collecting payments (the Bundeskasse).
  9. 9. Annex 2__________________________________________________________________________Name (company)__________________________________________________________________________Street__________________________________________________________________________Postcode, town__________________________________________________________________________Name of contact_________________________ _______________ _____________________________Telephone Fax e-mail (optional)Regulierungsbehörde für Telekommunikation und PostPostfach 80 0155003 MainzFederal Republic of GermanyProvision of information according to Section 6.2.1 of the "Provisional rules for theallocation of numbers for freephone services"Dear Sirs,On __ __________ 199_ we charged the following telecommunications carrier with theactivation of the number800_______________allocated to us and effective as of/from __ __________ 199_:_____________________________________________________________Name (company)_____________________________________________________________Street_____________________________________________________________Postcode, town_____________________________________________________________Name of contact (optional)_____________________________________________________________Telephone FaxThe number has been/will be in service since/as from __ __________ ____ according toour request. A copy of the confirmation from the telecommunications carrier is enclosed............................................................................................................................................Place Date Applicant/authorised signatoryEnclosure: Confirmation from telecommunications carrier